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Nate Lentz, Christopher Levy, and Anonymous.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:2:4) in the Moshaw system: Argo, Security I, and Tenedos.
Major Sixtus Brand, Commander Derek Atio, Agent Edo Jii Rel, Trooper Alanya Rockturne, Sha'lin, and Corporal Seekith Shardin.

Operating in the Sesswenna sector, the CR90 corvette Argo was cruising in an area of space known as the Moshaw Dark Star. On the bridge, Commander Derek Atio sat in his command seat, looking over the sensor data. Soon, they would be back on Yavin 4, but their sensors had picked up a small crafted heading towards Eriadu. Sensors indicated the vessel was a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, operating without any escort. The Commander, always eager to strike at a target, moved the vessel from hyperspace and sent it on an intercept course for the shuttle. "Report," Commander Atio said as he could now make out the shuttle in the viewport.

"They're coming into range now, sir," one of the crew members reported.

"Then commence firing," Commander Atio ordered in a professional tone. The turbolaser batteries of the corvette opened fire, splattering down upon the small, unmaneuverable shuttle that was too slow to outrun the swift blockade runner that was stalking its pray.

Sha'lin was in the back of the shuttle on her hands and knees, piecing and parting together a R2 unit that had seemed to have a malfunction. She was wearing a black Imperial uniform and her face was scuffed with oil. She knew she had to get the driod working properly before they landed or else getting scolded again by her commanding officer about being lazy again. She was just about to rise to her feet and brush herself off when she felt the jolt against the ship, knocking her against the wall between two R2 units and falling on her rear. She winced but stayed where she was at, unsure of what was going on.

The Argo's turbolaser's struck the Lambda-class shuttle dead on, crippling the small craft in a violent explosion. "That got her!"Derek said as he watched the shuttle slow to a halt in the viewport. "Bring us along side," he ordered as his hand moved to the intercom. "Commando unit prepare for boarding operation," the Commander's voice echoed throughout the corvette, "Report to the topside hatch immediately." The Argo rolled on its side as it came along side the shuttle. Its topside hatch lined up with the shuttle's bottom hatch and magnetically sealed as the two vessels docked.

Alanya was the first to the topside hatch. She always seemed to be the first there, dressed for combat in that black thinsuit, festooned with her usual gear as she had been in the earlier mission. That rectangular black pack that was clipped to her back by the means of two arm loops, a chest strap and a waist strap from which hung her multi-weapon, the oblong device swinging on her side like a lightsaber of old. But this had very little noble purpose in it, consisting of a small dagger, extended garrote, weighted club end and small multi-tool attachment. Merr-Sonn IR-5 "Intimidator" rapid fire blaster pistol was held in hand, but she waited patiently as she checked the charge level. As an Infiltrator this was not her specialty, but she seemed more than ready to go, nodding to Seekith in return. "Corporal."

Seekith came up on Alanya at the hatch. He was already geared up in his uniform and was ready to go. But instead of his trusty T-21 repeating blaster rifle, he had his Stouker concussion rifle, set with the lowest blast radius to do the most damage on one specific target. He simply nodded to here with a grin as he looked around for who was going to command this op. On Yavin, he had been trilling on Space Ops Marine Tactics and was ready to reap some damage. "Trooper" he winked.

Sha'lin stayed hidden, or at least she thought she was as she moved to sit up on her knees. She leaned her head against the astromech droid and did her best to listen what was going on in the cockpit. She moved on her hands and knees to the door and placed her ear against it. Waving her hand for the astromech droid to be quiet so she could hear.

Realizing that it was only the two of them on his op, he took quick charge. His comical demeanor seemed to temporarily fade, "Alright. I'll pop the hatch while you cover. Then I'll heave you up through with one throw," demonstrating with his arms, "And you head straight for the cockpit. I'll be a millisecond behind you to secure the cargo area." He smile came back as he stepped back to put his hand on the hatch as he looked up. "Sound like fun?"

Alanya stared at him for a long moment, disbelieving of his strategy. He had to be joking...right? "No. It doesn't...I suggest we use a luna flare without the launching rocket to blind them and then effect our entry." Which of course she just happened to have one of the survival flares that she had removed the launcher portion of, leaving only the burning part of the flare. She removed the cylindrical length from her pack and held it out to him. She had replaced the launch trigger with a pull cord to start the ignition of the flare.

Sha'lin blinked as she heard noises, her eyes widened and moved back to the corner between the two astromech droid harnesses a cold shiver went down her spine that traveled up her back to the tips of her lekku.

Seekith took it from her while still smiling, "Sounds nifty. But then we do my plan." He looked up at the hatch and then switch the control to simultaneous open both the hatch of the Argo and the hatch of the shuttle. As soon as the hatches slid open, the flare was heaved up through the opening, "Palpatine lays with Weequays!" he yelled through the hatches before yanking the ignition cord and shutting the hatch to block any effect of the flare from distracting them. He then quickly assumed the position to heave Alanya up through the open.

Alanya closed her eyes and readied her pistol. Well, at least they would have the advantage after the flare. She stepped forward towards the Corporal. "Don't miss." She said as she looked up towards the hatch before closing her eyes again, this time tightly just incase of when the hatch opened again...the flare was still active or bright enough to blind. She was not too worried about that however.

The ignition of the flare caused a powerful, almost blinding light to form in the shuttle. The burst resulted in screams of terror among the two pilots in the shuttle, who were caught off guard by the event and were flash blinded. The shuttle was carrying only Sha'lin and her extensive collection of tools and droids. They were not prepared to repel borders, and the Rebel Commandos would find nothing but two disabled Imperial crewman.

Alanya slapped the hatch release hard and shouted. "Go!" down to the Corporal, hoping he could do as he claimed, if not it was going to be a rather short lived boarding action if she fell back down on top of him.

Lifting her was no problem for Seekith, though she was a bit heavier then he expected. As soon as the hatch shot open, he heaved her up by her feet through the hatch way, in a way to angle her to land just past the hatch facing the cockpit. No sooner had she past through, then he had leapt up through right behind her, landing on the opposite side of the hatch, with his concussion rifle aimed to cover the cargo bay of the shuttle.

Sha'lin quickly grabbed what ever she could, thinking it was pirates from the extra parts she had and blinked as she looked at it realizing it was piece of tubing. She held it like a baseball bat and hide along side the frame of the door, waiting for whatever it was to come through.

Alanya shouted aloud, her voice loud. "Down on the deck! On the deck now!" The "Intimidator" swung from side to side, gripped with two hands and pointed in front of her, sweeping as she stepped forward and to the right to allow enough room for Seekith to fit through behind her, taking the right side of the cargo bay as her blue eyes searched for any movement as she shouted her verbal commands again, ignoring the sputtering death of the flare down by her feet.

Seekith took to the left side as he too aimed through the cargo area. As he came up to the edge of the door way, he spotted Sha'lin with her pipe. He smiled, "That's a present for me?"

Sha'lin let out a yelp of surprise and rose her hands, falling down to the ground on her knees, letting the pipe ring as it hit the ground. Sha'lin was to weak to use it anyways. She lowered her head submissively. And placed her hands on her knees.

The distress transmission was picked up on the Sienar Fleet System's close-range receiver. It took only a quick succession of micro-jumps to land the ISB Special Operations Cruiser within fifty klicks of the distress signal's initial beacon. Naturally the shield generators would come online, courtesy of Brand's helmsman, dual Sienar Shielding Systems rumbling to life within the cruiser. Sixtus was standing in the cockpit now, arms crossed across the broad width of the composite Blast Vest stretched over his chest. Eyes narrowed on the system readouts, quickly scanning over the available data presented on the corvette. "This isn't home territory and the shuttle isn't our primary concern. Bring all weapon systems online. I want you to lock down on that corvette and lock any hyperspace jump that it makes. Understood?" The ISB cruiser was not equipped to over take a corvette by any means. It could, at best, sustain a firefight. But that was not the Commander's intentions.

"Check the cockpit, Trooper," Seek said calmly with his aim still on the Twi'lek. The cockpit door had been open, hence the effects the flair had had on them.

Alanya said nothing as she approached the open cockpit door. She rolled from the right side of the cockpit door inside, tracking her weapon around, searching for signs of resistance amongst the pilots. She yelled her command to get on the deck again, ignoring the Corporal's much calmer bearing as she wanted to make sure that everything was under their complete control before they started to relax.

The operations officer of the Argo noted an additional sensor contact. It appeared to be a light cruiser by the results of the first sensor scan. "Commander," the officer began, "New sensor contact coming into range."

"It must be the cavalry," Derek announced, looking quite nervous as he peered out the viewports. Luckily, the ship's weapons and defensive systems were already online from the earlier battle, but they currently had a shuttle attached and there was little they could do to maneuver. His hand instinctively went to the comm unit as he sent word to the commandos, "Get what you can and get off that shuttle now." Derek then thumbed the comm off and focused on the sensor readouts.

Seekith nodded at the transmission and then reached out to grab the Sha'lin by her lekku. He quickly dragged her back to the hatch and yelled to Alayna, "Knock them out and then get down the hatch!"

Sha'lin blinked as she was dragged like a child being punished by her lekku, She winced and stumbled a lot, doing her best to hold her utility belt at her waist. while her other hand held Seekith's wrist. "Not so tight, your cutting off my circulation!" She grumbled in Bocce as she was pulled along.

"Captain, bring us in on approach toward the corvette." The display panel read that the two vessels were fifty klicks apart and closing now. Sixtus made no move to increase the engine's power output, content with the speed for now. Arms remained idly crossed over his chest, head cocking to the side to let those intense eyes settle onto the Captain's co-pilot. "Check with the Imperial registrar and customs and see what is onboard that shuttle." It was strictly to further Brand's information. His ISB mandate made recovering the shuttle, for the time being, irrelevant. His mandate was to accomplish a larger task, which instinct said the Corvette would likely play a part in. "When we're within range, activate the radar disruptor."

Calm. Cool. Calculating. The bearing and demeanor of the silent figure standing behind Sixtus Brand was easily described as icy as a blizzard on Hoth. An utterly rigid posture and unmoving stature was the epitome of discipline, while vacant, yet aware eyes swept the bridge in a swift movement. Dressed from head to toe in dark grey, the Navy uniform bore decorations and insignia. Tunic, belt, trousers, and boots. Not a speck of dust on the attire or a smudge against the polished boots left many of the crew wondering if this was a ghost among ghosts. He remained posted, statuesque, just to the right and behind Sixtus Brand' chair. Ready to move at a moment's notice when any command came.

There was a series of bone crunching noises that came from the cockpit. A few cries of pain and then silence as Alanya returned, looking around at the droids. "No! Drop her down first, we need this stuff!" She said, looking around at the droids and the tools, already pushing that damaged R2 unit towards the hatch.

"I'll get it! Go Trooper. I want you down there to secure the prisoners." Seekith barked all while looking Alanya in the eyes and tossing Sha'lin down the hatch as if she were nothing. He then Headed to the cargo bay to gather up the needed supplies. "And clear the hatch. I'm gonna be dropping down heavy stuff."

Alanya stared at him for a moment, and then shouted. "Don't leave any of them! Not even one!" She said before she moved towards the hatch and hopped down, probably landing right on top of the unfortunate Twi'lek if she had not moved quickly enough out of the way.

"Move it Corporal," Derek yelled through the comlink as his hand slammed down on controls. The sleek looking craft moved forward ominously on the viewscreen, his topside weapons unable to fire with the shuttle attached. In the back of his mind he considered whether or not he might have to detach from the shuttle before the troopers were back, but for now he could not consider such a thing. The Argo began angling away from the oncoming vessel at a slow pace, the ventral turbolaser could fire when they had the range.

Sha'lin blinked as she fell through the hatch. She fell on her rear and struggled as she glared up at the one who pushed her. She felt like a rag doll being thrown around so much. She crossed her arms and waited for her fate unsure of what they wanted from her.

Seek suddenly reverted to his old days of playing shockball in school and started chucking droids, tools, boxes and what ever he could find that was important down the hatch way. He quickly here the R2 unit beeping angrily as they flew through the sky and bounced off the walls of the hatch as the sailed to the floor beneath. Grabbing everything of value he quickly ran to cockpit, yelling as he went, "Trooper. We're coming down. Get a Detonator ready!" He quickly grabbed the two unconscious pilots by their collars and then heaved them to slide across the floor of the shuttle and fall through the hatch way. He was right behind them, sliding on his belly, then through the hatch and dive rolling away upon contact with the ground.

There was not much necessity for verbal commands. The crew had served under Brand long enough to know what their CO required. A tap on the pilot's shoulder and he'd immediately set to work on the control panel before him. The targeting computer would immediately set to work in acquiring a firing solution on the shuttle and what was visible of the hatch. Brand doubted that this would do anything more than create a need for repairs. But that was well enough. Leaning forward, the calloused pad of his thumb pressed a single button down, opening the comm channel. "I believe you have someone that belongs to me." The vocals transmitted through the open communication system to be heard by the corvette sounded more amused by the entire situation than anything. A smile of utter disregard for any life still aboard the Imperial shuttle was the only warning before the pilot was given the orders to launch a single incendiary missile toward its designated firing solution: the Imperial shuttle. The vessel gave no recoil as the single munition ejaculated out of the Cruiser at high speeds, its trajectory set to (hopefully) connect with the immobile Imperial Shuttle. That amused smile still hinted on the shrimp aficionado, turning his head to acknowledge his droid with that smug grin. "Like fireworks?"

"I assume you plan on creating a few." The tone was non-committal and the voice lacked enthusiasm, but his direction of attention was refocused to the view screen, to watch their course bring them closer and closer to ramming the other vessel.

Alanya grabbed each of the imperials as they fell through the hatchway, dragging them off the pile of droids and tools and over to the side. All three looked incapable of resistance at the moment, as she primed the thermal detonator and threw it upwards into the shuttle as the Corporal had commanded, the metal ball flew up into the innards of the shuttle, and then rolled. But she was not paying attention to that. After the throw she jumped up on top of the pile of droids and tools, slapping the hatch closure. She had no clue what was going on out in space, or anything about a missile. "Done!"

"Brace for impact," Derek yelled over the shipboard comm unit. He himself grabbed hold of the sides of his chair as he watched the missile come in. He was amazed when he noticed the projectile moving away from the corvette and towards the shuttle attached to the vessel. It impacted the crippled shuttle, square on, and the entire craft erupted in a massive fireball that shook the entire corvette. For a moment, the vessel was obscured in a massive explosion as debris splattered across the entire hull. The ship shook violently from the impact, the remainder of the shuttle still attached to the topside hatch, a burning wreck, obscuring use of the dorsal turret. "Return fire," Derek ordered as the ventral turbolaser turret began firing several volleys. There was no way to get an accurate target lock and thus the weapon was fire ineffectually.

Seekith got rocked around by the explosion and the shifting of the Argo. He quickly hit the com unit on his shoulder, "Sir, the shuttle is ready to disengage... if it's still there."

The explosion knocked Alanya off the pile of droids and tools. She pitched forward at first, and then fell backwards off the pile. She slammed hard on the decking, her weapon skittering across the decking as she herself did, rolling once and then twice before she hit the far wall as the ship pitched, rolled slightly over on her side.

"Kick it off if you have to," Derek replied over the comm link to Seekith in a hurried voice. Then, he turned his attention to the operations officer for more important orders, "Lay in a course for the Vergesso Asteroids. I cannot risk a return trip to Yavin in this condition." The officer nodded and the navigation computer went to work, but the ship was still shaking violently and the systems were slowed.

Sha'lin sat in one of the empty seats in the corvette, pulling her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her folded knees as she rested her chin on her knees.

Seek was quickly back on his feet and hitting the disengage button. He waited for a second, but heard nothing. He was already mid swear as he hit the com again, "Fiefek Sir. It's jammed. Can we jump with it still attached?"

"Damn it!" Derek cursed upon hearing the reply from Seekith over the comm. He did not know if they could make the jump with the wreck still attached, but certainly they did not seem to have much options. He noticed that the sensors were not functioning and the weapons were having little-to-no effect. Not only that, but half of their weapons had been disabled by the attack. "Prepare for hyperspace," he announced through the comm as he waited for the navigation computer to finish downloading the coordinates. He hoped this would work, but he could not be certain.

"I don't know who I have that belongs to you," Derek announced through the comm to the oncoming light cruiser, "but given the company I tend to keep, I doubt they are worth this much effort." With that, he disengaged the comm and allowed the ship's one operational battery to continue to fire at will on the light cruiser.

Sha'lin grumbled to herself, She hated working for Rebels, she felt the Empire was perfect. She moved up beside her captor and sat down beside him, looking at the controls curiously for a moment them smiled at him.

"Come on now, don't look so grim. This beats working with those damned lizards hanging off you, right?" A roguish grin crossed the width of Sixtus' lips. Like wide-eyed, boastful child impressed with the 'fireworks' created, the ISB commanding officer returned his attention to one of the display monitors. Sixtus had every right to be cocky in the face of the much larger corvette. A quick glimpse to their own personal read-outs kept that grin alive ... the 4x-Phantom jammer was still online and functioning at 99%. The jammer, in effect, distorted enemy radar trajections at the cuiser's hall, rendering firing solutions nearly inoperable. "They should be jumped at any minute. Make sure you have them tracked. No need to follow after them, but I want to know where they'll be." When the Captain of the corvette's voice cackled in over the comm-unit, Sixtus was again returning his hand to work the comm-system panel. "Maybe. I'll have to take a look for myself sometime. Have a safe flight." And with that the comm-unit's open transceiver was shut offline. The barrage of random shots from the corvette's functional turret were hits and misses. The few lucky shots dissipated as they connected with the shield engulfing the hull, giving the cruiser a rattle and shake every now and then.

An instant later, the Argo made the jump into the hyperspace. The small craft shook violently as it entered hyperspace, the remaining debris was violently ripped from the topside hatch. It impacted the man sensor dish and caused the Argo to rock violently and almost spiral out of control. "Hang on," Derek shouted to the crew as the ship eventually began to steady out, the starfield eventually turning into a swirling blur, as it proceeded on its journey to the Vergesso Asteroids. "Damn it," he cursed as he rose from his seat and began running towards the turbolift to get topside to review the damage.

Alanya rolled over, blood streaming from her forehead where she had slammed it against the decking. But she ignored it completely as she clambered to her feet and looked around. She reached down, picking up her Intimidator and holstered it at her side, looking towards the droids to make sure that they were alright. Blood trickled down her chin as she moved over, starting to stand the complaining astromech units upright, and inspecting them for damage that might of been caused from their fall.

Derek emerged from the turbolift and immediately he saw the unidentified Twi'lek seated along with two Imperial officers. He nodded to the woman, not sure who she was. But when he saw Trooper Rocturne battered and bloodied, he hurried forward and moved towards the debris. "Situation report, Trooper," Derek asked as he turned to look at the Twi'lek and the two unconscious Imperial officers. He moved his hand up to scratch his head, wondering if it was all worth it. He doubted it was.

Sha'lin looked at Derek. She put her finger to her nose and pushed up on the end, showing her nostrils. She crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

Alanya turned to look at the Commander, and snapped to attention. "Sir. Three Imperials captured, and several astromech droids rescued. Not sure where they were taking them sir..." She said, holding her bearing even as blood ran from her chin, touching the top of her lips. She still ignored it however. She was curious about who had been shooting at them, but didn't ask.

Instinctively, Seekith's right hand lowered to the T-6 "Thunderer" strapped to his right thigh as he looked on Sha'lin and her facial expressions. "Hey!" he barked loudly, "Knock it off! Hands on your head now!"

All of this for a handful of astromech droids, he thought to himself as he looked over the damage. They would need a major overhaul as he suspected the sensor array and the dorsal turret would be offline. He shook his head for a moment, his eyes darting over at the prisoners. Hopefully they would make up for the damage. His eyes moved to Rockturne once again, taking a more concerned gaze. "Better get that looked at Trooper," he said, referring to her wound. "Corporal," he said as he turned to Seekith, "Lock up the two Imperial officers. Leave the Twi'lek." His eyes moved to her as he turned away from the Corporal for the time being.

Sha'lin blinked as she was being barked at. She growled and stood as she walked up Seekith. She poked him in the chest and bore her teeth. "I don't know who you think you are but I'm sick of being thrown around by you."

Alanya shook her head. "Just a flesh wound, sir." She said, reaching up to wipe up some the blood. Pausing for a moment she stared at it on her fingers, before she looked back to the droids, and then to the Twi'lek, who was now talking back to Seekith.

Sha'lin grumbled about being pushed around by a bunch of nerf herders, then put her hands behind her head like she was told and locked her fingers together.

Without taking his eyes of the captain, Seekith grabbed Sha'lin again be the lekku and yanked her down so that her head hung down at his knee level, though not close enough that she could bite or hit him, "Sir, she was on the Imperial ship. He most likely is one of them, and this should be treated as a dangerous prisoner."

Derek was not at all pleased when he saw the way Seekith was manhandling the Twi'lek. "Now, now, Corporal," he said to him as he stepped closer towards the pair. "I really don't think she is that dangerous," he said as his eyes moved over her from top-to-bottom. "What is your name?" he asked, trying the direct approach. Sometimes it actually managed to work.

Sha'lin blinked as she was manhandled again and again. She rose her hands to his wrists and squeezed trying to get him to let go as she grunted. She tried to look up at Derek and said in a soft voice. "Sha'lin..." She grunted trying to get away.

"Well, Sha'lin," Derek said, repeating her voice. "Are you a dangerous prisoner?" he asked her, his head lowering slightly to look her over once more. "What were you doing on that ship?" he asked as a quick follow-up question. He would leave the more serious interrogation methods to those who were less civil than he.

Seekith debated for a full four seconds before finally letting go of the Twi'lek. Before she could answer the captain's questions he inserted his warning, "Try anything, and I'll throw you out a port and use you for target practice with one of the turbo laser cannons." He then moved over to the two still unconscious pilots and worked on securing them before transport to the brig.

Alanya began to right the complaining astromechs. Checking them over for damage. She checked the tools and gear also, seeing if anything exceptional had been pushed through into the ship. She checked each piece carefully, making sure there were no disguised weapons or anything, or any explosives of any nature.

"I was being transferred to Imperial Department of Military Research." Sha'lin brushed herself off and glared at Seekith then looked back at Derek adjusting her utility that sloped off her slender hips. "What about you?"

"Imperial Department of Military Research..." Derek repeated those words as he thought them over in his head. Perhaps this would be worth it after all. He lowered his head and thought about it for a moment. "...and what were you going to be doing for them?" he asked as he took a step back from her, his arms crossing over in front of him as he considered the situation.

Sha'lin looked at the others then smiled as she crossed her arms. "Modifying Imperial probe droids. I'm not exactly sure why or what I was doing till I reached the base. They never tell me anything." She sighed and let her shoulders drop. "I was told I do a better job than most Bothans though."

"Well," Derek said as his attention turned back to the troopers, "It might seem we have achieved something here after all." His attention refocused on the Twi'lek woman once again as he considered his options here. "Devoted to the Imperial cause?" he asked her as he studied her more intently.

Sha'lin nodded as she pushed her snow white lekku back over her shoulder. "I've called it my home for three years now, one training and two actually building droids. But lately its all been 'hush hush' type stuff. I was told I was on a need to know basis."

Seekith now stood with the two passed out men over his shoulders as he looked at Derek. "Told you so. Again I restate my position of throwing her in the brig too."

Derek's hand moved up to his face as he began to stroke his chin and consider all of what she had told them. "You know," he said as he studied her, "The Empire has been particularly cruel to your people." He then focused his attention back to Seekith, "Assign her quarters. Keep her under guard. Not the brig. Understand?" He nodded once to the Corporal, deciding he would target this one for conversion.

Seekith then stepped into the turbolift to take the prisoners down to the brig. Even before the door closed Seekith could be heard starting to make his jokes again. This time about some flatulence he was having and the precarious position of his captive's noses.

Sha'lin followed Alyana keeping close behind her, afraid of getting her lekku grabbed again. She fallowed at her side and watched how she moved. She smiled and said in a soft voice. "Do you think they're going to execute me? If I go back I know they will for sure. My life's not worth a Stormtrooper much less two." She winced as she looked down.

"...You can never go back." Alanya said bluntly, looking towards the Twi'lek again. She then looked forward again...she was not taking the Twi'lek to her assigned quarters, rather she was taking a roundabout route, so they could talk as they walked. "...You did not only work on probe droids..." She said aloud, a statement of fact more than a question.

Sha'lin shook her head no. "Not only probe droids, but that is what my new assignment was." She smiled a little brighter. "I worked on most of the big projects." She spoke a little softer. "Some things high security." She let out a soft giggle.

She slowed, and then stopped. "...If you tell...anybody. I swear I will blow you out of an airlock myself." Alanya said harshly as she looked down to the Twi'lek. "You just tell them that you worked on probe droids and nothing else. Not a word...of anything else. Understand?" She said, her eyes narrowing down at the Twi'lek.

She nodded with her soft purple eyes growing big as she looked at her. Sha'lin's hands clasped together. "I understand..." She shook her head. "I'm not ready to die yet...not on a rebel ship anyways."

Alanya stared at the Twi'lek for a moment longer. "Good. Dying is overrated anways...I think you will find that they are not so bad. Although nowhere near as...efficient." She said as she glanced around, to make sure nobody was eavesdropping on thier conversation.

She stepped a little closer to Alyana. Shal'in gave a curious look as she looked at her. "Don't worry. I don't think anyone can hear us."

Alanya nodded her head. "I do not think they would understand..." She paused for a moment, before speaking again, this time her voice got softer again. "I...never thought...that I would..." She said, looking down at the Twi'lek...suddenly feeling bad about threatening her earlier.

Sha'lin's curiosity was basically eating at her now as she looked at her. She tilted her head and whispered. "I promise, it will be just between you and me. I won't tell anyone, I promise."

Alanya blinked, somewhat confused. Did she believe the Twi'lek...should she believe her? There was a long silence before she spoke again. "...I am...thankful..." She said quietly, before she glanced around again. "We...had better get you to your quarters. Someone will notice soon." She said. "They may be inefficient, but they are not stupid." She said, starting to walk down the hallway again, this time headed for the turbolift to take the Twi'lek to her quarters, glancing over her shoulder every now and again.

Sha'lin nodded, still wondering what could it be. She fallowed her down the hallway and to the turbolift. She ran through all the possibilities why Alanya would confide in her.

Alanya opened the door to the quarters and motioned the Twi'lek inside. "You will not be disturbed. I will be guarding the door. Get some sleep..." She said, nodding to the inside of the Spartan interior. She had a lot to think about, and standing guard duty seemed a good way to do it, and it would also keep anybody from talking with the Twi'lek, at least for now.

Sha'lin nodded and walked into the room. She paused for a moment then turned to look at Alanya. "If you ever just want to talk, I'm here." She moved to her bed and sat down at the edge. "Funny how this morning I was an Imperial ... now look at me."

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