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Michelle Green and Christopher Levy.

One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:F1:2) in the Kaliida nebula: Kima and in the Naboo system: Kima and Naboo (Amaran enclave and Theed: Spaceport).
Ni Chaact, Reg Collingwood, and Oola Dulovic

The Kima found itself in the Kaliida Nebula while on the Balmorra Run, as they were attempting to move through the difficult region of space with their enormous load of illicit spice. The run had been used by smugglers for thousands of years, but had been forgotten in recent centuries. It was a perilous test for only the bravest of smugglers, but Reg Collingwood felt he had what it took to navigate his Nella 342 light freighter through the hazard. If they were successful, it would take considerable time off their trip, and if they were not ... it was likely no one would ever know what happened to them. There were a number of beads of sweat forming upon his forehead, as he had been at the controls for quite some time, delicately managing to steer the ship on a manual course rather than relying on the autopilot. He was thankful Oola had taken his warning about the nebula seriously, for one inadvertent move of her tail might kill them all.

Oola knew that Reg needed to be alone while he flew them deeper and deeper into the nebula, with her presents it would only cause him more directions and more likely to kill them both which she didn't want to happen. Sitting in the rec area she sat on her bed playing with some of the things she had stolen, ture there wasn't much to look at but she was proud of the little trinkets and knick knacks she had. Reg had his ship and she had her wears even if they were stolen. Looking at one of the blasters sh had salvaged back on Nal Hutta. She had never fired one before and she wasn't about to start now that was more than for sure, placing it on the end of her bed she thought it would make a nice gift for Reg, something he could use if he ever needed it. Digging into her bag she felt a sharp stab in the palm of her hand " *Ouch*! She yelped out pulling hand out, stuck inside was a rather large piece of glass. "Son of a bitch." She said softly her ears her against her head as she whimpered lightly. Quickly Oola ran into the refresher, swallowing hard she looked away as she pulled the glass shard out form her hand, not realizing how deep it had gone her hand started to drip blood into the sink "*Shit*" She muttered looking around for something to wrap around her hand, seeing there was one of his shirt Ool rolled her eyes picking it up "When you gotta you gotta." She whispered taking it into her mouth and started to rip a thin piece off. Wrapping it around her hand she made a makeshift bandaged she didn't know were the glass could have come from but she was about to find out.

Moving to her bag she grabbed it and turned it upside down, little things fell out here and there, mostly bobbles, and random things only a scavenger would find till suddenly and old pair of glasses had fallen out, she knew who they belonged to the moment she seen them, taking the broken frames into her hands she sighed softly. No matter where Oola tired to go her past always seemed to find her, leaning over on her bed she placed the glassed upon her pillow and smirked. "I miss you da'." She said lightly before taking the blaster into her hand and slowly walked out looking at the glasses once last time before heading to the cockpit. Scurrying along quickly and quietly Oola popped up near Reg looking out at the nebula clouds, she never seen anything like them before. Gasping softly she stood up and placed her wounded hand on the window "So pretty." She said as her green hues sparkle.

"So dangerous!" Reg quickly added, as he made a slight maneuver on the controls, which he gripped so tightly it made his knuckles appear a pale shade of white. As he looked at her, he could see that she had injured her hand, and he cringed softly. "What did you do?" he asked, his eyes moving back and forth rapidly between her hand and the course in front of him. The focus he had placed on her hand nearly caused him to venture off course, briefly endangering their lives. He swallowed nervously, as he felt the hull began to shake, before righting their path and getting them headed in the right direction. "We're almost through," he assured her, as his eyes went to the star charts, confirming their location was accurate to where he thought they were.

Quickly Oola moved her hand and shook her head "Nothing to bad, just stabbed myself with some glass I found in my bag. It's nothing though I promise." She said smiling a little before lifting up the blaster slightly in her other hand "Thought I brought you a little gift. I know it's not much but thought if need you could use it." She said softly. Feeling the ship shake Oola looked up on alert "I think I'll go back in the back and leave you be, it seems safer for the both of us." Oola said softly "I don't want to distract you and well we both know I am a distraction." She said making a slight face before quickly moving out of the cockpit and back to the rec room. Sitting down on the couch she sighed softly thinking of a way to keep her mind of the dangers that awaited them out in the nebula, knowing one slightly wrong move and poof end game for the both of them.

Reg used the time alone in the cockpit to think about Oola, and how much his life had changed in the week since he met her. When they cleared the nebula and the gasses faded into a dark and vast field of distant stars, he activated the autopilot, and moved towards the back of the ship to find her. "Thanks for the gift," he thought, as he lifted the blaster pistol she had given him appreciatively. "But don't you think you ought to learn to use one of these at some point?" he asked, as he moved back to the couch, sitting next to her, and offering her back the blaster. "There are such things as *pleasant* distractions," he told her, referencing her earlier comment before she fled the cockpit.

Looking down at Reg's hand she shook her head "I don't want to learn how to... As much as I should I think I would be more suited for something... Different." She said with a smirk. Glancing up at Reg she gasped a little "I do believe you are hitting on me! How dare you." She said with a smirk teasing him as her tail came around lightly slapping him on his cheek but very softly that it only cause pleasure instead of pain. Leaning over as her slender frame pressed against his she smiled. "What pleasant distraction did you have in mind?" Oola whispered as she started to kiss the side of Reg's neck softly.

"Fair enough. I'll do the shooting. You do the tailing," Reg said to her, before flashing her a wicked grin. As her tail once again moved towards him, he turned on the couch, and moved his face to hers, kissing it softly. After the kiss broke he pulled his head back, noticing that she had been without a wardrobe, and wondered if that was part of the reason she had been viewed so harshly. "We'll be coming up on Naboo soon. Theed has some amazing clothing stores. Maybe we could go shopping?" he suggested, tilting his head slightly, as he raised a hand to caress the side of her face affectionately.

Oola's head leaned into his hand as she nuzzled against it smiling, looking down she sighed "I guess fur isn't in unless someone else is wearing it and not the owner?" She asked a little sliding into his lap. "I did ask you after I came on if you had anything and you said no, so I think it is time we at least get me one thing to wear when I'm not in here doing all kind of wicked things to you." She said smirking a little, kissing Reg's softly. "I want something that brings out my tail thought." She knew just how much that drove him over the edge and she loved to do more than Reg loved to hear it. Sliding her hand down his chest slowly she looked into his Hazel hues. "I guess getting something won't hurt to much as a pleasant distraction, but I almost thought you were going to suggest something darker, naughtier thought. Guess my foxy lady charm wore off." She pouted a little snapping her fingers. "Dammit. I'm going to have to try harder then," Oola said with a giggle.

"As much fun as I have, having you around naked, I think things might go better for us if you at least wore something," Reg admitted to her, as his hand moved down from her face to caress other, unmentionable portions of her fur covered form. "Besides ... I'm liable to get jealous of the rest of the galaxy looking at *my* girl," he told her, revealing a potential jealous streak for the first time. His hazel eyes locked on her green eyes that were looking at him, and an unbearable sense of desire began to fill him. "You know, I won't have as good of an access point after our lil' shopping spree..." he said, as he shifted on the couch, moving dangerously close to her. So much so that she could hear his heartbeat and smell the musky scent that was beginning to emit from parts of his body.

Oola smirked as she raided a brow "Mmm I do love hearing you call me *your* girl, makes me feel like I've never felt before, to know I belong to you in the very best way." She cooed softly in his ear. "With or without close my love I will always let you access part of me that no other man will ever enter, only dream of draping my body around them and having all sort of..." She cleared her throat for a moment "Pleasurable distractions with."

Reg had hoped to spend some time cuddling with Oola, but he was quickly interrupted by the sound of the proximity alarm coming from the cockpit. "What now..." he complained, as he sat up suddenly on the couch, and he began to put his pants back on. He slowly made his way back towards the cockpit, feeling quite exhausted, but after a small stumble me eventually managed to arrive back in the cockpit. "We've made it to Naboo," he shouted back over her shoulder towards Oola, before moving to take his pilot's seat. Taking the controls back from the autopilot, he gently altered the course to vibrant blue and green world that lay ahead of them. Naboo, being home to both Humans and Gungans, might have a more tolerant population in terms of interspecies relationships. There was also a contingent of Amarans on the planet, which he also thought worked in their favor.

Oola let out a groin as she heard the alarm go off "Really can't get five minutes without something breaking or going off." She said sitting up on the couch watching Reg leave, she knew he wanted to stay with her but it was as if everything else around them only wanted one thing from then and then called him away from her. Rising off the couch she quickly moved from the rec room the to cockpit taking her seat next to him. The planet was rather lovely she had to admit that and something about it almost seemed like something she seen once in a dream, shaking her head for a moment she tired to think of where she seen Naboo before, her brows came together as she thought. "I know this place, like I've been here, but that's impossible." She said looking at Reg. "I've never been off world before till now, unless my parents didn't tell me something... Reg why does this seem like I've been here once?" She asked him softly.

As the Kima neared Naboo, Reg could tell that Oola was sensing something familiar, but unfortunately he was not the one who could answer questions about her past. "Well Naboo and Nal Hutta couldn't be any different from one another if they tried," he explained, as he accelerated the ship into the lane that would lead directly towards the spaceport in the capital city of Theed. "If you want, we can stop by the Amaran enclave. Maybe someone there might have the ans-" he was quickly cut off as the freighter descended from the clouds and the city of Theed came into view for the first time. The beautiful ancient structures stood out amongst the lush shade of green that surrounded it. The large waterfall seemed to dominate everything, and as they neared the spaceport he did not think he had ever seen such beautiful shades of blue and green. "...answers," he finished from earlier, before beginning the landing process that would set them down safely in one of the spaceport's docking bays.

Oola's eyes opened wide as her mouth opened, she was taken back by how breathtaking it was, how it was so much like home. Once the ship and landed Oola didn't waist time quickly she moved from her seat as she ran on all fours to the back where she lowered the ramp, she didn't even wait for it to set on the ground before she jumped out, closing her eyes she took a deep breath in, there was something calling to her, both her ears perked up as she looked back at the ramp and then to where the sound was coming from. Still on all fours she looked around at everyone around her, they weren't giving her strange looks, they were smiling at her, a flash of her mother laughing as she walked passed an old building that was in front of her flashed in Oola's mind. What was happening to her, was she seeing her home, was this where her mother and father first lived, where she was born? She still felt the call to her as it nearly pulled her towards wherever it was, turning her head she stopped dead in her track, there just a few feet from her another like herself stood wearing a long deep blue robe holding a thick wooden walking stick, it was a female her fur was red with hints of silver as she slowly walked over to Oola.

"Greetings little one." She said in a soft gentle voice making her way to Oola who was now sitting like a dog would looking at the older female who walked over to her. Standing now just a few inches for Oola the other Amaran smile sweetly. "I am Ni Chaact. But the others simply call me Ni." The elder fox said as she reached out with her free hand and lightly stroked Oola's head. "You must be very far from home... Or perhaps you are returning from a very long trip." Ni said softly as her blue eyes looked over at the ship. "I would say you are returning." She whispered softly to Oola who was still in a daze trying to put everything together.

There was no way that Reg could keep up with her. Before he had even left the cockpit, she was out of the ship ... gone in a flash of fur. "Oola!" he cried out, as he exited the Kima and made his way into the spaceport. He was quick to put his glare shades on, blocking out the sun, and giving him that cool factor. As he descended the ramp he was met with an incredible sight ... Oola with another Amaran. He wondered how many there were, but when he saw that the older one that seemed to recognize her, he decided not to move closer towards them, as he did not want to intrude. Part of him was happy that Oola seemed to be finding answers to her past, but another part of him worried she might find a home here that she preferred to life aboard the Kima.

Ni noticed Reg as she smiled bowing her head slightly. "I see you have found yourself a strapping young mate as well." The elder fox said softly, slowly Oola was pulled back to the real world as she rose up standing a foot taller than Ni. Looking at Reg she smiled a little as her tail swayed bashfully behind her. "Yes, his is Reg." She said softly to the elder who slowly made her way over to Reg, walking around him as best as she could getting a good look at him. The older Amaran nodded her head in approval over Oola's choice. "Fine young man, but I must say it is bold to prefer one in their natural form as he does with you." She said smiling.

"Many of the others, and there are others my dear! Do not wear clothing either, though when we come into the city we like to make it known we respect all, thought I think they will let it pass with you wee one." Ni said nodding give Oola a wink. Looking between Oola and Reg she smiled "I bet you two have been traveling very far and long long and wish to have someplace to rest, relax, possible find some food to eat."She said looking at the shape Oola was in. "How about you two follow me, there is a place not far from here where you can do all that..." Ni paused as she stepped closer to Oola taking her hand into her own and squeezed it tight "And more."

Reg rather liked hearing the elder Amaran call him 'strapping' and a cocky smile curled upon his lips. He shifted his weight, leaning against the freighter's lift, as he listened to the two's conversation. When she requested they follow her, he moved forward in a slow pace, unsure of where they might be going. Reg, however, was fairly predictable, and where the tail led he would follow. As they moved through the city of Theed he did not feel the condescending eyes of the local population, nor did they feel out of place. Perhaps they had finally found somewhere they could exist without invoking the wrath of the xenophobes or being attacked by the Hutts. For the first time since he met Oola he was on a world where he felt safe.

Ni slowly walked as he lead both Oola and Reg away from the dock and along Theed's many bustling roads, though soon she would lead them out into the woods. Looking back at both them she smiled "The village isn't far, or I would not walk this way. Then again I'm not as young as I think I am." She joked lightly before looking ahead of them "Come now must not keep the other's waiting." She said starting to slowly walk on. Her tall talking stick made a light thud as she brought it before her with each step Ni took along the thick jungle forest floor.

Oola looked at Reg "I trust her Reg, I can't explain why but I think Ni is part of my past." She said slowly following behind the older Amaran. "I know you are worried that I will stay here and leave you, but once I have mated I have mated for life. Where you go I go, I'm not leaving you for other who look like me." She said softly taking his hand into her own and held it tight smiling. "Your *my* mate Reg, your stuck with me!" She said laughing lightly.

A woman with a past, he thought silently to himself, as he followed behind the young Amaran following the elder, in a strange convoy of sorts. When he heard the way she described him, it gave him a renewed sense of confidence, that helped to ease the anxiety he felt about her potentially finding a home. "I feel the same way, Oola," he said to her, as he tried to look ahead of where they were going, as his smuggler's anxiety always made him feel uneasy venturing into the unknown. His hand nervously moved to take hers into his own, giving her a reassuring squeeze, but also revealing an unwillingness to let go.

It didn't take Ni long to come upon a large village full of other Amarans, children, men and women of all ages walked around doing daily duties or enjoying their time. "Welcome to that Amaran enclave" Ni said stepping to the side showing the, each building looked like the ones in Theed just smaller. "This is just one of many like it, this is my home, where I was born and seen many born. I have never forgot a name, and though some say we all look like we are all different, so I never forget a face." Ni looked at Oola smiling. "Your mother had a fire spirit, and I believe you have it too my dear Dulovic." The elder said grasping her walking stick tight in both hands. "Though before you ask question rest first, no one here will harm you, either of you. Since you to have mated they will treat you as one of their own Reg, go be at peace till it is time." Ni said waving Oola off smiling.

Oola was speechless as she looked around seeing so many like herself, this was what was calling to her, the sound of her kind walking, talking. Once Ni relieved that she indeed knew her mother and her Oola looked at her going to say something but was cut off by Ni's request, sighing softly she looked the elder nodding. "Alright Ni, though I wish to know soon." She said slowly moving forward as she held Reg's hand tight looking around at her kin. She smiled amazed at how many there were, at all the times that walked around, short, tall, slim and fat, children laughing and running around. It was a placed she could call home, though he places was with Reg no matter what.

Being the tallest creature for miles gave him an added boost of confidence, as all of the three to four feet Amarans scurried about in every direction. As he was nearly six feet tall, this made him considerably larger than the exotic species of fox-like creatures, which was something he enjoyed considerable. As Oola began to listen to Ni speak of her mother, he thought it best to talk less and listen more. He knew that this would be an emotional experience for his young mate, and he kept his hand firmly grasped around hers. As he explored the enclave, he wondered if the time would be right when he could ever bring her to Talus to meet his family. Ni was going to great lengths to make him feel exceedingly welcome, but he privately wondered if his people would show the same hospitality for Oola if they were to travel there.

Oola smiled up at Reg as the two walked slowly. "It feels strange being here, I mean I don't remember anything just the green and blue." She said softly as they came to a large water fountain, sitting on the edge Oola looked at her reflection in the rippling surface. "It feels like a dream, it feel like I've been here but at the same time I don't have that full connection. At least not till Ni tells me who I am where I come from." She said softly looking at him. "I know we have to get that cargo off and soon, but I don't think I can leave just yet, I want to stay with you and I want you stay here with me, but I don't want us to become separated!" Oola had desperation in her voice and fear not wanting to leave Reg's side she sighed softly as a group of children ran back, Oola watched as they headed into one of the building, the sound of the bubbling fountain was relaxing and soothing but for Oola her mind felt like it had a nest of angry bees buzzing around wildly. Squeezing Reg's hand tight she didn't want to let go. "What do you want?" She asked looking up at him worried.

As Reg sat down next to her on the edge of the fountain, he looked at her with a sympathetic sense of longing. "Oola, we can stay here for as long as you want. The cargo isn't going anywhere, and besides ... it isn't nearly as important as you finding out answers about who you are and where you came from," he said, as he looked up at the moonlight reflecting in the ripples of the fountain. "All I want is you, Oola," he said, as he leaned in towards her, placing his mouth to hers, and engaging in a passionate kiss, while embracing her tightly. The sound of the water rippling next to them began to lull him into a state of heightened relaxation. "I love you," he said to her softly, when the kiss broke, but he held his head near hers, unwilling to move even an inch further from her.

Oola smiled as she rubbed her forehead against Reg's "I love you more," She whispered softly as she sighed, it was strange to know that he was willing to do all this for her, to know that there was someone all this time out there for her and knowing she could trust him, knowing that whatever bag could come they would do whatever it too. Slowly a young Amaran girl came up holding two plates full of exotic food on it. "You must be hungry, Ni told me to get you two something to eat, and once you were done to show you where you will be sleeping. It is not often we have such honored guest among us." She said softly offering Reg and Oola their food. Oola looked between the girl and Reg confused. "What do you mean Honored guest?" The girl laughed a little "You do not know... You are the daughter of Chu Cher Dulovic... One of the leaders of our village. "The girl said as Oola dropped her plate bewildered with such news.

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