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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:9:33) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Hot springs and Leiliani: Rodney Castle).
Doctor Alessandra Bailo, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Major Sierra Rodney, and Doctor Pilaq Tohan.

It had been to Doctor Bailo's pleasant surprise when she received a call from Lady Sierra. The call did not relate to anyone being injured, or any bad news in general. Since she and Pilaq were already on Delaya for Zara's prenatal appointment, Sierra thought it would be best to pair the appointments so the Ithorians didn't have to travel so much. Admittedly, Sierra still seemed to feel guilty for all the stress she had put Pilaq and Claudius through with Bruce's early arrival. For the first time in so long, it seemed like the House of Rodney was on top of its game. Zara's appointment had gone very well, as had Sierra's. Alessandra had grown connected to the family since she met Zara and Marcus on Jubilee. It was much more rewarding to see their babies doing well since she had come to love the family so much. After they had finished, Sierra and Claudius had invited them to tea.

That brings us to now. Alessandra sat at a table just big enough to seat the four of them. Light drew in from a nearby window. She held a tea cup in her hand, carefully sipping it. She seemed to be seated slightly closer to Pilaq than normal. Either she had grown comfortable with showing off their relationship, or she realized she was too old to really care. The elderly Ithorian set her cup down softly. She was smiling with both of her mouths. "Lady Sierra, Lord Claudius, you're nearly halfway through again. Have you two come up with any names for the infants?" Zara had talked endlessly about 'Fiona' during their appointment. Sierra seemed to experience a more quiet, reserved happiness. Alessandra hoped it lasted. She prayed their family would remain safe.

Claudius and Marcus had wasted no time in complicating the venerable Doctor Pilaq Tohan's life. "I cannot believe we are still going to them," he complained to his companion, Doctor Bailo, as they navigated Castle Rodney until he reached the table where Claudius and Sierra were waiting. He looked to Alessandra who was giving a rather formal and professional greeting to the couple, whereas he would have had no difficulty referring to them by their common names. "Infant*s*..." he said, repeating Doctor Bailo's word, still a bit shocked by the fact that they were having twins so shortly after the birth of Sia and Darrus. "You would think this family might be out of names with the number of pregnancies they have had out of late," he commented, before banging the base of his walking stick down on the tile floor.

Doctor Bailo had a theory that Auntie Mae had, in some way or another, a hand in Sierra and Zara's fertility. It had to be the ice cream *somehow*! Beside Pilaq, she chuckled. His ability to speak the unfiltered truth was something she envied about him, and enjoyed.

Sierra laughed. "Ah, it's good to see you too, my friend." She greeted Pilaq by rising to her feet and hugging the old Ithorian. "Oh, don't be like that. As I recall, it wasn't that long ago that everyone was scurrying for a male heir. Now there are plenty." She settled back into her seat beside Claudius. One of her hand rested in his. They had plans for the day, plans she could hardly wait to get to. First, they wanted to find out more about Ithorian ceremonies so they could begin planning what came next. "Doctor Bailo, we have thought about names. We're leaning toward Olivia for our daughter and Noah for our son. Noah is a family name from my house. Olivia's roots are obvious." She offered both doctors a kind smile. She secretly wondered if Pilaq would retire after the children arrived. They were working the Ithorian to death.

As Claudius watched the old Ithoian labor towards the table he wished he was wearing a blast helmet, because he fully expected a knock on the head to follow. He flinched, nearly bracing himself, as he drew near. Fortunately, his old doctor was unleashing more of a verbal attack than a physical one. "Not quite out of names yet," he said, as he squeezed Sierra's hand reassuringly. He was very confident in the names they had chosen and it was hard not to get emotional when he heard his wife speak them aloud.

"Where is this tea? I am too old to wait," Doctor Tohan asked, as he looked over the table hungrily. He reached to the antique tea kettle, pouring himself a cup of the herbal tea with a shaky hand. As the warm liquid filled his cup his large, bulbous eyes went wide as he began to inhale the pleasant aroma. He leaned over to pour Doctor Bailo a cup, but made a deliberate point of not serving Claudius and Sierra. He had agreed to a house call, but he would be damned if he would serve the table.

"Noah and Olivia," Alessandra repeated. "Good, strong names. Just like the babies you two make." She could hardly believe that the House of Rodney had been blessed so many times. Silently, she wondered if she needed to intervene and give both girls the talk about contraceptives. Maybe she could convince Pilaq to take the lead there. "Thank you, Pilaq," she smiled at him then picked up her cup of tea. She gently blew on the warm liquid before taking a drink. Despite what Claudius and Marcus' procreation did to Pilaq, the two men seemed legitimately happy. She wondered if it was the first time for that as well.

Sierra picked up the tea kettle and poured Claudius a drink, then herself. As she rested the kettle back on the table, she decided to make way towards the question she wanted to ask both doctors. "Thank you, Doctor Bailo. We're both excited for their arrival." That much was obvious. Sierra had some natural worries when it came to twins, but, if Zara could do it, then she probably could too. She peered over at her husband, offering him a wide smile. "Claudius and I were curious as to what an Ithorian marriage ceremony is like. Can you fill us in?" She looked at Pilaq, then Doctor Bailo, who was currently choking on her tea and turning bright red. She fully suspected Claudius to get hit in the head for her asking such a question. They could all be grateful that Zara wasn't there. She was such a little matchmaker.

Claudius watched Pilaq pour Alessandra her tea, speculating on the nature of their relationship, and turning beet red. In all the years he had known Pilaq he had never seen him with a female of his species. After a while he came to take it for granted that the doctor was so old that it simply was not something he was interested in. When Sierra mentioned the Ithorian wedding ceremony almost immediately he was shocked, and almost instantly placed his cup of tea back down on the saucer. He said nothing, but he slowly turned his head to look at Sierra, and then turned to Pilaq for the inevitable response.

Doctor Tohan blinked slowly as he listened to Sierra's question, slowly putting his own cup of tea down in the saucer. He said nothing, but instead slowly blinked his eyes, before turning to look at Alessandra. "So a human ceremony, a Squib ceremony, and now an Ithorian ceremony ... are you going for some sort of trifecta?" he asked, before reaching across for a piece of fruit. He picked it up and ate it slowly, before turning his attention to Alessandra. He used the excuse of eating to avoid saying something suitably catty.

"Did Zara put you up to this?" Alessandra asked Sierra defensively. In her mind, this was the beginning of both woman harassing her and Pilaq until they took things to 'the next level'. Frankly, she was very happy. She didn't need a ceremony to have given him her heart. After all, they already acted like a married couple. That was especially true when Pilaq occupied himself with eating fruit while turning the spotlight on her. She gulped. "Ithorian marriage ceremonies are very beautiful. Many Ithorians choose to get married on the homeship now, but some follow the original tradition of marrying on the surface of Ithor in a sacred jungle called M'lere komo mojo," she spoke in Ithorese. "It roughly means 'an eternity as one'. Deep in this forest, there is a tree called n'hili. For many generations, Ithorians married under this tree. It is said those who marry when the n'hili is in bloom will be happy forever." Alessandra smiled at the pure sweetness of the tale. "Nature is very prominent in the ceremony. The bride's dress is made of flowers. The bride and groom also trade flowers. They don't just promise themselves to each other, but they promise themselves to nature as well." Alessandra was ready to excuse herself. She felt embarrassed. Many moons ago, she had been young. She could recall seeing an aunt married under the n'hili when it was in bloom. It held an indescribable beauty.

As Alessandra described the Ithorian ceremony, Claudius listened intently while simultaneously reaching across to grab Sierra's hand and affectionately caress it. "It sounds wonderful," he said, with a kind smile towards Alessandra and Pilaq, before turning his attention to Sierra. Without asking he knew his wife well enough to know she would want to be part of the ceremony. "We would like to have the ceremony performed for us," he said, directly, to Alessandra and Pilaq, uncertain of how they would react. There was always the chance that a whack on the head would be coming. He was quite confident in his decision and hoped it would be received in the respectful manner that he intended.

Alessandra began painting a picture for Sierra. She had never been on the surface of Ithor, yet she had heard that it was very beautiful. The whole ceremony reflected the love that Ithorians had for nature. She wondered what the tree looked like that she spoke of. She wondered if it would be blooming when they had a ceremony specially for them. She knew they were both on board with the idea by the way he caressed her small hand. Her own squeezed his before the tips of her fingers brushed over his knuckles. Just like that, she couldn't wait. She felt excited thinking about standing before the love of her life and pledging herself to him again. She squeezed his hand. She wanted to do more, but that hardly seemed appropriate with Pilaq and Alessandra there.

When she realized that this wasn't the girls teaming up on Alessandra and Pilaq, she let out a long sigh from both of her mouths. As conflicted as she felt about Claudius and Sierra sharing in the Ithorian ceremony, she also didn't stand in a place to tell them 'no'. From afar, Alessandra could tell the two were inseparable. It didn't matter if they married when the n'hili was in bloom or not; they'd be happy forever. Slowly, she nodded her hammerhead. This was the chance for her and Pilaq to be present at Claudius' wedding. They had not been present for the first two. "I will put you in connection with someone who can arrange the ceremony. If you need any assistance, or have questions about Ithorian customs, you can always ask us." She glanced towards Pilaq. She was expecting some sass from her old companion.

Pilaq was very surprised by Claudius' request, but despite his friendship with Claudius he was not entirely sure it was appropriate for an offworlder to participate in their sacred ceremonies. Particularly one who was directly connected to the Galactic Empire that had oppressed the people of Ithor. However, Alessandra seemed content for the couple to have the ceremony performed, so he would not speak his concerns about it. He simply nodded his head in silent agreement to Alessandra's decision, while moving to eat another piece of fruit so it would not go to waste.

"Oh thank you, Doctor Bailo," Claudius hurriedly replaced to Alessandra, before shifting his body to move closer to his beloved wife. He was so happy that their desire to be married in the Ithorian custom was on the verge of becoming a reality. Instinctively he moved towards her, placing a kiss upon her cheek so that not to be heavy on public displays of affection in front of the Ithorians. "This is wonderful," he told her, and them, as he smiled contently from ear to ear. From the way Alessandra described the ceremony it sounded even more wonderful than their recent Squib ceremony.

Sierra was very pleased that Doctor Bailo had agreed to help them with setting up the ceremony. This ceremony would not include Auntie Mae, thankfully. It would be private and, undoubtedly, perfect. A large smile burst out over her face. "Thank you, Doctor." She reach across the table, squeezing Alessandra's hand softly. Her attention turned to Claudius. She kissed him on the cheek back. She still felt a little shy about showing her affectionate side around the doctors. Surely they understood. "I can't wait," she told him happily. The very first thing that she was going to do when she had free time was research Ithorian customs, flowers, and so on. She slid her hand in Claudius' quickly. Sierra wanted to move forward with their plans for the day. More importantly, she wanted to *really* kiss him. "Thank you for meeting with us, Doctor Tohan, Doctor Bailo." She smiled to each of them. "We'll be in touch. Claudius is supposed to show me around the city." Once she was back on her feet, she paused to give both Ithorians a gentle hug. As a peace offering, she placed a bowl of ioaa in front of him before whisking her husband off.

They made it as far as around a corner, away from the line of vision of either Ithorians. Sierra leaned up on her tippy toes and promptly kissed him on the lips. They were to be married *again*. It was still exciting! "Take me away," she whispered to him when the kiss reached its natural end.

Claudius nodded to the Ithorian doctors before he was whisked away by his wife. As soon as they were out of the line of sight the kiss came, which was unexpected and caused his eyes to widen dramatically. When the kiss broke he struggled to catch his breath and cheeks had flushed red from the rapidness of his heart rate. "Uh. Okay..." he said to her request, blinking slowly, as he attempted to come to terms with the shocking nature of the kiss. Their speeder was waiting and this time it was he who was going to be doing the driving. "Hop in!" he shouted to her cheerfully as he settled into the driver's seat. As soon as she was settled and strapped in he accelerated the speeder down from the castle along the winding mountain road until arriving at the city of Leiliani. Unfortunately, many of the locations he remembered had either been destroyed by the battle of closed due to the owners fleeing the planet. This new Leiliani was as new to him as it was to her. Finally they arrived at Germanicus Rodney Square, which Marcus and Zara had rebuilt with a large portion of the family treasury. "Here we are," he told her, as he stopped the speeder in front of the massive statue of Germanicus Rodney, first Duke of Delaya.

Sierra entered through the passenger's side and sat. She glanced out the window, recalling Delaya the first times she came to visit. A tinge of pain ran through her. She still missed Livia, who had made her feel nothing but welcome during her visits. The galaxy was a lot less without her. Brushing the sadness aside, she rested a hand on her husband's leg to remain affectionate while not causing too much of a distraction.

The statue they came to stop in front of was familiar. Germanicus Rodney had made an appearance at the lake before the gigantic sea monster stole their son and took away several decades of life from both of his parents. Germanicus Rodney Square looked like it had never been affected by the battle of Leiliani. There were blooming flowers planted around the statue. It was beautiful. She smiled at Claudius. "Ah, Germanicus Rodney, we meet again." Widening her smile, Sierra's fingers played across his leg. "I knew of its existence, but I've never come to see the statue up close before." She idly wondered what life was like on Delaya back in Germanicus and Raeni's day.

Claudius looked at the statue, but was displeased to see that it still showed signs of the damage incurred when it was toppled during the Battle of Delaya. Unbeknownst to him, Marcus and Zara chose not to repair the statue as a subversive reminder of the damage caused by the Empire. "As a child I used to come here and sit in the shadow of the great Duke while my father and grandfather lectured me on the history of the family and what was expected of me," he told Sierra, as his eyes angled skyward while he remembered. "Marcus never went through that, and now he's Duke," he said, snickering, before lowering his head and shaking it. He moved to stand next to his wife, moving his hand to the small of her back and allowing it to rest there, as they stood in the shadow of the statue.

She could imagine Julius and a significantly younger Claudius beneath the statue while Julius told tales of the family. "Your grandfather too? What was he like?" She asked curiously. Sierra also wondered if he regretted leaving the throne behind. She searched for the answer between his words but was unable to find it. "No one ever expected much for Marcus. I recall the first time I met him. I didn't know someone was capable of being so drunk." She snickered, nudging him gently with her hip. "Do you miss it, love?" She asked him, referring to the Duchy above all else.

"My grandfather? Oh," Claudius said, as he returned to reality from his brief moments of reminiscing. "He died when I was still young. He was happier than my father ever was, and without the drinking too," he explained to her, as he did his best to try and remember. "History recorded him as a competent leader, but that was before the Clone Wars in a time of relative calm," he reminded her, as that was ancient history to someone as young as her. "I guess that's true," he said, as he leaned over towards her and placed a kiss upon her cheek. "When the bar is set so low it's easy to exceed expectations," he said, in reference to his younger brother. "No. I don't miss it. Dru misses it more than I ever did," he said, with a soft chuckle, as he wondered what trouble his daughter was getting into.

She wished she'd had the opportunity to meet his grandfather. Inside, she had often pondered if Julius' life would have lasted longer without the influence of drink. Maybe he would have caught onto Gaius' evil plots and schemes sooner. Though Sierra had not been making memories at the time of the Clone Wars, she had studied it enough to understand. Times were hard for everyone. She nodded her head, all the while pondering if Zara and Marcus would find relics from other Dukes inside of the castle. Her blue eyes flickered away from the statue and towards her husband. She looked at him thoughtfully, then laughed softly. "That's very true. She never learned the weight of the responsibility. Ultimately, even she is better off. How could we have given time to our children with the weight of Delaya and the Empire on our shoulders?" She imagined Drusilla begging Zara to take her shopping. Zara would do it, simply not knowing what she was getting herself into. "Where do you want to go next?" She asked him. She hoped he was still having a good time. With memories came emotions...and sometimes those emotions weren't entirely good.

"By letting an ancient nanny droid do all the work?" Claudius teased, with a smirk, before bursting into laughter. "I'll show you," he said to her, as he took her by the arm and led her away from the massive statue and back towards their luxury speeder. Getting back into the driver's seat, he accelerated away from the public square and outside the city of Leiliani itself. As they left the buildings and industry in the rearview they moved into more natural surroundings. Before long they found themselves at the Delayan hot springs, a beautiful undeveloped area where people had come for generations to enjoy the heated spring, which was believed to hold healing powers. "It's been a long time since I've been here," he said to her, as he exited the speeder and hurried around to open her door.

She laughed with him. It was fun having him show her around the city, and so, she anticipated where they were headed next. Back in the car, the confusion played clearly across her face. They were *leaving* the city? Her trust for him was blind, so she knew he was taking them somewhere good. She sat back, relaxed, and let the twins contently kick her in the bladder. When they reached their destination, Sierra let out a happy, "*Hot springs*?!" Hot springs were like the ultimate bath tub ... except better. She stepped out of the speeder as he opened her door. "Thanks, honey." Sierra quickly kissed his cheek. Together, they headed into building where they were given robes and assigned a private portion of the hot springs. There were fences dividing the various sections, so they didn't have to endure the general public or any paparazzi who were bored of Marcus and Zara. Sierra winked at her husband, then quickly undressed and stepped into the water. It was delightfully warm. "Oooh. I love your tours."

"Yes. *Hot* springs. Marcus and Zara are welcome to the monopoly on arctic lakes," Claudiu teased, as he looked down at her affectionately. "I figured you could use some relaxation. Particularly after crossing paths with Governor Arundel again," he informed her, with a firm nod of his head. He hated that Governor and the thought of her having to deal with privately incensed him. "You're welcome," he said, accepting the kiss and moving inside to change into more suitable spring clothing. It did not take much encouragement on her part to get him to change out of his stuffy clothing and into his swimming trunks. "Well, I used to live here you know," he said, with a bit of longing, as he slid into the tranquil waters of the springs.

She snickered. "You forgot about the beast in the lake. They can have that too." All of their animals were generally tame compared to that beast. Even Sorbet looked like a model citizen next to that tentacled beast. "Ugh. That guy. Just looking at him gives me a headache... I'm so sick of him acting all pompous and shitty with our family. It was time to dose him with reality. I'm tempted to leak his little secret to Praji just to see what happens." She found it easy to relax when the delightfully warm water surrounded her. Claudius' presence helped too. She opened her eyes, smiling wide at him. Suddenly, she sank deep into the water and began 'sneaking' up on him, though he was fully aware that she was coming to get him. Sierra attacked, wrapping her arms around his waist from behind. Her teeth playfully scraped over his back. "You could still live here. I did force you to build me a home here too." She loosely used the word 'force'. The bites turned to kisses. She knew there was a feeling of melancholy that was associated with being on Delaya for her husband. It was her business to chase away that feeling.

"I will never forget the beast in the lake for as long as I live," Claudius remembered, as he briefly visualized the creature in the lake dragging Bruce beneath the waves. He shuddered just to think about it. "Yes. He is one big headache," he agreed, as he got about waist deep in the wonderful and relaxing warm spring waters. "Ah," he moaned, sounding very much like an old man that he was in danger of becoming. He closed his eyes and splashed water in his face, which gave her the perfect opportunity to grapple him from behind. "Eeee," he squealed, in a manner similar to Melickielickie. "Another home? So the estate on Esseles, the retreat in the sea islands, and the house at the lake aren't enough?" he teased, as he looked over his shoulder. "You're beginning to take after Drusilla!" he said, before bracing himself, as he knew he was surely in for it.

"Neither will I..." The very same memory came back to the surface of her mind. The moment had been filled with absolute terror and grief beyond anything she could comprehend. They were lucky that their son had survived the ordeal. For that very reason, Sierra would never take Bruce back to northern Delaya. Behind him, Sierra laughed hard. "I want a yacht too!" She demanded in her best whiny, Drusilla voice. "With all the time I spend around her, it was bound to happen. Ewwiekewwieikkie's love for sweets wore off on me too." She certainly hadn't been the pudding junkie she was now before she moved into the estate. She squeezed him, then released so he could relax without her on top of him (for once). "Imagine we live in a perfect world where the war is over. What does you live look like? Where would make you happiest to live? If you pick Hoth, you're going to need to do some serious smooth talking ... and accept the fact that I'll be stealing your warmth for the rest of forever." Sierra was still hopeful that the war would end rapidly. With the twins on the way and Bruce already there, she wanted to settle in their nest and fortify it.

"You want a yacht? Then you should have married a Prince!" Claudius teased back, referencing that awful Prince Pollix. However, as he said it he considered that perhaps the most suitable punishment for the boy who moved in on his daughter would be to endure a lifetime of her expenses. The thought was imprinted in the back of his mind, but in the warm water with her body near his there was only one thing he could think about. "I was told the questions would be multiple choice..." he replied, staring blankly back at her as he considered her question. It was an overwhelming one ... nearly staggering given the magnitude of it. His hands fell to his sides, dropping below the waterline, where he began to move his hands around to create ripples and whirlpools. "I would have said Delaya, but my brief moment as Duke was not a joyous one. I realized how much I grew apart from the planet and the people," he said, nodding his head repeatedly. "I actually have come to enjoy Esseles. I suppose that's home now," he said, as he looked down into the clear waters of the spring. Such a thought was hard to consider. So much had changed so quickly.

"A Prince? Oh, come on. I can do better than that. Remember? King Ebareebaveebeedee left me his personal comm!" Sierra teased him back. Prince Pollix didn't know what he was in for. He continued to hound Sierra to allow him to marry Dru, but she had not been swayed. Ultimately, Sierra found a carved in part of the hot tub meant for people to sit. She sat there, one hand running over her growing stomach. Sixteen weeks along already. It seemed like each time she blinked, another week went by. She looked at him seriously, calling to mind what that time had been like; extremely difficult. Gaius had stacked up impossible odds against them and, ultimately, he'd won in other ways than the one he'd been hoping to accomplish. She reached her hand outward, her fingers gently brushing over his. "I enjoy Esseles too. It's only been about a year since I moved it, but it really feels like home. That's probably attributed to you and the children." Her fingers slid in between his. "I'm sorry it was such chaos when you were Duke. You came in with the best intentions, and I believe that matters for something. If your cousin hadn't been trying to murder both of us, the situation would have turned out very different. You make for a great leader, my love. If you want me to murder Pollix so you can rule over Onderon, I will. Two birds with one stone, eh?!"

Claudius gasped in a melodramatic degree of overacting at the mention of the Squib King in relation to his wife. "Oh a seat? You do not have to ask me twice," he said, as he waded through the water until he was able to sit down beside her. He listened to her recount the horrific ordeal with his cousin and how he so adeptly ruined the planet as he knew it. "It is not your fault. No need to apologize," he told her, as he wrapped his arm around her, and drew her against him. "No. I do not wish to rule Onderon. I know now that I wish to rule nothing. I simply wish to complete my duties and retire with the Emperor's blessing," he said, as he stared off into the distance, attempting to imagine a world where victory had been declared.

Sierra naturally settled into his side. Now *this* was the most relaxing place for her to be. "Claudius..." She sighed blissfully. "I like that plan. As soon as we get back on the Retributor, I'm going to find some Rebel cells for us to wreck." The Emperor wanted Claudius to win Chandrila, and so, Sierra would help him do just that. In many ways, it was time to embrace being an ISB officer. No matter what her comrades thought, she could become a vital tool to her husband's victories. She sighed, stopping herself from further immersing herself in thoughts of war. They had to take moments like these and enjoy them. The war would, unfortunately, still be there when they returned. "You can rule over all of the pets." She suggested, leaning in to playfully kiss his cheek. "We can all be together again once the war ends. We'll have to shop for an apartment in the city for Jelena. I doubt she'll want to share rooms with Bruce or the Squibs at home." She was feeling positive and so, she only thought of a victorious ending. "Of course, I'll have to keep you busy once you've retired. I can't let you have a moment of peace."

"That would be enjoyable. It has been some time since we've wrecked anything," Claudius said, as his head continued to rest on her shoulder. The warm waters of the spring combined with the comfort of her body were combining to make him in danger of falling asleep. "I thought Ewwiekewwieikkie was in charge of all of the pets ... which coincidentally is probably why they're giving us so many problems," he said, before chuckling softly. Hopefully there was nothing alive in the springs or his wife would surely make an effort to adopt it. "Does that mean you think she'll come back when the war ends?" he asked, lifting his head up, and sounding quite optimistic. He had begun to accept that she would be gone forever. "Not even a single moment?" he asked her, before performing ... you guessed it ... the family's hereditary pout.

She rested her head against his. Sierra, too, felt the draw to fall asleep. She hadn't realized that they were going to need a designated driver when they came here. Now she wasn't sure. She chuckled. "Wait until Bruce is older. He'll reign over the pets, and whether that's a good thing or not... Well, we'll have to find out." She was waiting for the day she woke and Bruce was capable of climbing on top of the miniature bantha and riding it around the house. "I think so. I always wondered how much of Jelena joining the Rebellion was actual passion for what they do and how much of it was being a teenager. She wanted to show her defiance in an way that would catch your attention. It worked, didn't it?" The pout. Sierra bit her lower lip. She couldn't believe that they would soon have two *more* members of their family to perform said pout. "Gah!" She quickly kissed his lips. "A single moment! Just *one*!" Luckily, Drusilla had yet to realize that Sierra was weak to the pout. "You Rodneys..." She grumbled with a smile on her face. "Do you think I should take you back to the castle before we both fall asleep?" She asked him. "We can sneak in and nap."

"What if he turns them against us to get out of his chores?" Claudius asked, as he thought about Bruce growing and learning to use his powers ... but then he was reminded of their son's unbreakable appointment with Lord Vader. "It certainly caught my attention," he said, slowly, as he reflected on his daughter's treason. There was little more he could say on the subject without being completely overcome by it. The kiss, fortunately, took his mind off the troubles with his children that weighed him down and he began to smile again. "Yes. That's best. Or else our life will end with one of those HoloNet stories about people drowning in one meter of water," he teased her, but although his mouth open and spoke the words he found it very difficult to stand up given how relaxed he had already become.

It was true. Before Bruce was old enough to even have real chores, he'd be training with Lord Vader. Sierra had sporadic moments where she felt extremely distraught by it. She hoped...she prayed...that somehow, someway, everything would be different and she wouldn't have to abandon her baby boy. It was foolish and selfish, but the motherly love she had for Bruce knew no limits. "Drowning in a meter of water? Somehow I'm sure Auntie Mae could twist that into a new flavor." Slowly, Sierra rose to her feet. She didn't shy away from helping her husband up. She linked her hands with his, helping him up as much as she could. "Come on, love," she helped him toward his clothing, then aided in dressing him as much as possible. When he was dressed, she kissed him again. "One moment," she promised. Sierra was dressed much more quickly. Her damp hair hung over her shoulders. "I'll drive, 'kay?" She nuzzled close to him to provide support and affection.

As they made their way towards the luxury speeder, Sierra heard weird noises. She noticed a box carelessly shoved near their speeder. She first deposited Claudius in the passenger's seat. "Did you hear that?" She asked him. It probably wasn't the best idea for her to hazardously grab the box without thinking twice. After pissing off Governor Arundel, Sierra had some concern to be had for her safety. Instead, she dragged the box out. The noises sounded louder. Was that ... mewing? She gently fingered the folded top of the box when a fluffy, tiny calico felinx popped its head out of the top of the box. Sierra let out a scream. She had hardly been expecting a tiny baby felinx. "Oh my Germanicus." She said slowly. "Claudius!" She lifted the box so he could see the ity bity feline inside of it. The felinx's colors were hardly normal. There was a trio of brown, pink, and a minty green. She had to wonder if the felinx was genetically altered or what. Regardless, it was so *fluffy*! "Are we hallucinating the same felinx?"

Claudius needed his wife's help emerging from the idyllic waters of the hot springs. When she volunteered to drive the speeder back he offered no protest. However, when they arrived there was a box lurking near their speeder and he worried it might be some kind of trap. "Wait!" he said, but she was upon it before he could possibly stop her. "What?!" he said when he heard her cry out, fearing the worst. However, when he looked into the box and saw that it was *another* felinx he almost wished that it was a trap. He knew immediately that Sierra would insist upon taking it home, so he simply moved into the passenger seat of the speeder. "I'm sure the girls will love it," he said, before bringing his hand up to his temple and lowering his head into it. There was simply nothing he could do at this point ... they lived in a zoo.

He accepted the felinx without her even having to ask. Yeah, Claudius knew his wife well. The same big heart that repeatedly brought home animals was one of the reasons he'd fallen in love with her. Hopefully he remembered that while Sierra continued to turn the house into a zoo. She smiled brightly. "Really?! We can take it with us?!" She picked up the felinx from the box. Instead of cuddling it and prolonging their return to the castle, she placed it in Claudius' lap. The animals were attracted to him in a way alike to Bruce. She thought that the tiny felinx would like him. . . and it did. She watched it curl up in his lap and purr loudly before she was seated behind the wheel. Shaking her head in disbelief, she began driving them back towards the castle. She still intended to have cuddle nap time with her husband...and possibly the new felinx as well. "Spumoni... The felinx looks like that ice cream flavor." She commented, suddenly feeling an overwhelming craving for spumoni ice cream *and* bbq sauce. Notice the lack of an 'or'. "I'm suddenly hungry..." She mused.

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