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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:24) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Imperial garrison) and in the Ringali nebula: Blue Haven.
Governor Papius Arundel, Yekaterina Hanson, Ashori Monoceros, Duchess Zara Rodney, Commander Iyah Xergo, and Mug Zoran.

Commander Iyah Xergo stood before her comrades. The Rebels were about to attempt to really strike back against the Emperor by rectifying the situation in Chandrila. The people there were suffer greatly under the wrath of Governor Rodney...her brother-in-law. That was information that no one else needed to know. Mug very well couldn't help who his mother decided to... Yeah.

She had her hands behind her back and wore a grim look on her face. "Thank you all for coming. Today I'll be briefing you on the ongoing battle of Chandrila. I have chosen you to aid in the infiltration of an Imperial Star Cruiser. We will attempt to bring it down from the inside." She approached the holotank. It displayed a holographic image of the Star Cruiser and its blueprint. "If you look at your datapad, you will find all the specific information *you* need to succeed. Your Imperial identification number is there, as well as the codes needed to get us to where we're going. The most important thing to remember is not doing *anything* to arouse suspicion. We will spare the Squadrons many lost lives if we can actually manage to take this thing down."

Yeoman Mug Zoran sat in the front row of the officers and crew of the Blue Haven, nervously anticipating what the Commander was going to say. They had just risked their lives on Chandrila rescuing people, but as they were in a war zone they were only left with a few days to rest before next assignment was up. His eyes went wide when he heard they would be infiltrating an Imperial cruiser, as he thought it would be a far more difficult and dangerous assignment than the rescue on Chandrila. He missed his daughter, but knew that until this operation was over he knew they would not be able to get back to New Alderaan. As he looked up at Iyah he felt proud that she had been tasked with such an important mission, but was also incredibly worried for his Commander and his fiancée.

Yekaterina Hanson was seated with the troopers aboard the Blue Haven as the operation was detailed to them. She had missed the rescue on Chandrila, and she was glad she had been chosen for this mission as it seemed dangerous. She wanted to keep the Commander safe, and her bastard of a fiancee, as she missed her guard duties on Alderaan. She took note of the mission, and did her best to memorize every detail. She wanted a swift and decisive victory for the Blue Haven troops so that they could return to New Alderaan.

Ash Monoceros was present in the meeting, gaining a little intel of her own. She thought she had struck a goldmine of it, for even if it was Grand Moff Rodney's sector, this information was still worth its weight. She had her arms crossed against her chest. She sat near the back, half-assedly watching Iyah. She cared not for her Commander. Before her, she watched Iyah detail out the route which they were to take. Half of them would be going to the bridge to disable the auto turrets. The other half would place explosives at the ship's engines. Her head turned, eyeing Iyah's bastard. It was hard not to capture him and deposit him in the hands of the Imperials, but she was trying to keep up appearances these days. It had been weeks since the last time she snuck off to Delaya.

"...Getting off the cruiser is going to be the most difficult part. Blue Haven will not be able to dock there. We will all meet up at Port 7 when the job is done so the frigate can come back and collect us. There is *no* reassurance that we will get back." Iyah stated truthfully. "...but we must do *something* to stop them. Commander Xergo looked like she had seen better days. She had spent hours studying the map of the Star Cruiser already. The Squadrons would be creating fireworks outside while they worked inside. If they managed to take out the cruiser early, which was unlikely, her people could find themselves in a world of trouble. Iyah glanced at Mug for support.

As Mug looked at his fiancé he could tell she was under a lot of stress, but to him she still looked beautiful. He was the least tactically minded of those going on the mission, but there was no way he was letting her go without him. He felt, despite his inexperience, that if something were to happen he could somehow help her. The way she described it made it sound like it could be a one way mission, which gave him all the more motivation to look after her. As she looked to him he offered her a reassuring smile, as he put all of his faith in her. He believed in her, and she inspired him completely.

Kat had a more disciplined approach to the operation, as she made copious notes in her datapad. She believed that if they were well prepared they would dramatically increase their chances of returning safely. Everyone was aware of the losses sustained by the starfighter wing when they engaged the Imperial fleet, but they also knew that the rebel fleet was much smaller and that every Imperial ship they took out *before* the battle dramatically improved the chances of an overall victory.

Iyah was looking forward to emerging from this battle and, once again, bringing Callista home. A voice in the back of her head...the voice of Papius Arundel...told her that Claudius would hurt her daughter if the Rebels won. Little did she know, her child would return home before even she did. Letting out a long sigh, Iyah began speaking again. "If anyone has any questions, please come ask me. I don't want anyone to be unsure of what they are doing. Please, please continue to study the layout of the cruiser. If there is nothing more, this meeting is adjourned. We'll be departing in approximately six hours." She lingered near the holotank while her comrades came to view the larger version of the same blue print that was in their datapads. Iyah's eyes shifted to Kat, who would also be accompanying them. She was glad to have so many friends onboard with this mission. It gave her a little more confidence. Tucking her own datapad beneath her arm, she moved to sit beside Mug. She said nothing, but reached her hand out and took his. She didn't think she could endure all of this without him.

Everyone else was preoccupied so deeply that it gave Ash a chance to slip away. She left the conference looking as nervous as everyone else. She kept to herself until she reached her private quarters. There, she sat on her bed and reviewed the information on the datapad again and again. She was paranoid that Yekaterina would, unknowingly, block her from Papius. It was important that he receive this information immediately. She picked up her comlink, which was for only contacting him, and summoned him. The Rebels were about to sucker punch the Imperials ... unless she changed the odds.

As the crowd began dissipate he had time to reflect on the briefing, and dwell on the mission that was to come. Before he could move to her it became clear that she had the same thought and was already moving to him. As she reached out for his hand he leaned into her, resting his head on her shoulder. "Don't worry, Iyah. We'll get through this," he said to her, as he clutched her hand as she took his. "When we destroy this cruiser we'll earn the right to return to New Alderaan and take a break, and get Callista back," he said to her, as he raised his head just enough to place a handful of kisses upon her neck. "I miss her," he commented, sadly, as the war had separated them far too often. As much as he wanted to be with her all the time he knew that the fastest way to being able to accomplish that was to defeat the Empire and win the war.

She turned her head to place a kiss on his forehead. She loved Mug so much. It was hard to recall how she did her job without him around. "We will. We *have* to." Thoughts of Callista brought a smile to her face. She was looking forward to their next tea party. Right now, Iyah wanted nothing more than to cuddle her family. There was only one obstacle between her and having that again. The kisses felt so good. She cuddled closer to him. "I miss her too. I'm looking forward to a day when all this ends and we can be together all the time. That's what keeps me going." She couldn't even fully imagine what it would be like to not have war in their lives. As naive as it was, she prayed for a fast ending against a gigantic enemy.

Governor Papius Arundel was standing in his office high above the Imperial garrison on Delaya. From the central spire he was able to look out on the entire garrison, the nearby city of Leiliani, and the Rodney Castle in the mountains. He was in a meeting that, while annoying, was unavoidable. One of the pitfalls of being the Imperial governor of a planet was dealing with the local authorities. As much as a promotion would come with increased salary and prestige, what he really wanted was the ability to decline meetings and delegate authority. "Very well, Duchess Zara," he said, as he turned to face her. "Your family may attend your little ball provided that *I* am also invited and it is made clear that you *unconditionally* support *my* authority as Governor," he said, as he moved towards the teenager, whose figure was nicely returning to her following the delivery of her twins. It seemed both Rodney brothers had done well for themselves. "Being a Duke sure does have its advantages," he said to himself, but in a way that she could undoubtedly hear.

Duchess Zara Rodney sat before the evil Imperial Governor. As much as she hated the man, she was quite determined to see *all* of her family attend the upcoming ball. In order for that to happen, she was forced to sit in a meeting with the snake who had thrown Marcus *and* her in prison. The young woman internally cringed at his stipulation. Ewww! He had to come?! *And* they had to show support? He drove a tough bargain. The fact was that her and Marcus had their hands tied at the moment. "I will allow you to attend provided *you* don't start any trouble. It's me and my husband's anniversary. I want this event to be memorable for the right reasons." She highly doubted that anything would be more memorable than their wedding day. She felt uncomfortable speaking with Papius. She would bet any amount of money that he'd seen the video that made her a HoloNet sensation. "If you promise to be good, then I agree." Zara stood from her seat. She brushed her hand over the front of her dress to smooth it out. She had come to meet with the Governor alone, having left Marcus with their twins. She heard his offhand comment. It made her cringe. If he wasn't Governor, then she'd ask Marcus to beat him up..! She may ask him to beat Papius up anyway.

Papius brought his hands up to his heart and staggered back slowly, groaning in pain, before stopping his play acting and smirking at her. "You wound me with your accusation. My dear Duchess, when have *I* ever caused any trouble?" he asked her, before he backpedaled to sit upon the desk. Unfortunately, he sat down on the activator for the holographic representation of Sierra Rodney. In an instant there was a flash of light before the naked image of Sierra, playing her violin, came to life within the center of the room. He scrambled, pulling the activator from beneath his buttocks, and them fumbled with it before hitting the button to deactivate it. It had only been on for a moment, but there was no denying that Zara saw *everything*. He looked down, his cheeks flushed red with embarrassment, before rising from the desk and moving back towards the viewport with his back to her. "I'll be good," he told her, as he folded his hands behind his back.

Zara rolled her eyes in an expert teenager fashion. "Oooh, if I started listing when you've caused trouble, I'd be here all day. Neither of us want that." She was ready to leave. Three minutes with the man was far too many, and she had been there *at least* ten. Just as she was turning to go, the man activated his holographic representation of... "Sierra!" Zara gasped. She was naked!...and playing violin?! Her blue eyes went wide. She whipped around towards him. Zara wore a face that said it all: I'm telling. She was going to rat him out to Marcus *and* Claudius. "What are you doing with that!? Ewno, don't answer." It was gone now. It was still right there in Zara's mind. How had he even gotten such a thing? She stepped towards the door. He had agreed to be good, and things had become far too awkward for her. "You better..! And...and...get rid of that! That's my sister!" She squeaked. The sound of Papius' comlink going off gave Zara an escape. "Well, you should get that... Bye!" The silver-haired girl darted out of his office. "So gross!" She was going to run right back to Marcus and tell him all about it.

Papius was furious that Duchess Zara had dirt on him. He considered stopping her from leaving, but the comm that beeped indicated it was from Ashori Monoceros. He did not say 'goodbye' to Zara, nor did he utter any words. Instead, he strode briskly across his office to grab the comlink. The Rebel spy would feel the brunt of his wrath and anger that he held towards Zara. "What?!" he snapped over the comm, only when he was certain that he was alone. He paced about anxiously wondering what news she had brought him. If only there was some way he could connect Duke Marcus and Duchess Zara to the Rebellion ... then he could be rid of them and seek advanced simultaneously.

Ash was not a happy camper to hear Papius receive her like that. "Governor," she said. She managed to sound furious in a single word. "I've brought you some information." Ash was all but growling into her comm. Life had not been easy on New Aldera. She was bored there...something that would change sooner than later. "The Rebels are planning to infiltrate an Imperial Star Cruiser that's in orbit around Chandrila. Additionally, the Squadrons are preparing to attack. I don't know much about it, but I heard people are going to the ground too." She pulled up the specific data on her datapad so she could begin relaying it to him.

Papius was seething, which inflamed him nostrils and caused him to snort like a male nerf. He tried to calm down, because Ashori was out of his physical reach and he grew concerned that his grip upon her might weaken with time and distance. "Chandrila?" he asked, as he brought his hand up to gently stroke his chin. "That's Governor Rodney's oversector!" he realized, which made him consider his next move very carefully. *If* he warned the Governor perhaps the Rebels would be foiled and the cruiser saved, *but* Governor Rodney would get the credit for the victory. *If* he did nothing then his political enemy would suffer a defeat and perhaps lose his command. The ineffective Empire had been created in such a way that made for such infighting and backstabbing rather than collaboration. For Governor Arundel the choice was easy. "Do nothing. Repeat. Do nothing. In fact, do everything within your power to see that the Rebel attack succeeds," he ordered her, as he smirked at his reflection in the viewport. There was more than one way to skin a Rodney.

"I thought you might still like to know." Ash said as she tossed the datapad on her bed. The hate that Papius had was greater than giving the Imperials a win. Before he replied, she was certain she knew what he was going to say. After a long moment of silent, he delivered his instructions. They were crystal clear. The woman snickered. "I'll make sure that cruiser is lost, so remember me when Governor Rodney is stripped of his position and you are raised to it, okay?" She was revived by his words. Ash would go into the battle actually wanting the Imperials to be defeated...not because she wanted to be a Rebel again, but because she suspected this would hurt Governor Rodney. Since the man couldn't set foot on Delaya anymore, she would see that the chaos was brought to his front door.

"How could I ever forget you?" Papius asked her, in a sweet and manipulative voice that brought a smile to his face. "There is an additional task I have for you," he informed her, before moving to take a seat at his desk. "Stay close to that bastard Rodney offspring," he began, as he swirled his tongue throughout his mouth angrily. "Should he mention that he is traveling to Delaya for *any reason* inform me immediately!" he ordered, as he wondered just how many family members would be attending this little ball the Duke and Duchess had concocted. It might be *just* the opportunity to connect them and thus finish them.

Her eyes brightened. The girl needed her rewards. Since she couldn't have a reward of the flesh, she'd have to deal with a little verbal manipulation. She listened to his secondary task. Lately, she had been spending more time around Mug just out of necessity. She hadn't heard him say anything about traveling to Delaya. In fact, she thought she might have heard him say he *never* wanted to go there again. "Yes sir." Ash obeyed him. "I'll talk to you soon." With that, the traitorous Rebel killed the transmission. She felt comfortable talking to him while most of her comrades were still occupied with asking Iyah questions, but now she could heard people outside of her corridor. She hid the comm, then rose from her bed. She left her room with the intent of lingering over the Rodney bastard and his family. Ash wanted the next tidbit of information she gave Papius to be better than this.

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