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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:3:33) in the Brentaal system: Darkened Oblivion and Warspite.
Captain Tiberius Anson, Major Kerrie Kiley, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Flight Lieutenant Randi Trainor.

Major Kerrie Kiley stood before a large durasteel blast door aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite. She was wearing the intimidating black armor of the Storm Commandos, the Empire's elite special forces unit. There was an assortment of grenades strung about her utility belt, and an E-11 blaster rifle with the stock fully extended. She stared ahead through the polarized lenses of the compact helmet, a full tactical display available to her in the form of the MFTAS unit. She was flanked by four additional commandos, each more than a foot taller than her. Her diminutive size and stature would easily reveal her identity to the Inquisitor as she was nearly a foot below regulation size. Nervously she swallowed, hand tightening around the grip of the rifle, the doors slowly separating with a *hiss* of pressure gasses. Raising two fingers on her left hand she thrust them forward and without speaking the flanking Commandos began to move forward. The cargo bay had been converted into a training ground with numerous obstacles, debris, and numerous hiding places. Light had been removed from the area, but the helmet more than compensated for the lack of light. Kerrie stared down the sight of her rifle as she kept it extended in front of her, taking her first cautious steps into the combat setting.

The entire atmosphere of the ship had been put seemingly on edge since word escaped that there had been a confrontation in which the Admiral had been personally involved. It did not help that Zevrin was a walking embodiment of selfishness and betrayal. Tension between certain individuals could almost be physically manifested and anxiety was a fleeting step away from taking control of this vessel. The inquisitor could feel those changes slowly seeping into the subconscious of the general populace here, and she herself had all but lost the last shred of respect she had for the Admiral and his pathetic leadership after firsthand witnessing his command disintegrate before her eyes in the meeting but a day prior. Honestly, tussling around on the floor like an animal with Major Kiley, disgraceful. Serine decided to take more of a direct approach, if things were going to get to what she considered at least semi-functional, she was going to get involved personally. Thus is why she summoned the Kerrie to the training ground under orders with specific request for her to be accompanied by her chosen elite. If she had to personally send the Storm Commandos off upon duties on her own incentive in order to regain control of this sector, so be it. Her duty to advise the Admiral had been abandoned, it was time to take action. Inquisitor Thanor was awaiting the group of five in the training grounds, the lone occupant in the vast interior. They were prompt, on time and professional. A breath of fresh air, there may be hope for this sector yet. Perhaps the Major may hold a grudge or ill will towards Serine, but no matter, she was the superior officer here, with skill and obvious agitated concern for the lack of progress. "You are no doubt curious on why I summoned you here. I appreciate your quick response despite the sudden request." Serine wasn't at all afraid to give compliments when they were deserved.

Kerrie raised her left hand silently and the group of five Commandos came to a precision halt in the first stage of the training area. They had never faced off against a member of the Inquisitorius before, and from what she had observed in their sparring sessions she suspected her capabilities had to be considerable. She motioned to the fifth commando who had an Oppressor flame thrower harnessed over his shoulder, and within an instant the trigger was depressed unleashing a massive wall of flame directly in front of them. As the bay temporarily illuminated in a distraction, two of the Commandos flanked off the right, proceeding towards the rear of the training area. The Major and the two remaining Commandos held their ground firm as the flame thrower ceased its action and darkness returned to the lair. Her left hand dropped to her waist, pulling off one of the glop grenades and having it at the ready. The trio slowly made their way deeper into the lair, scanning their surroundings constantly through the polarized lenses of their helmet. The Inquisitor could be anywhere, or everywhere, as far as they were concerned.

She was extremely impressed by the immediate urgency and compact unit professionalism she noticed, they did not waste time, stop to ask questions or even care that she was addressing them from somewhere in the darkness. They were focused on the task at hand, perhaps she should commend Kerrie later for her control of a tightly formed group, or perhaps not, it all depended on how they performed. Serine had her eyes on Kerrie for a few weeks now, it was no mystery that they both shared some unsightly trials, but that did not mean the Inquisitor was not keen on the other's skill or the desire to use it for her purposes. She wanted to test the Commandos, witness their combat capability and assess their usefulness in something she was... conceiving. From what she could immediately tell, Serine had two advantages, one being the element of surprise and stealth, and the second was her training. The Commandos never faced opposition quite like an Inquisitor, disregarding that quite infamous fight between the Major and there were plenty of places to hide in the area, the training course had mock terrain and obstacles, but Thanor did not necessarily have to hide completely to stay unnoticed. Five against one, she felt inclined to use the Force to her advantage in this case. The point of this exercise was not for the Commandos to overpower her, but merely to demonstrate their expertise. 'Winning' was only a personal preference. She decided to move against one at a time, best to see each' skill personally as well as the group as a whole. She first focused her attention on one of the Commandos that was ordered further into the establishment, deciding a quick ambush was the best coarse of action. There was a sound of a whip cracking feverishly coming from a location to the far left from Kerrie's point of view. Striking instantly from the darkened recesses, the whip wrapped around the legs of the Commando then jerked back freely in a continuous motion while simultaneously the man would be hit by an unseen impact that would send him across the room at Kerrie. The Major should be familiar with this at least, as Serine had used this same tactic to hurtle her across the recreation room those weeks ago.

"Damn," Kerrie muttered under her helmet as the first commando fell victim to the Inquisitor's unseen attack. As the commando hurled into her she fell to the ground with a dull *thud*, the hapless commando laying on top of her prone body. With a frustrated grunt she pushed the weakened trooper off of her small frame and frantically hurled the glop grenade into the shadows. With a brief flash of light the grenade erupted and splattered a large amount of a glue-like substance over the wall. She made her way back up to her feet and with the one remaining Commando at her side, began firing a random series of stun coils into the darkness. The blue circles of energy expanded from the barrels of their E-11 blaster rifles and grew exponentially in size as they flew into the darkness at their unseen mark.

On the opposite side of the training area the two Commandos that had broken off from the group began climbing on top of one of the obstacles to get a more commanding view of the terrain. The commando knelt down and braced his E-11 as he looked down at the terrain from his perch, scanning every possible hiding spot quickly with his MFTAS. He knew she was out there ... somewhere, but he did not fire yet to avoid giving off his position. The other commando continued climbing upwards, equipped with the flame thrower, an attempting to get in a better firing position. They were unaware that the battle had already commenced on the other side of the bay until they heard the grenade go off.

Serine was tactical enough not to be standing in the same place she had been prior to flinging one of the Commandos, thus the contents flung from the explosion of the grenade splattered against the wall and the surrounding area but missing the mark, however, the volley of stun coils was in fact effective. One of the many shots landed across a shoulder as she was retreating to another location. That caused an unpleasant numbing sensation to coarse over her frame, if not for the armorweave, she may have collapsed unceremoniously right there. How embarrassing and unsightly that would have been. The Inquisitor needed to be a little more careful, and indeed it would cross her mind not to get... overconfident in her abilities, especially since now her right arm was still tingling and nearly unresponsive. She quickly calculated the threat of the group, and although she new the combat abilities of Kerrie, Serine was not at all pleased with the idea of a flamethrower being used against her, and the Commando using such weapon became her number one target, but she had momentarily lost sight of him. As long as her lightwhip remained inactivated, it would be much more difficult to deflect any oncoming energy attacks, but igniting her main weapon would be a dead giveaway to her location, and she honestly was enjoying sneaking around, not usually one to be in covert operations, Serine was usually far too bold, but this situation was different. The Inquisitor wanted to see how the group operated, a full fledged fight would not exactly give her that information. The group was separated in twos now, far more manageable but she needed to locate the other two while keeping a watchful eye on Kerrie and the other Commando that was with her. While quietly hiding behind one of the obstacles, Serine would reach out with the Force, latching onto a long durasteel cylinder before effortlessly flinging it down the room to clatter noisily while ever watchful for movement to betray the location of the other two Commandos.

The climate-controlled body glove Kerrie wore beneath her Storm Commando armor kept her body cool, but her heart rate was increasingly rapidly and beads of sweat were pooling upon her forehead, running down her face and stinging her eyes. She was already down one commando and she was having serious doubts as to the ability of the team to accomplish the goal. She crouched down and began slowly advancing through the training area, one Commando supporting her on her right flank. She turned suddenly when she heard the metal cylinder rattle, but she immediately knew it was a diversion and refocused her attention forwards, continuing to move and scanning every nook and cranny for her foe.

From up above, the supporting duo of Storm Commandos heard the metal cylinder as well, but unlikely the experienced Major, they did fall for the diversion. The higher of the two commandos looked down the field through the barrel of his E-11 and repeatedly flexed the trigger, unleashing a healthy dosage of stun coils in the vicinity of the hurled cylinder.

When Kerrie saw the commando open fire at the diversion she gritted her teeth angrily and broke radio silence. "Stop that firing," she bellowed in disgust over the helmet comlink, realizing that it was most likely already too late. She thrust up her left hand, waving it forward to signal the other trooper and they began to pick up the pace as they hustled forward into the unknown darkness.

Serine was hoping one of the unseen Commandos would fall for the diversion, though she was actually hoping it would be the one wielding the flamethrower. The moment the other began his trigger-happy firing towards the cylinder, Serine would catch site of his position perched high upon a metallic platform. Taking the initiative, she leap upon a few of the cylinders lying around, bounding quickly and silently from one to the other in expert precision and balance, closing the distance to where the Commando was while still under the cover of darkness. With one final lurch, she sprung up upon the platform behind the Commando while attempting to hook a coil of her lightwhip around the front of his neck in a choke hold. From this vantage point, as she initiated a close combat grapple with her opponent, she could faintly see the outline of Kerrie and her accompanying Commando rush towards the darkness and quickly peering around, she searched for the last remaining foe. With a final thrust, the Inquisitor attempted to fling the Commando right off of the platform in order to claim this high ground. No doubt the tussle would cause a stir and attract the attention of the others, but this was unavoidable, and she braced herself for an immediate retreat if necessarily, already eyeing the best escape route.

The Commando was ill-prepared for Serine's approach on his level and fared badly in his initial encounter. "Woaaaah," he cried as he was flung from his perch and crashed to the deck plating below, the protective armor absorbing only some of the force of the blow. Multiple bones in his body were broken and it would take quite some time in a bacta tank for him to regain his conditioning.

Hearing the struggle, the second Commando in the group swung up his Oppressor flame thrower and unleashed a powerful blast of heat onto the perch where the Commando once stood. He had been prepared for just an event, and was hopeful that his quick response would catch the Inquisitor off guard.

Kerrie came to a quick halt as the body of the Commando landed in front of her, causing to shake her head in disgust. Her toys were getting broken. She knelt down next to the fallen Commando and placed her left hand reassuringly upon his side, while aiming her E-11 up to the heavens. Pulling back on the trigger she, and the commando and support, both unleashed a hail of stun coils in conjunction with the flamethrower attack above. For the moment, she felt as if her team had the advantage, but she realized that when a Force-sensitive was involved the tide could change in a heartbeat.

Inquisitor Thanor was satisfied that she strong-armed the Commando right off of the platform, but was actually quite displeased when she heard how hard he hit the floor. His obvious resulting damage just from the sound of his body hitting the flooring was unintentional. This was just supposed to be a training exercise and an assay of talent, at least in her mind, someone getting seriously hurt was not on the agenda. The pondering of this over change in events momentarily distracted her, along with the quick action of the Storm Commando, leaving Serine completely unprepared for a stream of fire in her direction, which was unfortunate for her. The blast hit her squarely on the back, the intense heat melting part of the armorweave right into her skin, though had she not been wearing it... the results would have been far more gruesome. The Commando had scored a direct hit and she partially screamed though it was muffled instantly by a sudden overwhelming rage of the indignity and shearing pain. That was only half of the combined attack, the other half came in another wave of stun coils, but this time she was ready. The need for secrecy was long gone, thus her lightwhip was ignited and twisted around her with such speed and accuracy, only a blur of red light followed, easily blocking those stun coils before lashing out towards the flamethrower. She wanted to dismantle that weapon in a fit of hatred for using such an abomination in a training exercise. Never mind that she herself was using a far deadlier weapon. Lashing out, she attempted to wrap the glowing whip around the weapon and rip it out of the other's hands or perhaps burn it into a useless pile of scrap metal. Despite her intense anger, she kept her more darker aspects in check, she in fact did not want to harm them...damn it. She needed to call this off before she or someone got further injuries. Not wishing this to go any further, she purposely called the offense off. "That's well enough... a flamethrower, honestly Major?"

The Oppressor flamethrower could not hold up under the intense power of the lightwhip and was sliced in half as if a warm knife had cut through butter. When Kerrie heard the Inquisitor call a halt to the exercises, she took a brief bit of satisfaction and her hands moved to the side of her head, unfastening the latches that secured the helmet in place and removed it with ease. "It was a nice touch. I thought you'd appreciate it," Kerrie yelled up to the Inquisitor. The two remaining Commandos began to carry their injured comrade out of the training area, while she began the slow climb up to the Inquisitor's perch.

Without warning, the Warspite shook violently and a massive explosion could be heard reverberating through the ship. The lights were immediately turned on the training area and the familiar alarm indicating battle conditions began blaring through the corridors of the vessel and echoing through the bay. The force of the explosion was so intense that Kerrie staggered briefly and fell to one knee as she braced herself against the deck plating. It was clear something had occurred, but just what she had no idea.

The violent shake of the ship nearly jarred Serine right off of the platform but she caught herself just in time before leaping down voluntarily, immediately cautious of the events transpiring. Were the rebels so bold as to attack the Star Destroyer now? "So it has come to this." If the Admiral wasn't aware of the danger beforehand, he certainly would be now. It could be sabotage or a direct attack, in either case, she was determined to assist if need be. A quick knowing glace to the Major before she quickly hurried through the doors of the training grounds in a heightened pace towards the bridge. Officers and other attendees were racing in the hallways as she passed them, but Serine did not bother to ask them what was going on, they were no doubt clueless. Assuming Kerrie would be following, she shouted to the other over the overbearing sounds of warning sirens. "Where is the Admiral?"

"Presumably on the bridge," Kerrie informed the Inquisitor as she dodged a hurrying team of technical crewmen who were making their way down the corridor. "...if there still is a bridge," she said apprehensively as she turned her focus to one of the communication panels on the wall. "Report," she bellowed over the comm as she pressed her armor-covered thumb on the activation switch.

The comm reported back with static and shouting before the reassuring, emotionless voice of Lieutenant Meham'ohorovic'loca responded. "A Rebel starfighter attack has penetrated our defenses. We have lost our port deflector shield generator..." before she could say another word she was interrupted by another voice "Watch it. They're coming in for another pass!" followed by additional shouts and the calm of battle. "Now ... is not a good time, Major," the Chiss Lieutenant responded as she terminated the comlink abruptly.

With this new information, Serine realized how useless it would be to go to the bridge, the real action would therefore be in the hanger. She was an accomplished pilot, but at that moment she wondered if Randi was on Darkened Oblivion ready to launch an offensive. Without another word, the Inquisitor bolted towards the hanger, it would take her a good portion of time before arriving, hoping it was not too late to lend assistance. Thoughts racing through her mind, how could a bunch of ragtag hopeless rebels do such damage to a Star Destroyer. This was no doubt in some way Admiral Rodney's fault, his poor preparation and refusal to heed to her suggestions have led to such an atrocious attack on this vessel, and now his inability to lead this ship was causing untold amount of panic and casualties. Serine finally staggered into the hanger, short of breath and still wincing from the hideous burnt and still smoldering crater in her armorweave. Eyes quickly scanned the area for her ship, overly anxious to get into battle to stave off this attack that in her mind, could have been easily avoided.

Randi Trainor scampered across the flight deck with boundless enthusiasm, nestling her helmet carefully beneath her right shoulder. "You ready to abandon ship, Serry?" she asked, half-serious, half-jokingly as she ship was rocked with another explosion. It had seemed the Rebellion had brought their 'A game' this evening. Randi's nose twitched and she sniffed the air a few times, not quite sure what she was smelling. "Hey. Do you smell bacon?" she asked, not aware that what she was smelling was Serine's burnt skin from the earlier encounter with the flamethrower. "You sure took your sweet time getting down here," she concluded as she placed the black helmet upon her head. "Someone told me you had super speed or something. I guess that's just another stupid rumor," she said disappointing through the muffled comlink of the helmet.

"I'm not abandoning ship!" She snapped angry at that false accusation. "Warspite will not be lost to a bunch of militant untrained heathens." The Inquisitor was already in a foul mood due to an unintentionally acquired burn injury, and it did not help that Randi was being... well... Randi, thus she ignored everything else the woman was spouting and instead barked orders as she began to board her ship. "We will defeat them, I have full faith in your flying abilities, and I shall assist you of course." Serine glared at the other, unimpressed by her seemingly lighthearted view of a very serious matter. "I don't appreciate your sense of humor, nor do I feel you appropriately understand this severe situation." Turning from the other, she took the copilot seat eagerly while impatiently awaiting Randi to join her. The most important thing right now was for them to get their minds in gear, this mission was only to save the ship and their own lives, how can Randi be so... nonchalant about it. "I don't even care how terribly you take off or land, all I care about it removing this menace from the sector."

"Wow, Serry. You sound just like the recruitment poster that made me join the Navy. They got you writing those too?" Randi asked as she strapped herself into the pilot's seat and quickly activated the repulsorlift controls that lifted the craft off the flight deck. "I hope you didn't eat yet..." she warned her as her hand surged forward onto the throttle and they accelerated to attack speed. It only took an instant for the Darkened Oblivion to emerge from the hangar of the Warspite and enter the fray. Immediately coming into view were at least a squadron of X-wings and Y-wings that were engaging TIE fighters in a pitched battle.

A TIE fighter exploded directly in front of them after taking a single blaster from an X-wing's laser cannon. "Hey, Serry. Do you know the Emperor?" he asked as she turned the ship sharply to port to avoid the oncoming debris that raked across the hull of their Conqueror-class assault ship. "You should tell him to get our fighters some damn shields. He can afford it," she angrily commented as another fighter exploded to their port. "I hope I didn't know that guy," she growled angrily as she headed towards the nearest X-wing and began firing off shots in rapid succession. The volleys splashed across the X-wing's shields at first before finding the mark and causing the craft to explode. "Wooo! That's one," Randi said excitedly as she spun the craft upside down in a victory roll.

Inquisitor Thanor had to actually ponder Randi's question despite the chaotic battle before them. "Actually, I did meet His Majesty once, he personally oversaw my acceptance as an Inquisitor. The next time I meet him I'll be sure to ask." Said dryly, it certainly wasn't her place to ask about the equipment of the fighter pilots. Her hand glided over the comm control, attempting to contact the ship for strategic support. "Darkened Oblivion engaging enemy fighter craft, requesting tactical advise... ahh!" Her request was cut awkwardly short as Randi decided to roll the ship unexpectedly, causing her to jar in her seat and rub the seared flesh harshly. A heavy pained wince contorted her features momentarily. "Ugg... Randi, that was unnecessary, don't do that again."

"Oh come on! It might be the only thing we get to celebr..." Randi was cut short as a series of laser blasts slammed down upon the Darkened Oblivion and briefly disrupted the shields. Instinctively, she pulled back on the flight stick and pulled the craft into a sharp climb at it's maximum speed. "Grr..." she groaned as she used all of her strength to pull back on the stick, having flown the craft in a complete loop to come up behind the X-wing. "I got 'em in my sights," she boasted as she pulled back on the trigger and unleashed another series of blasts that damaged the X-wing and sent it veering us off. "They're pulling us away so the bombers can get in," she exclaimed as she noted the distance between the craft and the Warspite. Setting them on a direct course for the Star Destroyer she accelerated the main thrusters and began visual scanning for the Y-wings. As the super structure came into view, the extent of the damage was visible and all that remained of the port shield generator was a electrically charged debris.

As Randi pulled the ship around, they were able to see the full extent of the damages to Warspite which caused Serine to stare a bit in disbelief. "Are all of these fighter craft coming from the nebula? Where is their larger support vessels? These ships can't just be materializing." She studied the tactical display for any hints of patterns before anxiously contacting the Star Destroyer again. "Warspite, this is Darkened Oblivion, we are engaging enemy fighter craft, we request tactical advice, over!" Her voice sounded nervous, a rare occurrence for Serine indeed, since the Inquisitor always carried herself with a confident awn that was so perfectly in place. Was there no orchestrated defensive maneuvers? What the hell was the Admiral doing... "Requesting immediate tactical advice." Said again, more urgently this time. "Randi, lets do as much damage to the enemy as possible. Concentrate on maneuvering, I'll focus on our offensive." She took the controls eagerly in her hands, quite capable of inflicting enough damage to cleanse the area, but all the while, doubt of their victory was now seeping into her mind.

Lieutenant Meham'ohorovic'loca replied over the comlink, seeming not at all concerned despite the gravity of the situation. "These new Rebel snub fighters are too maneuverable. Our turbolasers are ineffective," she reported nonchalantly as if she were delivering a weather forecast. "Suggest all attention should be focused on the bombers. Over," she concluded as the Darkened Oblivion began running along the dorsal hull of the Star Destroyer.

"Yeah. We're already doing that. Thanks a bunch," Randi replied in annoyed voice as she looked over the gravity of the situation. One of the Warspite's turbolasers erupted just to their port and nearly vaporized them in a single, harrowing blast. "Oh sure. Can't hit the Rebels, but you nearly kill us..." she grumbled again as she maneuvered the craft through the countless volleys of turbolaser fire that were emanating all around them. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea..." she said and she pulled back on the stick sending the craft veering off towards the destroyer's bridge. "This'll wake 'em up," she commented as the Darkened Oblivion passed just two meters above the Warspite's bridge. As they came over the top of the command structure a view of three Y-wings came into view that were preparing to make an attack run on the remaining shield generator.

"Yes, that information was worth my breath." Said extremely sarcastically and a little bitter in quite response to their much needed tactical advice. If they all survived this encounter, she would be sure to 'advise' the Admiral to rethink his overall strategy against a swarm of one-man fighters. "I'm tired of the incompetency I see constantly, this fleet of terrorist fighters are making us look like ill prepared school children. No more!" Said defiantly with a spark of determined resolve to see this through to a victory, something the Empire can rally behind in this sector. They needed to win here or all would be lost, not only their lives but their pride, and the honor of the Empire. A volley of ion blasts erupted in succession at the Y-wings that were in her sight. "Get me in range Randi, none shall escape!" She nearly growled in anticipation of blasting the rebels into disintegrated refuse.

"Well just listen to you go, Serry," Randi said as she maneuvered the craft in line with the oncoming Y-wings. "I haven't heard that much banthawash since the last COMPNOR rally," she added with a slight chuckle as they closed the distance on the remaining two bombers. "You better get 'em or we'll have a long way to go to find a place to land..." she added, never stopping her incessant smile despite the calamity around them. One of the TIE fighters on their port side erupted suddenly as the X-wings returned to offer some fighter support. "They're not making this easy," she grumbled as the cockpit again flashed when another series of hits were scored upon the ship.

The situation at hand was beginning to escalate rapidly, only adding to Serine's boiling frustration. She had one of the Y-wings in her sights, but the sudden X-wing explosion on the port side rocked the ship unexpectedly, causing the shots to miss the target which was merely followed by another string of missed shots as they were now being followed by an X-wing on their tail. She nearly snarled in pent up aggravation and yet Randi still had that constant smile on her face that enticed the Inquisitor further. Her hands began to tremble on the controls in overwhelming anger, making her shots all the more difficult and thus she continued to miss when they counted the most. Her failure was nearly crippling her ability to continue and yet her ever present loathing grew exponentially. An intense glare of utmost hatred bore towards the Y-wings as the air around her began to hum causing sparks to short out some of the controls in Darkened Oblivion, rendering the gun turret controls to the ship momentarily useless. Her utmost focus on the Y-wings began to skew her grip on the surrounding reality. The loud red flashing warnings in the ship began to drown out, so too did the ever present explosions and chaos that surrounded the Star Destroyer. Thus, in her mind, everything began to slow and Y-wings became all the more highlighted and important, nothing else mattered... nothing. Suddenly one of the Y-wings began to falter in its trajectory, it was slight at first before wobbling then outright colliding with the adjacent Y-wing, the debris then scattered with direction, miraculously avoiding Darkened Oblivion but colliding traumatically with the X-wing hot on their pursuit, causing that ship to explode violently. Almost instantly, the Warspite turbolasers began to find their mark, but only for a few shots, though they seemed statically improbable with five scored hits in less than a moment. She blinked before realizing the Y-wings were... destroyed.

Randi, seemingly oblivious to it all, began to maneuver the craft back towards the Star Destroyer. "That was some of the worst flying I've ever seen," she stated cruelly regarding the Y-wing's fate. The remaining fighters began to move off, blasting off into hyperspace one at a time as they would live to fight another day. The comm panel blinked repeatedly, indicating the recall order had been sounded. "I'm glad that's over. You wanna grab something to eat? I'm hungry!" she commented as she maneuvered the Darkened Oblivion past the TIE fighter squadrons to take up primary position in the landing assignments. Her hands worked over the controls skillfully, powering down the deflector and weapons positioned as they re-entered the hangar bay. They had lost many fighters in the battle, and support crews were frantically scampering around the hangar to bring in the damaged craft. The Darkened Oblivion touched down on the hangar surface with a shaky thud as there was another awkward touchdown. Her hands moved up to her helmet, pulling it off as quickly as she could to reveal her sweat-matted blonde hair below. Sniffing once more the smile returned to her face, "Hey. I smell that bacon again!"

Serine doubted it would be a good idea to be seen enjoying a snack with Randi. As much as she appreciated the other's flight skill, once again demonstrated by them still being alive, it was far more appropriate for the Inquisitor to excuse herself. "You go enjoy a nice meal then... I have business with the Admiral." Oh yes, she wished to speak with him... discuss his tactics perhaps, wonder why he was caught so easily off guard and almost losing the entire ship to a group of reckless and unkempt scum. But also... she wanted a readout of the battle progression, something had not felt... right. She had experienced an unnerving state of being, a unique sensation, but perhaps it was nothing. However, studying the clips and displays of their successful defense may prove useful in the future. Thus, she made her way towards the bridge with a sense of purpose, not even bothering to change attire.

The bridge of the Warspite was a chaotic shambles with medical crews carrying injured crewman out of the pits. Captain Tiberius Anson watched over carefully as his helmswoman, Sub-Lieutenant Sheppard was carried unconscious from the pit below. "Careful, men," he said as he directed traffic with all the skill of a Coruscanti flight controller. "Commander Hood I need a damage report," he bellowed as he yelled out further down the hole. There were exposed circuit boards, dangling wires, and ferocious jolts of electricity as the crew struggled to get the systems back online. He was too engrossed in damage control operations to note the arrival of the Inquisitor on the bridge.

The bridge was as she expected... upheaval and in complete disarray, no surprise. At least the crew had the excuse of a recent attack to blame, but that was not always the case. Though the Captain seemed to have things more or less under control, or beginning to regain control perhaps. Serine instantly noticed the very obvious lack of the Admiral, why did that not surprise her. She approached the Captain respectfully, not at all condescending, he was after all, doing his job. "Captain Anson, do you happen to know the location of the Admiral?" Asked directly and deliberately with no hint of the true annoyance of once again believing the man to be incompetent, but she would at least spare judgment until she talked to him personally.

Captain Anson turned from reviewing the damage reports to look over the Inquisitor, being taken aback by the scarring from her earlier encounter. "Are you all right? Were you near a plasma conduit when it ruptured?" he asked, looking her over somewhat cautiously. "Medic," he yelled as he motioned towards one of the techs to come and inspect the Inquisitor's wounds. "The Admiral is not aboard," he informed her, as he dropped down to one knee to look down into the crew pits to get a better view at the tactical displays.

"I only register 12.5% shielding, Captain," Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca reported, as she looked up from her tactical displays, her cover having been knocked from her head allowing her long blue hair to flow down her shoulders against regulations, which bothered her to no end. "We may have to head to the Damorian yards for proper repairs," she reported diligently, as her head lowered back to the display.

"Alex, I want 35% shielding within the hour," the Captain bellowed over towards the engineering section before turning his attention back to the Inquisitor. "He left on an urgent family matter earlier today, Milady," he informed her, elaborating with greater detail. "Did Lieutenant Trainor survive?" he asked with genuine concern, as he moved towards the helm control pit, which was currently unoccupied. "I lost a lot of good pilots today," he grumbled as he walked back towards the Inquisitor.

There was the look of mild annoyance on the Inquisitors rather striking face as the medic inspected her gruesome but not threatening burn marks. Her armorweave was fused to the flesh of her back... it would take a delicate hand to properly remove it, and for that kind of work, she only trusted the ship's doctor to handle it. "It is quite alright, I will report to medical in due time. There are others that need your assistance more than I." She waved the medic off as she turned to give the Captain her full attention. The man drew her regard quickly. Not actually having a real chance to speak with the other for any extended circumstances, thus she never properly gauged his worth. In the face of conflict, he seemed very capable, that was refreshing and instantly received Serine's respect, first impressions were important to her. "I see you are performing well without the Admiral, that is commendable." Though in the back of her mind, she believed it would have been no better with him here, but that is not the full truth since she already believed the Admiral was to blame when in fact he was not. "Though perhaps we could discuss, along with your tactical advisors, some improvements in the near future. Specifically against one-man fighters which the rebels so love to utilize." She paused for a moment to consider Randi, the woman was a little crazy perhaps, but worthy of recognition. "The Lieutenant is unscathed, Captain. She is quite skillful. We were acting together on an assault upon the bomber fighters." She nodded in recognition before continuing. "Which brings me to a request. I desire a datapad of this battle for study. With careful analysis, perhaps we can be better prepared in the future. No doubt the rebels will employ similar tactics. I want to be ready for them so unfortunate losses can be prevented."

Captain Anson listened to the Inquisitor's words carefully, and while he was not one for politics, he did believe in the chain of command, and held a great deal of respect for his commanding officer. "The Admiral is tasked with the administration of six planets and an entire battle squadron, Milady," he explained to her politely, as his head scanned over the damage to his bridge once again. "I am in command here and take full responsibility for our performance in the current engagement..." his gloved hand gripped into a fist angrily as he saw another member of his crew carted off towards the medical bay.

"Support frigates coming along side, Captain," Meham'ohorovi'cloca reported as she monitored what was left of her sensor displays. The Chiss tactical officer had been in her share of engagements, and felt quite embarrassed by their performance in the ensuing battle. She was feeling fatigued, but refused to relinquish her station. Looking to deflect some of the burden from the Captain, she responded directly to the inquisitor's request. "Captain, I can prepare the data the Inquisitor has requested once the engineer repairs my station to full operation," she explained, bending down painfully to recover her cap.

"Better late than never," Captain Anson replied concerning the support ships. He brought his gloved hand up to his forehead to remove the sweat that had been accumulating on his forehead throughout the battle. "It is clear that the Rebellion has managed to obtain some advanced starfighters, Milady. We just aren't equipped to deal with these kinds of attacks," he admitted reluctantly as he looked over his crew. "It is no fault of anyone here. You all performed your duties spectacularly," he said loud enough for each and every one to hear.

It was a shame that Anson wasn't the Admiral, she would be pleased to be his advisor. He was a natural leader, took responsibility, showed real concern and was willing to actually talk to her, openly sharing information. "Captain Anson, is there is ever anything I may assist you with, please inform me." The Inquisitor showed interest of being useful to the Captain, being so inspired by his show of honor and encouragement to his crew. "Until then Captain, I'll adjourn to my quarters, if possible, please see that Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca has the datapad delivered to me at the next possible convenience. The data may be useful." She gently nodded her head respectfully towards the Captain, the first time she recalls showing such real respect to anyone on the ship. "If you'll excuse me." Said sincerely as she departed from the bridge.

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