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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:24) in the Essesia system: Retributor.
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lord Marcus Rodney, Commander Sierra Rodney, Lady Zara Rodney, and Doctor Pilaq Tohan.

Doctor Pilaq Tohan stood silently in the sickbay of the Executor-class Star Dreadnaught Retributor, carefully examining his patient, Lady Zara Rodney. A device was held over her stomach, which he visually noted was much larger than the last time he examined her. "You must relax, Lady Zara," he informed her, speaking through both of his mouths to create a stereophonic voice. "Your babies are *fine*," he said, with added emphasis, before he took hold of the monitor, and adjusted the support arm until it was directly in front of her face. The children were developing nicely with two healthy, regular heartbeats. If an Ithorian were capable of smiling he would grinning from ear to ear. "I am perfectly willing to continue to examine you here, or on a trip to Delaya. I assure you that your records will not find their way onto the HoloNet," he said, before letting loose a laugh that consisted of him blowing out gusts of wind through both of his mouths that swept her hair.

The first full appointment with Doctor Tohan was infinitely better than Zara had expected. He was a lot nicer than her previous Doctor, not to mention, *trustworthy*. He'd been with the Rodney family so long that betraying them was not in his best interest. Regardless, every appointment came with its worries. When you couldn't see the babies, when you couldn't be one-hundred percent sure that they were doing well, it was easy to grow concerned. Zara knew that Doctor Tohan's word would be enough to hold off some of her worries until their next visit. When it came time for him to take a peek, she found that all of her worries mounted and gained up on her. Clutching her husband's hand with one of her own, she tried to be still for the doctor. She let out a long sigh. The babies were fine.

Her eyes glanced down at the monitor where she could see Sia and Darrus, happy as two little clams. They had made a point of fighting the device currently on their mother's belly. You could hear the heart beats altered by the sounds of their little limbs colliding with the device. Aah yes, it seemed the Rodney offspring had inherited Daddy's over protectiveness over their mother. She grin widely down at the image. "Thank you so much, Doctor. We'll continue coming to you for as long as we can." She wanted to make it easier for Pilaq until close to the very end. She laughed at his reassurance. "Thank you. As lovely as a talk show host you would be, I am happier with all of this information staying between us." She was now nineteen weeks along into her second trimester. She was back to feeling better. Once she recovered from the kidnapping, her body leveled out again. Her head turned, eyes landing on her husband. "Look! There's still only two!" She joked.

Marcus watched over the whole procedure silently, terrified that something might be wrong. In his long career as a bounty hunter he never felt the anxiety that he felt now, waiting for Doctor Tohan to tell him the children were alright. When the news finally came, he smiled happily, and moved to wrap his arms around his wife tightly. He held her, squeezed her, and then placed a tender kiss upon her cheek. "See. I told you everything would be alright," he said to her, despite the fact that he, too, was worried. As he looked onto the monitor and saw the small bodies beginning to form with their hearts beating in unison he felt a warmth coming over him that he had never before experienced. "Yes. Thank you, doctor," he said to his old Ithorian friend, remembering his manners after having been awestruck by the images. "We did it, Zara," he said to her, proudly, nearly shaking her as the excitement and exuberance flowed through his body.

How they functioned on appointment days was beyond her. Zara turned all scatter brained when it came to ensuring the twins were healthy. It was uncomfortable when they stopped moving for what seemed like forever (actually five minutes). She wore a bright 'we made this' kind of smile. Every time they saw the twins, they looked more human like. She could see one baby's little fingers all clenched into a fist. "You're right. You're *always* right," she kissed his cheek. Zara knew she wasn't alone in her worries. She couldn't imagine what it was like to be in his position. "We're just about halfway through. I can't wait to meet them!" She had imagined what it would be like to hold them for the first time so many times. Nothing would compare to what it was actually like. She'd need to be patient for that moment to come. For now, their appointment was reaching its natural end. As much as she wanted to watch the babies forever, that simply wasn't viable. "We'll see you again in a few more weeks. For now, I suppose we should check in on your troublesome brother," she winked, squeezing her husband. They had indeed done it. They'd succeeded in creating two beautiful lives.

"You are most welcome, Lady Zara," Doctor Tohan said, as he bowed his large hammer head to her. "Enjoy this time while you have. Soon you will be chasing these two around for the rest of your life," he said to her, before helping her up from the examining table, as best he could given his advanced age. "I am at your disposal always," he said, as he led them out from the sickbay. He was very pleased to see new life come into the world, although he wished it was happening during a more stable time. No children should grow up in a war, he thought to himself.

"Yes. We should be polite," Marcus said, although he was hesitant to drop in on his brother while he was in full Imperial mode. As he bid Doctor Tohan farewell, he led his wife through the long, sterile corridors of the massive Imperial command ship. They were surrounded by Imperial stormtroopers and anonymous officers who were bustling in every direction. Small mouse droids carrying messages of unimportance zipped through the mass of humanity, headed for destinations unknown. They got the occasional dirty look from officers who recognized them as both the Governor's family and as the taboo HoloNet sensation. Only when they got into the privacy of the turbolift did he begin to relax, letting out as a sigh as his stomach released, which he had been holding in to look all the more physical in front of the Imperials. When they reached the office level, he stepped forward, holding the door open for Zara which would lead to Sierra's office, which served as the last protective barrier to Claudius' demesne.

After so long, it became necessary to life to continue in war times. Zara's only hope was that the war wouldn't be brought to their front door. Maybe the world would be better...*kinder*...before they were fully grown. She appreciated the help in getting up. More and more, she was beginning to feel like an upside down turtle when she was caught up on her back. She stood, adjusting her top to cover her belly again. She stood, taking Marcus' hand so he could lead her through the Imperial hell. Since the first time, Zara didn't feel nearly as nervous being here. She had come to terms with the fact that she couldn't overthrow the whole Empire using only her hands. Someday, somehow, people would pay for killing her parents. That day was not today. Today, she remained calm and collected as they moved through the corridors towards the turbolift. It seemed that the infamous Zarcus video would forever haunt their lives. All it took was one moment of captured, recorded love making to become unforgettable. Sometimes she still saw nude photos of herself in circulation. What could you do?!

In the turbolift, she let herself deflate. She wondered if they should ask Pilaq to conduct their appointments on Delaya, though he was already going out of the way for them. "Don't worry. We'll be home with our aggressive gigantic octopus. None of these people can touch us there." Sir Tentacles had been hungry lately. He may make for an effective guard squid now. Eventually, they made it to Sierra's office. Zara entered first. She was still grinning like an idiot. The appointment had been so *good*!

Sierra was seated at her desk. She was working her way through a pile of datapads. Her eyes were half closed (or half open). She had been digesting information all morning. It was beginning to grow dull. The woman knew to expect her brother-in-law and his wife since Claudius had told her that they made arrangements with Doctor Tohan. Regardless, she wasn't prepared for when their visitation would occur, and looked surprised to see them. She smiled softly. "Oh! Good afternoon Lady Zara, Lord Marcus." Sierra rested her datapad on her desk while slipping her boots back on her feet, then rising to greet them. "I take it things went well with Doctor Tohan. How are the children doing?" She gave Zara a gentle, one-armed hug. Marcus received the same treatment.

Marcus was pleased to see his sister-in-law Sierra at the front desk, rather than the horrid Kerrie, who had no personality whatsoever. "Things went very well, *sister*," he said to Sierra, before moving forward to kiss the air next to her cheek. "Your niece and nephew should be unleashed upon an unsuspecting galaxy before too long," he declared with her, with a wink, before he backed up to stand next to his wife. "Is my brother in? Is he ... prepared for visitors?" he asked, dancing around the issue of his brother's frequent bouts of depression and drunkenness in the wake of the disasters that had befallen him and his family. He never knew which version of his brother he would get when he met with him on rare occasions such as this.

After the social niceties had been traded, Sierra laughed. "Hopefully the galaxy is prepared for Rodney twins. The first time in the history of the family, right?" She pondered how her own genetics would fend against Claudius'. Looking towards the door into his office, Sierra was confident that his mood was well. She'd seen him not an hour ago. She understood was Marcus was asking beneath the actual question he posed. Given the fact that there was no more liquor in Claudius' office, chances were that he was still doing well. "He's prepared for visitors," she confirmed as she lead her extended family towards the door. She knocked to let him know she was entering first.

A happy Zara was not a forgetful Zara. As soon as she saw Sierra, she remembered the invitation to her baby shower that she had brought along. Within a few weeks, they would all crowd around with Livia to celebrate the twins. Yeah, *horrifying*. She reached her hand into her cross body bag to withdraw a data pad invitation. It was the only part of shower planning that Zara had insisted *she* do. She didn't want Livia to invite a bunch of, for lack of a better word, crazies. If you befriended Livia of free will, then you were broken in some way or another. Before they could enter, Zara touched her sister's arm and extended the invite. "My baby shower is coming up. I'd like to see you there. Please, bring the girls, bring Claudius, bring anyone who can act as my human shield against Livia." She made it seem like she was joking but she wasn't. She didn't want to be alone with her mother-in-law!

Sierra took the invitation. She politely laughed. It made sense why her mother hated Zara so much. Frankly, Zara was worst nightmare scenario for a person like Livia. "Thank you. I'll let you know if we can attend." With that, she opened the door and moved forward into her husband's office.

Marcus had all but forgotten the baby shower in the hectic series of events that had befallen them and the rest of the family. That would certainly be the most concentrated amount of estrogen in the known galaxy that day. With a polite nod to Sierra he stepped forward into the darkness that was his brother's office. It was still hard for him to imagine his brother having risen to such a position of importance within the Galactic Empire. He hated the Empire, and he could not understand how his brother, whom he viewed as a very intelligent man, could be so blind to their crimes. Still, he and Zara were here for a formal visit ... *not* to discuss galactic affairs. "Brother?" he called out, as he stepped aside to allow Sierra and Zara, with her baby bump, sufficient room to follow.

Claudius was sitting with his back to the door, as he often did, looking out on the endless series of space traffic that dominated the Essesia system. He found it relaxing to watch them pass by, a river of color and illumination. When he heard his brother's voice he perked up, having been informed they were coming for a visit with Doctor Tohan. He rose from his seat, and turned to greet them, but not before depressing a button on his desk to raise the lighting in the room. "Marcus, Zara," he said, as he moved towards them in a hurry. He moved to Zara once, kissing against his sister-in-law's cheek, politely, before taking a step back to examine her and her stomach. "You and the children are well?" he asked her, as a smile came upon his lips. Children were wonderful. "Brother," he said, politely, as he grasped his younger brother's arm by the forearm tightly.

Did you know what a pregnant woman produces as much estrogen in a single day as a nonpregnant woman does in three years? Indeed, the baby shower would be a chaotic cluster of estrogen. The men should probably be on standby for what may occur when Livia pushed Zara too far. Zara found it best to stay far, *far* away from her mother-in-law. She hoped Sierra and the girls would come. She all but begged the woman as she moved into the darkened office of Claudius Rodney. Even she had to admit that the view from his office was beautiful. She supposed when you were so deeply involved with the Empire, you needed some way to clear your mind. It didn't stop her from smiling at her brother. The time on Delaya had made her think differently of him. He associated himself with monsters, but he didn't seem like a monster himself. "Brother," she greeted him with kisses to each cheek. "Mhm. It seems the morning sickness has finally leveled out. Doctor Tohan said that the children were doing well. They were busy kicking the monitor, making his work more difficult." Zara took pride in her children already. You could only imagine how bad she'd be once she had a digital album to share with the world. "Are you well, Claudius?" She didn't remain standing for long. Morning sickness was better, but the additional weight on her feet was no fun. While the brothers reunited, she moved to sit in the small seated area within his office.

Sierra saw to Zara. Pregnant women seemed so... *breakable*. Her blue eyes flickered towards her husband once. She wore a knowing smile. She felt glad that they'd had the talk about their future, otherwise seeing their family would have prompted it. Sierra took a seat in one of the comfortable, plush chairs. She rested the invitation in her lap after crossing her legs. "Is there anything you two still need for the children? I... haven't gone to many baby showers in my life." Yet she'd been to so many funerals. This was a good change. Everyone needed an injection of new life.

"Baby shower?" Claudius asked, as he turned to Sierra, wondering what she was talking about. "Are you ... are you having a baby shower?" he asked Zara, as his face became somewhat bewildered. "Why didn't you tell me, my love?" he asked, looking to Sierra, with a half smile. "No one tells me anything anymore," he said, playfully raising his hands into the air, before dramatically throwing them down against his sides. "We must attend. Please arrange it, *Commander*," he said, with a wink, to make it an official order. "Marcus, it is a difficult task to be married to your subordinate. While I outrank her at the office, I assure you she outranks me at home," he said to them both, before leading everyone over towards the seated area where some small refreshments had been prepared.

Marcus attended to his wife, barely paying much attention to Claudius, as the Imperial entanglements always muted him. He was convinced they were being watched, even though he had no direct knowledge of Arden Zevrin or her recording devices. "I wanted you two to be the first to know that we are breaking with family tradition," he said, before pulling out the chair for his wife to sit. He then took a seat next to her before continuing with his statement. "We have decided to forego the traditional -us suffix at the end of our son's given name," he said, as he reached for a glass of water. "Instead we are going to follow the convention established by father in honor of our bastard half-brother. We have decided to name our son Thermos," he declared, in serious fashion, before taking a sip of the water. His sense of humor was often needed to break the tension in environs such as this.

Sierra looked towards Claudius. "Sorry, I like keeping you in the dark," she grinned. In actuality, she had known for all of three minutes greater than he had! It warmed her to see him in such a good mood. Zara and Marcus had everyone looking forward, towards the future. "Yes, Governor." She responded playfully, yet with obedience. That settles it. They'd travel to Delaya again in only a few weeks. Hopefully Arden wouldn't use that limited amount of time to make a mess. The mention of their at home dynamic put a larger smile on her face. She liked it the way it was. Control at home was wonderful. She preferred him to have charge in the workplace, simply because she could never do what he did. "We'll see you there then. I'll take some of the heat off of you from mother," Sierra promised. It was probably the greatest gift she could give her sister.

Zara waddled over towards the sitting area. She made herself comfortable in the chair Marcus had gotten for her. Her hand ended up in his, as it typically did. "Yes, we're having a baby shower! It's orchestrated by your mother, so I can't say if it'll be good or not." Her mood was too elevated for it to get her down. She looked forward to see everyone again while celebrating her and Marcus' cutie little babies. Marcus' sudden announcement came as a surprise. She supposed they were breaking tradition with their daughter's name, but Darrus was already hand picked and perfect. Even as the name slipped out of Marcus' mouth, Zara had a hard time not laughing. She kept a straight face, shaking her head. "I argued that Cup was better, or possibly Table Cloth." Gah! She couldn't hold it. Her cheeks turned red before she burst out laughing. *Thermos Rodney* was a terrible name.

"I enjoy being kept in the dark by you also," Claudius said with a sly wink, as his hand moved to her outer thigh. A bit more flirtatious in public than he had been before, but she made him feel young and sobriety had increased his libido. "You should not fear our mother ... *much*," he joked to Zara, with a small smile of acknowledgment. "She will have to be on her best behavior as there are still those who wish to see your unborn son ascend the throne one day," he reminded them, in not too subtle terms. "That is, of course, unless Sierra should produce a male heir," he said, shifting his eyes towards his wife. He brought his palm up to his face to shield his embarrassed look. "Forgive me. I am beginning to sound like father," he said, honestly, before pulling his hand from his face to reveal his reddened cheeks.

There was something both shocking and extremely exciting about her husband being so flirtatious in public. Sierra's cheeks were red, but that didn't mean she wasn't enjoying it. His hand alone made her shiver. She knew what they were going to do as soon as their visitors were gone. Her small hand touched with his where it crept at her outer thigh. His joke made her laugh. Sierra would have feared Livia if she hadn't known her for so many years prior to joining the family. The woman was certainly... *difficult*. Her eyes touched with his, a little smile inching across her face. They had been working on it, of course. Even she wanted a son, someone who could ensure the family that Zara and Marcus' boy would not have to take the throne. It was the best scenario for everyone. Her shoulder nudged him. "No, you still said it so much classier than he did. He all but explained the best position at our wedding." Sierra winked. Her hand linked with his.

Zara was also surprised by the way Claudius was acting. She supposed, at first impression, he had come off as *scary*. He really seemed happy now that he had remarried. Zara thought it was adorable!! She was sure that the Holonet would eat them up if they spent more time on Delaya. She truly hoped that Sierra did produce a son, for the words her brother spoke made her face pale. She had thought the words. Hearing them made it a reality. She coughed, grabbing a glass of water so she could wet her otherwise dry throat. "Julius is a professional at peer pressure. I'm not sure anyone could ever be as good as him. Good point though, brother. Livia will need to be on her best behavior." She looked at Sierra, "As to what we're still looking for... practical things. There's going to be two of them. Meaning double everything. Like clothes. Marcus finished building the cribs the other day. The one he got for Sia came with Gungan instructions. As hilarious as it sounds, it was also a total pain. So, when the time comes... Watch out!"

Claudius sat there silently, observing the banter between Sierra and Zara, and smiling at a wonderful family that had unexpectedly surrounded him. He was pained by the loss of Jelena, as he would never get to see her grow to have a family of her own. A pained look came upon his face as he dwelled upon his loss, but he did not vocalize his thoughts with anyone. Instead, he simply forced a smile onto his face, and reached across to take a glass of water. "I trust the removal of the Rebels from the castle will make for a safer environment in which to raise your children," he said, indirectly referencing both Iyah and Mug. "Is Gaius being helpful with increased security?" he asked them, as he put the glass of water down. Personally he did not think his cousin was much use for anything.

Marcus grimaced when he heard his wife recount the ordeal of constructing a crib with Gungan experience. "It was a 'bombard' experience," he said, before laughing slightly. He wrapped his arm tightly around his wife, drawing her in closer against him. He was glad he had such happy memories with her to share with his family. When the subject turned to the Rebels being behind the attack on the family he tensed, but said nothing, allowing his brother to have his delusions. He had not come here to discuss politics, nor argue. "I believe two Guards were assigned, but we barely notice them," he said, with a small smirk at Zara, referencing the two guards who were eaten by the sea monster. "We feel quite secure," he quickly added, before his brother could volunteer Imperial security.

Sierra chuckled softly at Zara's warning. She had never thought about cribs or any other baby necessities. Claudius had only recently made all that a possibility. She found the more she spoke with Zara, the more she anticipated her own eventual offspring. With Alderaan gone, the evil that was her family was gone. She realized that she could embrace her new family; the family that treated her better. No one was ever going to hurt her children in a way alike to what had happened to her. Not even Arden had that kind of power. Being that she was paying attention to her husband, she caught the brief, visible shift in his mood. She wondered what thought had caused the change. She had to wait to bring it up. In the meantime, she attempted to soothe him with gentle affection.

The young, pregnant teenager was swept up in her husband's arms. She was laughing over his joke. Those instructions had been kept. They were a sure fire way to make them both laugh. Inside of her tummy, the twins had become active again. She could feel them twisting and turning. They didn't want to talk shop either! Zara and Marcus had differing opinions about Mug and Iyah. She thought that they were nice. Neither of them seemed to be the level of evil which Gaius claimed. "We've been staying away from the castle as much as we can. It's much more relaxed at the chalet." She didn't mention the aggressive octopus who was aiding in keeping them safe. She tossed a knowing smile at Marcus. Those guards were long dead. If they hadn't frozen to death, then they were skeletons at the bottom of Sir Tentacle's lake. Feeling the need to keep the subject away from business, Zara continued to speak. "We'll be seeing you both a lot more frequently. In a few weeks, our visits with Doctor Tohan will get bumped up to every two weeks, then eventually every week." Dear lord, they really were getting close to the end.

"You and Sierra are welcome to the castle, brother," Marcus said, as he imagined his wife in the privacy and comfort of their small retreat in Delaya's icy north. "But father seems remarkably well again, so maybe you need not worry about it for some time," he said with a smile, as he found it quite a welcome surprise to see his father up and around again. "We have taken up enough of your time. And I'm sure Zara needs her rest after the appointment with the doctor," he said, as he began to rise from the seat. He quickly turned his attention to his wife in order to help her up, which was a considerable task these days. "Thank you for the hospitality and the use of your doctor," he said both to Claudius and Sierra, as he prepared to leave the office.

Julius strived off of being evil. He'd had plenty of time to do that while her and Sierra were around. Zara was certain that her sister was already having the pressure turned on her. Better Sierra than her! "Thank you both. I look forward to seeing you at the baby shower." With Marcus' help, she was back on her feet again. She could already tell that it was going to be difficult towards the end of her pregnancy. Slipping her hand into his, she offered both Claudius and his wife one more smile before leaving the room. She intended to hack into the system to investigate her and Marcus' suspicions. It was going to be difficult. This was an Imperial dreadnaught, after all. She was silent all the way back to toward their ship. She felt the meeting with her brother had gone well. She hoped that things continued to improve for him. Then maybe, just maybe, he would leave his life as an Imperial. She'd prefer to see him living his days out as Duke in the castle than this.

Sierra escorted the couple out of Claudius' office. She wished them both good luck as they departed. Even when her husband rose to power in Delaya, she doubted that they would relocate to the castle. As the door closed on her in-laws, Sierra made her way back to the seating area. Instead of claiming her own spot, she sat in her husband's lap. Her hands touched with his cheeks. "What are you thinking about, dear? I know when you're pretending."

"I'm thinking that I wish Jelena were here," Claudius said once he was sure that they were alone. Her soft caress was enough to bring him back to reality, not even having sent Marcus and Zara off with a proper goodbye. "I miss her very much," he confessed to his wife, as he brought his hand up to clutch the hand that was upon his face. "Without you I fear I might not have survived this tragedy," he admitted to her, before adjusting her in his lap so that he could get a better view of her face. Once he had it, he tilted his face down and pressed his lips against hers before she could reply. His hands moved up her back slowly, digging into the cloth that covered her flesh. He could not control himself around her any longer, and his tongue assaulted her mouth with all of the enthusiasm of a teenager. She made him feel young. *Very* young.

Sierra understood this. It had been bothering her that Jelena never had a proper funeral. Nothing had been arranged after the bomb. *Nothing*. At that moment, she took it upon herself to right the wrong. As hard was it would be for Claudius, he deserved to give his daughter a goodbye that didn't end in a bang. She was touched that she had become his strength, though she believed otherwise. He was strong. Sierra's reply was cut off by his lips. Her fingers drove through his hair. Her lips worked against his. Her love for him was so great. All she wanted for him was happiness and the best things in life. He had already lived decades of hard times. She wanted to usher in better times...and those better times apparently included giving him a lively sex life. Sierra could feel her lower back become exposed with his hands digging into her cream tunic. The fire inside of her had instantly been lit. Her tongue launched a full attack back on his. Her legs, straddling his waist, squeezed him softly. "Claudius.." She stole her mouth away from his. Sierra's soft lips met with the area of his neck directly behind his ear. She kissed and nibbling there. She drew a line down his neck and then back up the other side. He was the only man she felt comfortable being intimate with. He didn't stir her anxieties. He was simply perfect.

Her soft moaning of his name was it all that it took to spur on Claudius' advances. As she moved away following the breaking of the kiss, he was able to move his hands around her body and unfasten her tunic. Each time he undressed her it was like opening his presents during Fete Week as a child. His office had become steamy as another one of their midday workplace trists was about to ensue. "Are you sure the door is locked? I would hate for Marcus and Zara to return and find us like this," he admitted to her, as he began to undress himself as well. When they were both stripped down only their trousers he repositioned her again so that she was more comfortably straddling him. His mouth descended upon her throat ... kissing, biting, and playfully sucking. Once again he was getting no work done, but rather than alcohol it was sex that was keeping him subdued. In a strange way, Arden Zevrin was winning.

Ugh. That was the worst sentence ever: Arden Zevrin was winning. Sierra didn't think about it that way, though even she was blinded by her own lust and love. Was the door locked? Her memory seemed to have temporarily shut down. Before long, her bra and her tunic was on the ground. She'd slipped off her boots to reveal her stocking covered feet. "Mmm... I'm sure..." She finally decided to trust herself. Their privacy was important to her. With that, her husband launched his own series of attacks on her. She groaned and whimpered. She tilted her head back to give him unlimited reign over her throat and neck. From her position on top of him, she started to grind her hips against his gently. She wasn't insistent at first. Sierra knew full fell that she was going to get what she wanted. She'd take it at her own pace. Her small hands touched his chest. She rubbed into his pectoral muscles. "I thought I was going to have to excuse myself with how you touched me while your brother was here." Sierra teased. Her sex drive had been dormant for nearly twenty years. Claudius had awakened it far more than even she understood.

Claudius shifted awkwardly beneath her as he attempted to remove his boots. His feet kicked against one another, fumbling about, followed by the sound of each one hitting the ground. "No excusing yourself, Sierra. It would be untoward if you were to abandon a meeting simply to relieve yourself of any unresolved tension," he warned her, as he began to fiddle with both of their belt buckles. The sound of metal unclipping broke the silent tension in the room, followed by him raising himself off his chair and pulling down both of their trousers. He hoped the door was locked, because it would have been awful thing to explain to Ewwiekewwieikkie. There would need to be diagrams and perhaps muppets needed to resolve her infinite questions about intimacy. "I must have you..." he told her, breathlessly, before his mouth attacked his neckline again. His mouth moved up from her neck until it settled upon her lips, biting at it playfully, and sliding his tongue into her mouth.

She giggled. He was right. If she went about excusing herself every time she caught heat from her husband, she'd find herself missing out on many things. Sierra found that she appreciated their uniforms most during foreplay. They went from wearing so much to showing so much skin. It was exciting and intriguing. The sight of his body was her kryptonite. If the door was *actually* locked or not had become debatable. The closer they got to the act, the less Sierra worried about it. There would be nothing more miserable than having to explain everything to Ewwiekewwieikkie. However, Drusilla had already been scared by the Zarcus Holonet incident. Seeing her father with his new wife might be enough to push to kill people. Granted, she would be dressed fabulously while she did it.

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