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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:F2:1) in the Squab system: Kwai and Skor II (Metrobig City: Interplanetary Blastport).
Flight Lieutenant Haven Anson, King Ebareebaveebeedee, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Melickielickie, Callista Nilar, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, and Major Sierra Rodney.

Flight Lieutenant Haven Anson sat in the cockpit of the Lambda-class shuttle Kwai, which today felt more like a school bus ... specifically, a short bus. With the Grand Moff and his wife safely aboard along with their newborn son, their niece, and *two* Squibs it had seemed to take over to load everyone aboard. Even though they were only going for a short while they had brought enough snacks to last a week, along with several crates of shinies to give in tribute to the Squib King. Just when she had lifted off from the Rodney estate they had to make an emergency landing at the New Calamar Auntie Mae's franchise to appease the girls who were afraid there might not be enough for the trip. She was glad to be in the cockpit away from all the noise and near constant giggling that filled the passenger compartment. "We're coming up on Skor II," she announced over the comm, as she heard the navicomputer begin to beep. She heard a round of applause come from the back, which caused a smirk to appear on her face. As they entered the Squab system she could see the large garbage scowls and Squib Needle ships bringing in refuse from all across the galaxy, causing quite the inordinate amount of space traffic. Gradually the ship began to descend through the atmosphere of the planet towards the capital of Metrobig City. "Oh you can't be serious..." she commented to herself, as she saw the large skyscrapers with ornate details that made the whole city look like a cheap casino. As they neared the Metrobig Interplanetary Spaceport she could see a large entourage of Squibs were waiting for them. "They better not steal any of my parts," she complained, as she readied the blaster cannon ... just in case.

At long last, a day Sierra Rodney was looking forward to had arrived. Since meeting Ewwiekewwieikkie years ago, she had wondered what *exactly* a planet of Squibs would be like. One has to imagine that everything is shiny. She had even heard a rumor that King Ebareebaveebeedee had a crown made of forks. If she had to redesign the crown of the Duke of Delaya, she had to admit, the fork design probably weighed less.

Excitement had filled the shuttle the whole way to Skor II. Bruce longingly stared at Ewwiekewwieikkie as she consumed ice cream. The boy was a long way off from trying it, but it didn't stop him from being enamored by the delicious treat that his sister consumed. Callista hadn't stopped bouncing since they took off. Melickielickie barely understood what was happening. In her eyes, Claudius and Sierra were already very much so her parents. The trauma of her family being slaughtered before her eyes had broken her, but they were there to put her back together.

"Horray!" Sierra cheered as Haven announced that they had arrived at their destination. She leaned forward to catch a look at Metrobig while clutching Bruce to her chest. After talking with Claudius about it, she felt confident that the adoption process would be smooth and hassle-free. They had collected an adequate amount of shinies to offer to the King. Ewwiekewwieikkie was also with them, thus showing that even though they were human, they could handle a Squib. A bright smile quickly took Sierra's face as she saw the city and its skyscrapers. It looked exactly as she had thought. Her smile grew a little wider. "Wow." She said in awe. She forced herself to remember that she had *promised* not to come home with more than the two Squibs she brought with her. As the craft ended, Sierra was just as giddy with excitement as the girls. "Okay, everyone out! Stay close, girls." She warned as she stood and adjusted the baby wrap around her torso. She adjusted it until she was able to rest Bruce inside. Sierra kept an eye on the girls as she lingered by the ramp awaiting her husband. As excited as she was, she also had her worries for him.

Claudius Rodney watched out the viewport of the familiar sight of Metrobig City came into view. He had not been there since the Clone Wars, more than 20 years ago. He shifted his gaze towards Ewwiekewwieikkie, wondering how much she remembered. Sensing she was becoming anxious he reached out with both of his arms to take her in a warm embrace. "You're home, Ewwiekewwieikkie," he told her, who was being remarkable restrained given how excited she was, and how much sugar she had ingested. As the shuttle touched down Sierra was quick to get the girls going down the ramp, but he lingered somewhat behind. "Everyone listen to your mother, or aunt," he said, in regards to Callista as he slowly made the way down the ramp. Much had changed since he had last lay eyes upon it ... it had been completely rebuilt, albeit in an unconventional way. As soon as he came into view a band began to play an assortment of out of tune, makeshift instruments to herald his arrival. A banner unfurled announcing "Welcome Rodney" and many Squibs began to applaud. Claudius still had a remarkable reputation on Skor II for negotiating Squib salvage rights in the Alderaan system and the role he played in liberating the world from the Confederacy during the last war.

Ewwiekewwieikkie did not realize where they were going, even though they told her on numerous occasions. As she looked out the viewport in her adoptive father's arms she began to grow quiet and tense, as her yellow eyes looked out on the city. She began to remember. When the ship landed she slowly moved towards the ramp and began to look out. "Ooooh," she murmured, before slowly waddling down the ramp. Everywhere she looked there were Squibs. "Home?" she asked, as she brought her hand up to scratch her chin. "Home!" she declared, as she looked towards her family. Suddenly the began to play and she started to clap and dance, forgetting the sadness she had started to revisit.

It wasn't just her husband alone that she needed to worry about. Ewwiekewwieikkie seemed to be recounting her own past. Sierra could only imagine what she had gone through...what Claudius and Melickielickie had gone through. Their traumas made it make even more sense for Melickielickie to belong in their family. Sierra was keeping track of all three girls when the music began. It sounded much better than the jizz that Drusilla had introduced Sierra to. She paused on the ramp, grasping her husband's hand. She realized what a role he had played and was glad that they still recognized him for the great man he was.

Melickielickie darted forward towards her sister. "Muzak!" She squeaked, throwing her hands in the air. She started to dance wildly. Her legs moved this way and that until she fell onto her rear. "Home..?" She questioned, looking towards the Squibs who had gathered before them. She looked back at her family. "Hommeee..." She brought a paw to her chin and scratched it. "Home!" She exclaimed, jumping up and resuming her dance.

Callista, for the first time in her life, had been the shy one. She wasn't ready for such a reception. Suddenly, she was glad she decided to wear the flower girl dress from her mother's wedding as well as her crown. "So many Ewwies." Callista gasped, peering out from behind her aunt. When her friends began to dance, she decided to withdraw completely from behind Sierra. She, too, joined in the dancing. "Weee! Ewwie, look!" She said, wiggling her legs. "I can do the splits!" She proclaimed, though she was standing upright in nothing near a splits position.

Suddenly a group of Squibs began blowing their horns as a large hovering platform moved into position, which Claudius and his family were instructed to climb upon. "I ... uh ... think it's a parade of some sorts," he said, as he stepped up onto the platform, before offering his hand to help Sierra and Bruce up onto it was well. The platform was covered in a red fabric that had obviously been reclaimed from somewhere, and was accented with all sorts of fake jewelry. The Squibs began loading the cargo of silverware and other trinkets from the shuttle onto the platform as well, already planning to offer lopsided trades to get it. As the platform began to move the marching band followed them, while other young Squibs began twirling batons and spinning flames. It was at one point a parade, an acrobatic performance, a circus, and a concert!

Ewwiekewwieikkie was next to climb onto the platform, but while she was trying to dance she did remember some of what happened here in her youth. "Boom booms," she said, as she looked up towards Claudius. Instinctively she moved towards him, wrapping her little alarms around the man's leg ... she was remembering. "Droids. Ahh," she said, as she closed her eyes, still clinging to his leg, as she slid down into a seated position next to him. "Boom booms," she repeated, as she began to shake, hanging on for dear life. For once in her life she was overstimulated. As the fireworks erupted she imagined herself back at the Battle of Skor II and she did not like it one bit.

"A parade..?" Sierra gulped. It was cute to watch the girls dance together. Even Bruce had remained awake to watch everything going on. Taking Claudius' hand, she moved onto the platform with their son. She saw Callista and Melickielickie climb aboard behind Ewwiekewwieikkie, then resume dancing until they grew tired and collapsed on the platform. She looked over all the various trinkets that decorated the float, as well as the materials that made up the city. It was recycling at its finest, she supposed. In its own way, it was beautiful. The Squibs had thrown together quite the welcome parade. She had never seen Squib acrobats until that day. It was really cool! As much as she enjoyed everything, she continued to watch over her family, especially Ewwiekewwieikkie. The stories remained at the forefront of her head.

Before her, she watched adoptive daughter transform. The fireworks boomed overhead, each time changing her more and more away from the happy, carefree Squib that she had grown to love. Concern grew inside of her. Ewwiekewwieikkie was shaking, clinging to Claudius like she would float away if she let go. Sierra had not forgotten everything that had made her a psychologist. She saw what was happening. There was too much stimulation, too much noise. She stepped up towards Ewwiekewwiekkie and crouched down until she was eye-level with her. Sierra's hand quickly disappeared into the diaper bag at her hip. She withdrew a pair of headphones that she had used during her pregnancy to play classical music for Bruce to hear. Now, she placed the headphones over Ewwiekewwieikkie's ears to block out the noise of the fireworks. Her hand ran over the child's back slowly. Her blue eyes glanced upward at her husband. "We need to get her somewhere quiet." She told him.

Ewwiekewwieikkie gasped when she felt the headphones slipped onto her ears, but as the soothing music began to play her mood began to improve. She sniffled with her nose, as she brought her paws up to wipe at her eyes. Slowly she stood up, or rather climbed up, her father's leg to raise back up into a standing position. Her eyes went wide as she looked at all of the dancers and the performers, and of course the animals. In the distance she could see the castle where the king lived and she began to get overly excited. "The King! The King!" she yelled, only so much louder because she had headphones on.

Claudius looked down to Ewwiekewwieikkie, unsure of what to do, but thankfully his wonderful wife seemed to have a handle on it. "I don't think we have much choice," he said to Sierra, as the parade float was drawing near the castle. On the throne Claudius could see King Ebareebaveebeedee and the Squib Polyanarchy along with the Squib Merchandising Corporation. Suddenly he began to feel quite unsure of himself, as this did not look like any kind of simple adoption hearing. "Um. I wonder if the message got garbled in translation," a nervous Claudius told his wife, as confetti began to fall from the high rises onto the parade. On the street level the Squibs began to rush out and grab hold of the falling confetti to be traded after the festivities only to be used again during the next one.

"I was afraid of that..." Sierra said, hoping that the headphones would do the trick long enough for everything to settle down. They seemed to work, and, however briefly, Ewwiekewwiekkie's mood was restored. She rose as she, too noticed the castle, King Ebareebaveebeedee, and all who had crowded for what was supposed to be a generally simple adoption. She was beginning to feel nervous. Despite her royal blood, this was far out of her comfort zone. She worried that they hadn't brought enough of an offering, or that something would go wrong and Melickielickie would find herself with another family. "What could it have gotten garbled to?" She anxiously asked him. "Maybe we should have brought more forks. We could get them all addicted to Auntie Mae's. That should make the adoption process easier." Sierra joked dryly.

"*A crown*!" Callista screamed, running the length of the float to point at King Ebareebaveebeedee. "*He has a crown*! *He's wearing a crown*!" Callista brought her hands to her head. "I can *not* believe it!" She squeaked. She always wondered why Auntie Zara and Uncle Marcus didn't always wear their crowns. In her eyes, they were the most fashionable accessory in the whole galaxy. Callista quickly skipped her way back towards Sierra and Claudius with a look of astonishment on her face. "He has a crown! He has a *crown*!" She repeated. "I'm gonna tell Uncle Marcus *allll* about this! King Eba... Ebaree... King E wears one! He should too!" Callista couldn't begin to pronounce the Squib King's name. She had made Sierra say it at least a hundred times on the way there.

When the float came to a halt they found themselves at the base of a dais that contained the King and all of the high officials of Skor II. Each was dressed more ridiculously than the next as the displays of wealth and opulence were important in Squib culture. "Certainly we have enough," Claudius said to Sierra, as he looked down at Callista's excited display. He took his wife's hand and moved from the platform to walk up the rolled out carpet up towards the King with his family in tow. The loud horns continued to blow as the welcoming ceremony drew on. Behind them the Squibs carried out the creates of trinkets that the family had brought them them, laying it out before the King, and bowing.

Ewwiekewwieikkie was hiding behind her adoptive father, cautiously walking up the stairs to meet the King. As the group came to a stop in front of the throne her eyes caught a glimpse of the forks and spoons being given to the king. "Hey! Wait! Those mine!" she said, as she moved towards them. "No! Sierra! Mistake! These are mine," she said, as she climbed onto the pile and began growling, swatting her hands at anyone who dared get near it. She wanted Melickielickie to come and stay with them, but she was not quite prepared to part with *all* of the good silver.

King Ebareebaveebeedee remembered Claudius Rodney when he arrived as ambassador from the Alderaan system. He rose from his throne, holding a scepter that seemed like a bunch of large serving spoons glued together. He rose his arms instructing his people calm down, but they were all too excited to stop their cheers. "You big time negotiator," he said, as he brought his paw up to his muzzle and stares at Claudius. "Many Squibs make big profits cleaning Alderaan system because of you," he said, as he waved his scepter around. "Then you come save us during war. Then you save Ewwiekewwieikkie. Now you save Melickielickie. Hmm. Hmm," he said, as he walked around the Imperial Grand Moff with his two Squib children. "I declare you..." he said, as he raised his scepter, and poked Claudius in the ribs with it. "Big Time Here of Beyond-Squib Eliteness!" he said, as he continued to poke him in the ribs. With that, he turned and instructed his servants to unveil the statue. They pulled down a sheet that revealed a very poorly made statue of Claudius Rodney, much like the one that had stood of former Jedi Master Mace Windu, to honor their hero.

It seemed an endless amount of stairs separated them from King Ebareebaveebeedee. Sierra watched as Melickielickie pushed past her and began racing up the stairs. "Eeee!" The little Squib, dressed in what looked to be one of her mother's t-shirts, presented herself in front of the King with a happy, frantic wave. "Hi. Hi!" Instead of bowing, she extended her arms to hug his leg. "Hi hi!" She squeaked. Her yellow eyes watched all the shinies that they'd brought going away to other people. "Nu!" She cried, releasing the King's leg and running to her sister. "These Ewwie's!" She proclaimed, stomping her little foot. Her paw reached into a sleeve of the shirt, pulling forth an extra shiny serving spoon she had snuck away. She offered it to her sister. "For you!"

Sierra Rodney stood before the King with her husband and her girls. Callista was nearly foaming at the mouth. She thought King Ebareebaveebeedee's crown was the coolest thing she'd ever seen. Sierra bowed respectfully before the King. "Thank you for making time for us, King Ebareebaveebeedee." In the baby sling, Bruce began to reach outwards towards the scepter. It was so far beyond his reach that he began to make grunts of frustration. Before them, Sierra listened to the King name all the various things Claudius had done for the people of Skor II. Her pride in him swelled time and time again. Her husband was a *good* person. In her eyes, he was as good as they came. It was good to see someone appreciating him properly. Her hand squeezed his excitedly. She didn't know what was coming until he was named the 'Big Time Hero of Beyond-Squib Eliteness'. In doing her research prior to the trip, Sierra knew what a big deal the title was. "Ohmygosh! Congratulations, my love!"

To make things that much better, the servants revealed a statue of Claudius. It made her think of how many times they had playfully joked about Julius uprighting a statue of her uterus. It turns out Claudius was the one to get the state. She was beaming. This was what he deserved. She didn't stop herself from embracing him. "You really are the Big Time Hero of Beyond-Squib Eliteness." She whispered, her eyes lighting up.

Claudius was flabbergasted. Never did he expect such an event to take place. He had simply wanted to petition the King for the rights to adopt Melickielickie, and now he found himself being given the greatest award given by the Squib people to offworlders. He staggered slightly, finding himself quite taken aback by the statute and the weight of the title. He examined the statue, while vainly bringing his hand up to his face to see if the lines on the statue matched the lines on the statute. "Thank you, Your Majesty. You honor me with your praise," he said, before bowing his head to the King in a respectful gesture. Fortunately, Sierra was not a meddlesome ISB agent, for the Emperor would not have been pleased to have one of his Grand Moffs bow to a foreign ruler. "There is the matter of the adoption of Melickielickie he said," as he reached to take Sierra's hand, to introduce him to the King. "We have brought the necessary display of wealth to show that we will be good parents to the girl," he told him, before turning to show the chests of silverware that Ewwiekewwieikkie was preparing to defend to the death.

"Hmm," King Ebareebaveebeedee murmured, as he bent down to look at the chests. His eyes then moved towards Claudius and then Sierra. As his eyes trailed down Claudius' chest he spotted the glimmer of his rank insignia, particularly the three gold squares. "Gold better than silver," he said, as he began stroking his chin and tapping his foot impatiently. "If you want Melickielickie you give gold!" he declared, before reaching forward with his scepter and slapping the rank insignia pinned to Claudius' chest. "Your daughter keep silver. I keep gold," he said, before widening his eyes as he looked at the man. "Grand bargain," he said, before spitting in his paw, and offering it up to the man.

Sierra was going to need to get a picture of that statue before they left. It was amazing! The conversation turned back to Melickielickie, who had rejoined the family and was clinging to Sierra's leg happily. Sierra was trying to make a good impression with the King. "We believe Melickielickie will be happiest with us. She has taken to life inside our home." She didn't want to see Ewwiekewwieikkie and Melickielickie separated. Though, after Claudius had been honored as such, she doubted that the King was going to deny him of a second Squib child. To her surprise, the King decided he wanted a new deal. Looking at the insignia on Claudius' chest, she realized that they should have left it in the Kwai to avoid something like this happening...just like she had done with her wedding ring. Admittedly, it was *very* weird not to wear it. The insignia on her chest wasn't nearly as cool as Claudius' so it wouldn't do for an equivalent trade. She didn't even have to hear her husband's answer to predict it. Claudius had selflessly chosen his family time and time again. Even the value of the rank insignia was meaningless when you looked at it next to the girls. Sierra's fingers slowly laced between his and gave him a supportive squeeze.

As if they could read her mind an opportunistic Squib vendor approached Sierra pushing a cart filled with miniature replicas of the Claudius statue. "You want bargain? I bargain with you," the Squib declared, before reaching into the cart and pulling out a large replica of Claudius' head and offering it to Sierra. "Better than the one you come with!" he declared, as he studied her for any sign of trade goods. "King say you no need give spoons for girl. Maybe you want give spoons for head, eh? Eh?" he pressed, as he began to offer up the bronze likeness of Claudius to her once again. "Is good bargain. This one no talk," he said, as he looked over towards the real Claudius.

Claudius sighed as he reached over to his rank insignia and peeled it from his uniform. There was no denying that there was a severe breach of protocol with stripping his rank in front of a foreign ruler, but he was not about to leave without Melickielickie. "You drive a tough bargain, Your Majesty, but I will agree to your terms," he said, as he offered up the insignia to the King. "Gold for girl," he declared, feeling something like an ancient slave trader in Hutt Space.

The King snatched the rank insignia from Claudius and began moving away. "No tradebacksies!" he declared, as he pinned the insignia to his chest, which caused a bunch of jealous Squibs to groan in jealousy. His bargaining skills are what led him to the throne in the first place. "You take Melickielickie. You take good care of her. If we hear you no take such good care of her we take back! You'll see!" he warned, as he returned to his throne, while continuing to stroke his newly acquired insignia. He thought the Grand Moff not as clever as him to make such a trade. Perhaps the Imperials were not as smart as they wanted him to believe.

Oh ho! They had *miniature* versions of it?! She imagined how good the head would look on her desk. The Squib made her laugh with his jokes. She had clearly come with the better head. "I'll bargain." She whispered to the vendor. "A hundred spoons for one of those heads." Ewwiekewwieikkie surely didn't need *all* of the shinies they had brought with them. Her attention turned away from the vendor. She watched Claudius give up his rank insignia for the small Squib at her feet. It brought a tear to Sierra's eyes. He was the Big Time Hero of Beyond-Squib Eliteness of her heart. She couldn't quite make such an individual statue of him, but she lived her life, day by day, devoted to him and his happiness. She was relieved when the King proclaimed that they could take Melickielickie. Sierra liked to look at things from all perspectives, which had resulted in her developing a real fear that they would go back home without the littlest Squib. She tried to mentally prepare herself for it, but she couldn't. Now she didn't have to. Sierra embraced her husband tight. "Thank you, thank you so much." She whispered. There were tears streaming down her cheeks. She possessed a heart far bigger than she was willing to admit. Melickielickie had already taken a piece of her heart for the long haul.

Melickielickie had been observing everything going on up until the point when her adoptive father gave up his special shiny for *her*. The action only made sense in a childlike way. She had run her paws along the shiny before, but even she understood that it was special. The little Squib rose to her feet and looked up at her father. She snuggled him, her face pressing against his trousers. She left behind blue fur. "Daddy, me love you!" She exclaimed for the very first time.

Claudius reached down and picked up Melickielickie so that she could see the crowd. "I love you too, Melickielickie," but as he gained a new daughter, he wondered if Ewwiekewwieikkie was right about another child following in short order. He turned when he heard the commotion as Ewwiekewwieikkie and the vendor were battling over the silverware the Sierra had traded for the miniaturized version of himself. "I never knew I was worth 100 spoons," he said, before placing a kiss upon Melickielickie's cheek and placing her back down to let her run loose. It was then that he looked down and saw Callista, who he assumed would be quite overwhelmed. "Your Majesty, allow me to present my niece, 'Princess' Callista," he said, as he reached over to move her into position to meet the King. He would have picked her up, but in that event she would have towered over him.

King Ebareebaveebeedee looked towards Callista, or rather Callista's tiara. "You must be powerful," he declared, based solely on the decorative nature of her tiara. "Hmm," he said, as he moved his paw up to his chin and looked down at the young girl. "I make you ally of the Squib people so if we need help you help, Princess," he said, before nodding his head, and touching his scepter to her shoulder. "Where you come from who collects trash?" he asked, as his tongue began to press against his cheeks. There was always the opportunity for a bargain to be made. "Hmm?" he asked, as he moved closer towards her.

The little Squib's yellow eyes went large as she stared at the crowd. "Ooooh..." There were so many people. She began to wave with both of her paws. "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!" Her head turned. "You worth lots of spoons." She told him, a serious nod of her head followed. As soon as he placed her on the ground, Melickielickie ran off to tackle her sister. "Ewwie!" And then to side against Sierra in the fight over 100 spoons. "I give you two spoons!" She told her adoptive mother, reaching into her sleeves and producing two more serving spoons. It made Sierra wonder how many the child was carrying on her persons ... and how.

Callista was a little star struck. She trusted her uncle, and made little steps towards the King. At her introduction, she performed a perfect curtsey. "Thank you for making time for us, King... Eba... Eebbe... King E!" She recalled how her aunt had presented herself in front of him. Her finger nudged her tiara back onto her head. "Oh yes, I'm *very* powerful!" She declared, flexing one of her arms. His words were going right over her head. Whatever the King did, it made Callista like him. She felt comfortable approaching him. "Okay! I'll help you anytime. Ewwie is my best friend ever. I help her too." She felt special as his scepter touched her shoulder. She rested her hand where it had touched her. "Wow..." She whispered under her breath. "Ummm. My mama and daddy collect the trash." She explained. "Sometimes I do too. Mama is always saying I should clean up after myself. Mama is very wise and powerful." She pointed a finger at the statue of Claudius. "I like the statue you made. It's beautiful!"

King Ebareebaveebeedee backed up when Callista declared her power, as he believed it to be true. She had, after all, come with an Imperial Grand Moff. "You help the Squibs?" he asked, speaking to her like she was an adult. He then quickly moved his hand to shake with her hers to seal the bargain. When he listened to her speak about her parents his eyes went wide with wonder and amazement. "I must meet them. I will bargain for their trash," he said, before she distracted him by pointing to the statue. "It was very expensive, but I got good price," he told her, feeling quite proud of himself, as he puffed up his chest with his new rank insignia.

Claudius was not sure what to do about Callista's interaction with the King, as it seemed the wise old leader of Skor II thought she actually was a Princess. He did not have the heart to tell either of them. "How are you feeling?" he whispered quietly to Sierra, as she slipped an arm around her. He was mindful of what she had said the other day, and he was already subtly shifting back to overprotective mode. "Do you want to see the doctor?" he asked, as the last thing he wanted was to walk her by a bunch of Squib snouts to solicit opinions that way. "Ewwiekewwieikkie, come here," he said, as he motioned for his daughter to stop fighting over the silverware.

Ewwiekewwieikkie was busy trying to box up the silverware, disappointed that Sierra had traded 100 of them for the miniature statue. It was then that she was tackled by Melickielickie, causing her to stumble somewhat, and nearly falling off the dais. "I love you, sister!" she said, as she wrapped her arms around her little sister. Only when her father summoned her did she release Melickielickie before she began to scamper over to him. "We're rich!" she declared, having never realized it like Drusilla had, until the entire amount of their silverware was put on full display. "Did you know?" she asked, as she wondered whether or not they could buy even more snacks for the flight home.

Claudius lowered himself next to Ewwiekewwieikkie as he focused on the young Squib. "Ewwiekewwieikkie, what did you mean when you told Sierra that someone else was coming?" he asked her, as his face lit up with the excitement and wonder of the possibility of having another child come so quickly. He knew she had a superior olfactory senses to humans, but could she really detect a pregnancy, and in such an early state. He allowed himself to hope in that moment, as he hung on every movement for a response.

Ewwiekewwieikkie laughed when her father got down to her level. "Yay!" she said, as she reached out and gave him a big hug. When she asked him the question she paused for a moment, before looking towards Sierra. "Hmm," she said, before moving over towards her stepmother. "It's simple," she said, as she reached up to point out baby Bruce. "One of these in there!" she said, before poking Sierra in the belly. "House too small, but we rich, so use spoons for new house," she informed them, as she scampered back to safeguard her silverware in the same manner that Drusilla had done the family jewels. Unfortunately, she moved too quickly, and when she stumbled she fell. "Ouch!" she said, as she grabbed her knee, but when she impacted a jewel flew out of her. There was a loud cheer among the crowd and the Squibs began moving towards the jewel, while others bowed to her, worshiping her as if she was some sort of god.

Callista nodded her head quickly. "Yup! All you gotta do is call me!" She took his hand, giggling through the whole entire deal. The little girl had no idea what she was doing. She simply liked the attention. "I bet mama and daddy would like to meet you too! They don't need their trash. They'll give it to you." She told him confidently. "There's lots of trash where I live. Not just mine and my family's. Other people's too. You can have *all* of it." She thought it was very wise of the King to trade Melickielickie for such a pretty pin. "I'll bring my mommy and daddy. We can all have a tea party, okay?" She stuck her hand back out, making yet another deal with the Squib King.

Sierra was keeping the statue! After making the deal and arguing with Ewwiekewwieikkie, she rejoined her love. She leaned into him. The interaction between the King and Callista was adorable. The little girl was so excited. She looked at him with the same awe in her eyes that she had with all the people she loved. Callista was such a sweet little girl... Though Sierra had just adopted a daughter, her thoughts began to trail back to the conversations she and Claudius had about having a daughter of their own. Olivia. She wondered if it would really happen so soon. It seemed to be the way of a higher power that they were able to procreate easily. "I'm feeling good." She whispered back to him. "How are you?" Sierra placed a kiss on his cheek. There was no morning sickness to conquer as of yet, which was making Sierra wonder if Ewwiekewwiekkie's nose had been wrong. She laughed, shaking her head. "No, no, no. We discussed the problems with Squib doctors. Should we go see Doctor Tohan?" They were both feeling impatient.

Melickielickie was having the best day ever. She snuggled her sister on the ground. "Me love *you* too!" She squeaked, happily licking Ewwie's face. She darted right after her sister while holding as many spoons as she could in each hand. She jingled when she walked. The front pocket of her shirt was full of spoons. "Mommeeeeeee" She squeaked, offering Sierra five spoons.

Sierra smiled down at Melickielickie. "Ooh, thank you. Just what I needed!" She took the spoons, then wrapped her daughter up in a tight hug. Her heart felt light and happy. Everything worked out well. She was relieved that the day hadn't wore on Ewwiekewwieikkie and that she was able to be happy with them. Sierra overheard what Claudius asked Ewwiekewwieikkie. There was only one Squib nose that was so familiar with her scent. Suddenly, she ignored everything else to hear what she had to say. Was there a baby? *Another* baby? Her explanation was simple: there was another Bruce in her tummy. Ewwiekewwieikkie was no doctor, but her confidence was hard to ignore. Sierra's eyes became hot and teary for the millionth time today. There was another baby. The realization washed over her in the happiest of ways. "Claudius..." She sniffled. She crouched down to hug him tightly. "It.. It *must* be true. We're going to have another baby." The day couldn't possibly get better...and then it did. She pressed her head against his shoulder as she cried happy tears.

King Ebareebaveebeedee was overwhelmed by the generosity of Princess Callista, which made him believe she was a shrewd negotiator setting him up to be swindled later. "Yes. Yes we have a bargain," he told her, greedily, as he rubbed his hands together feverishly. "I will send the reclamation fleet to collect the trash at once!" he said, realizing the longer that he gave her to think about it, the greater the chance for her to change her mind. This was exactly the kind of news he needed to cement his reign given the growing pressure on the planet as the Galactic Civil War intensified.

Claudius was overwhelmed by the news that Ewwiekewwieikkie had given them. He wanted it to be true ... he needed it to be true. He rose back up, moving to wrap his arms around his wife, and thoroughly embrace her. "I love you. I love our whole family," he told her, as he stood on the dais surrounded by celebrating Squibs. Next to them a group of Squibs had come to raise Ewwiekewwieikkie into the air, believing her to be a magical creature that laid jewels. They were squeezing her and tickling her as best they could to make more gemstones appear. Even now a cult of Ewwiekewwieikkie was forming as word of the magical jewel laying Squib spread through the city. He would never forget the day he had become a Big Time Hero of Beyond-Squib Eliteness.

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