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Christopher Levy.

Two years before the battle of Yavin (33:5:12) in the Bilbringi system: Warspite, in the Corellian system: Corellia (Doaba Guerfel: The Alderaan Café), and in the Ottega system: Jubilee.


El-Nay Darr, Kerrie Kiley, Vice Admiral Claudius Rodney, and Doctor Pilaq Tohan.


"Well, Gradjaa the Hutt is dead," Kerrie Kiley proudly announced as she took up her regular perch at The Alderaan Café's bar. She raised her eyebrows at the bartender who instinctively knew to pour her the cheapest Corellian ale in the house. She could barely manage to afford the temporary use of a clean glass.

"Let me pay for that," El-Nay Darr, another regular at the bar who knew Kerrie well, chimed in. It was El-Nay who began Kerrie's bloodlust three months ago when she brought her the news that the Corellian Defense Force had accidentally killed her family while they were attempting to smuggle for the recently deceased Gradjaa the Hutt.

"Thanks, El-Nay," Kerrie replied, "but I got this."

"You hardly have any creds left," El-Nay said as she picked up her drink and moved to the barstool adjacent to Kerrie.

"I'll manage," Kerrie said as she took a big swig of her newly arrived ale.

"It's been months Kerrie," El-Nay said quietly, "How much longer can this go on? You've killed the CDF officers. You've killed everyone in Gradjaa's smuggling operations and now somehow you've managed to kill Gradjaa herself. There's no one left to kill!"

"There's one person left," Kerrie announced as she took another sip.

"Who ... Gradjaa's Kowakian monkey-lizard?" El-Nay asked in a frustrated tone.

"No," Kerrie said slamming her mug down on the bar. "Claudius Rodney," she explained in a cold deliberate tone.

"Who the frig is Claudius Rodney?" El-Nay asked, her frustration growing by the moment.

"The man who ruined my life," Kerrie told her as she stared into her ale. Each bubble that floated to the surface seemed to hold a memory for her. "He's why my parents are dead and why they hated me," she explained.

"How did one man manage all that?" El-Nay asked.

"Before the Clone Wars my father was an honorable man. He owned his own shipping company that thrived with Republic support. When my people chose to support the Confederacy my father stayed loyal to the Republic," Kerrie said, retelling the events that would forever be burned into her life. "How did they repay him?" Kerrie asked rhetorically. "By stripping of him of his Republic contracts when they judged the Clawdites as a whole. And it was Claudius Rodney, the Representative of Delaya, who was behind it. He never knew my father. He had no right ... no right ... to judge him. He destroyed my family. They had to give me up the Mabari warrior knights and leave their homeworld. The Clawdites wanted nothing to do with them either. They had to become smugglers just to survive. When I finally tracked them down they could never accept the woman I had become, the woman I had to become because of what Claudius Rodney did to us. They hated me because of Claudius Rodney. Now they're dead because of Claudius Rodney. Now it's time for him to finally meet my father."

El-Nay sat there for a moment in silence. She had never heard the entire story before. Finally she blinked and exclaimed, "You're going to kill a member of the Senate?"

"He's not a member of the Senate anymore," Kerrie informed El-Nay.

"Well that's a relief," El-Nay began to say.

"He's an Admiral in the Imperial Navy," Kerrie pointed out as she finished her ale.

El-Nay sat there motionless with a blank expression. She was now convinced that Kerrie had gone completely insane. "Well ... good luck," El-Nay told her, taking a sip of her own drink. "You're gonna need it," she said under her breath.

Kerrie sat quietly aboard her transport going over her plan of attack. She had managed to track Admiral Rodney to the Ottega system. There, he had traveled to the homeworld of the Ithorians with his longtime friend and doctor, Pilaq Tohan. The planet was under Imperial blockade and it would not be easy for her to reach her target, but it was not the first time she was faced with the obstacle of an Imperial blockade.

For most of his journey Admiral Rodney would be offered the security of the Conquest, an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer currently in the system. "Even I can't infiltrate a Star Destroyer," Kerrie said to herself in a dejected tone. Finally, she came across a report from Alderaan's foreign ministry that the Admiral would be returning to the Jubilee, an Ithorian hardship and the site of one of his early diplomatic posts. "I've got him," Kerrie said with a wide smile as she shut down the holonet receiver and headed for the cockpit.

Kerrie preceded the Admiral's arrival aboard the Jubilee by less than an hour. She roamed the corridors of the hardship looking for the correct spot to lie in wait. She decided that she could not take the chance that he would visit the vessel's large marketplace and set herself to find a way to get close to him. When she was about to give up she spotted a Twi'lek Holonet reporter interviewing some of the locals.

Kerrie waited for the reporter to head to the refresher, following close behind. As the Twi'lek washed her hands Kerrie approached from behind and based her on the base of her skull with the butt of her hold-out blaster.

The Twi'lek groaned lightly and slumped to the ground unconscious. Kerrie quickly stripped the woman of her clothes and changed into them. In the blink of an eye she used her prowess in shape shifting to become a female Twi'lek. While it was not an exact match, it would do. "Aliens all look the same to humans," she thought to herself.

Admiral Claudius Rodney smiled to the crowd of Ithorians who came out to greet him as he walked through the ship's promenade with Doctor Tohan.

"Has it changed much since you were last here?" a Rodian reporter asked the Admiral.

"Some things have changed," the Admiral replied, "but it is still a very warm and friendly place. I heartily recommend visiting one of these amazing and unique vessels if given the opportunity."

As the Admiral continued from the crowd he spotted Kerrie masked in Twi'lek form. She was very attractive and he smiled at her warmly.

This was the moment that Kerrie had waited for. She returned the Admiral's smile and stepped forward. From the confines of her sleeve she produced a hold-out blaster and leveled it at the man's chest. "Say hello to my father," Kerrie said to him disgustedly as she pulled back on the trigger and sent a blaster bolt towards his chest.

"Gaah," the Admiral cried in pain as the blaster bolt impacted his chest. He fell into the crowd of Ithorians who had surrounded him. They soon hurried him back towards the airlock from whence he came.

Doctor Tohan reached forward with his walking stick and smashed Kerrie in the forehead with it. Kerrie just stood there, unflinching. She did not move from the position from where she fired and a devilish smile curled upon her lips. She was too enthralled to even feel the first blow to her head. "He's dead," she thought to herself proudly.

Kerrie felt the second blow as the head of the walking stick cracked her skull. She fell like a sack of potatoes, blood gushing from her forehead. She had lost consciousness and reverted back to her true Clawdite form by the time she impacted the cold, durasteel floor with a dull thud. Her last conscious thought was one of satisfaction.

"Ugh," Kerrie groaned as she awoke. For a moment she thought she was in the afterlife, but you do not have headaches like the one she had when you are dead. Her eyes slowly shifted into focus, but she had no idea where she was.

Kerrie sat up slowly and swung her legs over the side of her bunk. She was overwhelmed with a sense of nausea and immediately vomited on the floor. "Oh," Kerrie murmured in a long groan.

Suddenly the sound of a man's laughter filled her head. Kerrie looked around and soon realized she was within a holding cell. An electronic force field separated her from freedom. Outside the cell there was a solitary figure standing in the shadows. "At least he's dead," she thought to herself as she considered her situation.

Kerrie's worst fears materialized when the man stepped forward from the shadows. It was Admiral Claudius Rodney. She had failed at her task and now she was at his mercy. Her first instinct was to break down and cry, but she would not let him have the satisfaction.

"Who are you?" the Admiral asked her, "And why are you trying to kill me?"

"My name is Kerrie Kiley," she said proudly, "You killed my parents and for that you will die."

"I killed your parents?" the Admiral questioned her, "As far as I know, you are the first of your species that I have ever met."

"You ruined my life," Kerrie screamed at him. She surged forward towards him and collided with the forcefield. Electricity flowed through her body and she exclaimed in pain, "Ahh!" After a moment she collapsed to the ground, unconscious yet again.

It was in that position that she awoke once again. For a moment she had hoped it had all been a dream, but it turned out she was living a nightmare.

"Good," Admiral Rodney said as he noticed her moving, "You're up."

"Why are you alive?" Kerrie asked herself more than him as she struggled to sit up inside her detention cell.

"My dear," the Admiral explained with a cruel smile, "Next time you attempt to kill someone ... don't do it when he's standing directly next to his doctor. You'll find it is highly ineffective."

"Arr," Kerrie exclaimed in frustrated as she struggled back up. She glared at him through the forcefield. She wanted to reach out and choke the life from him, but that it seemed would be impossible.

"The Empire believes you to be dead, Lieutenant," Admiral Rodney explained to her, "I read your file. You were quite the highly touted ISB prospect."

"That was a long time ago," Kerrie told him, her glare unflinching. "They left me for dead," she explained, "So let them think that."

"What did I ever do to your parents?" the Admiral asked her, genuinely interested.

"It was during the Clone Wars," Kerrie began to explain.

"The Clone Wars?" the Admiral said in disbelief, interrupting her, "The Clone Wars were twenty years ago. You have waited all this time to kill me?"

"They only died three months ago," Kerrie said, not amused by his comments in the least.

"Well I don't recall killing anyone three months ago," the Admiral told her, "So you'll have to explain."

"You destroyed my father's life. You forced him into a life of smuggling to survive. It is your fault it got him killed," Kerrie screamed at him as the tears began to flow from her eyes.

"You're blaming me because your father died during an illegal activity?" the Admiral asked her, not accepting her logic.

"He was doing what he could to provide for himself. He had a life. A family. A business that he loved," Kerrie explained through the tears, "You took it from him. You took him from me ... twice!"

Even though there was a forcefield between them Claudius took a nervous step back from her. Whatever had happened had certainly made a dramatic effect on this woman's life. "I still don't follow your logic," he meekly said to her.

"My father owned a transport company. He was loyal to the Republic his entire life. When the Clawdites left the Republic he stayed, but you ... you ... took his contracts from him. You gave them to a human company and left us with nothing," Kerrie hysterically explained to him.

"The Clawdites betrayed the Republic," Claudius told her, "We could not do business with them."

"My father betrayed no one," Kerrie screamed at him and surged forward into the forcefield once again. "Ahh," Kerrie screamed in pain as the electrical currently surged through her frail body once again.

"Lower the shield ... lower the shield," Admiral Rodney screamed to the guard.

"Unh," Kerrie moaned as she collapsed helplessly into the arms of the Admiral. She looked at him through hazy eyes with more rage than he had ever seen combined in the course of his life and then watched her slip into unconsciousness yet again.

The next time Kerrie awoke she felt something different. She was not a cold durasteel floor nor was she in an uncomfortable, undersized cell bunk. She felt comfortable ... she was in a bed. It took a moment for her eyes to focus, but she looked around and saw that she was in a cabin on the Star Destroyer. "What am I doing here?" Kerrie wondered aloud.

"I didn't want you to electrocute yourself again," Claudius explained to her. He was seated in a chair several feet from a bed.

"You!" Kerrie cursed as she struggled out of bed to lunge towards him. She did not quite make it though and collapsed to the floor in front of him.

"You have an unfortunate habit of hurting yourself," the Admiral said as he looked down at her, "Don't struggle. Please. I have let you out of your cage because I believe you can be useful. If you have no use, then I might as well have you thrown out an airlock with the rest of the garbage."

"Use?" Kerrie said to him from the floor, utterly repulsed, "You've got to be crazy if you think I'd never have sex with you."

"While I thank you for your kind words," the Admiral said over a soft laughter, "That was not the kind of use I had in mind. Despite the fact that I am alive ... you are quite resourceful. You would be a great asset."

"I just tried to kill you and now you're offering me a job?" Kerrie said, her brow furrowing as she tried to grasp the strange concept. "Why would you do that?" Kerrie asked as she sat back up.

"Because I too have a daughter," the Admiral told her quietly.

Kerrie paused for a moment and suddenly the tears reappeared. She clung to his pant legs and buried her face into his knee as she sobbed helplessly. The Admiral placed a sole hand upon her shoulder.

"I hate you ... so much," Kerrie struggled to say through the tears.

"I know," the Admiral replied somberly.

"But that hate is all I have now," Kerrie explained, looking at up him, "And I swear I'll keep you alive so that I don't lose that too."

"Touching," the Admiral said with a slightly concerned look.

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