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Christopher Levy and Amy Porter.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:24) in in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Alcina Hanol's estate) the Essesia system: Esseles (The Void).
Baroness Alcina Hansol (death), Ath Kol, and Commander Min Traebor.

The Baroness Alcina Hansol was returning from a meeting of the Brentaal Houses. As a member of the nobility she frequently attended the increasingly empty meetings of the Brentaal government, whose numbers had been diminished through Imperial arrest and execution of any member who was believed to be sympathetic to the Rebel cause. Alcina, however, had been an outspoken supporter of the Imperial garrison on Brentaal IV and as a result felt relatively secure. As her luxury speeder moved through the streets of Cormond she passed the welcome sight of Imperial walkers, Stormtrooper patrols, and checkpoints. The sound of the distinct roar of the twin ion engines of Imperial starfighters roared overhead. She smiled, as for her everything was going according to plan. Before the Empire arrived she was just one of thousands of nobles in the lower echelons of planetary affairs, but as her political opponents were eliminated her station continued to rise. When she reached her estate in the government quarter of Cormond, she planned to enjoy some overpriced wine and a light dinner, before turning in early. Most of her nights were like this and she did not expect anything out of the ordinary. The droid was quick to open the door as the speeder arrived, allowing her to exit the speeder and begin the walk up the path to her private estate.

As usual her kids came running out to greet their mother. Glad she was home, glad it would finally be dinner time. They're mom had been out most of the day. The kids nannied by a droid at home. To care for them while their mother was out on business. The kids filled with joy. Happily ran up and embraced their mom. Small hands gripping to her clothes like she had been gone for months.

Ath had taken that short window to enter the estate when the kids went running out to their mother. As silent as possible she easily entered in through the kids window in the back of the estate. Ath had been watching them for the last few days to see their movements. When they did what and at what time. It was like clockwork. Around this time there was always a window open. The kids opened it for some evening fresh air. Ath had gotten a layout of the estate from old housing records. Needing to know how everything was laid out was a necessity. It would help her with this mission. It would also be easier to move around the place.

The kids room was bright, well lit. Toys and such. The usually kid things. Ath didn't look to much into what was in their room. However she did check for any sort of camera's. There was no record of security in this place. Ath did assume that there wasn't going to be any since she was essentially protected by the Empire.

Ath quietly walked through the kids room. Peeking out of the room slowly up and down the hallway that lead to the kitchen, family room, and dining area to the right. A couple other spare rooms and the master bedroom down the left. The house quiet. A warm, welcoming feeling to the place.

Ath had since changed her clothes. Now in a more red, brown color pattern. Something that would simulate the Rebels attire. Ath had even acquired a tattered rebellion patch. A hood was up and covering her face currently. She also wasn't carrying her staff she usually used as a weapon. This mission wasn't going to be a huge slaughter. Though it wasn't going to be pretty either.

Ath debated who would go first. Did she want to make the kids sit and watch... No that wasn't the rebel thing to do. Although killing the kids wasn't exactly a rebel thing to do either...No she questioned why the empire would even have the kids dead. It would look more like the rebels did this if the kids survived. Now Ath was thinking too much. Biting her bottom lip she sneered. "Tsk..." she hissed rolling her eyes. Kids would die first. Ath moved into the the closet of the kids room which was rather roomy and closed the doors and went quiet.

Alcina took a moment to look up into the evening sky where light clouds had partially obscured the moon. The evening air was beautiful and felt relaxing against her skin. Hopefully the nanny droid had already put the children to bed so that they would not interrupt her dinner. She rose onto her porch, before stepping forward into the living room of the estate. "I'm home. Get dinner ready," she said to the droid, before dropping her bag and moving towards the bar. She wasted no time in uncorking the bottle of imported wine, filling her glass, and giving it a little swirl. The heat in her palm of the hand gently raised the temperature of the wine, which caused the aromatic elements to be enhanced. She rose it to her face, inhaling sharply, before taking a sip. It was good to be a member of the nobility, she thought to herself, as she gracefully moved through the ground floor to the small dining room where she took a seat and awaited the droids to bring her food. Her eyes glanced to the chrono she wore on her wrist, slightly annoyed that the food was not ready yet. "I'm waiting," she said, in an annoyed tone, before taking another sip of the wine. "Maybe I need a new model of servant droid," she said, loud enough for the droid to hear, in the hopes that the droid would hear and move faster.

Ath heard the commotion of the kids and their mother coming in. Obviously food first for Alcina. The kids quick to run to their room to continue their game they had left to greet their mother. Ath listened. Quieted her breathing and closed her eyes as she heard them come running in giggling.

The droid had taken the time to start cleaning another part of the room when it heard its master's return. Slow to respond but made its way out of the master bedroom and down the hall towards the kitchen.

Ath poked the door of the closet open ever so slightly. The light shining through the small crack. Lighting up Ath's eye that peeked through looking at the children's backs to her. Swallowing roughly her face strained. Her cheek twitching ever so slightly. Quietly she pushed the door of the closet open just a bit more. Still the children hadn't noticed the closet door slowly opening. Revealing the zabrak assassin crouched down in the closet. The light of the room slowly lighting up Ath as she pushed the door open. Ath pulled the hood down before stepping out. Her foot fall of the plush carpet of the floor quiet.

The kids busy with the dolls in their hands and distracted from the assassin behind them.

Ath didn't hesitate to crawl forward like a predator. Feet away from them she grabbed both roughly. Her hands covering their mouths. Around the palm of her hand a gas began to pour out and the kids engulfed it in mouthfuls as the grabbed at Ath's wrists struggling and squirming to break free of the Zabraks strong arms. Legs kicked wildly as they gasped in the dioxis gas.

Ath kept a strong steady grip on the kids. Holding them tight against her body as they squirmed and wriggled. Sure enough in moments. With the applied hand to their mouths and nose and the gas. They stopped squirming. Little bodies going limp in Ath's arms. Ath released her grip after she was sure they were gone. Quietly laying them on the ground besides one another. Making sure it didn't look like some careless imperial came in and killed them. Ath pushed herself up off her knees and clenched her jaw making her way out into the hallway now. Time for mother dearest.

While her children were being gassed in the upper level of the estate, an oblivious Alcina was more concerned as to why the droid had yet to prepare her meal. As she finished her first glass of wine she was becoming irate. Nothing ever moved fast enough for her anymore. As her power in the government grew, along with increased favoritism from her Imperial overlords, she had come to expect more and more in her personal life. She expected perfect children and excellent service from her growing staff of droids, but what she found was a pair of brats and droids that did not speed up at an equivalent pace to her career. Maybe she needed to be old fashioned and hire human servants, or maybe the Empire would grant her the right to own slaves. Slaves ... slaves would *surely* prepare her meal faster than this. Her glass was now empty, but rather than wait on the droid to fill her glass and, as a result slow her meal, she rose from the dining table and returned to the bar. "It's going to be a *long* night..." she mused to herself, as she hurriedly refilled her glass.

Ath made her way downstairs. A gloved hand running down the banister of the stairs. Eyes looking over the wood and assumed it was an expensive wood by the look of her house. Ath came downstairs walking along the tile floor. Making her way towards the kitchen. Alcina obviously talking to herself about something. Ath had just caught the last of whatever she had been saying when she casually walked into the kitchen. Pulling her hood down and eyed the woman. Obviously getting fed was more important than taking the time to care for her children. Which she wouldn't have to anymore. Ever.

Now Ath debated how a rebel soldier would go about killing an Imperial supporter. " Evening...." She said simply before rushing the woman and tackled her to the ground pinning her roughly to the floor. Ath did take the time to stop and chat. In fact she quickly pulled a sharp blade from small of her back and slid the knife right across the throat of the woman. Blood quickly spilling out. A messy slow death. Ath pushed herself off the woman and took a step back watching her grasp at her neck in attempt to stop the bleeding. " The rebel's send their regards." Ath said kneeling besides her using her finger to sweep up a bit of the blood and began to draw a familiar symbol on the floor just to Ath's left. Away enough that the blood pouring out of her wouldn't touch it.

The serving droid finally arrived with dinner, but when she instead found the deceased body of her master, the droid dropped the food on the floor and began to celebrate. "Oh to be rid of that dreadful woman," the droid declared, confidently, before moving back towards the food preparation area to make its escape. With her master dead the restraining bolt could no longer be used and she was free. What started as an ordinary night had resulted in the end of her toil and servitude to the hideous Baroness Hansol.

Commander Min Traebor was locked up inside of her office deep within The Void, a classified Imperial structure located within the mountain range of Esseles' northernmost continent. She was half-drunk, but still attempting to do her job, but the result was a less than stellar performance. It was her drinking that led to her promotion, as those above her never viewed her as a threat and thought by promoting her into new positions she would do the bare minimum, and never make anyone look bad. It had worked until she reached the rank of Major and had been placed in command of all Imperial Intelligence assets within this Oversector, but eventually the stress of the job and dealing with a large Rebel cell spread throughout six systems and the vast nebula that linked them became too much and she cracked. Now she found herself demoted, and placed in command of a single system, placed in her former command center to take orders from the ones who had replaced her. It was a special kind of punishment designed by the Inquisitorius to remind her of what she had once been, but no longer was. There were so many operations being conducted out of here that she could barely keep them straight once she got to drinking, but nobody cared anymore. She was no longer important. She no longer had decision making authority. She was just a cog in the Imperial machine, but no longer in a vital system. Someone was either coming to be briefed or debriefed ... which she could not be sure ... but as she brought her black leather gloved hand to brush her reddish brown hair out of her face she assumed whoever arrive would inform her of which.

Ath was once again walking to the door of Commander Traebor. Last time she was less than pleased to be in her company. Ath could only assume it was going to be about the same type of visit as the last. Unpleasant.

The door hissed open and Ath walked in. Looking at Traebor. Walking up to the desk and paused looking at her. Yup she could still smell that unpleasant scent of alcohol in the air. "Alcina has been dealt with. As well as her children" Ath said looking at her. It had been a day or two since Ath killed the woman. She wanted to give it a couple days before checking in for the debrief. Let things calm down. Let the media pick up the story and run it and such. Ath hadn't seen any reports or any media stories about the murder. So she honestly wondered if had helped the Empire at all. Of course she hoped it did. Ath hoped it would make her father proud. That was always a goal of hers. "Next time hopefully there's a little more action. Someone to fight back a little." She said resting her arms behind her back in and sort of militaristic manner.

Min was slightly startled by the sudden arrival of Ath, as the facial tattoos of the Zabrak were quite intimidating. "Glad you're on our side," she said, as she put down whatever datapad she was pretending to thumb through to appear busy. "Alcina?" she repeated, as she narrowed her eyes and furrowed her brow at the mention of the word. She pressed a button to activate the terminal that was embedded in her desk, but upon entering the name was alarmed to find Alcina Hansol listed as an Imperial collaborator. "You fool! Alcina was on our side!" she chastised the woman, but just before she was about to rise from her seat and fly off the handle she got to the part of the report where it outlined her orders to have the woman executed in a disguised Rebel attack. "Oh. Oh! I'm sorry," she said, sounding quite flustered, as she settled back in her chair, and pulled down the crisp, white tunic of her uniform to attempt to prevent it becoming anymore wrinkled than it actually was. "Good job then!" she said, with a smile, as she tried to quickly shift the conversation back in her favor. "More action? I'll give you more action," she said, as she fumbled through some datapads to try and find something more suited. But, as she pulled for one, the others slipped from the pile and fell to the ground in a loud crash, as if she had just lost some archaic children's game of balance.

Ath's gut rose just a hair when Min reacted to the name. Like she had heard the name wrong. Ath was 100-percent certain that she was in the right here though. Ath had gotten it all down in her own data pad. So Min reaction made her doubt. Which happened. But never in the sense of who she was killing. Ath's brow narrowed harshly when she apologized. Looking flustered and sat back down in her chair.

Ath took in a deep breath and roughly took a seat across from her. When the data pads fell Ath couldn't help but put her fingers to the bridge of her nose and squeeze slightly. "Have you ever tried to organize those? Or put those in a drawer that doesn't have liquor" Ath asked in a snarky tone. "Or maybe just have the bottle up on your desk and the datapads in the drawer the bottle was previously in." Ath's frustration getting the best of her.

"Organize them? No. If I did that ... they'd just bring more," a beleaguered Min replied to Ath, as she reached down into the pile and searched out one that might actually be difficult. "Ah. Brentaal again!" she said, as she placed the datapad down on the desk in front of her and began to skim through it. "Ah. It seems that there's a local Rebel cell on Brentaal *again*," she mused, pursing her lips together as she *slowly* read over the report with her glazed over eyes. "They have blasters. Explosives. *This* should be a challenge," she declared, before offering the datapad over to her. "It won't be a lonely job this time. It seems the Governor is throwing everything at them. Mercenaries. Storm commandos. Even an Inquisitor," she informed her, as she leaned back in her chair to allow her the ability to read the datapad herself. "Do you play well with others?" she asked, as she reached into her desk and pulled out a small metal case that contained cigarras. Plucking one between her lips she was quick to light it, filling her lungs with the toxic smoke that would one day kill her if the Rebellion, or even the Empire, did not eliminate her first. She exhaled a plume of smoke, as she shifted her feet within the uncomfortably tight leather boots.

Ath was actually okay with her response to why she didn't organize them. It was very true that they would bring her more to do. Kept her work flow easier. Ath leaned back in the char. Folding her leg over the other and watched Min read through a data pad. Till she found something that would interest Ath. Sure enough this one seemed like the type Ath was into. At the mention of blasters, and explosives. Ath perked up. Actively leaning forward with curiosity. Even the Governer was putting men into the fray. Ath took the datapad in her hands and leaned back in the chair. Eyes scanning over the information. Everything looked good to her. Nothing out of the ordinary. Plus she would get to kill people. One after the other. Sounded perfect. "I play well with others..." She responded dryly. Looking up from the datapad to Min. " Any one specific joining the party?" She asked going back to the datapad. Re-reading over a couple spots. "Who's running the attack?" She asked her curiously.

Min allowed the cigarra to rest between her lips, as she reached across to take the datapad back. "Let's see," she mumbled from between pursed lips, while simultaneously exhaling the occasional breath of smoke. "Oh. Wow," she said, which prompted her to reach up and take the cigarra from her lips and stub it out in a nearby ashtray. "Inquisitor Thrope is leading the attack," she said, as she brought her hand up to the back of her neck and began to rub it anxiously. "Wow. I really should be more on top of this one," she warned herself, as her hand moved to adjust the collar of her uniform. It was almost as if she could already feel herself being telekinetically punished by the Inquisitor for incompetence. It was an experience she had felt several times before, but was in no hurry to complete. "You up for that?" she asked, not entirely sure who she was dealing with on the other side of the desk.

Ath gave a small smirk and nodded. " Sounds like a blast..." She said standing up. " You can sign me up for this. I haven't met this Thrope individual. Sounds interesting" Ath watched Min move uneasily. Obviously the name was known to her. It made her uncomfortable. Which made Ath excited to meet this individual. " When is this mission taking place? How long do I have to prepare?" Ath folded her arms against her chest. Now feeling pumped. Someone new. Someone who made Min straighten her collar without even being here. Must be an interesting individual.

"Just don't say that to her face, hun," Min said, as she, too, rose from her desk chair in a sign of politeness to the mercenary. "When? Oh. I almost forgot," she stammed, before placing her hand on the desk in front of her for support. She had risen too quickly and was in danger of losing her balance. She lowered her head, closed her eyes, and breathed deeply to collect herself. She was a disgrace, and she knew it, but rather that using it as motivation to improve it just made her feel more depressed and caused her to drink *more*. When she could see again she reached for the datapad, and scrolling down she saw that the operation was supposed to be conducted ... tomorrow! "Oh no," she said, before rolling her eyes up at the Zabrak. "Tomorrow," she said, with one word, that sent a shiver down her spine and caused the hair on her arms to momentarily stick up.

"Well that's not much notice but it will do just fine" Ath responded. Luckily Ath had all her weapons on the ship she had come in. So she wasn't worried about not having her weapons for her to use. Ath assumed they were gearing up here at the Imperial base. So she didn't bother to ask where. Which meant she could get ready and get some rest and meet up with this Inquisitor. Looking at Min she gave a nod " Probably should get your liver checked out Commander" She said watching her breath deep. "Maybe drink some water" Ath added. " I'll report in tomorrow. Which im guessing I report in at this base?"

"No ... it's not much notice," a terrified Min replied, but she was speaking to herself rather than Ath at this point. She was terrified, and hoped that she would not even be needed for this assignment. Her task, such as it was, was simply to do the briefing before the operation. She could get through that, couldn't she? She asked herself, but even her own subconscious did not have a favorable opinion of her and the situation. "My liver? Oh. Uh," she said, looking down, and fumbling about, not picking up on the Zabrak's humorous comment as she was now solely invested in ensuring she survived. "Water. Yeah. I'll do that," she said, stammering, but she had already decided to hit the bottle the moment the woman left her presence. "Yes. The Commandos and whatever mercenaries they take will push out from the hangar," she explained, with a nod of her head, as she tried to keep her hands from anxiously shaking. She failed.

"Seriously. Drink some water" Ath said in a more serious tone. " Don't set yourself up for further failure. Maybe clean up the datapads. You're obviously shaken by this individual" Ath said noticing Mins demeanor now. Obviously worried about something at this point. " Have a good evening Commander..." Ath said and made her way out of the room just as quick as she had entered and headed down to the hanger to her ship.

Min did not say another word to Ath, as she was too preoccupied. She glanced up and saw the Zabrak had gone, and quickly plopped back down into her chair. She activated the dimmer switch to lower the volume of light within the room, and then proceeded to fill her glass with more Corellian whisky. Another cigarra found its way into her mouth as well, which was quickly lit and was now the brightest source of light within the room. As she smoked her cigarra and drank her whisky she contemplated what was to come, dreading it. The good part was another few drinks and she would forget what was making her so afraid.

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