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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:9:29) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Marcus Rodney's chalet).
Lord Marcus Rodney and Zara Ta'em.

Credits could solve nearly any problem and Marcus had used his considerable wealth and influence to bring in a team of craftsman to the chalet who went through the arduous process of removing the mold, repairing the ancient woodwork, and sanitizing the kitchen. New furniture had been brought in from throughout the core in a system picked by both him and Zara. There were new beddings, towels, and decor ... and most notably evidence of bounty hunting was everywhere in terms of weaponry, trophies, and souvenirs from his decade of exploits in the underworld. The fried head of the wolf had been mounted in the great room, over a roaring fire, as a morbid symbol of their taking ownership and control over the chalet. Marcus was sitting in the great room near the fire, looking over a datapad broadcasting targets on the holonet. He was glad to have a home and to be with his fiancé ... but there was a part of him that was growing increasingly restless and bored by a lack of action. These thoughts, however, he kept to himself rather than reveal to her. He took a sip of some expensive bottle of wine he had shuttled in, as his eyes scanned over the more lucrative bounties that the guild had posted ... any one of them would be an entertaining diversion for the seasoned hunter.

The chalet had made a complete transformation. It was like Extreme Home Makeover Star Wars Edition, only without the hyperactive Ty Pennington. Zara wasn't even a hundred percent sure how everything had fallen into place; Marcus, the house, their seclusion. The power of money was an amazing thing. She saw it first hand in how their wet, moldy home became livable again. The part of her that had worried about raising a child in the chalet had silenced itself. This was it. This was their home. As Marcus decorated the interior of the home with his hunting trophies, Zara found herself more and more curious about his profession. Killing for profit was an interesting pass time. In the beginning, she chose stealing because she wasn't sure if she wanted to kill or not. Obviously, her innocence had worn off to the point where she felt no remorse for those she killed.

This interest continued to manifest itself. She added a little to the décor, but most of her trophies from thieving were boring pieces of artwork. She had fun playing his little domestic housewife. She even enjoyed selecting furniture with him, yet a part of her remained that loved the thrill of thieving. Another part of her ached to complete a job as a couple. They meshed together well. One could only imagine that it would continue into their professional lives.

So there they were; an easy night in. Zara had disappeared into the kitchen to grab a snack. She was always expecting that horrible, gut wrenching smell to appear out of nowhere. So far it hadn't. She could see Marcus seated by the fire. He looked focused on his datapad. What was he doing? The silvery haired woman quietly made her way to him. Her thieving had made her sneaky and quiet. She hoped she had the element of surprise on her side when she peered over his chair, eyeing the bounties. *Oh*. Someone else was feeling the grip of their second life. She reached out, poking one of the most lucrative bounties on the list. "Why not this one?" She stepped out from behind his chair, now perching herself at the arm of his chair. "We can go together."

Marcus had been so accustomed to her presence that he no longer heard when she approached and he did not notice she was in the room until she spoke. "Oh," he said, sounding somewhat surprised, as he angled his head backwards to get a better look at her. He offered her a polite, warm smile as he always did, as he did his best to settle into the unfamiliarity of domestic life. "That one?!" he said, as he looked over the one she had selected ... a smuggler named Han Solo. "That one was posted by the Hutt Cartels ... vile creatures those," he commented, as he rolled his eyes at her, before scanning further down the list. "If you thought that kitchen smelled bad ... well ... spend some time around a Hutt," he chuckled, as he tried to find something more honorable than a simple murder-for-hire plot orchestrated by a spiteful Hutt gangster. "Here's one that looks promising," he added, as he brought up a holographic image of a Trandoshan mercenary who had been hired to assassinate a businessman, but had instead used explosives and killed his entire family. "Bit of good karma in this one ... in addition to the profit," he said to her, as he moved his hand instinctively to cover her thigh, squeezing lightly, before moving around to explore.

She wasn't going to object to his motion to avoid dealings with Hutts. Her nose scrunched up just from him talking about them. "Ew. There goes my appetite. Is that what was in the refrigerator? I like food, so someone else can have Solo." Her blue eyes stayed on his datapad while he swiped through the various jobs. It was amazing how scummy some people could be. She supposed that most bounties had done something to get on that list. People should know better than to make any sort of dealings with Hutt gangs. Zara crept closer and closer towards him until she slid down the arm of the chair and right into his lap. She eyes the holograph image he pulled up. The lizard-like Trandoshan stared at her blankly. Zara was already committing his details to memory. She ate up the blurb of information on him. She categorized him as a *Massive Scum*. Even she felt the urge to kill the mercenary after she finished reading about him killing the businessman's entire family. That included a wife, *kids*. You'd soon learn that Zara's heart was soft towards the younger ones. Children didn't deserve death and abuse. "I think we should be the ones to shove karma down his throat. Let's take him. That Trandoshan is actually messed up and needs to be put down. Most of these are just the Hutts being ... Hutts." One of her hand rested on top of his. This was fun already. How's the saying go? The couple who slays together stays together? "Where's he at?"

"It doesn't work like that. Rarely do these people have an address where we can just knock on the door, shoot the person, and collect the money," Marcus said, as he went through the further biographical details of the Trandoshan. "Before we can collect the bounty, we have to do the hunting," he said, with a small laugh, as his hand moved as far north up her leg as their chalet was north on Delaya ... only the further north his hand moved the warmer it became for both of them. "There are a few locations listed. None close to hear unfortunately. A Trandoshan mercenary wouldn't fit in with our core world sensibilities," he was quick to point out, before his hand began to encircle and grope at her inner (inner) thigh. "You sure you up for this? It can get messy. Particularly when they're so much larger and have a tendency to drool," he said, raising both of his eyebrows as he flashed her a playful grin, obviously excited by the thought of what was to come.

This was his passion. It made sense that she wanted to be involved in it. "As long as we can find some remotely solid information on the bastard, I can work my magic to get information."*Hacker* should have been her middle name. One of the major differences between their secondary occupations was that Zara often knew the location where the item was. Her job focused on how she was going to get the object without anyone knowing long enough to be free. If you really thought about it, there was a reason why Zara never got lost in the castle on Delaya. She had memorized the floor plans long before walking in. You could never know everything when it came to bounties. It wasn't like a painting was going to attack you. Trandoshans were known to be good bounty hunter. She expected a fight that would be worth their time, *engaging*.

She giggled at the way he laughed. Oh, he was getting excited, wasn't he? Zara felt excited too. His wandering hand moved closer and closer to her crotch. "Mmmm.. And how shall we begin the hunting, hmm?" She purred. She didn't mind leaving home. The chalet would still be standing, patiently awaiting their return, when they came back. The woman sucked in a breath. She wanted him to keep touching her. Just how enticing was this idea to him? Zara laughed again, "Are you sure we're still talking about the Trandoshan? I'm ready. I wouldn't have suggested it if I wasn't." She smiled. She leaned in to steal a kiss from him. "Are you sure you're up for this? I don't think you have a proper interpretation of what I can do yet. Are you ready to see me get scary?" She was feeling playfully. She scraped her teeth over his lower lip. "Next time, I get to take you out to go thieving with me. It'll be a lot more fun when weren't not stealing from the Imperials."

Marcus scrolled through the readout on the Trandoshan mercenary, looking over the list of locations where he was often observed. "I wish we had more to go on, but often it's just a matter of posting up in some far off watering hole and waiting," he said, before releasing his grip on her thigh and moving up from the chair with a surge of energy. "Fortunately, I like to drink!" he said to her, with a sharp wink of his right eye, before moving towards the lower level that had been converted into an arsenal. Built into the bedrock of the planet, the former cellar had once served to prepare the creatures that had been caught by hunters, but now was home to his armor and weapons cache. Where the water had seeped through the exposed rocks, ice had formed, as it was below freezing down there. Like a kid in a candy store he began hastily assembling weapons and explosives of all sorts ... more than he could even carry ... as he prepared himself for the hunt to come.

Zara quietly watched him. Hunting people was a game of patience. She wouldn't mind watching to the mercenary, holed up somewhere with Marcus. After all, there was nothing like exotic, spur of the moment sex. *What*? She couldn't go with him *and* be expected to behave. The little thief snickered, "Boy, don't I know," She prodded at the nearly empty wine bottle teasingly. She rolled off of his lap, snagging her jacket from where it lay on the couch. She shrugged on his favorite furry jacket, knowing full well that they were off to the arctic cellar. She needed to collect some of her own toys for their big outing. Her toys were different from his. As small as she was, she couldn't go around rocking large weapons. She opted for smaller blasters and vibroblade knives. She danced down the stairs into the cellar shortly after him.

There he was. He looked more excited than a kid on their first Disneyland trip. A big smile burst out on her face followed by laughter. She stopped just before the last step. "We're lucky bastards, you know that? Out of all the people in the world, it was you who had the pocket watch I wanted. It was you who was living a double life. It was you who would become my fiancée. It's lucky, really. We both could have been stuck trying to hide our other lives from our spouses. Instead, we get to share our interests." Frankly, Zara wouldn't have been with anyone else. Her boots clanked against the ground as she moved over to her own arsenal, only hers was contained within a large wardrobe. The clothing that hung inside of it was all specified for concealing weapons, poisons, etc. The small drawers were filled with all of those special liquids. She didn't know what she was going to need for this hit, however, she packed much lighter than Marcus. She looked like she was getting more excited. It really was amazing that they could go out together like this.

Marcus barely noticed her while he was gearing up, until of course ... he noticed her. Out of the corner of his eye he got a glimpse of her at an angle that reminded him of just how beautiful she was. Something triggered inside of him, as if a switch had been turned, and he allowed his weapons to fall to the ground and he moved swiftly towards her with all the predatory skills of the wolf from the previous day. He said nothing as he closed the distance between them, but when he was close enough he took her roughly in both of his arms, before letting his face move towards her for a ferocious, passionate kiss. Before the moment could descend into something sweet and tender, his hands moved towards her shoulders and quickly pushed her back against the table with no concern for her safety and comfort. In a frenzy, his hand moved to his belt buckle and it did not take long for him to expose himself to her. He had decided to take what was his with little concern for her and he was upon her in rapid fashion, kissing, and biting at her neck as he fumbled about down below to expose her as well ... but his feverish excitement left him unable to manage the task as a woman's attire was always far more complicated. There was a grunt of frustration that he took out on her, by grabbing at her neck, gently at first, but soon tighter, as he bucked his hips in vein against her still clothed thigh.

Weapons, weapons, weapons ... which to take? She had a sheathed vibroblade knife in her hand when Marcus stalked her like she was and innocent, oblivious little doe. She sensed him coming towards her though she didn't react. Zara had decided to blindly trust the bounty hunter. That included not panicking when he grabbed her neck. She let herself stay in his cross hairs. His arms closed around her and she was captured. There was a flash of something in her eyes just before they began to kiss. Zara was no innocent girl. A predator lay inside of her too. It was the part of her that had silently stalked him they night they met. With a hunger for him pumping through her veins, the thief kissed him back. His heat swallowed her up in that instance. Her needs quickly began the struggle to take over. Her lips quivered against his. Marcus was her weakness, her addiction, and her everything.

She roughly fell back onto the table. The padding of her furred jacket made it so the fall didn't hurt her. His roughness drove her mad. With her knife still in her leg hand, legs dangling off the side of the table, Zara watched his frenzy to free himself of his pants. She set the knife down on the table so both of her hands could free herself from her bottoms. "Marcus, Marcus... You *naughty* boy." She hissed into his ear during his assault of the soft, sensitive flesh of her neck. With no sense for volume control, Zara freely moaned loudly to her hubby to be. At a drop of a pin, she was ready to be fucked. Her entrance was slick from the excitement of his roughness. His hands promised her that they'd be together soon until he gave in to the complexity of her skin tight pants and all the contraptions that held them onto her curvy lower half. His hand met with her neck. She could feel the strength behind his grasp. Zara growled. Her breathing was quickly limited...but not limited enough for her to give up. Flustered, she grabbed the knife and unsheathed it. She didn't ask his permission, nor did she tell him to move. She simply brought the blade of the knife toward her hip and blindly began to cut. The ripping noise of the material was accompanied by the vision of soft, porcelain skin. She was careful and reckless all at the same time. She didn't hurt either one of them, but she didn't take her time. She dropped her knife to the table, gasping.

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