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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:4:29) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Imperial garrison).
Governor Papius Arundel and Ashori Monoceros.

There was something incredibly hard about the last few days for the Rebel Ashori Monoceros. Since the Imperial Governor had captured her, she'd held onto some hope that it would end *someday*. Speaking with Iyah Xergo was like a wake up call. It was that moment, out of all others, that she realized Papius Arundel had control over her life. It was more than him having her mind, body, and freedom. He had her *future*. It broke her in two, causing a massive psychological break to happen. She woke up one morning feeling content with the idea that she was going to betray Iyah Xergo and her team of Rebels. Her will to survive was stronger than her pride. Whatever she had to do, she was going to do it. She wanted to prove her value to Papius so she could gain some form of freedom. She was tired of being strapped down, nude, *powerless*. Currently, she was awake and focusing on how she was going to betray the Rebels. Iyah Xergo would fall on Delaya.

The door to Ashori's cell opened revealing Governor Papius Arundel carrying a tray. However, instead of weapons or torture instruments it was carrying an array of delicacies. He placed the tray down, before turning his attention to the strapped down Ashori. He moved to unstrap her upper body so that she could sit up, but left her lower body carefully fastened to the table. He then turned placing the tray on her lap. It was cold durasteel on naked flesh ... quite uncomfortable, he imagined. "I've brought you a couple of local delicacies as you've spent quite a bit of time on this world," he said, before pulling off the cover to reveal the food. "This is ice cream from a local vendor called Auntie Mae's. The Duke's sister-in-law swears by it, but it's not to my taste," he said, before offering her a spoon. "Then we have some starfruit, which the Duke eats frequently ... so in a way you're eating like a noblewoman," he said, with a half smile. His hand moved to gently brush against her cheek. "If you are good, I can be *very* good," he said to her, with a smile, before stepping away to allow her to eat.

The sound of the door opening made Ash *happy*? Her bright green eyes flickered towards her captor, who she was beginning to feel differently about. She assumed that the contents of the tray weren't going to be pleasant. To her surprise, Papius gave her a taste of freedom. Simply being able to sit up was a gracious gift. She shivered at the freezing cold tray. There was *food*! Real, delicious *food*. Her time at the Imperial garrison didn't include any of the best anything. She got the Stormtrooper's scraps. Sometimes she received nothing. Now, there was ice cream and starfruit. She knew all about Auntie Mae's. She'd even been to one of her ice cream parlors once. Staring at Papius, she took the spoon slowly. "T-Thank you..." She whispered. She first began to nibble on the starfruit.

She felt like a noblewoman. The sweetness of the food was so different from what she had been eating. The ice cream seemed so rich when she finally tried it. Papius was acting kind to her. Ash was accepting of it. She smiled at him. See? They didn't have to involve pain in their relationship. Maybe things could change..? She nibbled a the ice cream slowly. "I like it when you're *very* good." Ash commented. "I-I've been thinking about Xergo coming here. I want to help you capture her." And thus, Ash began to sing like a bird. Papius had her.

Papius was an expert in the art of interrogation and turning someone into an Imperial asset. A little reward after a lot of punishment could go a long way in earning someone's trust, and that would ultimately lead to control. "Indeed," she said, before moving to take the tray, and placing it aside for the time being. His attention then turned towards a cabinet in the room from which he withdrew a simple robe. He took the robe and placed it over her shoulders, giving some, but not complete warmth. "Tell me more..." he whispered into her ear, while squeezing her shoulders over the fabric of the robe. The smile that formed upon his lips was impossible to wipe away.

Clothing! Ash had been nude since the day he stripped her. The room was always so cold. The simple robe offered her more warmth than she had in weeks. Her small arms slid into its sleeves. She wrapped the material closed in the front as much as she could to gain maximum warmth. In her mind, they were making a connection. She was rapidly falling underneath his thumb. Her devotion would be tested in no time. She shivered to his touch. One of her hands lifted to her shoulder. She took his hand and squeezed it sweetly. "I'll meet her when she arrives... Then, I'll lead her into an ambush. You can arrest her ... or you can kill her." Her smile grew. "Maybe the Emperor will be happy with you and you'll finally become a Moff. That's a position you *deserve*." Her words were so authentic that they couldn't possibly be fake. She stroked his ego while her hand stroked his.

Ashori was proving to be remarkably cold blooded when it came to her Rebel compatriots. It seemed she was more than a pretty face. "And then what comes of you, my dear?" he asked her, as he circled around the table to face her. "A Moff is only as a powerful as the woman behind him, or so Grand Moff Rodney has implied..." he mused, as he began to lead her on and toy with her emotions. "...I suppose that is why he is so weak," he said, with a snicker, as he wondered if perhaps there was a way for him to eventually replace the Alderaanian. That plot, however, would take considerable more time and effort.

He asked her a surprising question. What would become of her? The implications in his words excited her. She ate it up with hopes that *she* would be the woman to stand behind him. She laughed at the way he made Grand Moff Rodney seem so small and weak. Living on Delaya, she was aware of that situation. The ISB officer that he had married was *nothing*. She realized then that she hadn't proved herself to hold such a title. "He is weak. You should kill him and replace him." Ashori suggested. "I want to keep working for you. If the only Rebels who know I have betrayed them are locked away ... then who's to stop me from returning to the Rebels and feeding you information?" She asked him. "Like you said, a Moff is only as powerful as the woman behind him. I would only embarrass you as I am now. I want to make you look better."

"Kill an Imperial Grand Moff? Oh you are vicious..." Papius said, as he brought his hand up to stroke his chin, considering her words. "The Empire does not reward murder ... only treachery," he said, with another snicker, before moving towards her legs. His hand hovered over the last remaining strap that kept her upon the table. There was always the chance that she was playing him ... telling him what he wanted to hear. A healthy dose of paranoia was necessary to survive Palpatine's New Order. "You would go back? You would feed us more information?" he asked, as his fingers loudly tapped on the metal holding her in place. "You want to make me look better, hmm?" he asked, before lifting himself up to sit on the table with her. Even with clothes on he could feel the biting cold of the metal, causing him to wince. "...and how would you do that?" he asked, his hand moving over the strap seductively. He knew exactly what he was doing.

"It doesn't have to be obvious.. He's old. He could... have an accident or something." She watched him without expecting him to release her. Having her upper body was enough to celebrate. The cold table had been biting into her soft flesh for far too long. She wanted to feel warmth again. More than that, she wanted to be rewarded by her captor. She only paid his hand mind because she wanted that freedom, that chance to be with him without restraints. "I'd do that. Think of how many operations you could foil that way. One by one, you could wipe every nest of the Rebellion out. If that doesn't make you look good, then I don't know what will. I'd do *anything* necessary to improve your image." The idea of betraying him didn't exist anymore. That part of her mind had silenced itself, pacified by torture. "I want to help you get what you want." She reached out. Ever so slowly, her hand touched his cheek. "Tell me what *I* need to do to make that happen..."

Papius listened to her every word. This was a textbook case of turning a prisoner into an asset. Perhaps if his promotion to Moff was not forthcoming he might pursue a career in Intelligence or even the ISB. "Focus on one adversary at a time. I just watched a creature attempt to eat everything in front of her with catastrophic results," he said, referring to the Grand Moff's adoptive Squib daughter. "Commander Xergo ... what do you know of her? What's her weakness?" he asked her, pressing, as his tongue slid from between his lips to moisten them slightly. He could taste his victory, but he did not want to count his eggs before they hatched.

He was right. If she tried to tackle too much at once, she wouldn't make for a useful double agent. She needed to be a convincing Rebel if she was truly switching sides. His question made her think. She had spoke to Iyah numerous times. Before Delaya, she was positioned inside of the Blue Haven. "Her weakness..." Her vivid green eyes went wide in that 'ah ha!' moment. "She has two weaknesses." She explained. "A man named Mug. Were you here when the Duke's bastard presented himself..? Not Claudius, the one before him. That's the guy. Her other weakness is her adoptive daughter. Some little girl that she saved from the refugee camp. If you have one of them, you have her." She wondered if she was doing a good job of pleasing him or not. He had yet to free her legs.

"There is no greater weakness than love," Papius mused, as he moved to unfasten the last bit of restraint holding her to the table. "Very good," he said to her, and with a flip of his wrist she was free within the confines of the room. "You'll need your rest. We can't have the good Commander think you're under duress," he said, with a smirk, before sliding off the table and back onto his feet. He then looked up at the camera in the corner of the room and nodded his head once. Almost instantly the door to the cell opened and a couple of troopers stepped forward carrying a simple mattress. It was deposited and the troopers quickly withdrew. "As I told you, I can be *very* good," he said, before arching his left eyebrow at her.

Ash looked like she didn't know what to do with herself at first. She slowly swung her legs down the side of the table, then stood on the cold ground. Her robe shifted open again. Papius knew her body better than anyone else ever would. He'd spent a long time handling her when she wore nothing at all. She wasn't exactly insecure around him. She stepped closer to him when the Stormtrooper entered the room. Instead of them coming to watch her be humiliated, they gifted her with a plain mattress. Ash smiled brightly. Compared to the durasteel table, Papius had just given her the greatest gift. "Oh! Thank you!!" She happily laid down on the mattress. It was soft and gentle on her back. It wasn't nearly as chilly as the rest of the room. She lay on her back, staring up at him. "I can be good too," she told him. "Do you have to leave so soon?" Her body was on display for him. The robe had begun to slid off her shoulders. Her colorful floral tattoos were visible along with the scar that ran through them. "You got all my stuff from my apartment, right?" She was going to be one hell of a convincing double agent.

Under the right circumstances a simple gift like a ratty old mattress could be viewed as valuable as gold. He tried not to let her see the smirk that appeared on her face as she celebrated the 'gift'. "No. No ... I don't have to leave," he said, as he watched her slither out of the robe. What a wonderful asset this Rebel was becoming ... perhaps they had their uses after all. "Oh. You want your stuff too?" he asked her, as he moved closer towards her. His hands moved to her body, running over her flesh that was still chilled from the durasteel. "Perhaps I can be convinced to return your things to you..." he said, as his hand slowly moved up, up, up to find its way into her hair.

She seemed to become elated hearing that he didn't *have* to go. Her body was giving him roughly a million reasons to stay. She put herself on display for him. She chuckled. "Yeah! I can't meet Commander Xergo dressed like this." Ash referred to the robe which was now completely off. The sensations made her feel alive and warm when he touched her. His body was so much hotter than hers. She shivered. His affection was the greatest reward of everything he had given her. When the Rebels came to Delaya, she would give Papius a gift too. "Convinced... But how?" Ash decided to play dumb. She reached up. Her small hands ran over his uniformed chest. It was the first time she had touched him like this. It was the first time she *wanted* to touch him. She touched over him in such a delicate fashion. Her fingertips became a tease, traveling over the front of his body, passed his waistline, until a single hand was resting over his crotch. "Stay longer and I'll convince you."

Papius had to bite his lower lip when she attempted to seduce him ... it very nearly succeeded. He took a step back when she grabbed his crotch, examining her intently. His hand then moved to the pistol he had holstered and raised it slowly and deliberately. However, instead of aiming the weapon at Ashori, he aimed it at the recording device in the upper corner of the room. An instant later he pulled back on the trigger, unleashing a deadly bolt of crimson energy that destroyed the unit. No one would be watching, and more importantly no recording of what was about to happen next would exist to blackmail him or be used to hurt him. With the weapon back in the holster he moved to remove his belt, and then slowly undress from the uniform. The little voice in the back of his head warned him that she might be the one playing him, but before he was an Imperial Governor he was a *man*. The voice of reason was quickly being drowned out by the chorus of lust.

The sight of his pistol was so unexpected. Ashori thought that he might be using it to show her that he still held all the power in this room...not her. She already understood that. He took time making her believe it. Rather than hurt the Rebel female before him, he chose to kill the recording device. No one would know. Sitting up on the mattress, Ash watched him undress. The coldness in the room seemed to shift into something much warmer. In her mind, this was what she wanted. She had not seduced him for manipulation, but for her own pleasure. Once he was naked, it was her hands that persuaded him to join her on the mattress. There, the wild-haired woman crawled on top of him. The restraints were gone in so many ways. With nothing to stop her, Ash happily pleaded a very convincing case to the Governor. She allowed her own lust to take over while she pleased him again and again. That day, Ashori pledged herself to the Empire.

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