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Josh Barton, Christopher Levy, Shawn Lovelett, Tara McLaren, and Michael Whittaker.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:12) in the Ralltiir system: Ralltiir (Salibury).
Commander Derek Atio, Sergeant Korr Machton, Jane Minersha, Valeria, and Trooper Kanner Varrik.

The sounds of warfare become somewhat distance from 400 meters up, with the small firefights and bomb blasts appearing as specks on the ground far below. Sergeant Korr Machton grasped a railing on the roof of the skyscraper, surveying the scene across Salibury. The moons of Ralltiir dotted the evening sky, and the occasional roar of a TIE Fighter could be heard. Glancing at his assembled team, the Rebel smirked slightly as he motioned for his companions to approach the ledge. "I assume none of you are afraid of heights."

Commander Derek Atio peered across the distance between the two structures, watching their target through a pair of macrobinoculars. "I don't think the rope can support my weight, Sergeant," he said, sounding quite honest as he lowered the macrobinoculars and turned his attention to the two commandos and two smugglers. "I'll stay here and cover your exit. After all, someone has to make sure there's a way out of this potential mess," he said, as he took a step away from the ledge and moved to assist them with reading the zip line.

Jane giggled at Derek ... she simply could not help it. The ropes that they were using were rated to hold quite a bit of weight, and their maximum load capacity far outmatched his weight. Hell, they could probably support a small Hutt with only medium strain, and probably great discomfort. "You're just scared of heights," she teased as she adjusted the custom made fake lekku that matched her skin tone. They would pass any visual inspection to beings who were not familiar with Twi'lek body language, hopefully, and it kept her white hair well hidden as she attached herself to the line.

"Here we go, guys." Valeria did not hesitate, apparently ready to clear the building for the rest of them. She got herself hook up to the zipline and would deploy, moving swiftly down towards her target. She was wearing her usual outfit of an armorweave thinsuit and leathers. Instead of her normal twin blaster holsters strapped to her thighs, one of them had been replaced with what looked like a Jeron fusion cutter. Jane and Derek would both recognize the missing blaster as being the one damaged on the ice planet recently. It hadn't recovered yet, apparently, unlike Valeria. Mostly recovered, at least.

Kanner Varrik took a gloved hand up to adjust the beaten, and worn cap on his head over the darkened hair. Kanner's jacket had an operation patch on his right shoulder for Ord Binniir where he had barely escaped only weeks ago. Slung along the back of his BDU jacket was a Czerka Adventurer rifle which he readjusted as the trooper took a few steps forward He licked his lips at the thought of the Whyren's reserve in a flask at the top part of his jacket. "Where do you want me to take position sir?" Kanner asked towards Atio.

The Sergeant watched silently as the smuggler bravely zipped between the towering structures. "Well then," he remarked as he turned towards Varrik. "You'll be right behind me on the line, I trust the good Commander will keep things tip-top over here." With the flash of a grin towards Atio, Korr attached a hook from his belt to the zip line. Ensuring the connection was stable, the Sergeant exhaled deeply and jumped over the rail. The wind whipped past as he sped towards the roof of the target building, and he readied his feet to land upon the ferrocrete surface. Wincing preemptively at the thought of the impact, Korr landed on the hard surface with a mild thud.

Derek cringed as he watched first Valeria and then Korr descend the zip line, before he turned his attention to the sniper. "I'm just the pilot on this op," he said, as he continued to edge away from the ledge. There was a thin line of sweat upon his forehead as he looked around for something to drink in the apartment they had commandeered. His eyes darted to the chronometer on his wrist. The clock was already ticking ... this was not the time to hit the bottle, no matter what quality the vintage might be.

Jane looked at Valeria and Korr. "Hey! Wait up!" she almost yelled in protest as she got a running start and, already hooked up to the line, she began zipping across, laughing the whole way. She wasn't particularly fond of heights without a starship, but this was just fun! Like a high-risk thrill ride. She ended up not far behind Val as she touched down, landing fairly smoothly. "Can we do that again!" she said to Korr with a toothy grin. "That was fun!"

"Stun weapons only, please." Valeria drew her blaster and switched it to the stun settings, as she dropped her voice to a whisper. "These are civilians." She moved a bit gingerly, despite the fact that she had stuck the landing from the zip line like an expert. Her hair was worn long and down as usual, the waist length mane of red and gold looking not much worse for wear from having been dragged by an arctic predator very recently. She had brought an unusual piece of equipment with her this night, one that was not part of her usual lead-out. Syringes prepared by her medical droid. Properly administered, they would knock out their target until their scheme with the invitation was over with.

Kanner had been prepared to go across, and then suddenly the woman he had only met seconds ago, screamed and took his position on the order of the zip line, and went across. He took a step back as the second woman then went in front of him. He opened the pouch on his jacket, since he was now out of sight most of them, he couldn't wait, he was getting nervous. Most of the missions he had been on had gone wrong, he unscrewed the top of the flask, and drained it, before placing the top back on, and stored it back into his jacket. He felt something well up inside of his gut, as he glanced down at the distance from the window to the ground below, and attached his line, before taking in a breath, and Kanner went sliding down the line. Kanner did his very best to attempt to not to fall, as he went across, and then landed not so gracefully as his hand let loose of the line, and he landed flat on his face onto the rooftop. He grunted in pain, as he rolled over to his left side, and made sure that the DL-44 in his right hip holster hadn't become dislodged.

The Sergeant unclipped himself from the zip line as he heard Kanner impact the rooftop behind him. Korr turned towards the fallen man. "That sounded painful." With mild sympathy he approached and offered his hand to Kanner, intending to hoist the soldier up. Getting the man back on his feet, Korr glanced across the rooftop. The scene was bare aside from antennas jutting into the air, and a small utility shed stood silently in the middle of the roof. "Shall we?" Clicking the safety off his holstered blaster pistol, Korr began moving towards the shed. According to the floorplan an access ladder would lead them down one level, directly into the penthouse suite of their target.

"I can do stun." Jane pulled out both pistols and was sure to set each on stun. What good would their mission be if the principal was killed, after all? She still wanted to redo the zipline again, but she did not think they could wait as she went back across only to zip over a second time. Sliding both pistols back in her holsters, she took in their surroundings and nudged up to Val "You alright?"

"I'm fine." Valeria smiled weakly. "Really." She was moving a little gingerly, but she looked pretty good for someone who had quite recently almost died. Keeping the one blaster drawn, she would look around until she found the access ladder they were looking for. Smiling, she would raise her free hand to place a finger over her lips, and would then jog over to the ladder. Moving with a good deal of caution and quietude, she would reach the ladder and begin to descend, her blaster pistol out to stun anyone that she found down there.

The pain that was wrecking Kanner's right side, only got a groan out of him as he was helped to his feet. Kanner, nodded quietly in acknowledgement so that he wouldn't have to breath all over his superior, exposing the fact that he just had a drink before coming over. He pulled the rifle off of his back, and pulled out the clip, he pulled back the hammer, and popped out the shell that had been loaded in when he brought the weapon over. He stowed the clip, and bullet into the right hip pocket of his jacket, and pulled out a second clip which held a non lethal round. There was a loud snap as he loaded in the fresh round, and then a click as he loaded in the top round into the chamber of the rifle. There was a look of distaste on his face, then again he did not have much faith in success of this mission, but he didn't voice his opinion, as he turned his head away from addressing his commander. "Do you want me set up here?" Kanner asked.

"Negative, you get to come downstairs with us." Korr smirked slightly at Kanner before hustling in a jog towards the utility shed. The Sergeant followed Valeria's path, descending the ladder and meeting her at the bottom of a darkened closet. Pulling his blaster pistol from the holster, Korr slowly pushed opened the closet door and peered into the hallway. The corridor was decorated in a dark blue hue, with double doors at either end. Several smaller doors lined the hall, and the soft hum of music could be heard emanating from one of the rooms. "After you," he nodded towards Valeria and motioned towards the nearest single door. Alliance Intelligence had indicated most of the staff and guards would be absent for the evening; the Sergeant only hoped they were correct.

Jane followed Valeria down the ladder. The Twi'lek headset made the back of her ears itch, and she wished she did not have to wear it. Sometimes, being too easily recognizable was a bigger pain than it was worth. She made sure to stick relatively close to Valeria, still a little worried and a bit protective of her. She noticed the careful way she moved, and it did not take a genius observer to recognize that. Of course, having known Val for as long as she did, it kind of did make her an expert on how she moved.

Valeria reached the bottom of the ladder and began to move methodically through the house. As she did, she kept up her running dialogue with Jane. "I doubt these nobles have spent much time in a Hutt's den. You should be able to pass for a Twi'lek." Seeing Valeria using just one blaster was also an odd site, but it couldn't be helped. Her last one had gotten rather crumpled, and they'd yet to make fusion cutters with a stun setting. She would simply sweep through the house quickly, ready to drop anyone she saw with a stun bolt.

Kanner slung the rifle along his back again, and unclasped the holster at his right hip. He flipped the setting on the DL-44 from kill to stun, and then with another click he flipped off the safety, he tapped his cap a bit more forward, and started to follow the group down the ladder, and then towards the house.

The sounds of a heated argument were heard as the team approached a set of double doors. "I don't care what they're doing over at SolidState, our margins are far better! Do not talk to me about trying to compromise, especially not on something of that nature!" A muffled, softer voice attempted to reply, though it was clear that cooler heads were not prevailing.

Pausing in his sweep as he heard the argument, Korr motioned with his blaster pistol towards the set of double doors. The Sergeant slowly slid along the wall and leveled his pistol at the entrance, waiting for the rest of his squad to stack into position before the breach.

"I've read up on the body language of the Twi'lek," she said quietly. "For the most part, its more complex than most people care to bother with." She heard the argument as well as the rest of them, since the many micro-holes in the small cones on either side of her headset that encompassed her ears reduced her hearing level to that of a standard human. Following in suit with Korr, she got behind him. "I'm ready," she let him know with a whisper as she drew both of her blasters and deactivated the safeties.

"If you want any tips, I've spent more time among twi'leks than I care to remember." Valeria kicked open the doors, apparently forgetting the possibility that the doors might in fact be locked. Provided that they opened, she would level her blaster and the targets and rapidly fire off stun bolts. She was apparently banking on her compatriots handling any others if it turned out their would be more than two targets within the room.

Kanner kept his mouth to himself, as he took position beside the doorway in Valeria's wake. The soft brown eyes scanning the room quickly for any targets that she might have missed. He had hoped that he wouldn't have to use the knife that was taped to his right boot, but he was fully ready to go for the weapon if he needed to.

The two men had only moments to face the door in mild surprise before being struck by the stun bolts. They collapsed without any further fanfare, sinking to the ground and impacting the wood flooring. The soft hum of the music continued to play uninterrupted, and no further disturbances were heard within the penthouse.

The Sergeant watched as the smuggler aptly felled their target, nodding to himself. Glancing around the room once, his eyes fell upon the large durasteel desk in the far corner of the suite. "Find and grab that invite, then let's get out. I'm heading back topside to make sure the zip lines held." Placing his pistol back into his holster, Korr rapidly began making his way back through the apartment.

"I've met a few in my time...what kind of tips do you have?" Jane asked calmly as she saw Valeria unceremoniously kick down the door. Giggling a bit, she followed suit, both blasters aimed where the people had fallen to her stun bolts. Blinking, she was a little sad that she did not get the opportunity to shoot any herself. They were stun bolts after all, no harm done. Of course, she could not help but have a little fun. She put both blasters away quickly and looted through their pockets, taking any credits or anything they had of real value that she could find, and then quickly arranged the two of them into a rather ... embarrassing position most commonly associated with a two digit number before she drew her pistols again, ready to stun someone if they burst in on their little ... operation.

"I think I've told you about my stints as a dancer before. When we're in less polite company, I'll tell you a bit more." She smirked as she saw the position that Jane put the two in, and knelt down beside them. "Cover me." Valeria took out the small medical satchel her medical droid had provided her with, taking out the syringes and beginning to carefully inject them after adjusting for their size. Even Valeria could follow simple instructions when they were laid in front of her. She would let the others locate the invitation while she made sure the two of them would not wake up any time soon.

Kanner kept the DL-44 leveled as he took a few steps into the penthouse, and followed after them, checking rooms as they went. When he found that no one was there, he returned to where they had entered, and holstered the DL-44, and took position by the window, unslinging his Czerka adventurer rifle as he crouched beside the window near Korr.

The soft whooshing of the turbolift announced its arrival to the penthouse floor. The lift chimed sweetly as its doors opened, and a pair of business-clad females emerged from within. They were chattering to themselves as they turned the corner into the now-invaded suite, both suddenly screaming in unison at the scene in front of them. One dropped her black leather briefcase, its contents clattering to the floor.

"Speaking of which ... I've always wanted to learn how to dance." Jane may have been hard of hearing, but she did notice the up and coming sound of the turbolift. When the ladies rounded the corner and screamed, she gave them a big smile. "Ohai!" she exclaimed in a friendly tone of voice before she quickly sent a stun bolt from each of her blasters into their chests, quickly going to the turbolift after they dropped. No reason this thing needed to function properly ... slipping her blasters away, she pulled out her datapad. No one usually thought to put a great deal of security on turbolifts, and so after she pulled the access panel open, she jacked into the lift controls. It took her only moments to reconfigure the lift. If the lift was told to come to their level, it would go to a random level between one and five levels below them, and seem like a very quirky malfunction. Doubling back through the system, she triple erased and overwrote her access in the system as a routine maintenance check and replaced the access panel. Now it would look like a simple error. Nodding, she put the datapad back in its pouch and returned to the two fallen businesswomen. One of them looked to be her size. "If there's time..." she told herself as she sifted through the briefcase for valuable data or possessions.

"I think we might want to avoid anything that would permanently scar them, Jane." Valeria laughed softly as she got up from the two businessmen and walked over to the newly incapacitated women. Thankfully she had been provided with enough medication to knock them out for a while, too. " I think I just noticed no one's looking for the invitation." She took her time, since she wasn't exactly an expert on medicine. If she were as casual about this as she was about a lot of other things, the unconscious people would be dead pretty soon.

The reserve was starting to get to Kanner, and he could feel his vision go a bit blurry as he zoomed in with the scope on top of the rifle. He could feel a bit of anxiety hit him, as he remembered the last mission that he was on, and that resulted in the death of his squad, all because he failed to make a simple shot. The second flask in his jacket was close to his left hand, he went to open the pouch, and then looked towards Korr to see if he was looking in his direction or not.

The stunned cadre of businesspeople grunted softly, oblivious to the theft happening around them. The briefcase contained the usual items such as datapads and portfolios, though the smuggler's attention would likely be drawn to a small crimson red box. The electronic lock on the front blinked menacingly, a subtle indication that the security encryption was more than a match for any attempted slicing. The apartment's lounge music reached a soft crescendo, with a kloo horn solo echoing through the corridors.

"I'll check the desk..." Jane said as she looked at the little box. Red lights ... blinking ... just for safe keeping, she slid it underneath the bodies of the two men in the compromising and embarrassing position. If it was a bomb, their bodies would absorb most of it, maybe. She went over to the desk quickly and began looking for the invitations that they had come to find. "The one on the left... She looks about my size, right?" she asked Valeria, resisting the urge to pull the disguise off and itch her ears.

"Oh no. You're not going to strip her, are you?" She finished with the medication before putting away with the medical satchel and standing up. She would then look over to the two men and where Jane had put away the box. "You're leaving that here, huh? I think Rebel Intelligence might want to take a look at that thing." Valeria would take off her blaster pistol again in case they got another unexpected surprise, even though the turbolift was effectively disabled.

Giggling a bit, Jane looked over to Val "I'mma take it ... and I'm not gonna strip her, you're going to. If you don't mind?" She asked. "I really like her suit. All formal and stuff. I think it'd look really good on me. Just kinda dump all the non-electronics out and stuff that suitcase with her suit ... unless the invitations are in there ... pocket those if you find them." She open and closed drawers quickly but quietly in pursuit of those little things that were the whole point of the mission.

"Maybe my brush with death has made go a little soft, but...I'm actually trying to think of what this woman is going to think waking up half naked in a place she thought was safe. I'll buy you a nice outfit next time we're planetside." Valeria would, however, fish around inside their clothes trying to look for the elusive invitation.

Kanner had finished scanning the rooftops, and the streets below for any suspicious looking people or vehicles. The area was clear, his dull brown eyes glanced over at Korr, and saw that he was currently testing the strength of the ziplines. He deftly opened the pouch on his jacket, and unscrewed the second flask, and savored the feeling as it burned all the way down to his gut. He screwed back on the top of the flask, and closed it without Korr being any the wiser.

"Oh, but it'd be funny!" Jane said as she opened the last drawer. And there, sitting under a datapad that she pocketed, were the invites. "Got 'em," she said as she secured them in a pouch on her vest. Zipping he pouch shut, she grabbed the briefcase, scooped all of the datapads that fell out into it, grabbed the little box with the blinky light, added it to the contents of the suitcase, and she closed it as she stood. "Time to go," she said, motioning Val to go first back the way they came.

Valeria lead the way out, assuming that the commandos present were able to recognize when they were leaving. Keeping her blaster out she would begin to swiftly climb up the ladder, moving a little bit faster than she had been at the beginning of the evening. She was still moving a little gingerly, but it seemed her adrenaline was starting to compensate. Soon she would reach the roof once more and started to look for their method of escape. Derek should still be looking out for them out here.

Korr had been struggling with the ziplines, though he had finally managed to secure them for the team's transit across the skyscraper chasm. His hands sore and his brow furrowed with sweat, the Sergeant stood and motioned for the smugglers and commando to join him at the edge. Peering at the 400-meter drop below, the Rebel reflected he was glad he never became a starfighter pilot. Street gunbattles, nighttime raids and covert infiltration had become his favored activities of late, and most of those involved staying firmly and safely on the ground.

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