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Rachel King, Christopher Levy, and Matt Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:F2:1) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Kia Kaen, Major Kerrie Kiley, and Doctor Cole Shuura.

Doctor Cole Shuura, short and thick as always, sauntered through the warship. He wore his favorite casual clothes, khakis and colorful blumfruit short sleeve shirt while he made his stroll. Dr Shuura was in mid-tune, a song of a daring adventurer who lived a life of happiness, when he rolled around the corner to another passageway and noticed two stormtroopers proceeding through at a business pace.

One held a hand up, signalling for the Doctor to halt. "Identify yourself," came the dispassionate processed sound. Doctor Shuura complied, identifying himself as one of the ships crew. After careful considerations of the pass, the stormtrooper continued. "I apologize Doctor. I didn't recognize you. I can't be too careful these days. Especially considering your attire is so ... un-imperial and does not conform to standards."

Doctor Shuura thanked the soldier for doing his job, informed him that the Doctor's door was always open, and then continued on his way, only stopping again once he was outside the door to one of the ship's greatest hazards, including the engineering plant. Knowing the risks, Doctor Shuura, knocked.

Kia had cleared out the space in the middle of the room, balancing on one hand she was keeping her concentration up to stay balanced. Her breathing was slow and even. The sound of the door being knocked on, caused the sleeping Nexu on her bed to bound off and bowl her over, a loud crash and yelp came as she hit the floor and rolled into the stack of spare parts she had been gathering.

Sanu, the very large and ferocious, although very loyal Nexu was completely stretched out on Kia's bed, a pastime he fully enjoyed. He had claimed this territory as his own as he often did. It was a game to him, to force Kia to remove him by any means and he would of course resist her on purpose. His master had left him in charge of protecting Kia in her absence, but he had lazily feel asleep due to boredom. He had been blissfully snoring, dreaming of small prey pursuits when the knock on the door jolted him awake and with the jarring surprise caused him to accidently pounce on the balancing apprentice. After the collision, spare mechanical parts flew everywhere, though some had been unfortunately crushed under their weight ... a painful occurrence. A low moan eased from him with a pant ... it was very lucky the animal's front landed on Kia and not his back, which was covered in rows upon rows of sharp quills.

Doctor Shuura looked back and forth down the passageways nervously. He had just heard a couple of large crashes and something feral. After confirming that there was not a single soul around to ask for assistance and confirm he had the right place or needed a bodyguard perhaps. He was here and after making a short call to his bravery, he decided he wasn't going to flee. His so-called bravery did allow for his nervousness to look himself up and down, and straighten an imperial insignia over the left pocket of his shirt. Two safety pins gleamed in the light where they stuck out in the top and bottom, weaved through to keep it attached. At Least he was more 'Imperial' now.

"Sanu! Get offa me! Someone's at the door!" Kia was trying to scramble back to her feet, the crushed components getting a very dark glare. Dusting herself off, she was really starting to like the armorweave jumpsuit that Serine had insisted she start wearing. Straightening her tunic, she made her way over to the door, hitting the lock a little harder than was necessary. Her concentration had been shattered by the over zealous nexu, and whoever was on the other side of the door. As the door opened, the teenager blinked in surprise. "Oh. It's you. I'll save you the trouble, I know who my parents were, I am not having an affair with anyone on the ship, I'm not out of control or needing to go to boot camp, and rather than waste my brain, I study." She had almost turned away from the door, then remembering what Serra had said, gave a polite(ish) smile. "Was there something else you needed?"

The yelling from the other side of the door shook him. He certainly would not last long if his first housecall lead him to discover a Sith affair. Overhearing such words as 'Sanu! get offa me!' could get him killed, but the true surprise happened when the door was opened. Doctor Cole Shuura was in shock. This girl couldn't be out of her teens. She didn't look anything like he expected. It didn't seem possible that one so young could be powerful and evil. He had seen force adept children before on his show, but they only wanted to track down their parents, not rogue alliance spies. Serine Thanor had a reputation and it was not good. Doctor Shuura began, speaking as if he was not afraid out of his mind, "Inquisitor Thanor. I didn't mean to disturb you; however I wanted to check up on things. If I'm interrupting anything, I can return later; however, I feel that I could be of some help. Maybe this boy 'Sanu' could come along too. I have helped many 'Active Teens' in my career." After offering his service, Doctor Shuura made an attempt to peer behind the girl to get a look for the boy, 'Sanu'.

The huge feline-like creature bounded off of Kia with her push before he gave her a sympathetic look of apology. That moment was fleeting because all four of those glassy black eyes snapped towards the door with a heavy hiss that displayed rows of terrifying teeth in its gaping maw. As that small man came into view, his eyes glittered dangerously before narrowing in a growl while stalking around Kia in a protective manner. Sanu had never seen this... flowery thing before and he was all too anxious to ambush this creature and flay open his ribcage. The blood thirsty desire clearly evident as massive claws clicked upon the durasteel flooring.

"What? I'm..." Kia trailed off, the mischievous part of her brain wondering how far she could get this brain rot 'Doctor' to believe. Taking a deep breath she crossed her arms, looking down her nose at the Doctor. "Master Thanor is not in at the moment. Some people actually have responsibilities they have to attend to on this ship. Even fewer follow through on those responsibilities. Master Thanor is one of those few. I am Kia, her soon-to-be-apprentice, and I do not require any help from you." Seeing him trying to be nosy, the teenager rolled her eyes. "As for Sanu... Come say hello." She motioned to the Nexu with a wicked little grin.

"Dear Dark Lord!" The Doctor let out as he took two steps back. "Is ... that thing ... even allowed on here? Where does it sleep? What does it eat?" He could not think of much but to just keep rattling off more questions that got more and more unrelated as he went on until he settled with "Well, when she returns please feel free to tell her I'll be in my office or anything else you wish to do...," He trailed off while looking like he wanted to flee.

"He is well fed on annoying people who knock on this door, he looks pretty hungry, doesn't he?" Kia had stepped just to the side of the door, still blocking it, but giving the Nexu clear pouncing path. "As for if he's allowed, would you like to be the one to tell Master Thanor, she can't have him? I'll let her know your concerns. If you'd like."

Sanu had been aggressively trained to take attack commands not only from his Master but also from the younger apprentice-in-training, being the faithful and loyal companion who took great pleasure when flesh rending was in order. As soon as Kia took a step away from the man and gave the ambush predator the necessary room, the nexu took immediate action, assuming this was a command. With a roar he pounced towards the much smaller form of the doctor with incredible speed, nearly a white blur as the full blunt force of the impact collided head on with Shuura. The collision likely knocked the air from his lungs as he was tackled to the ground in the hallway with the snarling Nexu perched on top, pinning him roughly as claws dug into flowery apparel. The extent of the damage was not yet severe, merely a few lacerations but they would cause heavy bleeding. The creature was glaring hungrily down at the man it so expertly captured, eagerly awaiting any further commands. Officers walking in the hallway would shriek at the sight of what was transpiring, rushing off in opposite directions in absolute terror.

"Master Thanor would be upset if we killed him, I don't think he'll be bothering us again though. Let him go, Sanu." Kia was beyond amused.

Doctor Shuura barely perceived his mauling and later would be unlikely to recall the details. One moment, the predator was safely in the room, bared passage by the young girl, and the next all he could feel was blinding pain, body heat. He could hear the snarling, but only barely over the sound of his own screams and prayers. Over the next moment, he smelled the creatures breath. It smelled like decay and rotting meat, but his final thoughts drifted to the how he was surprised that the creatures fur was still so soft. It was a strange thought that override his terror to keep him calm as his blood pooled up under him. Funny that his attacker would remind his wife's cat back on Coruscant. His wife ... he hoped she was happy.

An errand girl ... that is what Major Kerrie Kiley had been relegated to. The once feared bounty hunter turned Storm Commando was now nothing more than a servant for higher ranking Imperials who seemed to have no use for her. Her spirit was broken, and she no longer attempted to argue with the Grand Moff or her Inquisitor ... she had come to accept her new lot in life. As she approached the Inquisitor's quarters she could hear screams, and saw people running in every direction in a frenzy, brushing past her in the roughest possible way. Others might have turned, but she had become used to this, and thus continued her steady pace towards her destination. When she arrived she saw the battered Doctor Shuura and rolled her eyes, not needing an explanation as to what happen ... she had enough experience to instinctively know. "Medical team. Inquisitor Thanor's quarters," she said into her comlink, before turning her attention to Kia. "Inquisitor Thanor commands your presence on the interrogation level," she said, in a calm and clear manner, as she addressed the youngster, who had caused her similar body harm some time ago.

There was an unhappy whine when Sanu received the orders to leave his new chew toy alone, releasing the man beneath the nexu's clawed grasp. He prowled back over to Kia to rub the side of his large hideous muzzle on her leg affectionately, very much appreciating the opportunity to practice his predatory instincts. After a moment, he caught a familiar scent in the air that could only belong to the sole Clawdite on board. This was one of the creatures that his Master had specifically warned him about. There was a shrill snarl as Kerrie approached, a warning to the Clawdite and also a cautionary alert to Kia. Black beady eyes watched every step of that woman closely, ready to act if necessary.

Kia rolled her eyes and was turning back to go back into her room, then she saw Kerrie, "Sanu ... back in the room." She gave the giant feline a good scratch behind the ears. The Doctor got barely a second look, as she stepped out of the room, nodding to Kerrie once. "Lead the way, Major. We don't want to keep Master Thanor waiting."

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