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Erin Highberg and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:11) in the Essesia system: Esseles (Calamar: The Calamar House).
Petty Officer Lenna Senn and Major Reek Trolg.

The Calamar House was *the* restaurant in Calamar, the capital city of the planet Esseles. For a TIE pilot like Reek, the bill would likely cost an entire month's pay, but he wanted to impress Lenna, and show him a side of himself that she would never see aboard the Retributor. He had managed to commandeer a TIE shuttle where he and Lenna could cram into without drawing too much attention, and after landing at the nearby Terril Naval Base, he hired a taxi speeder to take them to the restaurant. When they arrived they were greeted by a snooty host who was not at all impressed by his mid-level rank insignia, or Lenna's lack of any kind of rank, but he had made the proper reservations and were quickly ushered to a table. The restaurant was filled with Imperial officers that outranked him, along with the finest members of Esselian society. He held out Lenna's seat, before circling around to take his own. He smiled across at her, but he felt decidedly out of place, and very nervous.

Lenna wasn't the 'lady' type. She wasn't used to being treated this way, and wasn't that impressed by it to say the least. She was more impressed with a man that knew about the inner workings of an engine than her. She was in that horrible still scratchy uniform that she seemed to always want to be out of. Right index finger curled at the collar as it was hot in the heavy jacket. She'd bend slightly to plant that rather shapely posterior onto that chair as Reek scooted the chair forward. She kept quiet most of the time as she felt completely out of her element. She removed that hat and set it onto the table before those long digits came up to her head to mess with that rather shortly cut red hair. Hat hair was never fun, but even so when you had about as much hair as the man you were with, well give or take a few inches. Taking in a slow breath she crossed her legs and looked up to Reek and arched a brow over those bright emerald oculars. "I don' think 've eveh been ta a place even remotely as nice as this." That accent thick even as she tried hard to be understood.

"Neither have I to tell you the truth," Reek replied, leaning across the table to whisper to her, so that no one else would hear. He quickly sat up stiff in his chair when the waiter came to greet them, and introduced himself, telling them a little bit about the history of the restaurant and that they were the only restaurant on the city not using a droid to take orders. When he asked them if they wanted wine for dinner, Reek's face froze, as he had been an ale drinker all of his life and new nothing about wine and what paired with what. He felt more uncomfortable here than he did in the tight cockpit with poor air circulation, and he awkwardly looked across the table towards Lenna for help. "What do you enjoy?" he asked her, turning his attention from the waiter, to his date, in order to cover up his lack of knowledge by seeming considerate of her desires.

Lenna blinked as she shrugged. " 've neveh been a wine girl," she said as she shifted in her seat looking to the waiter. She took in another slow breath. "D'ya 'ave any whiskey?" Cutting right to the chase this girl did. She had half a mind to break out her cigarra pack and light one up. But she didn't see anyone else in the night establishment smoking. She gave a shrug as she looked back at Reek. "It's okay if I 'ave some whiskey right?" She looked back up to their waiter as she took in a hard swallow. Clearly the poor girl was out of her element.

When the server heard the girl ask for whiskey, he realized that this was going to be a low tip night, but did not allow that to crack his exterior. "Of course, Lenna. You can have anything you want," he said, as he angled his head up towards the waiter, as he spoke in a direct, authoritative tone that he used on members of his fighter group. "But of course," the server retreated towards the bar with a spring in his step. "I'm sorry. I don't know anything about wine. I mostly drink ale in the pilot's lounge," he explained to her, as he began to wonder if he made the wrong decision in coming to such a hoity place. A moment later the waiter returned with a smile, placing a bottle of Whyren's Reserve on the table between them. The bottle contained the rarest and most expensive of the Corellian whiskeys with an amber color and crisp, woody taste. He did not inform them that it would take more than a month of Reek's salary, but he did not feel bad because they chose the restaurant, and did not specify he bring a cheaper brand. Leaving them to it, he stepped aside to wait to give them time to figure out their dinner order.

Without hesitation Lenna's hand reached out towards the bottle of the Corellian whiskey and looked over to Reek. "Thank ya." Lenna's thick accent stuck out like a sore thumb. She looked back to the bottle then back to Reek. After their waiter was gone she bit her bottom lip and pointed to the whiskey bottle. "Ya know this is one of the most expensive whiskey's right?" She blinked a few time as she shook her head. "Ya don' 'ave ta impress me, Reek. A seedy bar wouldda been fine by me." She knew that if she took one swig of that drink she'd set the poor man back about a month of his pay. Shame how the empire treated some of their talented crew. She shook her head and looked around. "Ya don' know meh at all do ya?" She asked as she couldn't help but laugh. "Sorreh, I jus' don' know why ya brought meh 'ere." Lenna wasn't trying to pick on the poor lad, but she wasn't materialistic in the slightest. She wasn't someone who needed a man to spend money on her to prove her importance to her.

"Now you tell me!" an embarrassed Reek explained, as he moved to pick up the bar menu that was standing on the corner of the table. When his eyes scanned over the list and spotted the Whyren's Reserve and the accompanying price his heart stopped and all of the color left his face like a retreating squadron of fighters. But before he could say anything, a massive explosion ripped through the restaurant, causing the roof to collapse on them. There were screams everywhere as people had been torn apart by the initial explosion, while others were hit with shrapnel from the initial explosion and the debris from the building collapse that followed. A support beam collapsed directly upon him, breaking his shoulder and pinning him to the table, shattering the precious bottle of whiskey. It appeared that The Calamar House had just been the target of a Rebel attack due to the high number of Imperial officers and Esselian loyalists gathered in close proximity, and that Reek and Lenna had been unintended collateral damage.

Lenna let out a loud yell as she tried to dive to the side as an explosion took place. Who would have thought the rebels to be terrorists. But right now she lay on the floor, watching a support beam snap and fall on top of Reek. A hand reached out as few bits of concrete fell over her. Hands moved to the back of her neck as she pulled her whole body into fetal position in hopes to keep anything from hitting anything vital. Her heart raced as she lay there, hearing the screams of the restaurant's inhabitants as the dust began to slightly settle. She opened her eyes as feet shuffled around her and she sat up. She looked back around as she moved to where Reek lie under that beam. "Reek...Reek...ya okay?" Lenna would be careful to move anything around him in hopes that she wouldn't do anything to hasty to hurt him further.

The air was filled with the screams and cries of wounded men, women, and children. Dozens were dead. Hundreds were injured. Already the sound of sirens filled the air, and those that were less hurt began to move through the debris to help the less fortunate. Reek looked towards Lenna, unable to move given his current predicament, and tried his best to foolishly reassure her that everything was all right. "Do you ... do you think they'll still make me pay for the whiskey?" he asked, before coughing softly and producing a bit of blood. "I think my shoulder's broken," he said, sounding incredibly sad, but not because of the pain, but because he was afraid it would prevent him from flying his TIE again. He did *not* want to be flying a desk for the remainder of his career.

Lenna couldn't help but give a rather amused laugh, despite their, or rather Reek's situation. She shook her head and moved to the beam. "I don' think they'll make ya pay luv." Lenna spoke as she gave a squat down and put her hands under the bean where she could by his head. " 'm gunna lift. When I do, ya think ya'll be able ta roll out?" She asked as she looked down at him. Lenna Senn might have had a rather petite frame, but she wasn't frail. She worked on ships and fighter engines. She was tough as nails, she was. And she took in a deep breath as she lifted with her legs, pulling the beam up about a foot and a half. She gave a grunt as she held the beam up waiting for Reek to move as best he could out from under the beam before she'd let it fall to the ground.

When Lenna lifted the beam what was left of his right shoulder came into view. It was bloody mess, there his uniform had been badly torn, and his arm was hanging lip at his side, several inches lower than it should have. As soon as he was able, he shifted his weight to the side, and removed himself from underneath the fallen beam. When it was done, he leaned back in what was left of his seat, letting out a deep series of pants as he tried, futilely, to catch his breath. "We should ... we should see if anyone else needs help?" he said, as his eyes, which were looking increasingly glazed over, moved from Lenna to look over the other wounded and dead bodies that surrounded them.

Lenna dropped the beam and gave a huff as she stood up and offered her hand to Reek. "Ya gotta be kiddin' meh Reek. Yer 'urt." She blinked a few times as she shook her head and pointed to his shoulder. "C'mon, luv. We should get ya ta the shuttle n'get back ta the ship ta a real doctor. They will probably want ta know what happened down 'ere too." She said as she moved down to wrap an arm around Reek's waist and lift him up out of his seat. She felt bad, how did she not get hurt? She moved to wrap his arm around her own shoulder and pulled him up. "Ya okay with yer footin'?" Right brow arched as she waited for him to get a handle on his walking before she'd move any further. " 'm sure there's some kind of stim in the med pack on board that ship. That'll hold ya over till we get ya to a med bay." She wasn't concerned about the repercussions. It was going to be hard to hide her relationship with Reek...even more to keep her ties with with Captain once he hears that his niece would be in the med bay after having surviving a terrorist attack.

As they left the remnants of The Calamar House, Imperial Stormtroopers, Sector Rangers, Ringali Shell Security Force personnel, and medics began arriving on the scene to tend to the wounded and collect the dead. Reek always thought that if death would come it would be in space in his TIE ... he never imagined that the Rebels would strike over pre-dinner drinks. "Yeah. Let's get back to the ship," he said, repeating her suggestion, as he did his best to maintain his footing and walk with her guidance. "I ... I can't fly the shuttle though. Can you?" he asked, as he moved with her towards one of the many speeders that had arrived to help transport people away from the scene. If not for their uniforms they would have had a far more difficult time getting through the security cordoned off area.

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