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Kit Gwynne and Brian Peterson.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:29) in the Essesia system: Interrogator.
Sergeant Batua, Dyrdek Roujier, and Colonel Mark Veller.

Batua continued shouting in his best Drill Sergeant voice at the technicians who were still doing modifications to the quarters Veller had designated for the incoming Bounty Hunters. "Ya cretins! Get ya'll's butts in gear! Dem Bounty Hunters is inbound and de High Inquisitor ain't gonna like it if dey're standing around in da landing bay waiting for ya'll to move ya'll's sorry asses!"

Harried technicians finished the last of the modifications and scurried out of the area to get out of Batua's range. Finally alone in the quarters, Batua inspected the area. There was a large training area, both for melee combat and ranged combat. One of the training rooms had a very high ceiling so those numbnuts would practice with their fancy jetpacks they thought were so cool.

The barracks area was a few rows of single person occupancy rooms. Bed, bath and some storage for personal gear was pretty much all there was to it. Useable, but nothing to invite luxury comfort or the desire to personalize the space.

The mess hall was spacious as Veller didn't know exactly how many he would have at a time, so decided to err on the bigger side and it could easily handle fifty people at a time. Batua was just going into the entertainment room when he was joined by High Colonel Veller. Batua came to attention just as Veller said, "At ease, Sergeant, just wanted to see what quarters the Empire was providing for these Bounty Hunters. I don't foresee them staying long, but it would speak poorly of our hospitality if the Bounty Hunters complained to the High Inquisitor that some need was not being provided."

"Yes, sir," replied Batua, his voice gravelly from too much liquor and smoking. "Ah've overseen everything, as ya'll commanded. Dem Bounty Hunters 'i'll only have access to des quarters and de landing bay where only der ships is being docked, sir."

Veller nodded, his ice blue eyes taking in the various entertainment equipment, holonet terminal and the like. "Very good, Sergeant, I will leave you to the final inspection." He turned to leave the area, just as he heard armored footsteps entering the area.

Dyrdek stepped off the rear drop ramp of the shuttle and immediately his vision is swallowed by the shiny black flooring of the hangar and the row of Stormtroopers in parade formation. As he looked to either side he could see that there was also a row of Stormtrooper's creating a sort of walkway for which he and his new fellows were to follow. Dyrdek was flanked to either side by Rais and El-Nayy and they slowly followed the line through the hangar to where what looked like an Imperial officer was standing waiting for them. "So it looks that we have someone to greet us for our arrival. How courteous of them." Dyrdek scoffed as they came up on the man in his boring grey uniform. "So, we're here. What's the skinny on this?"

The corporal in the Diplomatic Corps Branch of the ISD Interrogator still had some work to do because his disdain for the Bounty Hunters was very clear on his face. In a stony and formal voice, "Quarters have been provided for your stay onboard. You are not to wander from these quarters. If you do, you will be arrested. Further information will be given as needed."

With that, he made a swift turn and stalked off, leaving the Bounty Hunters standing there in front of an open door and a short corridor.

Dyrdek shook his head annoyed by the Imp. "Ah, I miss the days when I used to shoot these guys. And laugh about it afterwards" he thought aloud to himself as he continued down the path with Rais and El-Nay in tow. It was a short walk from the hangar bay to the quarter's that were provided for himself and other bounty hunters. Upon entering, he found that it was essentially a fully stocked miniature compound. The door from the corridor entered into what looked like a fair sized common room with a short hallway straight ahead that led to a mess hall. To the right was another short hallway that lead to a training area it seemed, and to the left was a door with sign above it that read Barracks. Seemed livable enough Dyrdek thought to himself. He waved himself off to the two Mandalorians without saying a word and headed into the barracks area to find himself a bunk. He chose the first room to the left upon entering the hall. It was basic, a small nook with a toilet and shower, a bed to the right and a trunk at the foot of it. On the inside wall to the right of the door was a closet of sorts and to him that was workable enough. "Oh boy, I feel like I've been conscripted into the Imperial Navy. This oughta be loads of fun." he sighed and dropped down onto the bed to test its comfort level. It would do.

Veller and Batua turned around at the sound of armored feet. Mark's eyes narrowed slightly seeing that it was the Bounty Hunters and not his troopers. He hadn't wanted to be here when they arrived, but it was a bit too late for that. Of course he recognized El-Nay's armor and had to give Batua a hand signal to stand down as he could feel him about to go Drill Sergeant on the unfortunate woman.

Before he could say anything, one of them went to the Barracks area. He nodded to Sergeant Batua to go retrieve the Bounty Hunter so he could debrief them on their quarters. Batua, his hair cropped short, nodded, his brown eyes taking in the two remaining bounty hunters before going to retrieve Dyrdek.

He nodded to the other two, his ice blue eyes taking in the other suit of Mandolorian armor that was now walking on his ship.

Batua rounded the compartment the other bounty hunter had taken and slapped the wall to gain his attention, "Hey, moron, da High Colonel gots some words for ya!" With that, Batua stepped back into the hallway to escort the bounty hunter back to the common area.

Dyrdek groaned at the sound of the Imp outside who pounding on his wall. What really irked him the most was the "moron" statement. Dyrdek hated ignorance, and further hated being called names. He stood up from the bunk and walked to the door. It slid open as he approached and stepped through the seam into the hall. Beside him stood Batua. Dyrdek looked towards him and eyed him up and down silently. Batua stood only about 1.78 meters, a bit shorter than the 1.88 meters Dyrdek stood. "Listen Imp. You can more than kindly ask me what to do. But don't tell me what to do." Dyrdek growled as his eyes narrowed and with a kind of inhuman quickness grabbed Batua by his collar and lifted him off his feet onto the wall beside him, while simultaneously bringing a knife to his throat. "Because any one of you may kill me, but you will be dead before that. And you know what. I'm okay with that. So do me a solid and be kind." After a moment Dyrdek dropped him back to his feet and started into the common room to meet this High Colonel. Before he slipped through the doors he uttered back to Batua. "Don't call me a moron."

Batua's eyes narrowed as he was put up against the wall. While he felt the knife at his throat, he wasn't about to let this Bounty Hunter scum get away with the upper hand entirely. A knife dropped down from a wrist sheath to then threaten Dyrdek's family fortune. Batua snarled, "Aye, ya might be doing that, but you'd be joining me, boy." The knife vanished the moment he was put back down on his feet. "Still don't change da fact da High Colonel wants a word wid ya. Ah'd go see what he wants is Ah was ya."

Batua tugged his uniform tunic straight and mockingly bowed towards Dyrdek, indicating the common room with a sweep of his arm. "If your highness would be so kind as to report to the High Colonel," all trace of his accent is gone. Batua's eyes, however, flickered a moment before becoming expressionless. There was payback coming.

Veller heard the slight scuffle and hoped Batua wasn't roughing up the Bounty Hunter too badly. Per orders, they were to be evaluated so the missions could be tailored to their abilities, not stuffed into bacta tanks immediately upon their arrival.

Dyrdek exited the hall into the common area to see the Imperial Officer standing speaking with the two Mandalorians. He approached quietly until he stood a few feet away and sighed. "So, Sir High Colonel Sir!", Dyrdek spoke mockingly. "I understand you have something to discuss High Colonel Sir!". Dyrdek clapped his heels together and saluted as he finished speaking, and he let a sly grin form across his lips. He had a thing for being dramatic and disrespectful at the same time.

Mark suppressed a sigh and shook his head slightly at Batua who was bringing up the rear. He understood Batua's urge to bring the young whelp to heel, but this wasn't the time nor the place, nor did he have the orders to do so.

Seeing that everyone was in the room, Mark said, "I am High Colonel Mark Veller and am in charge of any training you might require for the missions you have been hired to undertake. In order to facilitate this, each one of you will have your combat skills evaluated."

Mark moved aside and motioned to the training area with his right hand, "If you would all be so kind as to enter the training area?"

Reaching his arms high above his head, Dyrdek stretched the muscles in his shoulders and back, clapping his hands while doing so as he started towards the training area ahead of the others in the room. "This should be thrilling. I can't wait to train with you Imperial lot. Hope this is live fire and me versus your best Storm Troopers." Dyrdek laughed as he crossed the threshold of the blast doors separating the training room from the common area. It had been several days since he last killed something, or rather, someone. And as it was for Dyrdek he tended to get the age old itchy trigger finger when it came to fighting. His previous mission on Aquilea had been mostly scouting and gathering information. He briefly thought back to the previous days before the Mandalorian's found him as he stood in the room waiting for the others to gather.

Batua laughed, as he followed them in, "Boy, ya shouldn't be boasting. Ya'll's got the Mando'Brat ta show up, an' that ain't gonna take much."

Veller cast a sharp gaze at Batua, but otherwise said something, once in the training room, he said, "You want live weapons fire? Prove you deserve it."

He activated the training room holoprojection system and the training room walls disappeared to show an urban landscape. In front of Veller floated a smaller map showing the walls and two objectives, "This is your objective," he pointed at one of the red dots, "A datapad with valuable research data on it in the basement." He pointed to the other red dot, "Extraction Zone," he looked at Dyrdek, "I don't think I have to tell you what that is."

He motioned the rest of the area of the map, "Bad guys who want to kill you." He picked up a blaster rifle from a nearby weapons rack and tossed it to Dyrdek, "use this to tag the bag guys. Bad guy being defined as anyone who tries to shoot you. Scoring based on time spent, bad guys killed and ingenuity used."

The holo of the area shrank down into the holocomm Mark was holding. He tossed that to Dyrdek, "Have at it, Bounty Hunter."

Dyrdek was checking over the blaster rifle the High Colonel tossed him while he was describing the parameters of the training mission. After High Colonel Veller finished speaking, he took a moment to peer down the holographic street towards the row of houses and buildings that made up the area he had to infiltrate. He knew there'd be a trick thrown into this somewhere along the way but he wasn't quite sure where. If Dyrdek was the one running this test, he'd put the real test on the exfil but, he didn't really have to time to think about it at this moment.

Dyrdek looked back over to the High Colonel and nodded, the expression on his face notably more serious this time. Despite his opinions of the Imperials, he knew this was essentially a series of trials, and if he wanted those creds he would need to make it known why he was chosen. Before he started into the make believe town, Dyrdek dropped his cloak from his back onto the floor behind him revealing his armor for the first time.

He was clad in a very form-fitting chestpiece that was clearly custom made. It's color was a deep charcoal gray and had several ridges and edges to help disperse blaster fire. The epaulets and shoulder guards were rounded and also seemed to be just an extension of his actual body mass. Each piece of armoring was intricately designed to mitigate damage by blasters or other types of weaponry. On his lower back, Dyrdek sported a personal deflector shield pack that he could deploy when needed, and on the back of his left shoulder sat a small rocket launcher that obviously extended upwards when he needed to use it. On the back of his right shoulder he had fastened a vibroblade that could extend out and be ready if he needed to be up close and personal. He favored lighter armor so that he wouldn't sacrifice his agility and speed, and after all the years Dyrdek has been a Hunter, his methods haven't failed him yet.

He walked slowly and cautiously leaving the imperials and the two mandalorians behind as he disappeared into artificial darkness of the simulation. There was a small road running between two rows of buildings and houses. He started from the left side of the road headed to the side of the first building. As he came up on the building he crept to the edge so that he could peek down the roadway and see what the situation was from the front.

He counted five baddies. They were making a rather lackadaisical approach to their patrols. Obviously computer programs. From his position his target was two buildings up, likely in the basement should there be one. Easiest to guard. Dyrdek reached into a pouch on his belt and retrieved a small scope. "This should work here" he thought to himself as he flicked a switch bringing his scope to life. It was a thermal rangefinder that had the distinct ability to see behind walls. Scanning the area in front of him he could see an additional three bad guys across the street from him, out of his view by the side of a small house. Roadway was pretty well covered. He decided to check up high and peered up towards the second story of the building he was hiding behind. Two bad guys. In an overwatch position from windows looking over the street. He scanned down and to the left, towards the rear of the building. Nothing.

"Alright then. To make the noise or to not make the noise., Dyrdek said softly to himself. He crept silently along the side of the building towards the back and slipped between a virtual bush and the corner. As he came up on the next building he was stopped in his tracks by a patrolling soldier that almost noticed him. The guard walked right past him unaware of his presence. Dyrdek quickly peeked around the side back towards the street. Clear. He looked back towards the guard. He was all alone, perfect. Dyrdek quickly and silently approached the unassuming soldier from behind, reached up, and snapped his neck. The training program's computer instantly reacted to Dyrdek's attack and provided the necessary response. The automaton fell limp to the ground, and Dyrdek quickly dragged it under a bush hidden in the shadows.

"Yep, gonna be easy going in and hell going out I bet." he thought to himself as he quietly came upon the target house. He was still along the rear of the buildings where there was oddly very little resistance. He crept up to a door on the back of the house and checked the handle. It was unlocked. "Well, if this isn't a trap I don't know what is." he scoffed as he checked the door for any signs of tampering or trapping. After a moment he was sure it was safe and slowly pushed it open.

Passing through the door brought him into what looked to be a den. He was on the southeast corner of the house and figured a door to the basement would be relatively central of the structure. He took the moment to bring out his thermal scope again and took a quick look around. Nothing upstairs, and nothing on his current floor. Underneath him stood three individuals crowded around something. Dyrdek stood and softly walked through the home to the door that lead to the basement.

The door opened quietly. He was thankful for that. A wooden stairwell headed down to a concrete wall with a opening to the right. The staircase was enclosed. That was beneficial. No one would see his feet. He slowly stepped down onto the staircase being extremely careful to make as little noise as possible until he reached the bottom. He took a moment to ready the rifle he was given and did a very quick peek into the room. The three guards were standing around a datapad that rested on a simple desk. He readed the blaster rifle on his left shoulder and put the barrel just against the edge of the wall and slowly guided it around the frame until the soldiers came into view.

Three rapid bursts in succession and the guards were on the floor. The third guard killed barely had time to react when he was struck. Dyrdek slowly crept into the room and came upon the datapad. "Too bloody easy." he said to himself as he looked over the table. "Definitely a trap, and I bet the trip out of here is going to be fun." he chuckled a bit to himself as he looked for any signs of rigging or booby trapping. Dyrdek brought his attention back to the tablet on the table and sighed. "Well... Here we go." he said as he picked it up. Silence.

Silence would prevail until the bounty hunter left the stairs on the way up. Once his foot cleared the last step, the sound of armored footsteps running towards him was loud and distinct. From one of the armored men came, "The alarm just sounded, he can't be far! Spread out! Teams of three!"

Crouching behind the conveniently placed 1 meter tall wall would allow Dyrdek to see most of the Stormtroopers spread out to cordon off the area. The ring was fairly tight, but the buildings made for some weak spots. Carefully choosing the exit route would leave him encountering one, perhaps two groups. Take the wrong one, and he could have nine troopers to deal with. Choices were limited and the ring was slowly tightening.

Ahead was probably the easiest, and it had the possibility of encountering no Stormtroopers due to the ruined building ahead, but there was an open space that needed to be crossed fast or else there would be a lot of Stormtroopers crawling up one's ass very fast. To the right was probably the safest in that the one group of Stormtroopers was isolated. Take them out and run through, then circle around behind the troopers. To the left, probably the fastest as that's where the Extraction Zone was, but also the highest risk of exposure to moving troopers. Decisions, decisions.

The situation was tight, but Dyrdek took a moment to calculate his odds before proceeding. The stormtroopers were closing and risks were high. Dyrdek knew if he got clear of them, he could make it to the extraction zone in a dead sprint and this would be all over. He peered down to his utility belt and examined the three thermal detonators he had clipped onto his right side. "This could work," he thought. The computer did it's best to mimic everything that happened. Nothing was technically real, so Dyrdek figured if he just tossed a detonator, the computer would pick up on it and react accordingly. It was worth a shot anyways. If it didn't work, he'd improvise.

Door number three it was then. He opted for the quickest route, but not in a straight through manner. He took a detonator from his belt and checked to the right side to see if those troopers were still bearing down and isolated. They were. He checked back to the left and nearly caught fire from a blaster to the face as a trooper quickly peeked into the room. "Damnit," he proclaimed to himself before returning a few shots with his own rifle. He then quickly tossed a detonator towards the trooper and then fired a few shots into a window on his right blowing it out. He tossed a second detonator toward the isolated group.

The two detonators went off with a moment's gap between, but immediately after the second report sounded through the area, Dyrdek had bounded through the blown window and into the face of three dazed stormtroopers caught off guard by the thermal detonator. He quickly dispatched the three of them and quickly dashed to the opposite side of the building and, careful to check his surroundings, hauled ass into the space between the target house and other building towards the larger group of troopers. He managed to dispatch four of the six troopers with his detonator. Dyrdek was giddy with excitement as he came up behind one of the troopers, who was completely unaware of his presence.

Dyrdek snapped the troopers neck and held his body upright as he turned to the remaining trooper. The trooper was firing excitedly towards Dyrdek, striking the dead trooper instead of himself. Dyrdek readied his rifle over the shoulder of the dead trooper and fired dead into the remaining troopers helmet. All dead, and likely more coming, he dropped the dead trooper to the ground and made a dead sprint towards the extraction zone.

His sprint lasted only about 35 seconds as he crossed the threshold into the extraction and the holographic arena suddenly vanished and he was back in the nondescript grey training room. Vellar and Batua were standing towards the entrance with the two Mandalorians still by their side.

Dyrdek made his way back to High Colonel Veller and then took a resting knee. "Well..." Dyrdek said looking up at High Colonel Vellar. "How'd I do?"

Veller looked at Dyrdek, then over to Batua, then over to Dyrdek again, "You did not die. This is always a point in your favor," he said, then motioned to Batua.

Batua tossed Dyrdek his two thermal grenades, "Lost these, did ya sweetheart?" he said with a grin.

"We have enough for the moment. You will be informed later of any ... deficiencies and the training schedule to repair them," with a smart turnabout, he and Batua left the training area, disappearing into the ship, leaving the bounty hunters to their own devices for a while.

Dyrdek smirked at the two remaining bounty hunters as he juggled his two thermal detonators in his hands. "Welp, I'm gonna go hit the rack now. See you chaps later". Dyrdek laughed as he picked up his cloak, still on the ground, and exited the training area and crossed the common room back to his bunk in the barracks.

Upon entering his room, he tossed his gear into a corner and fell to his back on the firm bed. "Not a bad first day I guess ... we'll see how this goes for now. Hopefully the payday is worth this bullshit." he said to himself as he drifted to a dreamless sleep.

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