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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:3:2) in the Brentaal system: Warspite.
Lieutenant Mark Alexander, Lieutenant Allegra Ames, Commander Augustus Hood, Major Kerrie Kiley, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, Vice Admiral Claudius Rodney, Lady Jelena Rodney, Lieutenant Bethany Sheppard, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, Doctor Pilaq Tohan, Flight Lieutenant Randi Trainor, and Major Arden Zevrin.

*Thwap* the fist of Major Kerrie Kiley connected with a punching bag in the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite's shipboard gymnasium. The young woman spent all of her free time spending endless hours training for unexpected combat situations and to maintain her well-toned physique. She was about halfway through her routine now and the beads of sweat were pouring off her mimicked Human body, her brown hair matting against her forehead. The issued physical training gear she wore still had a feint trace of her last name stenciled upon it, with blood splatters that no cleaner in the known galaxy could get out. Her cheeks were flushing red, her breathing was rapid ... she was getting an excellent workout and was at peace with herself. There was no activity in her day that she cherished more than this.

The Inquisitor was in a foul mood considering that it has been nearly two weeks since she had been assigned to the Warspite and yet barely any progress had been made. Serine just needed some time to... expel some pent up aggravation and aggression or she feared she may unleash it unnecessarily. Not to mention her trip to the hospital a few days prior prevented her from training due to her injuries. An aura of vileness seemed to almost radiate from her as she quickly strode down the corridors of the ship towards the public gymnasium. Although she had performed many concentration exercises in the privacy of her room, the more acrobatic aerobics she desired today required much more open spaces. The door into the gym slid open and she rushed inside with a purpose as eyes darted towards the other occupant. Inquisitor Thanor's voice was sharp and uncompromising, it didn't matter that the other was in the middle of her routine. "Major, I will be utilizing this area... alone."

Kerrie's hands withdrew from assaulting the bag, revealing that she had been punching it so hard for so long that the skin on her knuckles had broken and she was now bleeding. A look of frustration and disbelief came over her as her head slowly turned to observe the massive gymnasium, seemingly empty other than for the two of them. She took several slow, deliberate paces towards her, her perfectly mimicked Human eyes locking on the Inquisitor with incredulousness. As she came to a stop, her hands rested on her hips and she let out a soft sigh, her body shifting to the right slightly. "With all do respect, Inquisitor," she began in a frustrated tone, occasionally interrupted by gasps for breath. "...there is plenty of room for the both of us," she added as again her eyes wandered over the large, empty facility.

Indeed there was plenty of space for the both of them, but to Serine, that wasn't the issue. She wasn't here to just punch a bag, she would be performing highly specialized techniques and refused to allow others to observe them, unless of course... they were facing her. Inquisitor Thanor was in a combative mood... and in her mind, it didn't matter if she practiced by herself... or if she fought someone else, perhaps even to the death, both accomplished the same objective. "It appears, like myself, you have an obsession to stay battle ready." Serine snapped up the hilt of her lightwhip and in a single motion, flicked the weapon towards the punching bag that Kerrie was so focused upon while activating it, causing the whip to glow a brilliant red. The lightwhip collided with the punching bag, a huge slash ripped through the fabric before the material inside nearly exploded while catching on fire in an after affect. "Of course you can stay..." The Inquisitor wasn't making idle threats, she was proposing a battle right here and now and she couldn't be anymore serious. "You can leave too, either way... make your decision 'now'." The whip was pulled back to lie around Serine's feet, slowly cutting into the metallic floor causing a soft sizzling sound as smoke rose from the gashes.

Kerrie watched the lightwhip snap across the room and pulverize the punching bag she had used for so many months aboard the metal prison and grimaced visibly, her head following the movement of the foreign device. "Do you feel you need such a 'toy' to defeat your opponents, Inquisitor?" she asked as she adjusted the tape around her hands. Tiny droplets resembling rain had fallen to the deckplate below, but she had long since stopped caring about her personal wellbeing. Slowly she walked past the Inquisitor, turning to come up behind her as she circled the woman. They seemed to be the same age but had traveled far different paths. Perhaps they might have been 'friends' if fate had played a different role in their lives, but they were positioned in such a way that they were bound to be rivals. First, there was the matter of the Inquisitor taking her spot in the conference room, and now she wanted to take her spot in the gymnasium. The resentment was building in the diminutive powder keg, but she did not act for fear of the unknown.

"Interesting..." Said as eyes slowly watched the other circle her. Serine would be lying if she said she wasn't impressed by the other's lack of fear or refusal to back down. Perhaps this would be a worthy opponent. "On your grounds, hand-to-hand, first to pass out or 'die', loses." With any consensual combat initiative, the rules needed to be set. It wasn't Serine's intention to kill the Major, but if such an occurrence happened, the other had already been warned. Her weapon was deactivated and tossed aside to clatter noisily down the expansive interior. This was done while Kerrie was pacing around her and without any sort of hesitation, Inquisitor Thanor followed the other's movements as she spun around instinctively to throw a brutal strike towards the Major's face before Kerrie could pass completely behind her. Serine doubted the other woman was expecting an attack so soon.

The punch connected with the arch of Kerrie's nose with an ominous *crack* fractured her nose and caused it to hang grotesquely down and to the left. Streams of blood began to flow from her nose and splatter upon her face and the floor. The new blood stains joined the veterans on her shirt and it was clear that this was not her first rodeo. Although she had been caught off guard and the pain was immense, she would not allow herself to beaten into submission twice in one month. She raised an arm to her mouth and brushed away some of the blood, but as she tried to breath through what was left of her nose she let out a sharp exhale of visible pain. Without wasting much time Kerrie brought her left leg sweeping from the right towards the Inquisitor's exposed ankles, attempting to knock her off her feet in a classic sweep kick. "You hit like a girl," she observed as the blood flowed over her puffy lips.

The Major was successful in tripping up Serine, causing her to fall on her side but she was able to catch herself some and roll a few feet away before crouching. "Thank you." At no point did Serine feel that was an insult, to hit like a girl? She was a girl and she hit hard, the evidence of that was continuously dripping from Kerrie's broken nose. "It makes me wonder what kind of 'girls' you grew up with." She did not stand up, deciding to instead keep her position while sizing up her opponent. Serine mused she could end this fight at anytime she wished... unfairly, but that wasn't the type of person she was. Inquisitor Thanor already promised to fight on Kerrie's grounds, meaning no Force usage and no lightwhip, and she would stay true to her word. In her crouched position, she readied herself before lunging forwards, attempting to catch the other square in the stomach with her shoulder to throw her harshly up against the wall that was behind Kerrie.

Kerrie's feet backpedaled uncontrollably as she was slammed up against the bulkhead, letting out a loud groan as all of the air was forced out of her body for an instant. Now in a close embrace against the wall she saw the opportunity and immediately her left knee came up with all of her might to catch the Inquisitor off guard in the abdomen. The blood from her shattered remnant of a nose had found its way onto the Inquisitor's armorweave from the closeness of the contact, the crimson liquid standing out in stark contrast with the dark armorweave. "You're not so tough without your whip," she said between pained gasps.

The other's knee connected roughly with Serine's stomach since she had opened herself up for attack unintentionally. She was regretting that hasty choice as she gasped before crumpling to her knees as a right arm pressed against her abdomen to lesson the ache. The Inquisitor actually began to laugh after composing herself and standing following a heavy cough. "My very first attack left your face busted, and yet the only blood on me... is yours!" The last part of that sentence was yelled as she sent a cruel side-kick towards Kerrie's midsection.

The pointed boot of the woman's kick slammed into her left kidney, causing her to cry out hysterically in pain as the organ was severely damaged. Although she did not realize it, it was at this point she began to bleed internally. Hunched over, trying to fight back the overwhelming pain she lunged forward towards the Inquisitor, attempting to tackle her the ground. As their bodies surged towards the ground like a couple of sacks of duracrete, a wild series of desperate punches from both of her hands were lunged towards the Inquisitor's face. "It is the last attack that matters, deary," she said in a vehement insult as she sent a mixture of spit and blood hurling towards her face as well.

So far the fight was going as expected actually, two woman pissed, not caring and wishing to just kick the poodoo out of each other. As Serine was tackled to the ground she found herself under the gun of a series of merciless punches that connected in rounds upon her face. One smashed into her check, the other into her left eye and the third split open her lip causing it to bleed profusely. Which were all perfectly acceptable... until Kerrie decided to purposely spit on her... and that was when the Inquisitor took it very personally. Feeling disrespected and in a rage, she broke her own spoken rule for this engagement and lashed out with the Force. With her right hand shoved towards Kerrie, a tremendous shockwave sent the woman soaring through the air with devastating speed towards the very far wall of the gymnasium, thus halting the Major's offensive. She slowly stood up, brooding dangerously as Serine wiped the spit from her face along with the blood oozing from her lip. "I am fighting on your grounds because I wished to, not because I have to. Don't disrespect that privilege again."

As Kerrie's body flew across the gymnasium, Lieutenant Randi Trainor stepped into the hangar bay wearing her standard physical training gear. She had planned to have a relaxing night jogging around the track to stretch our her legs that always ached after a flight assignment, but it seemed someone else had plans to fly at the moment. "What the..." she dimwitted blonde asked as she watched the sight unfold.

Lieutenant Bethany Sheppard peered over Randi's shoulder as the body flew towards the far wall, wondering what was happening. As her eyes surveyed the gymnasium, she spotted the Inquisitor and her young mouth fell open in a shocked expression. "...she's gonna rip Kerrie's head off!" she exclaimed loud enough for everyone to hear. The naive girl was in a state of sheer terror, but could not look away ... and in fact wished she had brought a snack.

Kerrie was caught off guard by the Inquisitor's use of the Force and not braced herself at all. With a loud *thud* her body slammed into the far wall, causing multiple compression injuries. Her body fell to the ground and lay there motionless for several moments, as she looked up dazed. She could see Randi and Bethany and could not allow herself to go down like she. She placed her bloody hands upon the ground and pushed herself back up. She was wobbling, as she moved towards the Inquisitor, bringing her hands up into a defensive posture she had learned over after more than a decade studying with the Mabari.

By now word was echoing throughout the Star Destroyer where very little was afforded in terms of entertainment. Officers and enlisted personnel began to fill the gymnasium, turning it into something like an arena. A circle of bodies began to close around the two bloodied woman, forming somewhat of a confined 'ring' where the two were now limited to fight. There were roars of excitement, cat calls, and of course laughs by some of the more sexist present in the room. Most had come to see a fight, but some were out for blood.

"Well I bet 200 credits the Inquisitor kills Major Kiley," Lieutenant Allegra Ames announced as she took up a position in the front of the crowd. Her eyes going wide with glee as she observed the Major's battered and bloodied face. She could not stand that woman and genuinely hoped the Inquisitor would put her out of her misery tonight. Letting out a wild cheer she clapped for Serine while simultaneously glaring at Kerrie.

"The Major's tactics are sound," the icy voice of Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca was heard to correct the overzealous Allegra. "I have never seen her lose a fight. I will take your 200 credit bet, Allegra, for at least I know your parents have the honor to pay the debt," she commented insultingly as her red eyes glared over towards the woman for whom she had developed the utmost disdain.

"Somebody needs to run down to the surface and fill a shuttle with mud," an excited Lieutenant Mark Alexander observed as he adjusted his trousers. This was truly a sight to behold and he had hurried all the way up from the bowels of his engine room to see this. It seemed he was arriving for just the best part and began to seek out some of the action. "I got two to one the Inquisitor cuts off Kiley's arm..." he said as he looked over the other officers that were hurriedly running into the gymnasium, sweating causing their uniforms to darken.

The comments being made by the crew only served to infuriate Kerrie and strengthen her resolve and she let out a fierce cry as she angrily ran towards her. "Look at you. So tough with your magic powers. Why don't you electrocute me while you're at it, you coward," she angrily commented. Her blood-stained face seemed filled with anger as she again attempted to lunge forward and drive her left shoulder into her chest, spearing her towards the angry mob.

This whole situation was beginning to get out of hand, and despite her being an Inquisitor, even she would not be able to convince the mob to go back to work. Though Serine wondered, if everyone was present here, who the hell was running the ship? "This is turning into an exhibition match." Serine softly muttered to herself, very annoyed, as she watched the crowd grow thicker around the two of them, reducing their combat area. Ridiculous... and she could blame no one but herself on this one, and Kerrie's stubbornness of course. "Why not defecate in my food? You are disgraceful." Said in retaliation to the other's claims before she was hurled into the crowd along with Kerrie, consequently colliding with both Jelena Rodney and Allegra which happened to break their fall nicely. As the Inquisitor, enraged, attempted to punch Kerrie once again, she grazed the other's cheek due to the squirming of the patrons beneath them, causing her blow to go wild and colliding with Allegra accidentally.

Allegra gasped suddenly as the Inquisitor collided with her, sending her staggering backwards, but when the fist connected with her face it was almost catastrophic. The beautiful young woman had taken a shot right to her left eye, which caused it to swell visibly and slowly began to turn black. Embarrassed, she struggled to conceal the injury from the crowd, whilst backing away to a point where she could continue to observe the fight without being a direct participant.

Jelena staggered back as well, but thankfully was not the victim of such a direct assault like the meddlesome Allegra. She shook her head in dismay, wondering what she was doing here. It seemed that everyone else is here and while walking through the ship she had just been dragged along with the crowd. "Who is this woman, Kerrie?" she asked as she looked down at her blood-stained bodyguard.

Before Kerrie could have a chance to respond Major Arden Zevin stepped forward in the crowd unleashed a sharp boot into her nemesis' midsection, unable to resist the opportunity to get in a cheap shot. Before she could be clearly identified, she slipped back into the crowd, throwing up a couple of credit chips to conceal her movement through the crowd as she moved to a safe distance.

Kerrie let out a sharp groan as Arden kicked her in the gut, having been in the process of looking up at Jelena and was caught totally off guard. The battery had been too much and the poor girl unleashed a disgusting blast of blood and vomit on the ground in front of her. "That's an Inquisitor," she muttered up to Jelena as she wiped the blood and vomit from her lips and staggered to get back up. Her vision was blurry and she could barely stand, but she would defiantly continue.

"Stop this. Stop this at once," the authoritative voice of Captain Tiberius Anson could be heard from the back of the room as he finally arrived on the scene. "I will not have two of my officers fighting on my shi..." his voice trailed off suddenly when he got to the front of the crowd and realized that it was in fact Major Kiley and Inquisitor Thanor fighting it out. "...1,000 credits on the Inquisitor," he quickly chimed in as he looked around for any takers. He was not about to miss this action.

She slowly stood up while shaking off her slight dizziness. Serine had seen better days... her entire face throbbed, but she could tell Kerrie was far worse for wear. As she took on an offensive stance, Serine decided that she needed to finish this fight quickly before either Kerrie really did die, or a brawl broke out. This was really sad actually, the conduct of these officers was disgraceful, considering the Captain of all people disregarded his responsibilities to get into the action, very disappointing. Serine, of course, negated any hypocrisy, she took a personal pride in kicking around insubordinate officers. With a crowd ongoing, the Inquisitor might as well showcase her abilities... suddenly she would flip backwards upon her hands, sending her right foot towards Kerrie's chin before her feet would touch the ground, ultimately retreating her a meter from where she had once stood.

A bone shattering crack silenced the crowd as the Inquisitor's foot connected with Kerrie's jaw, shattering it on contact and causing it to hang lopsidedly from her chin. The young woman dropped down to all fours in complete agony, blood from her mouth and nose and pained tears flowing from her eyes. The crowd, in all their bloodlust, could no longer bare to look at the sight of their battered crewmate laying so helpless on the floor. She felt as if she had failed and her eyes angrily looked up at the Inquisitor and considered staying down. She could not speak, and instead shifted all of her weight forward onto her hands as she raised her body vertical, her two legs moving quickly like a scissors to first kick at both sides of Serine's neck and then tighten around her, attempting to perform a sleeper hold while still in a perfect gymnastic handstand.

Inquisitor Thanor watched the aftermath of her devastating attack with little pity to share to the unfortunate Major. This had to have been the finishing blow, and because she was confident that the fight was over, she let her guard down. Perhaps not the wisest move as Kerrie was determined to not be completely shut out. Serine was caught by surprised by the scissor-kick, the other's legs perfectly timed to strike on either side of her neck. She barely managed a gasp before the tight hold began to close in around her throat and she lost balance, falling to her right side with a thud while grasping the other's legs to try to pull them apart before she blacked out.

Commander Augustus Hood pushed his way through the crowd, clearing a space large enough for a single man to work his way through. He had immediately ran to the Admiral's personal quarters to seek him out when he learned what was going on. He was perhaps the only man aboard the ship who had maintained a steady hand during the excitement of the epic catfight. He shook his head as he looked down at the two pathetic women, still going at it.

"What is the meaning of this?" a tired and angry Claudius Rodney emerged on the scene, a robe wrapped around his body that was covered only with the basic of undergarments. Outraged when he saw that the two had nearly beaten themselves to the point of unconsciousness, he motioned for two of the officers to come and break them up. "This is unacceptable. We have Rebels to deal with and you waste all your energy fighting amongst yourself like school girls," he angrily complained as she shook his head down at them.

"Kerrie started it!" the voice of Lieutenant Ames could be heard from the back of the crowd. The young woman was standing up on her tiptoes to catch every moment of what was going on, despite the fact that she was now several rows from the front. All the while she managed to keep a gloved hand over a blackened eye.

Commander Hood wrapped his strong arms around Major Kiley's torso and began to forcibly drag her away from the Inquisitor. Her blood coated his finely tailored Imperial uniform, much to his chagrin. This was not how he planned on spending his night shift. He was a naval officer, not a babysitter.

Kerrie groaned as she was dragged away forcibly, still weakly throwing kicks towards the Inquisitor that had no chance of landing. She did not want to quit, despite the Admiral's chastisement. Her pride and the ship's honor were on the line and the fact that the fight had ended without a clear winner caused her to become violently angry, flailing against the larger naval officer as she struggled to cut loose.

Captain Tiberius Anson moved towards Inquisitor Thanor, grabbing hold of her as he wrapped his large arms around her midsection. "It is over," he said angrily, realizing the money he had bet on her would not pay out. He shook his head, believing that if the Admiral had just been a few minutes later Kerrie's defeat would have won him a small fortune.

While Serine was not as disgraceful as Kerrie's pitiful flailing, she was still heavily brooding, glaring spitefully at the woman as she was dragged off to an undeserved sanctuary... feeling unjustly cut from her victory. Everyone in the whole ship wasn't supposed to be here, this was just to be a one-on-one match with the loser's hurt pride the only lose, not a stream of disgrace that this turned out to be. The Inquisitor was embarrassed, heavily, she didn't foresee this. She nodded to the Captain before trying to stand, a bit wobbly but was able to gain at least some composure, at least she tried to, despite bleeding heavily still from her mouth and... her face was bruised, so much so that the eye that had been punched by Kerrie was swollen shut. She couldn't even chastise the crowd, she was just as guilty for fighting, and the Inquisitor dreaded the section about this conflict in her report to the Grand Vizier.

"Return to your stations," an angry Commander Augustus Hood shouted to the crowd as he held a still flailing Kerrie down to the floor of the hangar bay. His eyes tilted down to hers, shaking his head in dismay. "You have no face left. That is usually a good sign to quit," he said very coldly, having never accepted her aboard his vessel.

The crowd began to file out of the gymnasium, disappointed and complaining that no one had clearly won the fight. An embarrassed Allegra taking a moment to smirk down at the fallen Major Kiley, satisfied that the beat down was enough to keep her at arms length for another couple of days. Eventually the crowd subsided, leaving only the necessary parties remaining inside the massive room, which was now in desperate need of a thorough cleaning.

Through the exiting throng of pugilistic fans Doctor Pilaq Tohan forced his way towards the fallen combatants. "...not again," the Ithorian's booming stereophonic voice was heard to explain as he quickly moved towards Major Kiley. He had only just put her back together and now it seemed he would have to do it all over again. Quickly, he injected a sedative to calm and sedate the still frantic young woman. "I must get her to a bacta tank," he explained quickly as he moved to examine Serine.

The doctor would be able to see the obvious damage on Serine, but perhaps not some of the more internal damage. A few broken ribs and one broken collarbone, she carried herself well for her injuries, but nothing was as threatening as Kerrie's. "Perhaps you should see to her, those injuries have priority. I believe I do not need another personal visit from you, Doctor, but that is ultimately your decision." Eyes glanced a bit unsure over towards the Admiral. An Inquisitor fighting like this was unprecedented, though perhaps so too was Kerrie's intensified attitude. "I realize how this looks, I have no excuse Admiral."

"Report to the medical bay for a full checkup," Admiral Rodney ordered as he turned his back to her, tightening the robe around his body and walking over to take a closer look at the sedated Kerrie who by now was being loaded onto a stretcher by Commander Hood. He shook his head, remember what he had done to her, and a small glint of a tear began to shimmer in his left eye.

Jelena Rodney gripped the side of Kerrie's stretcher firmly, looking down at the young woman who had spent so much of her time protecting him. She glared angrily towards the Inquisitor as she escorted her fallen friend to the sickbay, associating the Inquisitor with all she had come to despise about the Empire. She would remember this night and what she had done.

"Come, Inquisitor Thanor," Pilaq said as he extended his hand towards her back. "We will attend to you as well. No need to be quite so proud," he said using his best bedside manner as the entourage arrived in the turbolift that would take them towards the medical bay. He seemed to be working overtime since the Inquisitor had arrived on the ship.

It was really disappointing how this was starting to become a regular habit. She was beginning to see more of the doctor than the Admiral. "I hadn't designed for this to distract from my responsibilities." Serine hesitated with Pilaq, reluctant to go back to the hospital... her injuries may even require a bacta tank to remedy... and she hated it. "I 'had' planned to do some constructive work today... damn it." Flustered, angry and ashamed, these were not winning combinations, but finally she gave way and was lead by the doctor towards the hospital. Perhaps her presence here was a distraction rather than an improvement... she was determined to make fixes... damn it, why did everyone have to be so... insolent? Betting on her fight... Serine's mind was racing around, this type of tragedy wasn't supposed to happen to Inquisitors.

After the turbolift doors had closed Admiral Rodney stood there for a moment, his hands planted firmly in the pockets of his bed robe. His tired eyes scanned the destruction, noting the scorch marks from the lightwhip, the smoldering bag, the blood stains, the scuffed floors, and the other signs of overuse from the massive crowd that had gathered for the 'fight.' He shook his head sadly, lowering his head and kicking his foot to scuff the floor. "I should'a stayed in bed..." he commented idly as he wondered if he would ever get a full night's sleep again.

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