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Alice Bee, Christopher Levy, and Thomas Rogers.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:19) in the Chandrila system: Chandrila (Hanna City: Spaceport and Warehouse district) and Gilded Thranta.
Captain Dagon Tong, Keller Turell, Commander Iyah Xergo, and Mug Zoran.

Chandrila had seen better days. Since the orders from Imperial Grand Moff Claudius Rodney had gone out, *anyone* associated with the Rebel leader Mon Mothma was facing death. Commander Xergo had received orders to aid in a rescue mission. There were indeed Rebels stationed on Chandrila within Hanna City. However, it had become far too dangerous for them to stay positioned within the city any longer. Iyah had not been on the field since she spent time within an Imperial prison. Her mind had recovered enough that she felt totally invested in the mission. She wasn't alone in her mission. She had Captain Dagon Tong alongside as well as her own yeoman, Mug Zoran. The mission only involved so few because of how dangerous it was. No one was feeling overly confident that the Rebels would *actually* be recovered. As she piloted the shuttle holding all of them down to the surface, she stared out on a world overruled by Imperials. "Are you ready, Captain?" She asked. The shuttle itself had been used by the Imperials. It would be the perfect disguise to get in and out rapidly.

The thought of a three man rescue operation still seemed somewhat stupid to him, mostly because they would have trouble securing their own exfil, but there were still merits to the plan. Or at least in keeping the force this small. It reduced the chances of compromise greatly, and brought the possibility of actually rescuing someone from zero to just slightly above zero. The storm commando armor felt a little strange now, but that didn't shock him considering how little time his former unit had actually spent in anything resembling a military uniform. Athol had done an amazing job in tracking down all the bona fides they would need to get on planet, and enough of the day's security codes to allow them something akin to freedom of movement. He checked to make sure he had a fresh powercell in his E-11, and then nodded, the voice scrubber of the helmet not doing anything to help humanize his typically cold and flat voice. "Ready."

Yeoman Mug Zoran had never been to Chandrila before, so he was looking a bit more excitedly than he ought to given his attempted deception. The Imperial uniform he wore originally was worn by a larger man and did not fit his lanky frame well. No matter how many times they washed it the smell of death still lingered upon it. Sitting in the back of the Gilded Thranta he passed the time idly by checking the power cell of his confiscated E-11 blaster rifle. If everything went according to plan he would not need to use it, but since being recruited to the Rebellion back on Delaya it seemed as if *nothing* went according to plan. He swallowed, before moving his hand to the collar of his Imperial uniform to attempt to adjust it once again. No matter how many times he tried he just did not have the build for it. It was a good thing he ended up in the Rebellion, because he would have made for one sorry looking Imperial.

The commando armor certainly wasn't made for comfort...and the armor Commander Xergo wore certainly wasn't made for a woman. She officially knew what it felt like to be slowly squeezed to death in the chest. The woman input a code so they could dock at an Imperial dominated port close to the city. If everything went well, then all three Rebels would be kissing Corporal Athol's ass by the end of the day for what he had done. The craft rapidly began to power down after it landed. By the time the ramp lowered, Iyah had stood and shoved her helmet back over her head. She checked her E-11 for what had to have been the billionth time. She refused to find herself in an Imperial cell ever again.

"Let's head out then." She glanced to both men. Her eyes lingered longer on Mug, glad that he was there for this mission. The first place they were going was in a warehouse district within the city. There, a group of Rebels had been smuggling information underneath the Imperials noses. She suspected that some of them were still hiding close-by. Iyah said nothing as she emerged from the craft and into the station. She stayed aware of her surroundings. Her eyes briefly flickered to a map displayed within her helmet before making it disappear. Quite possibly the most painful part of the mission was the beginning, when she felt massively uncomfortable posing as a commando. They would need to commandeer a transport in the warehouse district, she noted.

Transportation would be easier to get with the intel that Jason had got them. Dagon would just pull rank. He might not have been the ranking member of this rescue party, but he had previously held the rank of Major. So long as they didn't try to order around too many actual commandos, the rank and file Imperial army personnel and even regular storm troopers shouldn't give them much trouble initially. That was likely to change once they had the Rebels, but for now, it was going to just be another trip to another warehouse district. Surrounded on all sides by the enemy. Not much different from what the Cuy'Val Dar did on a regular basis. He stepped off the ramp of the shuttle, and looked around at the surrounding space port. He didn't need much prodding to get on with the mission.

Mug offered Iyah a short smile as they exchanged a glance, but he still was not used to seeing her in that armor. Personally, he thought he looked ridiculous, but if they were going to get in and out in one piece then this cosplay subterfuge was essential. He had neither the military experience of Captain Tong, nor the charisma of Commander Xergo, so he simply marched behind the two 'troopers' as best he could given what he observed among the strong Imperial presence in Hanna City. He had no idea what the rank insignia pinned upon his left breast indicated. He might have been impersonating a Lieutenant or even a General for all he knew, so he maintained a stern and stoic gaze upon his face as they moved through the city streets. So far no one seemed to be giving them any trouble as there were so many Imperials moving in and out of the sector that no one had the opportunity to develop relationships with one another. Whenever an officer or a trooper went missing people assumed they simply got transferred out or reassigned. And when an unfamiliar face was seen they automatically assumed it was a newly arrived officer. The size of the Empire and the ubiquitous nature of its personnel made infiltration missions like this almost too easy for the Rebellion.

The charade continued, and went well. The trio successfully reached the warehouse district, where Iyah once again eyed a map. The large, grey buildings sprung up on either side of them. Some were empty. Some were busily producing Imperial weapons. The pollution in the air was sickening next to the freshness of New Aldera. Iyah didn't stop moving again until she reached an old datapad manufacturing plant. She noted a large food transport down an alley. It looked unattended, and would probably make for a great escape and could be used in the city without arousing suspicion. She paused at the double doors of the plant. Her gloved hands quickly entered a code into a digital pad beside the doors. They both swung open, to which Iyah jumped back and pressed herself against the side of the building. She collected her E-11 from its holster. She needn't say a word. They were going in. She could hear footsteps already. Iyah rounded the open doors and carefully headed inside. She used the first machine she saw as coverage, but changed her approach as she noticed that there were five people huddled up on the base floor of the plant. They were all faces that were familiar; the known Rebels who they had been briefed on rescuing. It wasn't all of them, but it was a good start. She allowed for one of her hand to move away from the trigger of her E-11. "Don't panic. We're here to take you to New Aldera."

Dagon nudged her, not to urge her along, simply to let her know that he was there and ready to breach. As she went, he went opposite of her through the door, clearing the other half of the room. The black body gloved hand was firm on the E-11, his finger pressed on the housing of the blaster above the trigger. He wouldn't be the one to fire a needless or careless shot that alerted the Imperials. The cowering Rebels not instantly shooting at a pair of Storm Commandos breaching and clearing the room instantly raised his hackles though. He had expected to have to prove that they were Rebels to anyone they tried to rescue, but possibly they weren't combatants, just intelligence sources or other enablers to the cause. Even with that possibility, Dagon's head didn't stop moving as he scanned the room, the barrel of his weapon moving in unison with his eyes as he looked for additional threats.

Every time they went on an operation and he saw Iyah move in he imagined her gunned down by a Stormtrooper. There was a degree of fear in him, causing him to hesitate slightly ... just long enough to get himself killed if they were in a hostile situation. Fortunately, the E-11 that he had so carefully cleaned and checked in the buildup to the mission was not needed as they found only Rebel sympathizers hiding amongst the conveyor belts and machinery. With the Captain and Commander having the situation in hand, he moved around the rear of the structure where a speeder truck was waiting. Originally designed to carry food, it would now make an excellent conveyance to get these souls back to the shuttle. "Move it," he said to the hidden Rebels, trying to sound authoritative in his Imperial uniform, but his weak voice betrayed him. Before too long before four of the would-be Rebels got safely aboard the transport. "I'll get these people moving," he said to the Commander, as he moved towards the cockpit of the speeder truck. He had the forethought to remove his uniform cap, as he did not want anyone to wonder why an Imperial officer was driving a truck marked 'food'.

Indeed, these were informants. It was a fortunate first find, for the blaster battle would be saved for next time. Iyah's eyes flickered over to watch Dagon. There were so many places for enemies to hide here. The massive machinery was a nightmare. It appeared that he hadn't seen anything, so she eased herself once more. Commander Xergo watched over Mug while he took care of placing the Rebels in the transport safely. There was one Rebel, by the name of Keller Turell, who approached Iyah.

"Thank you for saving us.." He said, sounding truly relieved. "The Imperials caught our comrades." He reported anxiously. "They were imprisoned and taken to one of their weapons plants. M-My wife is with them!" The man began to cry.

Commander Xergo didn't like what the man was saying. She saw the risks. The plant probably was guarded. However, they were in Imperial costumes. If they were careful, they could extract the remaining Rebels. "Okay. Which plant *exactly* are they at? How many Rebels are being held there? What other intel do you have?" The woman questioned, trying to confirm that the remaining Rebels were being held and not hiding elsewhere.

Keller continued on while actively sobbing. "To the northeast there's a black building...that's the one! There are seven of us being held there. Security is minimal. We've never seen anyone actually attack it." Iyah stepped towards Dagon. "What do you make of this?" She asked him. "We have the makings to succeed here, but it's very risky."

"Up to you. You have more breathing now than you expected to walk away with. Having them tag along exposes them to getting caught in the crossfire if you want to make an attempt for the rest of them. If you want to go ahead with the hit, I say we load the ones we have in the truck, and rig this building to blow, so we can use it as a diversion if need be." He swept the room again, not looking at the commander, instead making sure that no one popped out of a machine to take a shot at them. "But short version, you can walk away with five breathing now, or go for the total win, and pick up another seven. Risk of losing everyone goes up."

Iyah nodded her head. "My luck's been shit lately. Let's see if we can't turn that around today." She rushed the remaining Rebel towards the transport. "Let's go with your plan. I'll have Mug move the transport." He had a truly solid plan. The explosion would take the heat off of them, or, at least most of the heat. She watched Keller run into the back of the transport. She briefly left the building, closing the back doors of the transport before she came up to the front. "Hi honey." She said affectionately. He was keeping her in her rocker and far, far away from the thoughts of that Imperia cell. She quickly relayed the plan to him. "Drive the transport towards the northeast corner of the district. If this actually works, we'll go home with all the Rebels." Even though he couldn't see it, she grinned beneath her helmet then darted off to begin the tedious process of rigging the building. With all the machinery and gasoline spills, this place was going to make one hell of an explosion.

Mug was not sure what the holdup was. While there were more Rebels in need of rescue, if it were up to him he might have been content to take the five that they had saved and get home before they suffered any losses. However, he was thinking with his heart and selfishly at that. Deep down he knew that the others had families and needed to be rescued. "Hi," he shot back with a smile, briefly breaking the tension of the otherwise tense mission. "Fancy me a truck driver?" he teased her, with an arch of his eyebrow as he briefly posed in the cabin of the speeder truck. "Yes, ma'am," he said before bringing his index finger up to his temple in a sloppy salute. "Be careful," he said to her, perhaps to her embarrassment, before he pushed his foot down on the accelerator and began sending the truck in the direction she indicated. They were halfway done, but he had a feeling they still had a long ways to go.

Dagon let the other two worry about getting the rescuees loaded, and went about doing a quick cursory search of the room, not for hostile forces, but for utility lines. He didn't have enough explosives with him to send a building this size into orbit, so he needed the structure's help with that. The answer to the problem was to secure his thermal detonator near the utility lines, both the power and the gas. With any luck at all, the primary explosion would kick off a gas explosion, and if it didn't then hopefully the power surge created by losing the main breakers would kick off the secondary explosion that they were looking for. He set the device to command detonate after he hid it, and made sure that he had a solid signal between his detonator and the device before he rejoined the others. "Done. Let's go see how long we get away with this ruse."

Iyah laughed at her lover's lame joke. She was glad to get him out of harm's way. It was impossible not to worry about him. "You too. Callista and I need our truck driver." When all this was done, she'd go home to her home and her daughter. She looked forward to it. For now, her attention focused back on the mission at hand. Dagon met up with her thereafter. "Fingers crossed that it's long enough. That place is going to make a hefty explosion." Her heartbeat was rapidly counting down how long it would be. She moved quickly towards their final destination. Thankfully, there was only one pitch-black painted building in the northeast district. It came with a terrible smell, as well as a sniper positioned up on top of its roof. She remained within the shadow of a neighboring building. At any moment, the explosion would occur. Iyah retrieved her E-11 again. "See the sniper up there?" She asked him, certain that Dagon *did* see it. As the explosion occurred across the district, the sniper lost his footing on the top of the building and fell to the front of it, instantly breaking his own neck. Iyah laughed. "Looks like my luck has changed!"

As Mug drove the speeder truck with the first group of rescued insurgents to safety he could see the explosion in the rearview window. Captain Tong's reputation for blowing things up had preceded him, and as the shockwave momentarily moved down the street the truck briefly shook. Sirens began to fill Hanna City as both the Ringali Shell Security Force and the nearby Imperial Garrison were placed on alert. Chandrila had not been touched by the Rebellion as of yet, so their response time was slowed, and their troops some of the least experienced in the Ringali Shell. No one was quite sure what happened, only that something had happened. As security forces moved towards the explosion, Mug casually drove the food truck towards its destination, completely unnoticed by the preoccupied Imperial patrols.

"I wonder how long it will take them to clean these responses up." It wasn't exactly aimless musing for him as they drove to the secondary target building. His whole job was to make life miserable for the Imperials and to spread their resources as thin as possible so that the weakest points could be exploited. The form of exploitation varied, but the conditions still had to be set. He doubted it would take this planet long to figure out that the a Rebel cell was going operational, and to stiffen their defenses. That meant men, equipment, and other resources pulled from other areas of the sector, or other sectors entirely, and poured into the bottomless pit that was their efforts to stamp out the commandos. As they neared the second warehouse, he moved his hand to the door latch, his other already around the pistol grip of his E-11. He didn't see anything as they approached that would start shooting immediately, now that the sniper had fallen off the room, but the presence of a designated marksman led him to believe this would be more of a fight.

Dagon's instincts were certainly correct. The explosion had announced the presence of Rebels on the planet. One way or another, the Imperials *would* attempt to find them. It was in their best interests that they group escape as quickly as they could. Iyah marched forward towards the second warehouse. The inside looked alike to the first warehouse, only this one was actually active. Machines moved and buzzed loudly through the lower floor. Iyah spotted several Imperial soldiers keeping eye over the broken workers who occupied the warehouse. Two other soldiers went running out the backdoor to find out what was going on outside. wasn't the Imperials they needed to worry about. The momentary distraction had given their Rebel comrades a chance to arm themselves. No sooner had two commandos appeared did blaster fire erupt from both sides. "Ah, shit." Iyah ducked behind the closest stack of machinery. She grabbed her E-11 and aimed it at one of the Imperial officers. The blast hit him and took him down to the floor, but there was so much crossfire. The Rebels had no idea that the rescue team had arrived. Slaves rushed out of the factory to get out of harm's way.

Mug had used the distraction of the explosion to successfully get the speeder truck to the rendezvous point, but as he sat in the cabin he could hear the sound of blaster fire. "Karabast!" he exclaimed, as he began shifting uncomfortably in the seat. He had been ordered to stay in the truck, but he was worried about what was happening. In his mind he had already leapt from the truck and rushed toward the sound of the blasters, but there was the question of his responsibility to the rescued individuals in the rear of the truck. He turned, sliding the small window that opened up into the rear of the truck for a moment. "Stay here. Keep quiet. I'll be back," he said, before moving from the speeder truck towards the warehouse. Unfortunately, he was still in Imperial uniform, so he was in as much danger as getting shot by the Rebels as he was if the Imperials figured him out. He took up position near the rear of the structure, to cover their retreat, but everything seemed to be happening at the front. He kept on eye on the rear exit and one eye on the speeder truck, which very nearly caused his eyes to roll right out of their sockets. "C'mon. C'mon," he said to himself, as he checked the power cell on his E-11 for the umpteenth time.

Nothing got you killed faster than standing in the doorway when there was a firefight going on. So Dagon didn't hesitate, even with bolts flying from both sides. It was entirely possible that some of those bolts skipped off his armor, glancing shots taken out of panic most likely, as he moved from the door, down the wall on the opposite side from where Iyah had gone. He rapidly engaged a pair of Storm Troopers, who seemed confused and shocked that a Storm Commando was engaging them, and not the prisoners who were clearly trying to make an escape at the cost of the lives of all the Imperials in the room. Once the two were dead, and he collapsed his field of fire down into the room as he took cover. A brief lull in shooting gave him time to assess the situation as best he could from his position. The real Imperials were dead, and the Rebels only had the two commandos left to fight through to their freedom. "We're friendlies! Cease fire. Speeder's outside! *Friendlies*!" His voice steadily rose until it reached its full "command potential", which sounded a bit strange even in his ears, as he rarely yelled at anyone.

The Rebels never would have stopped fighting if it weren't for Dagon's voice. It sounded over all the chaos erupting in the room. Everyone stopped shooting. "Damn, you've gotta teach me how to do that." Iyah remarked in awe. She watched the Rebels begin running out of the building to the transport, then continued roaming through the building. She ran into Mug at the back of the building. "It's all clear inside... Gosh, you look so different in that uniform." She teased him. The seriousness of the situation reminded her that they really didn't have time to fool around. "Let's get going. No one's imprisoned me this trip. Let's keep it that way." She turned her back on him and darted back towards the front of the building. "Our distraction isn't going to last much longer. Let's head out!" She called to Dagon, continuing forward to the transport. She counted the Rebels until she was sure everyone was there. Beneath her helmet, she let out a sigh of relief. It had been smooth sailing for once. Rather than cram herself into the back, she opted to make things uncomfortable in the cab of the transport. She nudged in beside Mug. Once Dagon was in, they'd be off back to the port.

"It does not suit me," Mug responded to Iyah, as he hated wearing the uniform the Empire, which destroyed his home planet of Alderaan. There were so many this time. He felt ashamed, and even cowardly, at the fact that he was earlier willing to abandon all of these people just to get back safely. He raised his hand, briefly knocking on the side of Iyah's Stormcommando helmet, as he tried to cut the tension in the air with a comedic act. "You look different too," he said, before snapping back into action and helping the rescued Rebels into the rear of the speeder truck. Seconds felt like minutes as he ushered them into the truck, which was now beginning to feel quite cramped. The minutes felt like hours, and as he heard the unmistakable sound of TIE Strikers flying overhead he knew the time to leave was *now*. "Let's get these people out of here!" he yelled, as he scrambled back into the cab of the speeder truck. Once everyone was loaded aboard he was prepared to return to the waiting the shuttle. For the moment it looked like they actually might pull this off.

The fairly quick response of the TIEs didn't surprise him so much as confirm to him that even if this sector was until now, untouched by Rebel kinetic activity, they were having an effect over the entire sector's SOPs for responding to suspected attack. He piled into the cab of the transport speeder beside Iyah after he planted another thermal detonator in the factor, once again near the utilities. If they got caught on the way back to the shuttle, another "bomb" going off might give them a few seconds to handle the situation, though the thought of shooting down a TIE fighter with a standard duty blaster didn't fill him with any positive emotions. "Last man, get us moving."

It was nice 'n cozy inside the cab. Iyah sat back and caught her breath. It wasn't over yet, but they were pointed in the right direction. She saw many Imperial speeders blasting towards the wreckage from the first explosion, though she didn't know that Dagon had planted a second diversion should they need it. The trip back through town was an anxious, yet quick one. The food transport had been perfect. It even blended in at the port where the shuttle awaited them. She noticed that Imperial security had increased. She decided they'd use their uniforms to their advantage by pretending the Rebels were their prisoners should someone ask questions. If not, then they were home free. She crept out of the cab and took on a more authoritative tone of voice. "Oy! Get out!" She held her E-11 rifle low as she acted more as an Imperial than a Rebel. "Line up and head to the shuttle. Single file!" She stood back while each Rebel stepped out of the back. She was keeping an eye on the Stormtroopers surging through the port. All she could think was: hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!!

Mug wanted to drive the speeder truck at its top speed to get them back to the shuttle as quickly as possible, but he also did not want to garner any unwanted Imperial attention. The garrison was still getting mobilized, but members of the local security force were on site going over the disaster. Fortunately for them, that was on the other side of town, and with some luck they managed to get everyone to where the old Sigma-class shuttle had been neatly tucked away. He moved with the group into the shuttle, and as soon as he was safely aboard he began to undo the grey-green tunic of his Imperial uniform. He did not want to wear it a moment longer than he had to. As the rebels slowly made their way aboard the ship he managed to share a brief and knowing glance with Iyah. Had they really made it?

As they came to a stop, Dagon pushed the speeder door open and hopped out, landing lightly and immediately setting to a jog. He took up a position beside the ramp so that he could look back over the ground they had just covered in their escape, watching for vehicles or fighters in pursuit. The best weapon systems available to them were the shuttle's laser cannons, but they were forward facing, so his E-11 would have to do if they did get engaged before they were airborne. He took a split second to unfold the stock on the weapon, giving him more stability if he had to make a long shot. While the range wasn't as good as a slug thrower sniper rifle, there was no worry about trajectory, which kindly took any math out of a longer shot. To anyone observing them, it looked like he was providing security overwatch during a prisoner loading, while the other commando acted as the contact.

One by one, each rescued Rebel made their way into the shuttle. The screech of TIE fighters was becoming more frequent above their heads. A moment longer in the warehouse district may have turned the mission to disaster. Mug was already safely inside the craft and probably ripping his uniform to shreds. She didn't like even asking him to dress like the people responsible for destroying Alderaan, and, with that, his mother. At last, Iyah made her way up the ramp. She gave a look towards Dagon, who had been a great asset throughout all of this. She wondered if he'd be down to travel to Delaya to pay a certain Imperial Governor a visit. With his knowledge of explosives, perhaps she could see the end of that evil man. As she disappeared into the shuttle, she removed her helmet. Her hair was coated with sweat and stuck out this way and that. The woman seated herself at the controls. She quickly powered up the shuttle and set course for New Alderaan, where these Rebels would aid in building up the refugee camp.

As the last person moved past him and onto the shuttle, Dagon turned and joined them, hitting the button to raise the ramp as he walked up it. Once the shuttle was sealed against the atmosphere, he took a moment to collapse the E-11 back down to its normal carry length on his way to the cockpit. The looks of the rescued Rebels seemed to be a mix of shock and relief, which he expected. He pulled a small scanner from a pouch on his belt, and after pushing a button, swept it over each individual, looking for any transmissions from hidden tracking devices that might lead the Empire to their doorstep. Not finding any, he joined the other two in the cockpit, and but didn't take his helmet off until the hatch was closed. Sympathizers and enablers or not, the man had no desire for one of them to leak the news that this particular war criminal was still alive. Once the helmet was off, he ditched out of the torso portion as well, and then finally lit a post op cigarra. "No transmissions coming off of the cargo. If you can get us off the planet into hyperspace, you'll be able to say your luck changed today."

"Thanks for checking that, Captain." Iyah gripped the controls of the shuttle as take off began. She stayed mindful of not taking off too quickly to raise suspicions. As much as she wanted to run far, far away from this planet. She needed to do it *slowly*. Iyah was quiet until they left Chandrila's atmosphere. The deep, darkness of space filled the cockpit. "Hey... I was wondering..." Iyah started, her thoughts lingered on her experience in Delaya. "There's an Imperial Governor on Delaya who I'd like to burn. The man captured me, held me prisoner for *weeks*, and even brought my own daughter to his garrison to torture me. He's got a cocky attitude. A total jack ass." Her eyes rolled. "What do you say? Can you help me out?"

"We haven't hit a governor yet. Though there really haven't been too many that poke their heads out when we start working on a planet. I can look at what ever intel the Rebels have on him, see what we can make happen." Though he didn't exactly commit, anyone who knew or worked with Dagon long enough could almost see him signing that particular governor's death certificate. Especially if they could pull it off without bringing his entire team off of their other assignment.

"Yes. This one is especially cautious. One of the squadrons hit his garrison, but the man simply came right back. He's a resilient little bugger... I appreciate you looking into it. Let me know what you find out. We'll have to round a group bigger than just three to take him out." She would be able to rest easier knowing that at least Dagon was looking into it. On New Alderaan, she had felt absolutely powerless over the Delaya Governor. With that said, Iyah made the jump into hyperspace. The shuttle lurched forward. Suddenly, Chandrila was gone, as was all of its problems. Indeed, it seemed that Iyah Xergo's luck had changed.

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