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Brandon Derive, Erin Highberg, D. Wade Hyde, Christopher Levy, and Shawn Lovelett.

Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:8:34) in the Y'Toub system: Gilded Thranta and Nar Shaddaa (Little Hutta: Jarga the Hutt's palace and Spaceport).


Commander Derek Atio, K6T-2, Flight Officer Zan Shelby, Emi Shinohara, and Trooper Kanner Varrik.


The Sigma-class shuttle Gilded Thranta exited hyperspace in the Y'Toub system within Hutt Space. As resources had been thin, the Rebellion had been forced to expand their sources of equipment, and had begun to look towards the notorious Hutt cartels. In the cockpit, Commander Derek Atio was dressed in a casual attire, consisting of a bantha hyde jacket that was perhaps a bit too small for his portly frame. He had a couple of past dealings with the Hutts, and he had learned not to trust them. Unwilling to risk the Argo, he had instead taken a limited compliment on the smaller, nondescript shuttle. The small craft had seen its share of hardships, and the exterior was battered with minor scorch marks, and the interior cabin lights would flicker in and out. It had taken every ounce of engineering skill he had to maintain the old shuttle, with the limited resources the Rebellion had at its disposal.

Zan was back in the pilot's seat once more, He missed the feeling of control as the Shuttle. His memory was still not completely back up to speed on how he had returned to his rebel roots, but those thoughts could bother him later. His focus was to remain on the shuttle and it's surroundings. After exiting from hyperspace, Zan took the controls and proceed the shuttle towards the Y'Toub system. He had his own personal reservations about being in Hutt controlled space, but given his recent history, he had no reason or luxury to complain. Putting his personal doubts aside as he lead the shuttle down towards the moon.

Kanner hung loosely like a rag doll as he slept the only thing that kept him up right was the crash restraint webbing. The dream was pleasant, he was back home the smell of baking bread filled his nostrils, and it made him smile, then the smell twisted as he pulled the piece of bread out, it was coated in oil, that was when he woke up his neck was stiff from the synth material digging into his neck. Kanner unlatched himself, and started to do a few stretches, before picking up his cap that had fallen at some point during his dream. That was when he noticed that one of the paneling above him was leaking oil, he glanced down and saw Varik was smeared off his chest, he let out a yelp of a curse, "Sith spit!"

As the shuttle completed its landing procedure, Derek pulled open his coat to verify that his QuickSnap 36T blaster carbine was holstered under his left shoulder so that he could easily access it. "For those of you that haven't tangled with the Hutts before, be mindful..." he warned, before reaching into his pocket to grab a pair of glare shades to cover his eyes. As he moved to the rear compartment, he threw a quick nod at Kanner, before thrusting his hand on the control panel to lower the rear ramp. Slowly he descended the ramp into the vertical city, and almost immediately upended the collar of his jacket to provide additional warm and concealment, before the cool night's breeze swept over him. Nar Shaddaa had become one of the most densely populated areas of the galaxy and everywhere he looked bustled with activity. If they were going to find illicit arms anywhere, this would definitely be the place.

Zan had previous experience with Hutts, not on Nar Shaddaa though. He listened to the commander's little warning, nothing that Zan hadn't already prepped himself for. He already preparing for a betrayal of some sort on this little trip, Zan remained aboard the shuttle as he watched the others leave down the ramp. Ever since his previous escape from Imperial custody, he had been keeping a low key demeanor and his usually big mouth shut in terms of bragging about himself and the cause of the rebels. He knew that he may have been marked for a bounty, and being in the Hutts own territory. It would be best that he remained out of sight and keep the shadows as much as possible. Ditching his pilot's uniform as he exited away from the shuttle, his body behavior reflecting a calm and sly man just cruising the streets of Nar Shaddaa. His mind would be his only weapon at this point.

Emi Shinohara, the Alderaanian diplomat without a home had done well for herself in backing the Rebellion. She'd been in line with Derek Atio for some time now. Throat constricted as the shuttle landed, never being one who sympathized or even cared for the Hutt's. Nostrils flared slightly as those deeper breaths were taken. Emi didn't usually get too nervous when interacting with someone she was pleading a case too. Though it wasn't every day she was on the planet of Nar Shaddaa. Smaller steps carried her from the seat on the shuttle towards the exit, following behind her cohorts. Emi was simply dressing in boots, bantha leather pants, and a simple tunic. She never carried a weapon as she usually had some hired hand to escort her wherever she was. "This planet smells." Slightly freckled bridge of her nose wrinkled as she stepped off of the shuttle. Right hand moved upwards to tuck a few loose strands of black hair behind a small ear. And there she'd wait to be told where to move from there.

Kanner didn't quite catch the COs warning, he was too busy rummaging around the Imperial shuttle looking for some type of dissolvement for the oil that had coated over his last name. After a quick look around he had to abandon his search, and pick up the T-21 blaster rifle off where he had stowed it during the trip, shouldering it as he did so he quickly regretted it. The restraints had abused his muscles so badly every time he shifted there was a sharp pain that would roll all over his right shoulder blade, in an vein attempt to seem like he was paying attention as he walked down the ramp, "Place smells like the shuttle port back home, you know my Uncle Gleb he used to let us hot wire the cargo lifters when nobody was looking real fun." Kanner said with a soft hearted smile trying to lighten the mood, he tried to forget about the oil drenched bread.

The Nar Shaddaa spaceport was as busy as any port they had ever seen, if not more so. It was grubby, smelly, and there was a constant press of bodies around them as the crowd surged this way and that. It took some time for them to push and weave their way along until they reached the outskirts of spaceport and found lines of speeder taxis pulled up outside to ferry around new arrivers. Aside from the taxis was a large, sleek, enclosed speeder hovering nearby. Standing outside of it was a silvery-blue protocol droid, and its eye sensors settled on the group. It shuffled forward, waving at them. "Greetings, my good sentients," the droid said in a male voice. "I am K6T-2. You may call me Dolt." The way he said it made it sound like a normal introduction, stating his name. However, he followed it up with a mechanical sigh and added, "Everybody else does." He then went on. "My employer has sent me to retrieve you and fetch you to his compound to do business. You ... are the 'Grey party', are you not?" He didn't seem to be addressing anyone in particular, being that he didn't know who was in command.

Derek nodded once to the protocol droid, before moving his left arm in the direction of the trio that followed him. "Indeed we are, Dolt," he said, before offering an arm to the Alderaanian ambassador. He gave a signal with his left hand to Kanner, which loosely transmitted to 'be mindful'. "Your employer is too kind," he said, with the politest of greetings, before offering a nod to the droid. This mission would require a different set of skills than running an Imperial blockade or evading a patrol of Stormtroopers. It called for a certain kind of finesse, and it required him to turn on that charm that had served him so well in his youth ... or so he thought. With that he moved forward towards the airspeeder that would take them towards the Hutt's compound, rendering aid to the ambassador as a gentleman would, while largely paying no heed to Shelby or Varrik, as he situated himself. He made a mental note to visualize the room in case they would need to make it back some other way.

Kanner's comments didn't seem to reach the rest of the group, but he chose to stow it when Derek motioned, his eyes went to the zipping air speeders, and the glowing lights protruding from different duracrete structures he went tight lip, as he slung the rifle off his back into a guard position. There were too many spots for trouble, though he was young, he knew how to spot an ambush so he went to work, as he made it look as if he were idly adjusting his hat.

Once everyone had piled into the luxury air speeder, the droid climbed into the back with them. It was very much like a limousine with two bench seats facing each other. The driver was obscured by a divider between back and front. The droid took the time during the ride to point out interesting landmarks until they grew close to Little Hutta, where Jarga the Hutt's compound was located. "I should mention," Dolt began, "Master Jarga is very busy and may have to postpone your appointment. However, he understands that you will want to inspect the cargo and has instructed me to show you to it. The rest of the arrangement will be fulfilled later, and he wishes you to enjoy your stay and whatever amenities we can offer until he is able to meet with you. Oh..." He paused, looking out the window and down at the horribly polluted and filthy streets of Little Hutta. "It would appear that we are here." The air speeder circled around to the back of the dome-shaped compound, where a perimeter was closed off for ships and speeders. Once they were on the ground, the droid emerged from the air speeder and waited for them to follow suit. "Follow me, please, if you will."

Emi took Derek's arm as he offered it. The young woman would shift slightly in her stance as she listened to the droid, Kanner, and Derek. Mostly because she was in the vicinity of the gentleman. She'd move into the luxury speeder as she gave a slight roll of her eyes. "I don't think a group of people who are already uncomfortable with their surroundings to be kept waiting. Usually keeping a meetings close to time frames is a sign of respect. I'd appreciate your master adhere to the time and place discussed before our arrival." Emi respected punctuality, she wasn't the biggest fan of being kept waiting. "I don't mean to sound unappreciative, but please try to understand where my party and I are coming from." Lips pressed together to form a straight line. It was clear the woman was more than irritated.

The portly Rebel commander was not happy about the postponement, but he was also fully aware that it was not a simple matter of turning around and going to the next arms dealer they found. Allowing the ambassador to do the talking, he followed behind the droid, all the while moving his eyes from left to right beneath the seclusion of the glare shields. The Hutt's palace was a den of inequity filled with mercenaries and droids hurriedly moving in all directions, each thinking they were more important than the next. There were individuals lying about, clearly under the influence of spice, while a series of dancing girls each more exotic than the next performed. He stopped for a moment, when he noticed a particularly attractive Twi'lek dancing, almost causing the trio of Rebels behind him to crash into him. He looked towards the Twi'lek dancer long enough to get a mental image for later, and then hurried after the droid.

Zan had been keeping good distance from the majority of the escort, it had been quite a long time since he had used his stealth training from his Naboo days. Ancient times but the training was still effective apparently on a world like Nar Shaddaa. On his moral compass, He wished that the Rebels were above trading with the Hutts. Profits before loyalty will never win battles or wars in matters of fact. The allure of Twi'lek dancing girls weren't worthy of his attention, he kept his vision wide to keep his mind open to possible ambush points as the escort approached closer to the target objective. Passing the trio of stumbling Rebels before him to move up in the escort line, smirking as he was a few feet behind the Alderaanian diplomat. "Keep your eyes focused, Hutts are masters at deception and keeping out for themselves" Zan tried to keep his words of advice as low as possible, his mere presence there could be costly, even though he hoped he didn't.

"Oh, I *do* apologize, Madam," the droid began, sounding sincere enough, "but there is nothing I can do to alter the Great Hutt's schedule. I assure you, you will not have to wait long. Please, let me show you the goods. I am certain you will be pleased." Dolt led the way down a long hallway that branched off. He took the left passage to a giant blast door. A touch to the panel had it sliding open, and he clanked his way into the cargo bay. Inside were crates stacked up here and there around the room, barrels lining the walls, heavy labor droids to move about the cargo, and so on. The droid led the way through the walls of crates until he arrived at a set of three crates, bordered on three sides by other highly piled boxes. "Please, feel free to inspect the crates. You will find that all requested weapons, explosives, and medical supplies are there."

Kanner shouldered the rifle along his back with a grunt, before stepping forward, he took the device to unseal magnetic lock. He then slowly pushed aside the top of the crate letting it slam down with a clatter, he sheepishly knelt down, and with gloved hands he picked up a slab of detonate, and started to turn it over, in his hands. Kanner then placed it down beside him before inspecting the next piece, and then the next. He did as Vur'leth the Twi'lek explosives expert that taught him as he took out a strip and shoved it into the block of detonate, he pulled it out, and it turned green. "It's the real deal boss." Kanner said, before placing it down and moving onto the next block. It was when he pulled the last block out he noticed the small box sticking out from beneath a corner. He leaned down until it was inches from his face, but instead of saying the code phrase when something went wrong he just blurted it out. "Sith Spit, that's a tracker!"

If a droid could look nervous, Dolt probably would have. He stood by in relative patience as the Rebel examined each block of explosives. If he'd picked another crate it wouldn't have been a risk, but he was checking the one with the tracker in it! As his processors predicted, Kanner found the tracker and the jig was up. "Oh dear," the droid said, sounding quite disappointed. "I was hoping you wouldn't find that." It was just then that a group of four armed mercs came from around the corners of the aisle they were in, along with a few Gamorrean brutes with vibroaxes. The enemies had them boxed in completely, blocking the only escape route. It became very clear why they had been led to this specific spot. They were trapped and in the worst place possible tactically. Now, blaster rifles were leveled at them, and Dolt began to shrink away into the corner to get out of the line of fire.

Kanner was firs to take charge he pulled out his vibroknife, and flung it like it was in a holo drama, at one of the Gamorrean guards, shamelessly it missed and bounced off a crate. He barely had enough time to roll forward the pain in his shoulder shot straight down his spine, he had to push the pain back as he untangled the T-21 blaster rifle from his back, and without aiming started to fire shots spraying them towards the Hutt's goons, the crimson bolts laying out a rain of shots.

Commander Atio muttered underneath his breath when the deal suddenly went awry. His right hand came across his body, grabbing the concealed QuickSnap 36T from his shoulder holster. "Get down!" he yelled towards Emi, before leveling aim with one of the mercs. He squeezed off a quick blast, unleashing a deadly bolt of energy in the mercenary's direction. His free hand moved to his comm unit, activating the emergency beacon that would alert the Rebellion to their danger.

Emi probably should have suspected as much from the Hutt's. But it was the yell from Derek that caused the young woman to hesitate for a moment. "Filthy Hutts!" She looked around, ducking slightly. She had to find somewhere to keep safe for the time being. "Sshhh-." She didn't finish the word as she'd find a place. Corner of some crates that would keep her well hidden. 'I ... Should probably look into carrying a weapon.' The thought crossed her mind as she looked up to Derek, keeping an eye on him so she'd have some idea how this gunfight would play out.

Zan could suspect something was wrong the moment the weaponry and supplies was being examined, his tactical mind already processing the possible scenarios that would result in the majority of them being captured and sold off as slaves or pow's to the Empire, or if Zan played his hands right, some would be killed and others would only be wounded. His attention drew first to personal guards for Hutts, The Gamorrean brutes. They were armed with battle axes as Zan could decipher with a quick visual glance, as he left the group to charge at the largest brute he could see, as he used his speed advantage to slide under the legs the Gamorrean brute, thrusting his sharp knife into the beast's thigh muscles. His pined up rage flowing through his stabbing thrusts as he climbed upon the back of the slumping brute, the quick surprise of his attack obviously doing it's job, Zan wrapped his free arm around the brute's neck and finished him off with deep thrust into the neck and ripping across as the brute let out an almost high pitched squeal as he ended the brute's existence. It's blood squirting from it's neck as Zan looked towards the next brute's that blocked an exit and let out a anger inducing battle cry, as he picked up the vibroaxe with blood soaked hands and readied himself for another attack

It seemed that the mercs and Gamorrean brutes didn't expect them to fight. They were trapped and outnumbered, and the only sensible thing to do would have been to surrender. Nobody did anything sensible, though, and that took them all by surprise. The next few moments became a flurry of blaster bolts and confusion. Two of the mercenaries went down right off the bat. Commander Atio took a stun blast in the side, causing him to collapse back against the crates. He wasn't out for the count, but a hit like that took just about everything out of him. That was when an insane man charged right into blaster fire and took down one of the Gamorreans with a series of vicious stabs and slashes. Even as he picked up the axe, however, one of the mercs hit him full on with a stun blast, dropping him to the floor. Now, the mercs and the two remaining Gamorreans were behind cover around the corner, keeping themselves out of the line of fire. Just when it seemed that things would calm, a device came rolling down the aisle toward them. The Czerka Spore stun grenade went off with a *pop* and Bothan black spores blanketed the area, enveloping the group. There would first come disorientation, a feeling of vertigo, then confusion. Finally, the spores sapped them of their strength and all collapsed to the ground, fading into blackness.

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