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Alice Bee, Bob Halula, Erin Highberg, Christopher Levy, Jaina Roberts, and Thomas Rogers.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:25) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Commander Derek Atio, Lieutenant Vance Dajus, Captain Rhobert Dartanyn, General Bri Quabil, Emi Shinohara, Captain Dagon Tong, and Commander Iyah Xergo.

Commander Derek Atio stood around the large holographic control panel in the command-and-control center in Ringali Station. The holoprojection was displaying the six worlds of the Ringali Shell, along with the Ringali Nebula, which featured projections on the newly arrived Rebel ships, the space station and ground forces. There was a time when this burden fell strictly to him, but fortunately high command had dispatched a more experienced naval commander to relieve him of some of the burden. He had shaved ... for once ... and managed to convince Tashi to re-route some of the power on the Argo to generate enough hot water for him to get a decent shower for once. He was not used to being around so many superior officers and he was doing his utmost to present a clean and orderly appearance ... a first for the portly Tetan commander with a reputation for being a bit of a drunkard. He had not a drink since he had been alerted about the meeting, and his need for one was at the forefront of his mind. His mouth was dry and almost as soon as General Quabil dismissed them, he was headed right for his bunk to find a drink.

It was a bit of off shoot for Emi Shinohara to really be in a meeting or anything dealing with military or navy operatives, but, with the way things were going, it wouldn't hurt for her to interrupt or give input where she could. The shorter, slightly tan dark haired female was dressed in a bit of a more formal dress. She didn't feel like wearing her uniform, so she didn't. Simple as that. It was a light gray and covered her. Not clingy like her other dresses were. She moved through some of the hallways as those leather clad feet hit the metallic flooring. Purse of her lips as she rounded the corner finding a quiet corner to set herself in. She was close enough to the control panel as she spotted Commander Atio. A small nod given as she crossed her arms over her chest. The waiting game began.

A new face in the station rounded the last corner before the room he was to meet the others in, his hair was pulled back. He was half decently kept, although his face was showing a bit of a late-day shadow. His attire was that of an Alliance officer, with the rank insignia of Captain visible along with functional brown pants. He took a few steps into the room and took it all in before settling himself in along one of the walls, leaning back against it to feel the familiar cold wall that he had come to live amongst for quite a few years. He had a serious look to him at the moment, crossing his arms over his chest and eyeing the people in the room to try to determine who was who and what function that had in the overall scheme of things. Rhobert Dartanyn sure hoped this crew was as ready and competent as Vance had promised, their resume sure did make it seem like it.

The door before her would place her with her colleagues. Though not a mirror, she used the metal of said door to check that she looked presentable. Both hands rose to either side of her head pushing whatever strands of deep auburn had managed to make their way out of the tight bun that nestled against the back of her pale neck. A breath she hadn't realized that she had taken was slowly released through red painted pursed lips. Hands now tugged at the tan tunic that stopped mid hips. Finally she allowed the door to open. Green eyes surveyed those gathered. Most she had only met via holocom. Now they were physically with her, their scents, moods and actions all before her in real time. There was a time when that was all she knew, now it was the projected images of those light years apart that filled her conversations. A nod was given to each present as she moved further into the room, pausing to stand near Atio.

Meetings always pissed Dagon off. Physical meetings more so these days, because the Rebellion had him babysitting an intelligence operative on her meanderings about the upper crusts of various planets, and it was a serious detour to get into the nebula. But this one, he had something he had to put out to his people, and given the recent lapse of comsec that had made the upcoming mission necessary, the physical security of the site eased his irritation somewhat. He was dressed as a civilian, fatigues, lightweight boots, a dark jacket, with his disruptor pistol just visible on his waist at the 9 o'clock. Despite complaints from the crew of the station, he had a cigarra in his mouth as he walked into the conference room, and made a quick scan of the space to figure out who was there, and if the people he actually needed were there or not.

Commander Atio cleared his breath once he saw that everyone had arrived. He nodded once to each of them, before motioning towards the newly arrived Captain Rhobert Dartanyn. "Ambassador, General..." he began, as he addressed both the civilian and military commanders that were present. "This is Captain Dartanyn, recently arrived with our much needed naval reinforcements," he explained with another in a long series of nods that threatened to cause a chronic workplace neck injury. "He will brief you on our current naval strength. The recent capture of the cruiser Grappler. And our efforts to acquire ships from Kuat," he said, sounding more professional than he had since his days in school.

As he was being introduced, the Captain broke free from the wall and walked into the better lighting provided around the holo table. He smiled for a few seconds, taking in all the non-verbal greetings with his own nod as he let the Commander finish his introduction. Rhobert really wasn't prepared to be the speaker at this gathering, but it appeared that Atio as more than eager to see somebody else take over in at least the command briefings. "For those I haven't met yet, greetings. As the Commander has said, there are some things I'd like to bring everybody up to speed on in relation to our readiness level and acquisitions over the last couple weeks. I've brought a small task force in system to join your own naval assets, I believe known as the 39th Roving Line. We're at a strength now that can cause some serious harm to military installations and ships of the Empire should we show up in force, but our best play is going to be to stay spread out so they can't catch us all at one place. One trick up the sleeve of the Empire that we can't deny is their Immobilizer 418 Cruisers, more commonly known as the Interdictor. The capture of the Strike Cruiser was paramount in our ability to turn those capabilities against the Empire. It will be fitted with one or more of the gravity well generators, and brought back to the Shell to help us control our engagements. Also, due to some extremely savvy diplomatic actions, we are brokering a deal for some Kuati-made warships. From what I gathered, this will consist of another heavy escort with its own support vessels. Once this arrives, we should be able to start designing scenarios and missions with larger goals and prey." So far, I have to say you are all living up to the reputation you had at Alliance HQ. Despite rank, I'm here to support you. You know the area, you know the know how we can stick it to the Empire." He hadn't realized it, but he had begun to pace halfway through his lecture and came to a stop again as he returned to where he had started at the holo table, his cobalt blues scanning the room for any hint as to their demeanor towards him or how they were taking in his news.

When Captain Dartanyn finished his briefing on matters pertaining the fleet, his attention next shifted to Captain Tong. "Next we have Captain Tong of the commando unit," he said, as he shifted his attention towards the man whom he served with the longest among those standing round the table. "As you know we recently lost our safehouse on Rhinnal, along with our propaganda asset Jelena Rodney," he explained, as his hand briefly waved towards the fifth planet on the holographic display. "And unfortunately follow-up operations on Rhinnal cost us Corporal Rikki. Sergeants Renault and Judah attempted a rescue and came up short," he reported grimly, before stepping aside for Tong. "The Captain will now brief you on planned upcoming ops," he said, with a firm nod of his head, before bringing up his hand to rub at the back of his neck. His new position came with far too much of that.

Dagon took a long drag off his cigarra before he stepped up to the table and paid them all a glance before he started in. "The safe house hit was stupid. We shouldn't have had that problem. But intel is suggesting that it might be an opportunity to create the sort of havoc and mayhem that keep the Imperial High Command up late at night. We are going to use the fact that the site they are currently housing Jelena on is still in it's shakeout phase. That big ass star destroyer needs KDY techs to fix the numerous bugs and glitches they're going to have for the first couple of months. We're going to use that gap in their physical security to infiltrate and extract Jelena, and possibly temporarily cripple the primary threat to operations in the system." He paused and took another drag, before looking to Atio. "I need you to get in touch with Athol, tell him I need him to rig a wireless data spike. Tell him the broad strokes as I told them to you, and he'll be able to figure out the parameters he's working on. I'll do a more detailed brief with him to tweak any last minute details that come up. This operation will not happen until that spike is put aboard, and we have time to gather intel both on the specific requirements of getting Jelena clear, and how we can best ensure our own successful infil and exfil. Any questions?"

Military meetings could be so boring. Most of the items brought up were already known to her if not in so many details. Her attention turned toward the smoke formed by Tong's cigarra. It had been years since she'd smoked anything. The smell was intoxicating. Long, dark lashes blinked over green eyes as she turned her attention back to the details. She was very relieved that a rescue mission, especially one that was more than just send anyone in and hope for the best, which is what Atio had done for the other one captured.

Emi looked from Commander, to General, to Captain, to Major. She rolled her eyes to Tong, mostly annoyed that he'd smoke when there were people who didn't present. Everything seemed to have made sense. But, she wasn't here to make military decisions. Emi blinked a few times as she stood up from her seat in the corner. Hands moved to the edge of the table as she leaned against it. She looked back to Tong and shook her head. "Put that out please." She really didn't care who she interrupted. She then looked back to the table and shook her head. "Nothing from me." Head turned toward Captain Dartanyn and gave a welcoming nod, not recognizing him at all. She'd make a mental note to formally introduce herself at a later date.

"I do have some questions regarding the extraction plan", Rhobert Dartanyn spoke up. "We really expect them to fall for the same target opportunity twice? Wouldn't an in transit rescue have a higher success rate and lower risk of catastrophic failure?" The Captain had a furrowed brow as he tried to recall the history of the actions in this region of space, but he seemed to recall the Super-class Star Destroyer already being targeted by this group and exploited successfully. "If there is opportunity to be had on the Star Destroyer, that's great. But complicating it with a rescue might add far too many variables."

"She was helped from the inside onboard the Warspite. There were risks for the assets that got her clear, but they weren't as great, and more to the point, the idea of sneaking an entire team onboard a Dreadnaught, stealing their prisoner, and sneaking out is crazy. They are like any of the major bases we've attacked. They are designed to repel an assault, or an overt infiltration, but they are too big, and too exposed with their dependence on KDY technicians to keep us out, and once we're inside, it's far to big to monitor effectively, especially with Jason ruining their day." He let out a puff of smoke, ignoring the Ambassador. Diplomats irked him as much as anyone else because they had the same job, to slow his progress in various target sectors.

A young man stood up from the back of the room that had been quiet for the beginning of the briefing, clearing his throat because he was certain nobody had expected him to speak up. "Pardon the interruption, but if Kuat Drive Yards is indeed working on the ship..." He looked over at Emi, flashing a small knowing smile before returning his attention back the officers in the room and finishing his train of thought. " it possible that Emi could get us some KDY Engineering documents to get onboard and near certain systems with legitimate credentials?" Lieutenant Vance Dajus backed himself to his chair and sat back down, his face a little red from being nervous. He had been taking notes from the meeting on a datapad so those with questions could ask them later.

The general remained quiet. She valued the opinions of those around her; yes, even Atio. They all had their own experiences and had developed their opinions based on these experiences. But now it was time to get down to it. Pale hands rested upon the table, palms down, showing that below the surface she wasn't as polished as she tried to present. Her nails were not well kept. Her hands looked like they had done a good share of work in their more than a half century of life. "What are the odds for this mission? What are your expected casualties? And who will be on you team?" Green eyes remained on Commander Tong, obviously addressing her questions to him.

"I cannot answer for specific estimates until I get that spike aboard the vessel. I would say off the general plan, we expect no casualties, because we are not engaging anyone. But I cannot tell specifically any detail, until the recon has been done, and the spike is our best recon without relying on intelligence reports." Tong replied.

Captain Dartanyn was reluctant still with the plan, it seemed a bit risky to try to determine so much of the details without having the intelligence to make educated risk assessments. But he conceded to himself that he wasn't the expert in these type of missions, and let it go. "We'll be sending Commander Iyah Xergo to Delaya in the Blue Haven as soon as we have the supplies prepared, to uphold our end of the deal brokered by the Ambassador and Lieutenant Dajus. This should get the gears in motion with the Kuat ship delivery and perhaps open an opportunity to discuss KDY credentials should we need them..?" His sentence turned into question as he looked over at the Ambassador, or perhaps he lost his train of thought. There was a familiarity he couldn't pin down with the well dressed diplomat.

This wasn't Iyah's place of expertise. Commander Xergo had taken on the role as the quiet observer, having normally communicated with her comrades over transmission than face-to-face. She'd only been named a Commander several months ago, but that didn't mean she was back at her job. Captain Dartanyn provided her with details to her next mission. It was to be a gratifying one. She recalled her visit to Tarkintown clearly (and not just because she'd found a certain Mug Zoran there). Tarkintown was the real reason why supplies had been spread so thin. The moment she saw all those people hurting and *suffering*, her large heart had gotten the better side of her. She didn't mention how much medical supplies she had used there.

The supply drop off would change everything for the refugees that still lived in Tarkintown. She could hardly wait to tell her boyfriend that the first steps had been taken to make the Alderaan refugee situation better. She was smiling internally. Externally, her face was unmoved. She spoke in a calm, leveled voice. "Blue Haven will be ready to depart in two days. It required some repairs that are nearly finished. The cargo is being loaded as we speak. I have no doubt that we'll be able to reach Delaya before sunset of our departing day." Iyah reported.

Emi cantered her head toward the Lieutenant Dajus and then back to Captain Dartanyn. "I know the risks, but would definitely be more than happy to make the deal we made will be carried out. We've maybe got a little more time as my contact won't be available for another week at most." She was referring to her 'friend' returning from her honeymoon. She crossed her arms over her chest as she mulled a few things over in her head. She seemed to be lost in thought herself. It was clear that her pitch was over, waiting on the next person to speak.

Bri listened as the others spoke. Her mind was focused on the main operation and how to have as positive an outcome as possible. "Commander Atio, assist Captain Tong with his needs. Contact corporal Athol. Let us get things rolling. Captain, you have my blessing to continue. Keep me updated on your progress. And may the Force be with you."

Commander Derek Atio nodded to General Quabil and then looked towards Captain Tong for a brief moment. "It will be done at once, General," he said, very professionally, as he could sense the meeting wrapping up, which means he would soon be able to head to grab a drink. He felt that things were running a bit more efficiently now, and was pleased so many individuals outranked him, even if it meant he was becoming more of a messenger boy and lackey. He entered in a few keystrokes on the display which caused the holoprojector to fade away, causing the planets and intelligence to disappear and the room to become noticeably darker.

Emi gave a soft smile and nodded to everyone around the table and spoke, a bit louder than before. "Thank you all for being here. Plans are laid out, good luck on your missions, and may the force be with us." She turned on her right heel, gesturing for everyone to be dismissed.

The stoic commando just shook his head, and knocked out the remainder of the cherry from his cigarra on his boot as he turned and exited the conference room, off on a mission to find the slicer he'd recruited to the Cuy Val Dar so long ago.

Bri nodded to those that remained, tugged on the hem of her tan tunic and then turned to leave. She made her way out of the room, feeling as though more could have been accomplished but satisfied.

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