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Rachel King and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:7:6) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Lieutenant Allegra Ames, Captain Tiberius Anson, Apprentice Inquisitor Kia Kaen, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, and Lieutenant Bethany Sheppard.

The bridge of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite bustled with activity, as it was the center of activity in the Essesia system. The pits were filled with numerous Imperial officers and enlisted personnel, who were given the nearly impossible task of monitoring all of the traffic moving through the system, and coordinating with the rest of the Imperial ships on patrol. In the center of the organized chaos was Captain Tiberius Anson, the commanding officer of the Warspite, who watched over his crew from the command walkway. The Corellian's uniform was well-maintained, but he had traces of facial hair that were against regulation ... his way of showing that he was still his own man and not totally indoctrinated in the Empire. Back and forth he walked, looking down at those who served beneath him ... literally and figuratively ... as he conducted his bridge watch.

Kia was testing the bounds of her new found freedom, and exploring in small doses. She figured eventually she would have the entire ship explored, and the fact that very few people seemed keen on telling her not to go somewhere was a plus. The ride up to the bridge of the Warspite was not nearly as long as she had expected, if anyone asked ... she could claim to be doing an inspection for her Master, or just the truth, she wanted to learn about everything. Stepping off of the lift, she stood quietly for a moment just out of the way of the doors, marvelling at the sights of the bridge...and the view. She had yet to lose that near childlike wonder at seeing space from the viewports of a ship. It was a breathtaking experience, and she truly hoped she never lost that. The bustle of activity drew her attention, and she cleared her throat to try and get the Captain's attention. She did not want to just barge onto his bridge and start making demands, taking her Master's words to heart about not trying to pull rank before she could back it up. "Captain?"

As Kia approached, he was leaning over the railing to gather information from the tactical station. The way she approached was so quiet that he could not detect her approaching, and when he first heart the diminutive, young voice he assumed it was one of the Governor's children. Forcing a diplomatic smile on his face he turned, but became taken aback when he saw that it was not one of Rodney's daughters, but in fact the young woman that had been shadowing Inquisitor Thanor. Bowing his head slightly in a show of respect, his eyes trailed over her in an attempt to size her up. "Captain Tiberius Anson at your service ... and you are?" he asked politely, before raising his head back up and looking her squarely in the eyes.

Resisting the urge to bite her lower lip, Kia gave him a polite nod in return, she was more lanky for a teenager than anything, not quite having filled out all the way, she was a bit on the thin side of normal, training and eating correctly were fixing that though. From the dark black hair and blue-green eyes to her neatly cared for boots, she did not *seem* that intimidating, she had both lightsaber hilts clipped to her belt, but she was carrying a datapad and had a pouch at her other hip that had squarish shapes that looked a lot like data cards in it. "Apprentice Inquisitor Kia Kaen, a pleasure to meet a fellow Corellian, Captain. It's been a long while since I've heard the accents of home." She returned his polite diplomatic smile with a disarming grin.

When he heard her title, Tiberius could not help but blink several times, momentarily overcome with speechlessness. All among the bridge there were murmurs, as they had witnessed on several occasions the power and unpredictability of Inquisitor Thanor. "Inquisitor Kaen," he said politely, as he instructed the rest of the crew to get back to work and cease their gossipping with stern glances thrown in their direction. "How many I be of service?" he asked, folding his hands behind his back, and clasping them. He was attempting to look the part of a prim and proper Imperial navy officer ... not merely for her sake, but for that of the crew.

Kia blinked at the shift in attitude, she was *never* going to learn anything like this. People were always so jumpy around her. "Captain, I'm Inquisitor Thanor's apprentice, not the Inquisitor herself, I was just wondering if I could get a tour of the bridge. If you don't mind. I've never been on the bridge of a Star Destroyer, and ships and technology are a bit of a hobby of mine. Since I was little. I promise I won't get in anyone's way or disrupt their work." She seemed genuine in her words, looking a bit hopeful that he would agree, but not just assuming he would.

"Of course, Inquisitor," Captain Anson said politely, as he began walking down the command walkway towards the bank of viewports that afforded them a commanding view of the Essesia system. "As you can see, from this position we can maintain an excellent watch over the planet Esseles and the surrounding space traffic. As one of the key planets on the Perlemian Trade Route, the planet is home to an abundance of spaceports, making our overwatch all the more difficult," he said, speaking to the teenager in a clear and concise method.

Kia could have gotten this information from the databanks of the ship, everyone was so blasted formal with her it was annoying. The teenager put on her best impression of Serine's scowl and blinked at Tiberius, "Captain, I order you to just relax and talk to me like a normal person. I just want to learn a bit about this ship, if I wanted the Imperial quotation on 'why' the ship is here, I'd have just stayed in my room and watched the data banks." That slight grin returned, hoping he would at least crack a smile at the 'order', "And I'm an apprentice, not a full Inquisitor. What kind sensor array does she have? This class of Star Destroyer has the Cygnus and KDY engines, doesn't it?" She was off in tech land with her questions, pausing to blink at him again.

Tiberius smirked at her 'order', unwilling to admit that despite her youth, there was still a great level of trepidation when it came to members of the Inquisitorius. "Ah. I see you have more than an advanced knowledge of the workings of my vessel," he informed her, offering a kind smile, before moving further down the walkway towards the far end of the crew pits. Turning to his left, he looked down at Lieutenant Sheppard, the flight controller. "Lieutenant Sheppard, please provide technical information on the engines, to the Inquisitor," he ordered, before stepping aside to allow her better access to the junior officer and the terminals below.

Lieutenant Bethany Sheppard was horrified when she heard the title 'Inquisitor', having at one point been strangled by Inquisitor Thanor and her notorious lightwhip. "Ye-ye-yes, sir," she stammered, as she looked up with her young face to the teenage Inquisitor. "We operate with a combination of three Destroyer-I ion engines manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards and three Gemon-4 ion engines from Cygnus Spaceworks," she began, sounding like a first year academy cadet as she recited specifications she had been forced to memorize. "They allow us to cruise at sublight speeds of up to 60 MGLT. Respectable for a capital ship, but nowhere near the speed, nor the maneuverability of smaller craft," she said, perhaps sharing too much, as she revealed her desire to fly something more nimble.

As they had walked down the walkway, Kia had been staring out the viewports in open fascination and appreciation of the sights of the system, that grin broadening and fairly lighting up her face, she looked like any other teenager. The Lieutenant's stammering brought her back to where she was, looking down with a little disappointment in her eyes, "Captain, am I going to have to repeat my 'order' to every person here? I'm here on my own, not as an Apprentice Inquisitor, as a fellow techie ... my parents designed small craft and were working on refining engine stability and efficiency when they died, If I were here as an Apprentice Inquisitor, I'd have to be a lot more stuffy and formal, I think..." Her attention was drawn back to the Lieutenant, nodding along with the technical specifications, "Still! that speed is impressive for a ship this size, you should be proud of it! It's a lot faster than most ships her size. As for maneuverability, I bet she could hold her own if she had to."

"Please allow me to apologize for Lieutenant Sheppard. She is young, and easily intimidated," Captain Anson said, as he focused on his flight controller, trying to calm her nerves with a reassuring smile. "I am sorry for the loss of your parents, Inquisitor," he said, as he shifted his attention back to her. "Now, I believe you asked about the sensors? I think you'll find this most interesting..." he began, before moving further down the walkway, towards the other side of the crew pits. It was there that he spotted his Chiss tactical officer, quite confident that she would not disappoint as the other had. "Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, please inform the Inquisitor about the sensor systems," he said, moving away once again so that the Inquisitor could get a closer look.

"Of course, Captain," the cold and foreign voice of Meham'ohorovi'cloca began, without looking up, as she was monitoring quite a bit of incoming space traffic at the moment. "Just a moment, Inquisitor," she said, politely hesitating, as she was not about to defer from her duties until they were complete. "Ah. All clear," she indicated, to the enlisted personnel who were struggling to monitor each and every ship heading to and from the surface of Esseles. "Inquisitor, our sensor system is integrated with our deflector shield generators. It is called the ISD-72x and was manufactured by the Kuatis who designed this vessel. They are quite effective and tracking every ship ... no matter how small ... that enters the system," she said quite confidently, as her red eyes scanned over her. She exhibited no fear, unlike the last officer, quite content in the professionalism that she was performed her duties.

"Of course, take your time! I don't want to disrupt your duties." Kia leaned forward, watching with an intense curiosity at what the Lieutenant was doing, she seemed like a small sponge to the information, "What is the advantage of having the sensors integrated with the deflector shields? And please ... if I'm not here on official business, my name is Kia."

"Very well, Kia," Meham'ohorovi'cloca replied, but still with a manner of speaking that was quite different than that of her colleagues on the bridge. "There is no advantage," she replied matter-of-factly, to the great dismay of those around her. "The engineers claimed it was to avoid secondary systems, but from a tactical perspective I believe that it simply makes it possible for the Rebellion to take out both systems simultaneously with a concentrated attack," she reported, followed by a subtle nod of her head. Many of the officers around her were quite displeased with her blunt, non-propaganda laced assessment.

"That's what it seems like to me too. It would be better if the systems were separate, and had a redundant system to act as a backup in case something happened to the primaries, so that in a battle the ship wouldn't be left without shields or sensors, weapons are all well and good, but not being able to target correctly or protect from incoming damage. .. ya know?" Kia's level of tech awareness and even ship planning might be surprising to anyone not familiar with her background. The teenager sat down on the walkway to get a better look at the sensor console, pointing at a control, "That controls the shielding direction, right?"

Meham'ohorovi'cloca could not help but smile when she heard the energetic teenager's agreement of her assessment, before moving to give her a better view of her terminals. "Yes, Kia. We almost never utilize the feature. It has been quite sometime since this vessel has come under direct attack," she explained, as the Essesia system was relatively free of Rebel spaceborne activity.

Kia scrambled back to her feet, grinning at the tactical officer again, "Do you think I could get a copy of the specs for her, I want to see what her capabilities are if certain tweaks are made, and while I could get them on my own, getting them the right way seems better to do in this case." Blinking back down at Meham'ohorovi'cloca, "Why do you call the ship just 'this vessel'? Not the usual 'her' or even 'him', depending on your upbringing."

"To provide information of this nature I would need the Captain's permission," Meham'ohorovi'cloca replied, devoid of any emotion as she looked to her commanding officer for approval. "I find you humans to be quite sentimental when it comes to vessels, Kia. This vessel is neither a he, nor a she. It is an assemblage of components. If assigning a gender and a personality to such things makes your species comfortable ... so be it, but it is not a practice I choose to partake in", she replied, sounding quite different than the others on the bridge ... and that she was.

"I will give the Lieutenant permission to provide you with the information you've requested. Is there anything else you would like to see, Kia? Tiberius interjected, as he stepped forward once again. He heard what the tactical officer had said, and worried that her thoughts on the subject might one day be her undoing. The ears of the ISB were everywhere and her criticism of the ship's design could easily be construed as disloyalty. He was quite impressed with her knowledge of the ship, and found her to seem quite different than Inquisitor Thanor.

Kia gave the Captain a stricken look, "Captain is the ship a he or a she? I've never been on a ship that didn't have an assignment one way or the other ... and thank you! Maybe if the changes makes sense we can figure out a way to submit them for review for the class of ship?" A thoughtful look crossed her face, as she looked around the bridge slowly, "Internal security and monitoring systems?"

"The Warspite is most definitely a 'she', Kia," Tiberius said as he moved to the other ban of crew pits where the operations crew was located. "Lieutenant Ames, I believe you already know Kia," he said, before stepping aside so he would not be in the way. "She has come questions concerning internal security," he said, finding it interesting that the teenage Inquisitor was so curious about the workings of his ship. In many ways it seemed she already knew more than some of the newly arrived crew.

"Hello, Kia," Lieutenant Allegra Ames said, with a warm, diplomatic smile. "Internal security is fair for the Imperial Navy. We have Imperial Navy troopers positioned near all key locations, often reinforced by Imperial Stormtroopers," she said, as she motioned to several banks of monitors that kept watch on key positions such as engineering and the hangar bay. "However, we are nowhere comparable to what the ISB has in place. None of the crew areas are monitors as one example," she said, but giving no indication as to whether or not she agreed or disagreed with that decision.

The teenager nodded a few times, she had wanted to gauge how much Zevrin's web extended, with the state of internal security it was no wonder she was able subvert so much. "I see, thank you, Allegra." Kia had remembered the Lieutenant's name from the meeting she had had with her Master. Turning to look back up at the Captain, she smiled warmly, "Thank you for allowing me to observe your crew, Captain. I hope I didn't cause too much of a disturbance, and please let the first person we spoke with ... Lieutenant Sheppard? ... that I did not intend to frighten her? Would you mind if I came back at a later time, I'd like to learn more about some of the systems, but I don't want to cause a disturbance."

Allegra was quite pleased that she had been addressed by her first name, and with an arrogant grin plastered upon her face she returned to her duties. Her eyes scanned upward at the young Inquisitor, hoping that the Captain had made note of the familiarity that existed between them. She did not want to be down in the crew pits forever.

"Of course, Kia. You have caused no disturbances and you may come to the bridge whenever you wish," Tiberius informed her, speaking with a genuine honestly as he began to escort her to the bank of lifts at the other end of the bridge. "Please excuse Lieutenant Sheppard's behavior. She recently had a close encounter with Inquisitor Thanor in which she very nearly lost her life. She was profoundly affected by the experience," he concluded, before pressing the button to call for the lift for her.

"Oh ... I see. Master Thanor can have a unique effect on people, Captain. Thank you for the tour and don't forget to get me those specs? I hope to be back again soon, as my studies allow." She stepped into the lift as the doors opened, her eyes drifting to the large viewports again, and her broad grin returned.

"Of course, Kia," Tiberius said with a smile, but once the door of the turbolift closed there was an eruption of relief amongst the crew that no one had been murdered ... or even injured. "Back to work," he ordered, as he marched down the command walkway, eyeballing each one of his staff officers, before resuming his initial position in front of the series of viewports at the end of the bridge.

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