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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:20) in the Hosnian system: Hosnian Prime (Darropolis: Hotel).
Lord Marcus Rodney and Lady Zara Rodney.

The 'saviors of the Rodney family' had taken to a lovely little hotel in Darrapolis on the outskirts of the city. After Marcus had been injured at the doctor's appointment, Zara had taken care of him in all the best possible ways. Meaning ... they had an *exhausting* night together. When the night came to an end, the thief soaked herself in happiness. She was impatient for the arriving of their children and would continue to feel that way throughout her pregnancy. The very next morning, it was she who awoke first. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, she happily ordered them breakfast in bed. She was quiet while she moved around to ensure that Marcus got as much sleep as he possibly could. With a little research around the HoloNet, she had a list of some stores for them to visit today. As unappetizing as a shopping trip with Zara sounded, she intended to make it a lot more interesting for him in ways only a wifey can... Hehe!

Breakfast arrived before he had awoken. She thanked the hotel worker, sliding in a cart full of various foods. She had already decided that they'd have an intimate breakfast on the balcony. As long as Marcus was feeling better, they'd shower, shop, and go home. If he wasn't, then Zara would play the good nurse again. She was scantily clad in her favorite light blue robe currently. She really didn't think of getting dressed for the day. Instead, she was thinking about a sweet breakfast with her hubby. Just as Zara set down the first dish onto a table on the balcony, she got the uncomfortable feeling that someone was watching. "Hmmm?" She beyond the balcony and saw *it*. A group of people, holding cameras, but the worst part was the fact that they bore gifts of blue *and* pink. One held a sign. Upon squinting, she saw it said *Congrats on the Twins*. Red hot fury spread all over her body. Her face turned lobster red. Only three people in the galaxy knew about the twins. One was Zara, the other was Marcus, who would never bleed information to the press, and the other was the good doctor. Dramatically, Zara grabbed the plate of food and scurried back inside. She closed the sliding door so hard that it shook the whole room.

It had been a wonderful night in Darrpolis and he felt bad for the staff who would have to clean their well used sheets, but for now he had a more pressing matter on his mind ... getting some rest. When the sliding door crashed, Marcus leapt out of bed in a frenzied state, his heart beating out of chest, and his mind racing. Before Zara would even know what happened, he had the Model 434 blaster pistol in his hands and he was prepared for anything. "Is it an attack?!" he asked, as he took cover behind the bed, his eyes peering over the mattress and looking in the direction of the sliding glass door. The safety was disarmed on the weapon and he was ready to strike to protect his wife and *two* unborn children. Twice the children meant twice the overbearing protective nature.

The string of reactions that came from her anger was not what she had intended. First, she scared the life out of her husband. His mind went straight to protection. His blaster pistol was out. He was ready to strike...and so was Zara. She looked as angry as if Julius himself had shown unannounced. A finger pointed towards the window. "*Yes*, and you need to kill them all!" The words came out in an animalistic growl. The furious teenager approached the bed. Childishly, she laid on it. Her fingers snagged the blanket, which she used to cover herself in her entirety. She awaited Marcus to peer outside and see the same violation of privacy that she had. Thank god no one was there to check her blood pressure now. It had skyrocketed. Her whole body felt warm. She wanted to put his *Nerf Herder* equipment for the primary purpose of beating someone up until she felt better. This was a disaster!

"Kill who? The Empire? Bounty hunters? The Alderaan Guard? El-Nay? Cousin Gaius?" Marcus said, from behind the makeshift cover in the form of the large Coruscant king mattress they had briefly slept upon. "Get done, and get away from the window!" he said, angrily, waving his hand up at the bed before taking the initiative to roll her off the mattress and onto the side of the floor next to him. He physically held her down, thinking he was keeping her safe, and out of the line of the fire he continued to look for any sign of an intruder. "I don't see anyone, Zara," he complained, as he began to move from the bed, using the wall as cover to approach the door. "Stay down!" he yelled in her direction, wishing that he had his armor, his rifle, and his droids to aide in whatever was attacking him. When he opened the door the most unexpected thing happened ... a loud roar of applause rose up from the ground and filled the air. He cautiously moved towards the railing, looking down at the crowd, who were holding signs, and presents, which caused him a mixture of embarrassment and anger. "That doctor must've sold us out," he muttered, slamming the door, but unfortunately caught his hand when he did so. "Ouch!" he screamed, pulling his hand away in pain, and waving it in frustration at what had happened. This had just gone from bad to worse.

What was outside was worse than all those combined. Paparazzi had numbers, power, and their informants were better than anything the Empire had. The war would never make them go away. For the rest of forever, paparazzi would attack them, follow them, and annoy them. Zara rolled to the floor. She clung to Marcus for a moment. It had been her decision that lead them to see the doctor again, as opposed to visiting Pilaq aboard Claudius' ship. "They're there." Zara moaned, though she didn't give him a briefing on their enemy. She remained on the ground, listening to his feet on the floor, the door open, and the sounds that followed. The door slamming a second time signified that Marcus had identified the enemy, only he was injured while doing so. The sound of him screaming was enough to get his teen bride on her feet within a fraction of a second. Another fraction later, she was across the room pawing at his arm so she could look at his hand. It was swelling *and* bleeding. Momentarily, Zara didn't focus on her anger.

Swinging into action, she guided him towards the bed, keeping his hand elevated. She carried a first aid box in the ship. It had ended up in the hotel after he was injured at the doctor's office. "Shittt..." It had to hurt. She'd nearly slammed her own hand in the door earlier. Using towels from the bathroom, Zara wrapped up his hand. She was quickly grabbing items from the first aid kit to treat his wound. "I'm so sorry... I know it hurts..." She was getting ready to clean the wound. Her thoughts were beginning to center around the horrible news. It would be a matter of time before they were called back to Delaya.

"Don't worry about it, Zara. This isn't even the worst injury I've suffered in the past 24 hours," Marcus told Zara with an honest and sincere laugh, as he considered the blow to the head the worse of the two. "I never remembered being this clumsy," he said to her, as he reflected on his past as a bounty hunter. If he had been like this on a hunt he surely would have perished. Clearly, his thoughts were so focused on her and he had become so emotionally involved that he was not thinking clearly and having what seemed like one mishap after another. "What a fine couple we make," he said, as he held his aching, bleeding hand while she attended him. "D-d-do we have to go home?" he asked, like a sad child, rather than a strong man, and despite the fact that it was ultimately his decision. If the HoloNet got a glimpse of him now they would think Zara was subjecting him to untold abuse.

Sad, but true! His head hadn't begun to recover from yesterday's abuse. She tried not to laugh, but she couldn't hold it. "Oh my god, my poor husband. I'm going to get you a bullet proof bubble to live in." His forehead didn't look better. In fact, it looked swollen. The full weight of head had collided with a metal examination table. It was amazing that he hadn't been sent to a hospital. Now, Zara was considering taking him somewhere. She was doing what she could for his hand. "We're the best of couples! I'm getting much better at taking care of you when you get hurt. See? You improve me." She put a pain patch on his arm to help him. She had clean his wound, potentially stitch it, and bandage it. His question was first answered with a smile and a shake of her head. "Nope. I've already decided that we're going to stay here for the rest of our lives. We can live off of room service. Our children can sleep in the living room area. It's perfect." She didn't want to go back to Delaya either. She wanted to childishly hide under the blankets with Marcus. "I feel so stupid. I never thought that Doctor Degor would do this to us. We can't keep anything to ourselves anymore." She was upset again. Zara still handled Marcus sweetly. She wasn't angry with him.

"Room service?!" Marcus exclaimed excitedly, almost sounding as if *he* were the one that was pregnant. "Now that sounds like a much better idea than going out to eat and leaving our fortified mattress," he said, with a happy smile, before his nostrils began to flare as he sniffed the food that she was *trying* to serve before their adoring fans swept over them. "Wait. There's already food here? Why didn't you say something? You need to eat ... for *three*!*" he said to her, in mocking chastisement, as he weakly stumbled towards the table where their breakfast had been laid out. He raised his eyebrows after a few steps realizing just how disoriented he still was from the blow to the head, their lack of sleep from nocturnal activities with Zara the naughty nurse, and the stress of the mob of fans. Eventually ol' man Marcus made his way to the chair at the table, sitting down to a plate of pancakes with ample sides of bacon and sausage.

The lack of breakfast wasn't helping Zara's little rage fit over the paparazzi. She realized this, and decided that she needed to get some food in her empty belly ASAP. "Can we call the front desk and ask for a billion pillows for our fort? We can hide out like children until the storm is over." Eat for three!? Zara was sure darn hungry enough for three. She offered him the look of a berated child. "Sorry..." The word was followed by her smile exploding. With his hand treated as much as she could, she floated over to their breakfast. Instead of sharing it on the balcony, as she had anticipated, she settled for seating herself at the table with a plate of double chocolate chip pancakes in front of her, as well as the entirety of a whipped cream bottle, and a glass of cold milk. She had seated herself close to her favorite person ever. Working to make the best of a crappy situation, she took a piece of bacon from his place and brought it to his lips. "I guess it could be worse. You could not have a sexy, pregnant wife feeding you bacon." She was only half teasing. The man was beginning to make her confidence swell.

"Zara, I don't think they could bring a billion, not even for *us*, but certainly they could bring us a dozen and give us a start on one of the perimeter walls," Marcus said as he looked back to her, offering her his most reassuring and loving smile. "Nom," he murmured, as she placed the piece of bacon between his lips and he quickly devoured it. Before she could withdraw her hand, his face moved forward, and he literally sucked the bacon grease right off of her fingers. "You're right, Zara. *Everything* is better with bacon," he assured her, before laughing softly at their shared hunger. Maybe the blow to the head had caused his body to think he was starving, because he certainly made short work of his pancakes. He had heard of spouses sharing in each other's pain and symptoms, but never in hunger. Perhaps her constant cravings and overeating were beginning to influence him. He leaned back in the chair, having a little stretch, and allowing his own growing stomach ... collateral damage from meals with a pregnant woman ... to spread forward as he digested his meal. "They love you, you know," he said, referring to the people down below, as he nodded his head towards the balcony. "I can't say I blame them either, but that doesn't mean they get to share," he said, as he slid his foot under the table, rubbing it against her exposed leg through the robe.

"Dammit! What's the point of being royalty if you can't get a billion pillows on command?" Her mood was already increasing. Marcus was infectious for her. He could bring her from any hole. He could also stop her from destroying the entire city in search of their loose-lipped doctor. "Fine. I'll settle for a dozen." She tried to act like a spoiled brat, sighing dramatically up until he ate the bacon from between her fingers...then continued past them! She giggled like a schoolgirl. "Marcus!" She squeaked while pawing at his face affectionately. Breakfast resumed in a blur of happiness. It wasn't the breakfast that she had planned out, but it was perfect. She attacked her pancakes with the hunger of a tiger. Hunger had been a recent change to Zara. Before, she felt so shitty all the time. She tapped out before she could finish her meal. Her tummy was happy, and, somehow, so was she. The paparazzi took a backseat as she used a holopad to order more pillows. She tossed it to the table. Like Marcus, she leaned back in her chair. Her tummy really had become obvious.

"Hmmmm..?" *Oh*. The paparazzi. She snickered, "You're such a jealous lover, Marcus." She was only prodding at him. She loved the way he was. She loved how he made her feel like the only girl in the world, which is Rihanna's biggest desire. With breakfast out of the way, Zara wiggled until her loose robe fell down her shoulders. It exposed her torso, becoming belt-like at her waist. His foot made her sigh. She elongated her legs so both of her feet could reach his legs. "It's okay. I don't like sharing either." Was it summertime or was it getting damn hot in here?

"Only the Emperor has the authority to demand that many pillow, Zara," Marcus said omonously, as his eyes darted around the room in paranoia at the mere mention of the vile man's title. Beneath the table a battle more pressing than the Galactic Civil War was raging as their legs dueled with one another, rubbing against one another, in an attempt to tease and stimulate the other. Unfortunately, Marcus was the weak of the two and despite the fact he launched the first attack, he was unable to muster much of a defense to her sub-table teasing. "Shopping?" he said, in a high pitched voice, as her leg moved a little too high. They could spend the day in the room making love to one another, but he wondered if that might result in a third baby appearing on the next imaging, or worse yet ... another injury to himself.

They'd made a night out of that bunny costume. Surely it had resulted in the addition of a second baby! Though that was, for all intents and purposes, impossible, it sure seemed possible after that romp. She looked around at the mention of the Emperor. The Emperor was the kind of threat that she could do nothing about. Min, El-Nay, Orange Julius, these were all threats she could take. The Emperor could kill them without touching them. The Rebel alliance of Zara's feet was winning the war beneath the table. She shivered, sighed, and seriously considered waving a white flag until she broke him. His mention of shopping caught her perverse mind off guard. Yes, shopping was a good idea. Shopping would stop them from potentially making another HoloNet sex video. She didn't trust the limited privacy of the hotel room. She calmed herself. Her cheeks were still flushed as she stood. "Shopping." She agreed. Zara floated towards her bag to find something to wear. In an attempt to keep her image clean, she'd been dressing modestly and fashionably. Thus, she followed suit today in a cute, little dress and a pair of legging beneath it. She needed to behave while they were out shopping. Ultimately, Zara could be found perched at the breakfast table running a brush through all of her hair. "Let's go get you a hat first. I'd rather not face abuse allegations."

Zara had a right to be concerned. Before too long there was a recording droid at their balcony, as the price for fresh Zarcus images were beginning to skyrocket with the couple spending most of their time at the chalet and now on Hosnian Prime. "Oh damn," he said angrily, as he moved from the table to shut the curtains before the camera could get anymore valuable footage. He sighed, he moved towards his suitcase to change into a rather simple, casual attire that hopefully would cause him to blend in with the Hosnians. "You look great," he said to her, stopping to put an arm around her, and plant a simple kiss pon her cheek. "Yes. Let's get me a hat!" he said, as he reached into his pocket to slide his glareshades, as if they offered him any anonymity at all given what was waiting for them outside.

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