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David Cole and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:7:33) in the Kessel system: Kessel (Cabra the Hutt's palace).
Baroness Hanna Ardent, Cabra the Hutt, and El-Nay Darr.

El-Nay Darr had used the time in hyperspace during her journey to Kessel to study the layout of Cabra the Hutt's palace. Some of the details were public record from its original construction, but she was certain that numerous undocumented modifications had been made to the location over time. She had little confidence in the trio of thugs that Count Nicolai Ardent had sent with her on this poorly planned rescue, but she hoped that they would at least distract Cabra'a personnel while she focused on rescuing Baroness Hanna Ardent. Unaware of the existence of the room Cabra had constructed to resemble an oasis among the inhospitable area surrounding the mines, she incorrectly assumed she would find the young woman in the throne room. She could not think of any way to rescue her without endangering the Hutt crime lord, but she knew that if any harm came to him ... the Hutt clans would put a black mark upon her that surely would never be removed. Using her mother's old jetpack she ascended to the roof of the structure using an overlap map to position herself directly above the throne room. She thrust her left hand towards the roof and began using a torch on her gauntlet to cut a circular hole that would be sufficiently large enough for her to have access. Meanwhile, the three three thugs from Brentaal IV had entered the throne room anonymously, mixing with those in attendance who were waiting for an audience with the Hutt. Once the cut was complete, the piece of durasteel fell from the ceiling, crushing one of Cabra's servants. An instant later she descended from the roof using the thrusters of her jetpack to glide down safely, while leveling her old heavy blaster pistol squarely at the Hutt's large bulbous eye. "I am afraid I need that girl back, Cabra," she demanded, as the trio of thugs threw off their cloaks, produced their weapons, and aimed at some of the Hutt's entourage.

Cabra was taking a meeting with various beings and species of Kessel ... people who wished better hours at the mines, people wanting to broker new deals with the Hutt. The slimy reptilian crime lord was in his glory tonight, with the Baroness still attached to a collar and leash this evening ... and lewdly missing her leather bra top and her breasts exposed for the group. The bikini bottom and her jewelry were the only things the new slave girl was wearing for her lord. As the guards mingled about, a person who had stolen from the mines had been dropped into the trap door in the middle of the desert, where the person would likely die within minutes of extreme heat and sand worms. But as the guards mingled and then turned the guns on the Gamorreans near Cabra, El-Nay turned the blaster on his eye. Cabra smirked as he laughed, pulling Hanna closer to him as he said "You dumb bounty can't go back on your deal now. Did you get a conscience all of a sudden. This one is to become my bride once I have properly broken her will and spirit. As for you... You and your guards will never leave here alive." Cabra glanced at El-Nay, licking his lips and said "You never know, you might look good with a collar and leash, right alongside my prize here."

"I am never one to come between true love, Cabra, but you're going to have to find yourself another bride," El-Nay informed him, as she angled her DT-57 heavy blaster pistol towards the right, aiming at the simple metal chain that connected Hanna to the throne. She pulled back on the trigger without warning, and in an instant a bolt of crimson energy emanated from the tip of the weapon that impacted with the chain, breaking it in two. "There is no need for you to die here, Cabra. Just let the girl go. You can settle up with her deadbeat father some other way," she informed him, as she took a step forward, holding the weapon at him with her right hand, while offering her left hand towards the Baroness for support. So far ... so good, she thought silently to herself, as her rangefinder began counting targets in the darkened room. But beneath the privacy of her buy'ce she was sweating, and what little dyed blonde hair remained upon her head was quickly becoming matted as her nerves took over her. She swallowed, as she waited for Hanna to make her move. Maybe, just maybe she could pull this off.

Hanna was thrilled to see that someone had finally remembered her and that a rescue seemed to be well underway. "Please listen to her, Cabra. You'll get your money. I swear it. I would hate for anyone else to die on my account," she pleaded with him, as she did her best to use the fur throw rug to cover her exposed breasts. When the bounty hunter unexpectedly shot the chain, a smile came upon her young face and she began to move away from the Hutt gangster. She began moving towards her apparent savior, despite the fact that she recognized this woman in the distinct orange armor as the same one who had captured her and delivered her to this horror. "You really need to make up your mind whose side you're on," she said playfully to the hunter, hoping that her deliverance was finally at hand.

The fact that El-Nay shot the chain to free Hanna from his clutches was the point where the Hutt lost it. hitting the button for his guards of a few different species to immediately flood the room. The guards and the Gamorreans began to battle it out, and El-Nay started taking out as many targets as they could. And that is when it all started going wrong for the saviors. A sea of at least twelve or thirteen Barabels, all wielding serrated knives went right for the guards, slicing their throats within a matter of seconds, and dropping them to the ground ... so much for their help. The Barabels, along with a few more Gamorreans surrounded El-Nay and Hanna, who were the only ones left. One of the Gamorreans looked ready to hit El-Nay, but then El-Nay took her eye off Cabra. The Hutt shot a venomous, paralyzing blow dart into El-Nay's neck. She would began to feel lightheaded and said "You are feeling the paralyzing venom of a slith, bounty hunter. You will be knocked out within 30 seconds." But another Gamorrean didn't let have the chance, as he slammed his wooden club into the back of her knees, sending her down as Cabra just smiled at Hanna, knowing she could not take the dozen of so guards in the room.

El-Nay reached her left hand up to her neck after feeling the dart impact and immediately ripped it from her throat, but unfortunately it was too late and she could already feel the strong neurotoxin starting to take its effects. Her eyes closed tightly as she began to stagger, but before she could compose herself the Gamorrean struck and she was brought down to the ground in tremendous pain. She was barely holding on, but she managed to tilt her head up towards Hanna as she began to lose consciousness. "Sorry, kid," she murmured weakly, before collapsing forward onto the ground below, her beskar'gam armor making a loud clanking noise as she roughly impacted. She was unconscious before she hit the ground and was powerless to do anything from this point on. She had been bold and aggressive as was her nature ... but she had failed.

Hanna shrieked as the additional thugs began to fill the room and watched as those who were here to help her were quickly outnumbered, overwhelmed, and picked off one at a time. When the Mandalorian bounty hunter collapsed to the ground she began to panic, realizing that there was no chance to escape it. "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" she yelled in rapid succession, stomping her feet up and down on the ground as she through a large temper tantrum. "Did you ... did you kill her?" she asked Cabra, before dropping to her knees to check on the woman. It was not too long ago that she wanted to see this woman dead for what she had did to her, but now it seemed she was her only hope for survival and needed her to make it through this. "You're a monster!" she said to Cabra, as she looked over the room, with the countless smoldering corpses and the flow of fresh blood.

In the time that Cabra had knocked El-Nay out and had vanquished the guards and bounty hunter ... Hanna was all on her own now. Cabra would tell the Gamorreans "Take my prize to be put back into the steel bikini and brought back on a tougher leash back to the throne room. She will see her savior tortured for the group." With that, the Gamorreans led Hanna away to be put in the formal steel bikini for deliberations and a torture session. The guards' bodies were dropped into the desert, to be eaten by any sand worms once the trap door was open. Once back in the throne room, Hanna was now in a even heavy duty leash around her neck. However, Cabra did not want her on the dais ... as she was standing in a six foot tall cage at the side of his dais. Meanwhile, as El- Nay would awaken, she was just in her tank top and pants that she wore under the battle gear she had on. But she was also wearing a thick collar and leash now, as she had her back turned to Cabra, while her wrists were connected to a post, and a short leash was also connected to the whipping post. Her ankles were cuffed as well as the bounty hunter woke and would hear "Ho, ho, ho...did you really think you were going to escape bounty hunter? Do you like the new addition to your neck?"

The young bounty hunter was in the quite predicament, and it seemed as if there was nothing she could do about it. She struggled against the restraints, thrashing back and forth to no avail. Her cold grey eyes glared at the mammoth Hutt before her, as she unleashed a blood curdling scream from deep within. "You have no honor you fat slug!" she cursed him, spitting down at the ground in front of him. You hide behind your army of outlaws and torture woman because it pleases you ... you may vanquish me this day, but the day will come when you get what's coming to you. "I will not be your slave. I will not serve you. I would sooner die than dishonor my clan!" she informed him, her cheeks flushing red as her heart pumped blood rapidly throughout her small body. Her eyes looked to Hanna and she sighed dejectedly, realizing they were now both in the same position. She considered herself a failure and wondered how much better she would have done if only her father had devoted the time to training her instead of trying to discourage her. She held her head up defiantly, looking the Hutt directly in the eye ... she would meet her fate with courage and honor ... at least that month satisfied her.

"Cabra. Stop this at once!" Hanna cried out as she was brought back into the throne room in her old, harsh attire. Her eyes looked to the helpless hunter, and she could not help but notice how very much like her she was, once stripped of that gaudy orange armor. They were roughly the same age, the same size, and perhaps if they had met under different circumstances they could have become friends. It pained her deep within her heart to see someone being so cruelly treated on her account, and she could not allow the vile gangster to take this any further. "Cabra..." she said, as she turned her back on the bounty hunter, and knelt down on the bottom of the cage. "Cabra ... if you let her go I will stop fighting you and give in. I swear it," she pleaded, before looking over at her shoulder at El-Nay, offering what semblance of a smile she could.

Cabra smirked as the Gamorrean had a bullwhip and stood right behind El-Nay as another guard pulled up the back of her shirt, exposing her back for the strikes of the bullwhip. At that point, Cabra would speak "You are not a woman in my eyes, at least not yet. My beautiful prize is a lovely woman, a lovely slave and yet she cares for you ... even after you sold her out. She is too young to understand how good she has it here. I will bring her father here to watch us be married. "Glancing over to Hanna as she pleaded with Cabra as the Hutt said "I may consider your offer...however, she must be punished in some way for putting a blaster to my head." Nodding to the Gamorrean, as he made sure to bring out the razor blade tipped bullwhip, smashing it against the center of El-Nay's back, watching it slice up her bare skin as the Gamorrean came down hard on it again as he chuckled and said "She may be better off entombed in copper as a statue and shipped off to Nal Hutta. Or perhaps drug her to a point where she doesn't even know she is a slave." The Gamorrean was not letting up on those lashes against her lower back and the top of that hemline as well, slicing up El-Nay's back badly. He would bellow out "Bounty hunter, submit to me and I will end all of this."

El-Nay had no reaction the first time the whip struck her back, using all of her self control to restrain herself from crying out to avoid giving the Hutt the satisfaction of knowing he was hurting her. The whip tore up her back, causing red lash marks, but also deep puncture wounds where the blade penetrated her skin, resulting in a deep flow of blood down her back. As the whip continued its onslaught, she began to tremble at first, but that quickly advanced to full on shaking. Tears begin to well up in the corner of her eyes, before beginning to flow as voluminous as the blood on her back. She would not cry out, nor would she submit to the Hutt as he so demanded, but her body began to go weak, and she soon found herself slumped forward in the restraints, her head hanging so low that her chin was pressed directly against her chest. She wanted her parents so very badly in this moment of weakness, but she would not bring herself to cry out to them either.

Hanna grabbed at the bars of the cage and began to shake it rapidly to get the attention of the Hutt. "Stop it! Stop it, damn you!" she screamed, sharing the woman's tears as she watched the horrifying sight on display in front of her. "If you kill her ... you shall never possess me!" she warned him, continuing to shake at the bars to no effect. "If you want me Cabra, then you must stop this and release her. I will allow no human being to suffer on my account," she informed him, turning to shield her eyes from the amount of blood that was now running down El-Nay's back and pooling on the ground below. "Stop it!" she shrieked one last time, as she angrily glared at the Hutt. "If you kill her you will have to kill me also ... and then you will have nothing!" she informed him defiantly, squeezing the bars so tightly that her hands began to turn white.

With those several lashes to El-Nay, the bounty hunter slumped over and looked absolutely defeated in her failure to bring El-Nay back. Cabra was pleased that he broke her down to a point where the Hutt was satisfied in his punishment of her. He would bellow to his guards and said "Tranquilize the bounty hunter, clean up the wounds and then put her into a pod, and shoot her off anywhere you would like." The Hutt would wave El-Nay and the guards off, and they would take whipping post out of the stake, essentially taking El-nay out of the room still connected to the whipping post as Cabra opened the cage and motioned for Hanna to kneel on the cushion on the dais, in front of her owner. Once she did, his hand slid to her chin "The Bounty Hunter needed to be taught a lesson. She will not die, but she will have to claw her way back here if she wants to try again. I have spared her, Baroness Hanna...will you become my bride. Will you take the name Evona and will serve me as your lord and mate? In order to say yes, you must show affection of some sort other than a light pet to my side." The Hutt was not asking for sex or anything gross, but to show him how comfortable would be being paraded as his bride.

Hanna let out a dejected sigh as she knelt in front of the Hutt on the dais, overwhelmed by what she had just agreed to in order to save the bounty hunter's life. "Yes," she said weakly, her voice quivering as she spoke those words, and she was unable to lift her head to look at him directly as she spoke. "Yes ... I will marry you ... and ... and ... serve you," she said, each word struggling to escape her mouth as she spoke them. The very thought of doing those things repulse the very fiber of her being, but it was more palatable than letting the woman die. She rose from her knees and moved closer towards Cabra, pressing her lips against the upper part of his mouth, which sent a ripple of disgust down her entire body. "There!" she said, as she brought her arm up to rub away the slobber that had gotten on her lips, before sitting back down upon the throw rug to consider her fate in the world. At least her father knew where she was ... maybe there would be another rescue attempt ... maybe.

As a battered El-Nay was thrown into the pod she curled up in the fetal position, clingingly weakly to the scraps of clothing that barely covered her body. There were still tears in her eyes and she was shaking ... badly. She had never suffered so much in her life and it would take years to overcome the trauma that she had just suffered. She was glad to have her beskar'gam with her, but it would take time for her back to heal to where she could wear it comfortably. She was in desperate need of cigarra and several drinks, but that would take time to. As she felt the small pod blast off the surface of Kessel, she began plotting her revenge ... although she knew the consequences of her actions she was now determined to end this Hutt, but that would take time and more skilled assistance. She considered humiliating herself and asking her friends and family for help, but they had discouraged her from getting involved in this life and she was not sure she wanted to give them the satisfaction of knowing how badly she had failed. Moreover, there was also the case of Count Nicolai who was likely to be quite frustrated by her failure ... but she viewed him as a man of little consequence outside of his own sector. However, her heart ached for the young Hanna, who had unexpectedly sacrificed herself so that she might live ... that act made her hate herself more than ever for delivering her up to the Hutt in the first place. She had been foolish to take the contract in the first place, preying upon a weakling simply to boost her reputation ... she felt it was just that she suffered so mightily for her sins.

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