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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:8:26) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate) and in the Squab system: Skor II (Metrobig City: Metrobig City School of Medicine).
King Ebareebaveebeedee, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Dean Malogaan, Melickielickie, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, and Major Sierra Rodney.

"Oooh! Oooh! Oooooooh!" Melickielickie was currently discovering every object in Dean of Admissions office. To her surprise, some of the objects in her office actually tasted *good*. Currently, she was picking at the bottom of the Dean's desk where she had found ancient pieces of bubblegum. "Ewwie! Free candy!" She whispered, showing her a sticky, blue paw. "Want some? Is yummy."

The Metrobig City School of Medicine was the most accredited medical college on the planet. Others claimed that, for the very low price of four-hundred forks, one could be presented with an ‘authentic' diploma of completion. Sierra Rodney had seen a ridiculous amount of phony scams over the HoloNet that she was sure were gaining attention in the Squib community. As much as she wished she could go around shutting down every one of these scams, she simply didn't have enough time. She was more invested in Ewwiekewwieikkie's future, which had become something of a concern to her. She needed to worry about *all* the children in their nest, not just the ones who were under age. She was seated across from Dean Malogaan, who's first name was beyond Sierra's knowledge of the Squib language. There were letters with strange markings over, under, and beside them on the female Squib's plaque. She caught Melickielickie eating old gum. "Melickielickie, no! That's not...ugh...don't eat that!"

Dean Malogaan chuckled softly. She reached into the top drawer in her desk. From it, she drew two Auntie Mae's Bombad Blow Pops. The wrapper claimed that the gum at the center of the blow pop would taste good forever. By the fact that so many Squibs had left behind tasteless gum, that was false advertisement. "Eat these instead," she said, unwrapping the candy before giving it to the girls. Clearly she knew what she was up again. "As I was saying, milady, our nursing program offers students hands on training that Squibs can't receive anywhere else. Our facility is designed especially for Squibs." Sierra wondered what that meant. Was everything covered in bubble wrap?

Ewwiekewwieikkie had been bouncing off the walls since the news had come that she was returning to Skor II. She was interested in attending school, but only if they would prove to her that the work would result in profit. There were so many shiny things within the Dean's office that she did not know where to look. *Everything* was capturing her imagination. "What you do for all these things?" she asked, as she brought her paw up to her chin and began to scratch. It was overwhelming for her to be around her people and all these trinkets at the same time. "Ooh. Candy," she said, just as suddenly, as she took her blow pop and began to suck on it. "Om nom nom," she murmured, as she sucked upon it, as if she was attempting to devour it instantly. "You give me five ... no six hundred more ... I come here," she said, mumbling, while sucking on the pop continuously.

Ewwiekewwieikkie's words made Sierra think about the large, vinyl welcome bags she had seen inside the Dean's office ... they were filled with blow pops! It seemed that the school was prepared to do what needed to be done in order to secure a new student. She took a deep breath. Melickielickie crawled into her mother's lap. The small Squib sucked on her blow pop loudly. She was making a mess of her dress.

Dean Malogaan wore a charming smile on her face. She was patient beyond that of any Squib Sierra had ever seen. "I work here. I *love* working at the Metrobig City School of Medicine. Long, long ago, I came to this school wanting to be a nurse too." She informed Ewwiekewwieikkie. Her smile seemed to grow a little wider. "Let me show you what they gave me when I graduated." Behind her desk, the Dean unlocked a cabinet. From it, she withdrew a large golden spoon which was roughly the size of the entire length of Sierra's arms. Etched into its handle were the words Malogaan spoke to them. "This is the Big Spoon of Absolute Intelligence. Every student who completes a degree here is given one of these."

Sierra cut in. Malogaan had suckers and a gigantic spoon. Ewwiekewwieikkie would be sold...but she wasn't. "We came hoping to tour your facility before making a decision."

Ewwiekewwieikkie's eyes went so wide when she saw the spoon that her eyeballs were in danger of rolling out of her sockets. "Holy moley! That's the biggest spoon I ever saw!" she exclaimed, a trail of drool escaped the corner of her snout and rolled down her face. "I *want* it. I *need it*," she told Sierra, as she turned to her, grabbing hold of her arm and nearly clawing it in the process. "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" she pleaded with her adoptive mother, as if it were a life or death situation. She had never wanted anything as bad as she wanted the Big Spoon of Absolute Intelligence.

That was it. Sierra had officially lost Ewwiekewwieikkie. She was able to wrap an arm around Melickielickie to stop the small Squib from darting towards the spoon, but Ewwiekewwieikkie was another story. If Sierra didn't have to collect her eyes from the floor, it'd be a shock. "Ughhh!" Ewwiekewwieikkie grabbed her arm with the strength of a rancor. She had no idea how her little body had so much strength. It was admirable. Sierra turned her attention away from the Dean as she struggled with both children. "You have to work for it, sweetie. If you go to college here and become a nurse, you'll get a spoon of your own. Look? Dean Malogaan's even says her name on it. Yours will have your name on it too. That way, no one can ever take it." Sierra was going to need a vacation after this...

The Dean had done her gimmick and it worked. She began grabbing brochures for Sierra along with additional suckers for the girls. "Yes, yes. I wouldn't let you leave without a proper tour." The spoon was placed beyond the locked drawer again. The middle aged female Squib rose. She began leading the trio out of the room. Sierra latched both of her hands into her girls. If she released them, she'd never get them back. Metrobig was a city full of beautiful shinies after all. As the Dean began leading them through the massive college, Sierra looked into the windows of the classrooms they walked by. She saw that everything inside of the classroom was made of dull looking metal and woods. One professor held a long, shiny pointer in his hand as he read through gibberish written on a digital blackboard. She could instantly tell a lot of work went into making sure Squibs actually learned. As she continued down the hall, she noticed a familiar male's voice booming from a classroom with an open door. Who was it?

"Awww!" Ewwiekewwieikkkie cried when the giant spoon was locked away out of sight. "Hmm. How long it take? Three days? Four days?" she said, counting on the fingers of her paw. For the moment she was content with the additional candy she had been given, as she followed behind Sierra and the dean as the tour began. Sierra was wise to hold her hand for everything she saw seemed like the most awesome thing ever and demanded her attention. "Hmm. This room is boring," she declared when she looked into the classroom. "No fun at all," she said, before pouting, and wanting to go back to where all of the shinies were. But then it was Sierra that became distracted and Ewwiekewwieikkie felt herself being dragged this time.

King Ebareebaveebeedee was just completing his lecture on Squib reproductive classes when he walked out into the corridor wearing an amazing technicolor dreamcoat. He was surprised to see Sierra and her adopted Squibs here of all places, and began sauntering over towards them, slowly, as he had just exerted himself. "Where is the Big Time Hero of Beyond-Squib Eliteness?" he asked, as he looked around. "You missed big demonstration. I give another in an hour," he said, before sighing deeply and thinking about it. "Two hours," he quickly added, as he brought his paw up to his chin. "You come. You be my demonstration partner," he insisted, as he looked her over excitedly. "We make grand bargain for your guest lecture!" he said, nodding his head repeatedly.

"Four days..? No, no. It takes much longer than that." The brochures for the college promoted a fast track through schooling. Sierra had read enough to decide that she *never* wanted to go to a Squib hospital. If they knew her foot from her heart, it would be shocking. "It takes *years*." She explained. "That's why it feels so rewarding to get your very own spoon. You'll have earned it. You'll be able to help people Doctor Tohan." It was hard to explain all this to Ewwiekewwieikkie. "There are fun places here too. You'll get to take classes you like. I saw that there was a class on the Evolution of Spoons. They also have movie nights frequently for those living on campus." As she spoke to Ewwiekewwieikkie, they passed by a large Auntie Mae's ice cream machine. Sierra rolled her eyes. The smiling woman was *everywhere*.

She could feel Melickielickie pulling her towards the ice cream machine while King Ebareebaveebeedee approached her. She smiled politely towards him. He looked a little sweaty, but it wasn't something she focused on. For all she knew, the classrooms were very warm when you were wearing a full coat of fur. "Oh, hello King Ebareebaveebeedee! It's a pleasant surprise to see you here. I was just bringing my daughters to see the school. The Big Time Hero of Beyond-Squib Eliteness is on bed rest. I will bring him next time." He better be on bed rest. The last time she saw, Nea was making it impossible for Claudius to move. Good Felinx. "Two hours?" She lifted her wrist to look at her chrono. "That'll give us enough time to see the rest of the school and get some lunch. We'll come to your demonstration!" Sierra unknowingly began signing herself up for something terrible...and it didn't stop there. "Oh, King Ebareebaveebeedee, there's no reason for you to make a grand bargain. You allowed Claudius and I to adopt twice." She said, smiling growing bigger. Her children were her pride...and that was exactly why they could do no harm. "I'd love to be your demonstration partner. Two hours, this same room?"

"Years?! Oh no!" Ewwiekewwieikkie complained, as she brought her arm dramatically up to her forehead. "Hmm. Less time. Smaller soon. Fair, yes?" she asked, as she bounced up and down thinking she had the solution to her lack of a giant spoon problem. But then the King arrived, prompting her to bow respectfully for he wore a powerful fork upon his crown. "Oh a show!" she side excitedly, as she tugged on Sierra so that they could hurry with the tour so they could come back for the King's show.

The King clapped his hands together excitedly when he heard Sierra agree to be his partner. "No take backs," he instructed her, as his tongue slid from his snout and moved along the edge hungrily. "I will hurry. We make grand demonstration to the students," he declared proudly, with a firm nod of his head. "Good work, dean!" he said, before giving her a wink and a thumb's up. He was now off to find a meal that would give him the energy he would need for his session with Sierra.

"Mommeeee! Hungreeeee!" Melickielickie pulled Sierra towards the ice cream machine with all the strength she had. Thankfully, that was significantly less than her sister had. "Dey have pudding!" She said as she successfully distracted her mother from the conversation with the King. Her eyes had gone wide. She was beginning to drool.

An uncomfortable feeling settled in Sierra's stomach. She wondered what kind of show she had agreed to. Her assumption was that she'd be helping the King with a lecture. She had been a medical student at one point but backed out of the profession due to her own self doubt. "Take your time. I'll need eat before we get into any kind of demonstration." She laughed happily. She nodded to him as he left, then allowed Melickielickie to bring her to the ice cream machine where *everyone* got treats. She looked back to Ewwiekewwieikkie as she unwrapped her pudding pop. "You'll have to watch your sister while I help out the King, okay? I don't know what he'll need from me." She looked at the Dean. "How quickly do some students finish their degrees? I saw advertisements for fast-tracking success."

Dean Malogaan assumed that Sierra knew what King Ebareebaveebeedee taught and did not fill her in. The House of Rodney was well known around the school, as the video of the Duke and Duchess of Delaya was used in every reproduction course during the study of intercourse in other species. She gave King Ebareebaveebeedee a thumb's up then continued on with the tour. "Students may receive a basic nursing degree within nine months to a single year. They may then continue their education, or begin working in a medical facility." She said. The further they proceeded down the corridors, the more interesting the rooms became. One classroom looked alike to Drusilla's with color jizz band posters covering the walls. Sierra silently wondered if they should really send Ewwiekewwieikkie here or not.

Suddenly a bell rang and the classes began to let out, filling the corridors with hundreds of teenaged Squibs frantic after having to sit still for their class. The teenage girls were wearing the latest fashion trend ... a charm bracelet where they could attach silverware. As they ran down the halls the silverware moved back and forth, causing an incessant clanging sound. Instantly Ewwiekewwieikkie turned into Drusilla as she found a type of jewelry she *had* to have. "SiSi In need! I need!" she pleaded to Sierra, as she looked at each of the girls go by with the flashy bracelets. Frantic that she did not have one she raised her arms and began to shake. Why had Drusilla never purchased one of these? She wondered, as her yellow eyed widened excitedly.

What was that sound? Sierra instinctively gripped both of the girls harder. She had a feeling that this sound was going to drive both of them away. As Squibs filed into the hallways, Sierra noticed what both Melickielickie and Ewwiekewwieikkie had seen: the utensil charm bracelet. For the first time in Ewwiekewwieikkie's life, she showed a Drusilla side of her. As for Sierra? Sierra was a sucker. She gripped Ewwiekewwieikkie's hand. "As long as you're good during the King's demonstration, we'll get you one. Let's go have lunch for now. We can ask someone where they got their bracelet." It seemed the giant spoon had been forgotten. That was for the better. College was a joint decision that Sierra wanted to make with Claudius. She didn't want Ewwiekewwieikkie to agree to a higher education over a gigantic spoon...granted, it was pretty cool.

The cafeteria was, as you'd expect it to be: full of sweets. The same color pattern that decorated the inside of every Auntie Mae's was present. The pinks and plaids reminded Sierra of only one thing: Auntie Mae was *everywhere*. "Oh man," she rolled her eyes. There was ice cream and candy everywhere. A food pyramid on the wall indicated the different food groups: ice cream, candy corns, taffy, and, of course, sodas. A sudden, somewhat pleasant realization struck Sierra: *All* Squibs were like her Squibs.

Ewwiekewwieikkie picked up a shiny tray and smiled at her reflection in it as she moved down the line as food was scooped out at her. "Aww!" she said each time as her reflection was obscured. "Yay!" she said, shortly thereafter, as she realized it was food being put in its place. This went on for minutes until her entire tray was loaded with food. The servers were instructed to give prospective students double portions to entice them to come to the school. By the time she was done she found it very difficult to even carry the tray. "So much food!" she said, as she sat down at a large table. She looked around seeing the other female students use their charm bracelets to eat, where all she had was the generic silverware. "Lucky," she muttered as she began shoveling the food into the mouth. "There I am!" she declared, smiling, as she began to reveal the brushed metal at the bottom of the food pile and her reflection returned. (D)

"Nom noms!" Melickielickie squeaked. She watched her sister move through the line. She was in awe that food was piled higher and higher onto her tray. "Mommeee! Me next!" She pawed at Sierra's tunic. Melickielickie, too, received additional portions. "Tank you. Tank you. Tank you." She repeated until her mother was carrying around a hefty tray of sweets. What would Pilaq Tohan say? He'd be appalled by what was going on at the school. No sooner had they found a place did Melickielickie dig in with both of her paws.

Sierra sat back and watched both of the girls. The amount of sugar they were consuming was unhealthy. She was going to force feed them vegetables, fruits, and various healthy foods when they got back home. She smiled at Ewwiekewwieikkie. "Don't worry, you'll have a bracelet of your own soon enough. Do you think we should bring Drusilla one back too?" She thought of Dru, Claudius, and Bruce. He better be relaxing. She thought about calling him on the comm just to check on him. Maybe he'd know more about what the King taught at the college! She grabbed her comlink and spoke into it affectionately. "Is Nea still keeping you bogged down in bed, love?" That was a damn good felinx.

"Hmm," Ewwiekewwieikkie said, as she brought her paw up to her chin to consider Sierra's question. "Um. No. She has to much," she said, selfishly, before eating some more of the food. The last thing she wanted was for Drusilla to have the same bracelet she was getting. After two decades with the Rodney family she had developed some of their best traits ... and some of their worst. "Look at all the food they give Melickielickie. We need to eat here *all* the time," she stressed, as she took several more oversized portions of food.

"Meow," was all that was heard to Sierra's attempt to comm Claudius. "Meow. Meow," it repeated, followed by the sound of some movement. "Ow!" Claudius yelled, before wrestling the comlink from Nea. "Yes. This felinx has *not* left," he complained, before the sound of the felnix nuzzling the comm began to break through. "Oh some privacy," he demanded, as he attempted to shoo Nea away by then the hissing sound that Sierra warned him about began to erupt. "Okay. Okay," he pleaded with the felinx, before petting it again. "How is everything at the school?" he asked, as the felinx again got into his face, believing he was talking to it.

"Oh, hello Nea." She laughed softly. There was wrestling and muffles on the other side of the comm. "That doesn't sound like relaxing!" She quipped playfully. It sounded like there was static on the other end of the comm, in reality, it was Nea making himself comfortable on Claudius. "Sorry, honey. I'll save you from the felinx when I get back home. Everything is going well so far. The Dean really knows how to bring in new students. She showed us her Big Spoon of Absolute Intelligence. Have you seen one of those before? It was a spoon the size of my *whole* arm!" She said in awe. "We toured around a bit. They use all kinds of fascinating ways to attract the Squibs so they actually learn. It's really interesting. My main concern is that the cafeteria is serving out Auntie Mae's." She said with a dry laugh. "I'm supposedly going to help King Ebareebaveebeedee with a grand demonstration in his class later. Did you know he teaches?" She wanted to be home. Whenever she was away from Claudius, she wanted to be at his side that much more.

"This felinx will be the end of me," Claudius told Sierra, as it began licking at his face each time he opened his mouth and tried to speak. "Yuck," he complained, as the felinx' tongue collided with his. "No kisses!" he told the creature, which did not seem to be influenced at all. "Big Spoon of Absolute Intelligence? Well, I suppose that's all it took to influence her," he said, rolling his eyes, and trying to decide which one of them had it harder at the moment. "Auntie Mae's is at the cafeteria? I should know know!" he muttered, before the sound of the felinx crying for more attention filled the comm. "The King teaches? What could he possibly teach ... be careful ... don't cause a diplomatic incident," he told her, before refocusing on trying to save himself from the felinx.

Sierra eyed the girls. Melickielickie was cleaning her paws with her tongue. The continuous struggle between her husband and the felinx made her grin. "I don't think it'll be the end of you. You'll just have to learn how to coexist with Nea until he gets bored... or Bruce sways him off of you. Yes, the spoon did the trick. If Ewwiekewwieikkie sees it again, I don't know if I'll be able to hold her back. There's a lot of strength in that little body. We're making Ensign Sheppard watch the kids when I get back so we can have some alone time... Preferably without Nea if we can remove him." Even Claudius didn't know what the King taught. That made her feel uncomfortable. "A diplomatic incident? My love, you didn't marry a hooligan like your brother. I've got this. There will be *no* problems." Sierra promptly opened her mouth and shoved her foot in. "It's already almost time for his lecture. I promised the girls ice cream after that. It'll still be awhile before we're home. I miss you."

"Coexist? By the time you get back I fully expect this felinx to be permanently attached to me," Claudius explained, sounding quite exasperated. "Just don't let her decide anything until she gets back and we discuss it as a family ... no matter how big the spoon is," he pleaded with her, as he was not entirely sold on the idea of his daughter leaving the nest. He would feel terrible if anything happened to her due to her innocent naivety. "I love you, Sierra. I miss you too," he said to her, as his attention focused back on the felinx staring him in the face. "Ugh. What do you want?" he asked, as it seemed like it was attempting to communicate with him with its eyes.

"Ugh. Please don't let it attach itself to you. It'll be *realllyy* awkward when I want to lay on your chest." Sierra was smiling so wide it could be heard in her voice. "I promise, I won't. This isn't her decision alone. It's all of ours. We'll go over it together." She reassured him. It had to be difficult to sit on the sidelines while Sierra scoped out the potential school of their daughter. "I love you. Hang on a little while longer. The felinx removal service will be there before you know it. It's almost time for this demonstration thing. Wish me luck.. I guess." She wondered if she'd actually be of any help to the King. Her knowledge on Squib culture was expanding, but still relatively small. "I'll comm you when we're on the way back." It was her final promise before she terminated the call. She nervously wondered if she should rush home and save him from Nea. They'd taken the felinx in from outside. While he seemed to be generally kind tempered, the worst time for Nea to go wild was now.

"All full," Ewwiekewwieikkie declared, as she pushed the tray away, and leaned back in the chair to rub her belly. "We see the King now?" she asked, as she let out a yawn, tired from all the sugar she had just ingested. Then, expectedly, she let out a burp and tried to adjust herself again. "Wha'chu gonna teach us? How to make pudding?" she asked, sounding super excited, as she got up from her seat. She was feeling a little lightheaded from the sugar, and she was beginning to get very hyper. It was the perfect recipe for disaster headed into the King and Sierra's joint presentation to the class.

"Mommmeeee. So tired. Feet no work." Melickielickie complained. She rubbed at her eyes. The school didn't phase her. She was more interested with the colors and new surroundings. The small Squib crept onto her mother's back, forcing a piggy back ride. "Mmm... Pudding..." She said, resting her head on Sierra's shoulder. As uncomfortable as the position had to be, Melickielickie began to fall asleep. The sound didn't phase her. "Nom. Nom. Nom. Pudding.." She snored.

Sierra adjusted her arms to comfortably keep Melickielickie on her back. In all of the excitement, she hadn't had time to make sure her youngest adoptive Squib had gotten a nap. "Mhm. We're going to see his grand demonstration. It would be fun to teach how to make pudding!" Sierra exclaimed. "That way, at the end of the lesson, we can eat it." She led the way back towards the classroom where they had seen the King earlier. She kept an eye on Ewwiekewwieikkie. The girl had just eaten her own weight in sweets. "Your daddy is going to be excited to hear about everything we've seen today. Maybe we'll bring him when he's feeling better." Students were filing into the classroom. Sierra stepped in herself. She located the quietest place to remove Melickielickie from her back. "Watch your sister, okay? We should let her sleep as much as we can." Sierra leaned forward to kiss Melickielickie's forehead. "Sweet dreams little princess."

No one was more excited than Ewwiekewwieikkie at the prospect of what was to come, so she did not complain when it was time to care for an unconscious Melickielickie. She sat her down in the front row and then sat beside her, as her eyes went wide from anticipation of what was to come. The classroom began to fill with medical students who had been selected for the King's special lecture series. Not a seat was left empty by the time the door was closed and the proctor came forward. "Oh, well I never, was there ever a Squib so clever as magical King Ebareebaveebeedee," the proctor declared, as the demonstration was set to begin.

The lights in the classroom dimmed and a single spotlight focused on King Ebareebaveebeedee who was well rested and wearing his amazing technicolor dreamcoat. *Nothing* but his amazing technicolor dreamcoat. He sauntered over towards Sierra before turning to face the class. "Prepare for wonder and amazement," he told them, before taking a small bow. "Today for a special treat I demonstrate interspecies mating rituals," he announced, before shrugging his shoulders and allowing the coat to fall to the ground. He then turned to Sierra and looked at her excitedly. "Hurry. Clothes off. Pill wearing off," he said, as he bounced up and down with anticipation. All of the students leaned forward and of course several had their recording devices ready.

A audible grumble began at Sierra's stomach. She had made the choice to skip over a sugary lunch. Her body, now settling into full swing with her twins, had much to say about that. She picked up her purse and began searching for a snack. This class was *really* popular. It didn't surprise her. It was taught by the King, and therefore, had to be semi-interesting. She found a starfruit in her bag and slowly began to nibble on it. Nghh. Food! Her stomach praised Sierra for giving it a meal. She swore she'd do better after this class.

The proctor gave her no ideas as to what was about to come. She remained standing near the front of the room when King Ebareebaveebeedee made his dramatic entrance. He still wore that technicolor dreamcoat from earlier. She had to wonder where on earth he'd found it. It looked like something out of Callista's closet. Wait...was he wearing anything *under* it? Soon, all the confusion Sierra had was cleared. The King was here to demonstrate interspecies mating rituals with *her*! "Ugh!" She coughed. A piece of starfruit struggled down her throat. What happened afterward happened far too quickly: the King threw off his coat. Sierra's eyes went wide. She looked everywhere but *there*. "Ohmy," she gasped. Her cheeks were red. Her eyes darted over to Ewwiekewwieikkie, who was seated in the front row and undoubtedly receiving an eyeful. "Ohmy." Inevitably, she looked and saw far too much of the King. Sierra didn't know how to deal with the situation. She most certainly was *not* going to be partaking in any demonstration. She had to be careful not to mess up her family's relationship with King Ebareebaveebeedee.

"Oooh, I'm so sorry.." She said. Her hand ran over her stomach. "I-I'm not feeling well. I recently found out that I'm pregnant with twins... And morning sickness...woo! It isn't easy.." She explained to the class awkwardly. "Maybe someone else can volunteer to be your partner this time..?" She needed to get out of the school *now*. She inched further away from the King and over to her girls. This was so embarrassing!!

"Class it seems the Big Time Hero of Beyond-Squib Eliteness has proved himself yet again," the King announced, with a frown. "Two babies are inside there!" he informed them, as he began poking and prodding her stomach. "Only a Big Time Hero of Beyond-Squib Eliteness could produce such plentiful seed," he declared, with a firm nod of his head, as he was now convinced he had made the right decision in giving the award. "Hold still!" he informed Sierra, as he wrapped his little arms around her, and began rubbing himself against her panted leg. "This is by royal decree," he informed her, as he began bucking his hips instinctively.

Sierra's face hit her hand. Yup, Claudius had certainly ‘proven' himself again. She was foolish to assume her embarrassment would end there. "Please.. Please stop..." She squeaked uncomfortably. Sierra would *not* be visiting Skor II when her tummy grew bigger. She couldn't believe the words coming out of his mouth. The very last thing she wanted him to be talking about was her husband's plentiful seed in front of their adoptive daughters. Melickielickie was still asleep, but Ewwiekewwieikkie's innocence was further compromised the longer they stayed. "We really should be going... Oh!" His body was *so atrong*! What was it with Squibs?! They were like ants, capable of holding double their size in weight. She was *trapped*. A look of absolute horror was on her face. There were students filming. Her discomfort was rising.

The royal decree began, forcing Sierra to realize that King Ebareebaveebeedee was, indeed, male. She pressed her hand against his face and attempted to force him off of her. He didn't budge. The discomfort tightened in her chest. Instincts of her own kicked in. That was the point when she did *exactly* what Claudius warned her not to do: she caused a diplomatic incident. She rose her free leg and kicked the King as hard as she could manage. To his great relief, her aim was ruined by his continuous humping. Her boot collided with his side which gave her the chance to break away. "We're leaving!" She screamed, bolting towards Melickielickie. She scooped the small Squib into her arms. She grabbed Ewwiekewwieikkie's hand. Sierra didn't look back at the classroom. She didn't look back when the King's guards attempted to arrest her. She didn't even look back once she was in their ship headed towards Esseles with both girls. "Oh my!!!!" She screamed, placing her head in her hands. Her eyes glanced down at her leg. It was *covered* in blue fur. "Gah!!" She yanked her trousers off. "Ewww."

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