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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:8:32) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
Ewwiekewwieikkie, Commander Kerrie Kiley, Melickielickie, Callista Nilar, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lady Drusilla Rodney, and Major Sierra Rodney.

"Help me! Help me!" Ewwiekewwieikkie pleaded to Melickielickie and Callista as she attempted to pack all of the kitchen appliances in her small suitcase. "SiSi said I could take whatever fits in this bag, so we gots to make it all fit," she declared, as she tried to get the ice cream maker into the bag. "Hmm," she said, as she brought her paw up to her chin and carefully examined the situation. "I worry we don't have enough spoons," she told the girls, as she looked at the 37 spoons that were lining the bottom of the bag. She was beginning to get very anxious that everything she wanted to bring would not fit. She had no idea what Gungan food was like, so she planned to bring her own. "Go ask if you can bring your own bags!" she suggested to them, as she began planning how to fit everything into their bags instead. Somehow everyone would fit. It *had* to.

Callista Nilar stood staring at the small suitcase. It was never going to fit. As it was, the bag looked like it might burst without being zipped. "I know how to help!" She squeaked, climbing on top of the bag. She sat, with her full forty pound body. "Can you get it closed!?" She asked, looking down. She frowned. They needed a large shipping container to bring everything. Callista assumed that Gungans ate big, gross stuff. That was why they needed to bring their own food. Even she had packed snacks. "Do we ever have enough spoons?" She asked her bestie with widening eyes. "We need more bags!" She grabbed Melickielickie's hand and darted towards her auntie and uncle's room. "Auntie SiSi! Auntie SiSi!" She found Sierra standing at the edge of her bed packing her own suitcase. It was empty compared to Ewwie's.

"Mommeee!" Melickielickie reached out, grasping Sierra's dress. "Need more room! Me and ‘Lista bring our own thingies?" She asked, pointing towards her mother's suitcase. Her eyes widened as she saw baby Bruce laying on the bed. "Mommee, you forget to pack bebe. Bebe go in there." She informed Sierra.

Sierra Rodney had magically gained a Callista again. Thankfully, it seemed she hadn't heard about her and King Ebareebaveebeedee's incident. In fact, no one had asked about that so far. She hoped to avoid ever talking about it for the rest of her life. "Hey girls," she said with a smile on her face. She dropped a folded article of clothing into her suitcase. "You need more room? That suitcase I found for Ewwiekewwieikkie should have been enough for all three of you." Oh goodness... What had she packed? Sierra bit her lip. It would have been a good decision to check what Ewwiekewwieikkie was bringing, but she was *trying* to give her a little more freedom and independence. "Okay, you can both bring your own suitcases." She regretted the words as soon as she said them. Her smile grew. "Melickielickie, your brother isn't going in the suitcase. I'll carry him like I always do." She looked over to her son. Nea was lying right beside him. Suddenly, his eyes opened. "Meooowww?" The felinx made his way down towards the edge of the bed. He sniffed at Sierra's suitcase then, without warning, he jumped in and laid down.

"I don't understand. You're already getting married. Why would you want to get remarried ... by Gungans of all creatures ... just because Auntie Mae is paying for it?" Drusilla Rodney asked, from the corner of the room, as she clung to Bruce, holding him high above the reach of the omnipresent felinx. "Pavo Prime isn't even in the Core. Do you think the HoloNet is going to bother sending a team to cover something in the Inner Rim?" she said, with a dramatic sigh, as she feared no one would see her newest, loveliest dress. "Oh. Is the felinx coming?" she asked, as she watched the newest pet occupy the suitcase.

The next time Sierra turned around, Melickielickie and Callista had disappeared. Heaven knew what they were up to. When she looked down in her suitcase, she'd gained a purring Nea who made camp on top of one of Claudius' tunics. "Shoo! Get out!" She picked up the felinx and set him on the ground. There was a combination of her clothes, Bruce's clothes, and Claudius' all in the same suitcase. She was *trying* to keep things organized. Three seconds later, Nea was right back inside of the suitcase. Sierra sighed, turning towards Drusilla. "Because the last time your daddy and I took a vacation, your daddy ended up injured. This is going to be an injury free vacation on Auntie Mae's bill. She makes a lot of money off of our family, don't you think we deserve this?" She adjusted Nea to continue placing clothing inside of the suitcase with the felinx inside of it. "I'm sure there will be some sort of HoloNet presence. Apparently the sweepstakes was a pretty big thing. You'll get plenty of time in the limelight, my dear." She frowned at Nea. "I didn't intend for him to come. Your daddy and I were worried the Gungans might mistake him for the main course. Are you all packed? Do you need any help?"

Drusilla was just about to respond to Sierra's comment when she heard the sound of metal crashing downstairs followed by thunderous applause. She was not even going to look. After an awkward pause she fired back. "What do you mean injured?" she asked, more out of not knowing, rather than genuine concern. "I hope you don't mean ... ick," she said, as her mind went straight towards the gutter, and she quickly forced the thought from her mind. "Well as long as the HoloNet will be there," she said, as she adjusted Bruce and then moved her free left hand up to gently adjust her hair. "Of course I'm packed. I had papa purchase me a set of matched luggage for every travel occasion," she reminded her stepmother, before waiting to hear more about her father.

Sierra visibly cringed. Her imagination fed her an image of Ewwiekewwieikkie, Callista, and Melickielickie injured at the base of the stairs. She looked like she might shoot downstairs like a bullet. Instead, she listened. There was no screaming or crying. Either all three of the girls had met a quick death, or everything was semi-okay. She sat back on the bed. Her hand moved to her face to cover up the quickly forming blush on her cheeks. "Dru! No! Not like that!" Drusilla was a pervert! Jelena was right...she really needed to watch that one. Perhaps Prince Pollix wasn't as terrible as she assumed. She was relieved to hear that Drusilla was packed. She didn't try to limit Dru to one suitcase. "Ah, there was an incident with some Rebels. We were shot down in the Kwai. Your papa bruised his ribs while keeping me safe. Don't worry. Doctor Tohan examined him. That's why he's been taking it easy. He seems to be feeling better now." She smiled at Drusilla and Bruce. She could see how happy her son was. It pleased her that he could have a good, close relationship with his sister.

"Rebels?!" Drusilla exclaimed, so much so that it caused Bruce to become momentarily vexed. "Oh. Sorry," she said, as she did her best to calm down her half-brother. "Where did this happen? At that race on Coruscant?" she asked, as she began making weird faces at the baby to try and distract him. "It's never dull around here," she said to Sierra, but was speaking in a baby voice and looking down at Bruce as she spoke. "I'm glad that he's better, but he's too old to be shot down," she said, as she gave the famous family pout.

"I know..." Sierra sighed. "I'll do everything I can to ensure nothing else happens to him. It didn't happen on Coruscant. He wanted to go back to the Sea Island home. That's where it happened. The place was ransacked by some Rebels. They shot us down on the way out." Her fingers ran through her hair. The worry she carried for Claudius never left. It was part of being his wife. She actually, you know, *loved* him. "I wondered if we should bring a security detail with us. Perhaps Commander Kiley should come." Sierra glanced down at her bare feet. If anyone hurt Claudius again, then she really was going to show that she could excel as an ISB officer under the right circumstances. "I wish this war would end..." She sighed.

"What?!" Drusilla asked in a horrified voice, only it was not out of concern for her father, but for her Sea Island retreat. "They ransacked our home?" she asked, starting to frown as she imagined what those awful Rebels had done to their idyllic paradise. "If papa had remained Duke this *never* would have happened," she was quick to add, but as she looked down at Bruce, who would have supplanted her claim to the Duchy, she suddenly was less resentful about losing it. "How bad..?" she asked, but she was still not talking about her father, she was talking about the house. "Yes. Bring security. If only to separate the Gungans and the Squibs. Ick. Can you imagine?" she asked, as she moved towards the foot of the bed and sat down. That was her mistake, for the moment her bottom touched the mattress Nea was on scene to investigate Bruce. "Shoo!" she said, but of course the felinx did not respond at all.

"I looked in your room. It appeared untouched. They took some of mine and your papa's belongings. They stole our mattress. How strange is that?" She agreed that it would have never happened under Claudius' watch, but the days of the Duchy sitting in their hands were never going to return again. Sierra didn't regret that. She had watched her husband suddenly become stretched far too thin. Sierra thought that Drusilla was asking about her father. "Not too bad. Doctor Tohan didn't seem terribly concerned. As long as your papa continues to take it easy, he'll make a complete recovery." She reported with a happier sound in her voice. The thought of the Gungans and Squibs partying together made her laugh. "What if they could procreate? Can you imagine what a Squibgan would be like?" Laughing, Sierra reached over and grabbed the felinx. Nea resisted being taken away from Bruce. "It'll be a fun family trip. It's been awhile since we've all had the chance to go somewhere together."

"They stole your ... *mattress*," Drusilla replied in a very droll manner, as she looked towards Sierra in disbelief. "Don't they know ... ick ... forget I said anything," she pleaded, before raising her forearm to her forehead, suddenly feeling very faint. "That's good. And, uh, the sea island retreat? How long did they say the repairs would take?" she asked, as she looked to the ground and moved the toes of her right foot around. "Well I heard a Squib and a Human nearly procreated," she said, unnecessarily, before giggling slightly. Her cheeks flushed red and she brought her hand up to cover her smirking face. "Oh, yes. It will be a lot of fun," she said, as she tried to offer her best smile towards her stepmother.

Her face turned increasingly more red as her stepdaughter embarrassed her more and more. They *had* to know. Sierra figured that the situation for the Rebels must be dire in order for them to take the used mattress. "Nothing within the retreat was damage. There are no repairs necessary, but I will need to go mattress shopping." She hung her head, clearly still embarrassed. She looked horrified when Dru brought up the Skor II incident. "Oh my goodness! You saw that too!? I can never go back to Skor II again... Your sister is *not* going to that school!" Ewwiekewwieikkie's innocence had nearly been taken from her by the vile King. She broke out into laughter. She reached, wrapping an arm around her stepdaughter. She squeezed her. "At the very least, we can count on seeing a food fight between Gungans and Ewwiekewwieikkie. I think that makes the trip worth it, don't you? Who would win?"

"Phew," Drusilla declared upon learning that her inheritance was unmolested. "I think *everyone* saw it. In fact, the girls were eating that new Auntie Mae flavor last time I saw them," she explained, before starting to laugh again. "I don't know who'll win, but I think all of us will lose," she said, as her attention shifted back to baby Bruce. "Don't worry. I'll keep an eye on him while the Gungans marry you and the Squibs devour everything in site," she said, surprisingly, to reassure Sierra.

"Okay. I ready," Ewwiekewwieikkie announced as she paraded into the bedroom, dragging behind her a bag that was practically bursting at the seams. She was grinning from ear to ear, happy as can be, as she looked towards her family members. Callista was with her, but Melickielickie was nowhere to be seen. Her back, however, had the distinct impression of a Squib and was moving. It seemed she had packed things a little too exuberantly and did not notice what she had done to her adoptive sister. "Let's go go go!" she declared, as she placed her hands on her hips and assumed a HoloNet superhero posture.

The situation could only be made worse by Auntie Mae. The flavor would immortalize Sierra's embarrassment. She looked down at her son. He was so happy when he was with his sister. Drusilla's words were surprisingly sweet. They nearly drove a hormonal Sierra to cry. Instead, she tightened her one armed embrace. "Thank you, Dru. I love you." Her attention shifted to Ewwiekewwieikkie, then, she stared at the bag she was dragging behind her. Callista had brought her own bag, but it was packed neatly. It seemed she traveled lightly. She even had her favorite stuffed rabbit under her arm. "Ewwiekewwiekkie, where's your..." Sierra cut herself off mid sentence. She could hear struggling and see movement from her bag. "Melickielickie!" She gasped. In a flash, she was on her feet and unzipping Ewwiekewwieikkie's suitcase to save her adoptive daughter. "Melickielickie!" She hugged the little Squib. " ice cream maker?! You don't need that. There's going to be Auntie Mae ice cream there. Oh my.. How many spoons are there?" Sierra frowned. "Where's your father?!"

"Mmmmm! Mmmm!" Melickielickie wiggled inside of the bag. When an extra shiny spoon caught her eye, she had crept into her sister's bag to get it. An instant later, she was trapped. "Mommmeee!" She cried out as she unzipped the bag. "Halp me!" It looked as if she'd shed all of her hair inside the bag while she stressed out over her predicament. She clung to her mother. "Mommy, I ready." She reported as she nuzzled her head into Sierra's neck.

It was at that moment that Claudius Rodney arrived, walking into the bedroom, taking one look around, and walking right back out ... in his dreams. "Oh. I thought everyone would be ready by now..." he said, sheepishly, with a look on his face and red in his cheeks that indicated he was up to something. "I was just finishing up some work on the ship before we go," he explained, but in reality he was working on a wedding surprise. "They have spoons on Pavo Prime, Ewwiekewwieikkie. *Real* spoons. I promise," he told her, as he moved to check on Melickielickie also. But, before he could take a step Nea was between his legs, and arching her back as she rubbed against him, yearning to be picked up.

Sierra assumed that her husband was avoiding this mess. Did she blame him? After rescuing Melickielickie and finding a vast world of things inside of Ewwiekewwieikkie's bag... No. Regardless, Sierra was relieved another adult had arrived. "He's right." She said. "Why don't you go to your room and remove some of the spoons, okay? When you're done, take your bag to the ship. Watch out for your sister this time." She warned with Melickielickie continuing to cling to her. "Callista, are you ready too?" She started walking towards Claudius. She noticed Nea assaulting his legs. "You missed the part when Nea parked himself inside of our suitcase. When we get home, I think he really will attach himself to you."

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" Callista dropped to her knees on the floor beside Nea. She pet the felinx happily. "Oh my *Germanicus*! *Nea is so cute*! I want one. Do you think mama would let me have one? Or *five*!?" She asked, her eyes widening. "So cute, so cute!" She sang out. Sierra's question didn't phase her at first, then she seemed to check in to reality again. "Yes, auntie! I'm all ready! Bye bye, Nea, Nea Neapolitan!" She sang, quickly giving the felinx a hug. She skipped out of the room. Everyone was nearly ready to depart, to Sierra's relief.

Claudius stood by silently as Ewwiekewwieikkie waddled out carrying her bag full of appliances and silverwear, but no clothes. "Um," he sad, as he watched the parade of children leave the room. Drusilla left too, with Bruce, leaving just Claudius, Sierra and ... Nea ... of course. "At last we are alone," he said, as he stepped forward, gut Nea nearly tripped him. "Or, at least as alone as we're ever going to be," he said to her, with a smirk, as he reached down to grab the felinx. It was the only way he could walk unobstructed. He clung to the felinx, which was purring loudly, as he moved towards his wife. When he got close, he leaned forward placing a kiss lovingly upon her lips. "I'm sorry I was delayed," he said to her, realizing how hard it could be dealing with all the children.

Sierra set down Melickielickie and watched her bounce from the room. When all the children had left, she was finally given the peace to finish packing all of their belongings. While she had given Ewwiekewwieikkie some freedom, she had several dresses packed for her adoptive daughter inside her own bag. She wanted to be prepared. She laughed at the way in which Nea rubbed on Claudius until he was picked up. The purr was so loud that she could hear it from across the room. "Are you sure you don't want to bring Nea with us?" She asked him with a smile on her lips. Her hands ran over his cheeks as they kissed. Even she was anticipating having fun on this vacation. Her expectations for the wedding were realistically low. It was going to be insanity, but insanity that she shared with her family. "There's nothing to be sorry about, love. I'd rather you made sure the ship was in working condition before we all pile into it. Now everyone is ready expect me." She moved back towards the bed. "I couldn't keep Nea out of our suitcase. He kept jumping right back in it every time I took him out. Now you can keep him away." She added a few more articles of clothing to her suitcase. Beside it sat her violin case. She hadn't been playing as much as she liked. She hoped the vacation would give her time to practice. "I'll be ready soon, promise."

"Do you think the Gungans would try to cook him?" Claudius asked, as he brought his hand up across his body and began to scratch Nea's head. "See! I am helping!" he told her, as he tried to keep Nea in his arms and out of his wife's suitcase. However, Nea's eyes looked towards the open suitcase and his tail began to slowly swish back and forth. As much as Nea liked Claudius, an open suitcase was an open suitcase. "Oh," he said, as he could tell what was going on, and began to move away from Sierra so that the felinx could not see what he was missing out on. "Take your time. We're on Gungan time, remember," he said to her, with a soft chuckle. This was going to be an awfully big adventure, but hopefully not an awful one.

"If they tried, I'd cook *them*." She grumbled. "Bring him with us. He's going to be sad at home if we leave him alone with Sorbet. Wouldn't you be upset too?" She saw the way Nea looked at the suitcase. She began to close it defensively before they arrived on Pavo Prime with a case full of felinx fur. As Claudius redirected the felinx's attention, she added the remainder of Bruce's clothing, then Claudius', and then her own. She had made a point to pack some healthier snacks for herself. Doctor Bailo *and* Doctor Tohan were already on her about her iron intake, among other things. Right now, her only craving was for blue milk. If it didn't need to be kept cold, the bag would have been full of it. She retrieved a datapad with a packing list on it from beside the bed, quickly quadruple checking everything on it. "Gungan time, huh? Does that mean we have time to spare?" As she asked the question, she brought her hand up to one of the small strap of her dress. She pushed it down her arm playfully. "Oops."

Claudius thought they were nearly on their way when Sierra reminded him that they were on Gungan time. He released his grip on the felinx as she released the strap on her dress, "Oops indeed," he said to her, as he stepped over Nea and moved swiftly towards her. He raised his hand, brushing at the side of her cheek, before cupping her chin and moving his face towards her. "I would marry you a thousand times, and then a thousand more," he told her, and then pressed his lips to hers in a passionate kiss, that quickly evolved into something more. His other hand moved around to the small of her back, drawing her feminine frame against his. She was the best thing that ever happened to him and he knew it.

A smile worked its way over her lips as she watched her husband make his way towards her. The answer to her question was in his actions: *yes*. They had the time. From his very first touch, she felt his love and adoration for her. He told her a story of love without even speaking a single word. Her hand ran over his wrist then further down his arm. His words brought on a massive emotional response from her. In the time they had been together, Sierra had learned to love him in a way she didn't know she was capable of. It was so complete and so pure. Claudius had loved her even though Arden Zevrin had forced them together. Zevrin had done a lot of things, but she did not *make* Sierra love her husband. She was speechless. "Claudius," she whispered, quickly silenced by his kiss. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he brought her body comfortably close to him. The union of their bodies, even with clothes on, was gratifying: it was completion. She knew he was the best thing that ever happened to her. She would always cherish him and treat him right.

The kiss drew hotter and hotter the longer it lasted. Sierra's urges quadrupled. She tried to downplay how excited she was to marry him again, but really, all things put aside, this Gungan wedding made her *happy*. It gave her a chance to say ‘I do' to the greatest man in the galaxy for a second time. The kiss continued with Sierra slowly walking backwards towards their bed. When her legs brushed against the end of it, she broke the kiss. "I love you so much." She told him breathlessly. "I'd marry you a thousand times over. You're my everything, Claudius." She sat in front of him on the bed and began stripping him of his uniform. She touched him while she undressed him. Her soft fingers praised his body. There was no doubt of her attraction.

As Sierra undressed him his uniform fell down on top of Nea, covering him, and causing him to walk around in circles meowing. After a few moments he settled down on the ground and curled up, attempting to sleep with Claudius' tunic as a makeshift cathouse. Claudius raised his hand, placing his fingers against her right shoulder, and then applying the slightest bit of force to push her back down onto the bed. "Well hello there," he said, seductively, as he moved forward to climb on top of her and join her on the bed. "Hopefully the children keep themselves occupied with the packing a little longer..." he said, with some nervousness, before lowering his face to press kisses upon her lips and neckline.

Briefly, the sound of the felinx' meowing penetrated through the clouds of perversion clouding up Sierra's head. She looked down as Nea settled in Claudius' tunic and fell quiet. She hoped Nea would give them some privacy too. It was uncomfortable just to kiss him when Nea was watching. With his gentle push, she fell back onto their plus bed. Her eyes brightened, as did her smile. "Fancy meeting you here..." She could feel her heartbeat quickening as she watched him climb on top of her. The excitement inside of her elevated. "Goodness, I hope so. I *need* this. I've been feeling very needy this morning."

Sierra was feeling a decrease in her level of stress now that her husband was doing better. Additionally, she felt really good health-wise. It seemed her body was getting on board with her second pregnancy. She return his kiss to her lips, then allowed herself to relax as his kisses moved down her neckline. She turned her head to the side to give him more access. Meanwhile, her hands were on his back. She massaged down his spine slowly. In a moment of panic, her attention briefly flickered to the door, which, thankfully, had been closed when one of the children had left. They were as alone as they were going to be. Sierra bent her head down. Her lips met with his earlobe. She kissed it and sucked on it lovingly.

The closeness that Claudius and Sierra were experiencing was not merely the collision of two bodies, but the bonding of two souls. Every moment he spent with his wife he savored, and every time he gazed upon her beauty he discovered something new. Looking down at her was like looking at down at a timeless portrait that he could get lost in every day. He moved his hands up her body until they reached her blonde locks, and began moving his fingers through her hair before things intensified. He smiled down at her, silent, as his eyes made a mental image of her that he would carry with him through the remainder of his days. "I love you," he professed to her, before lowering his face, brushing the tip of his nose against hers, before moving to place more kisses upon her. The lust could wait ... first came love.

Every time they were intimate was like another chance to recount the story of their love. It enabled Sierra to explain to him how deep her love really was for Claudius. What they had was beautiful...and it was the rarest treasure in the galaxy. She counted herself as fortunate to have such a husband. She sighed. She adored the feeling of his hands moving through her hair. Her eyes focused on his. In her chest, her heart skipped a beat. The rest of the world was beginning to melt away. The concept of time seemed meaningless, for nothing could rush her when she was with him. Her hands came to rest on his chest, one positioned right over his heart. "I love you." The words themselves carried her passion. She giggled, nuzzling her own nose against his. She chased his kisses. Every time their lips collided, Sierra felt her happiness grow. "Oh, Claudius.. As silly as it is, I can't wait to marry you again."

She rose from the bed and quickly dressed herself. Without another word, she departed from their bedroom while fixing her hair. Drusilla had teased her enough this morning. She didn't want to give the teen more ammunition. She darted into the kitchen just as her comm began to beep. She had asked that Kerrie contact her at a specific time...that time had arrived. "Commander Kiley," she said, sounding relieved to hear from her. "I need to ask a favor..." She disappeared into the pantry. This was *not* a conversation she wanted Claudius to overhear.

Commander Kerrie Kiley had just finished feeding the Grand Moff's pet worrt, Crassus, when she heard her comlink beep. "This is Commander Kiley," she replied, as she placed the empty meat tray down upon her desk and focused on the transmission. "Of course, Milady. What is it that you require?" she asked of her, in a polite, and submissive tone, before sitting down at her desk and powering up her terminal in case she needed to make notes.

Crassus was one pet Claudius wouldn't allow to sit on his chest. It seemed like Sierra would never be friends with that worrt. "I need you to go to New Alderaan for me. I think it would be better if you didn't bring El-Nay, given what I'm going to ask you to do, it's already not going to be an easy trip." She could be heard audibly sighing. "I need you to convince Jelena to come home for the weekend. It's father's day. It would be nice if, just once, *all* the children could be home for it." She explained. "I won't hold her against her will. She can go home immediately afterward." Sierra's voice sounded desperate. It had been some time since they saw Jelena.

"Of course, milady," Kerrie replied, before Sierra finished speaking. Unfortunately, when Sierra revealed the purpose of the trip was to speak to Jelena she nearly swallowed her tongue. She and Jelena had a complicated relationship ... one that nearly resulted in her own death. She was glad she was not in the physical presence of Major Rodney, for all of the color left her face and she developed a tremor. She wondered if the trip to New Alderaan would result in Jelena attempting to again attempt to kill her. She swallowed, before deciding she would simply assume the shape of an alien and pose as a simple courier. Jelena need not know the messenger as long as she got the message, she concluded. "It will be done, milady," she replied, simply, with an uncomfortable voice after an even more uncomfortable pause.

She could hear the discomfort in her friend's voice. Sierra knew why too. Kerrie was a Clawdite. It was expected that she would blend in to accomplish the mission. That was the reason why she had asked Kerrie and not El-Nay, who also had a bad relationship with Jelena. "Kerrie, please do whatever you need to in order to keep yourself safe. As far as Jelena goes, it's wishful thinking. I doubt she will willingly agree to come home. If you find yourself in trouble, abort and come back home. I want you in one piece as well." She said. She could hear the natives growing restless outside the pantry. "Keep this between us. If this surprise actually works, my husband will be very happy. If not... It's better he never knew. Thank you, Commander. I'll see you soon." She terminated the call and let out a sigh. It was time to go get married ... again!

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