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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:25) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Commander Dillon Hobbes and Major Elayne Passik.

Commander Dillon Hobbes opened his eyes slowly on what he thought might be his last day. As he rolled over onto his side he caught sight of Major Passik, whose bunk he had been sharing. "Good morning," he said, as he allowed himself to linger a little longer in bed. By the look of the chronometer on the wall they did not have long left before they needed to suit up for battle. "You think they'll call it off?" he asked her, perhaps naively, as he did not want to risk losing her in the engagement. Whenever he had something to lose he usually lost it. As much as he enjoyed the time he had spent with her, he now had quite the distraction for the upcoming battle. More pilots lost their lives in the cockpit due to distractions than enemy actions, he thought to himself as he lay there, smiling at her. He brought his hand up to brush away a stand of blue hair that had fallen into her face from bedhead.

The torrential downpour of depression that normally covered Major Elayne Passik had momentarily stopped. Since the incident, the night before a battle was spend in the fetal position in bed. Those nights were sleepless. She reflected on what it was like to crash on an Imperial planet and awake trapped. However, her pre-battle panic attack had been derailed when she decided to invite Dillon to stay. Elayne had slept like a damn angel. When she awoke, it was natural and calm. Her eyes opened. Today was the day. She had been massively stressed out about this battle. They'd been out there once already. They knew what they were up against. "Good morning." She mumbled, still waking up. She slowly shifted onto her back so she could look at him. "I think the chances of seeing loth-cats grow wings and fly is more likely than that..." She sighed. She understood loss. It wasn't her legs alone that she had lost in all her years with the Rebellion.

Her hair was a mess. She still looked sleepy. A single good night's rest didn't overshadow many nights of not sleeping. She couldn't help smiling softly. If she died today, then she had a fulfilling last night. "Hopefully those damn Dancers behave themselves today. With that insane Squadron, I might need to pack an extra pair of pants." Her eyebrows furrowed. She leaned forward to place a single, quick kiss on his lips. "Thank you for staying with me, Commander."

Dillon began to wake up, lifting his head quickly ... too quickly ... as his head impacted one of the conduits that ran over her bunk. The room had originally been for storage, not habitation, and therefore included a lot of out place conduits and piping. "I've got to get used to that. Some situational awareness I have," he said, as he brought his hand up to rub his head. "You don't have to thank me, Major. I enjoyed having a safe port in this storm," he said, before he heard an overhead voice ordering pilots to the briefing room in fifteen minutes. "That's us," he said, with a frown, as he was not quite ready to start the day. "Of course they can't start without you, Wing Commander," he teased her, but he did not want to be the cause of her tardiness. That is how rumors got started, and how commanders got undermined.

Elayne laughed softly. "You alright? I think these bunks are created to be a pain in our asses. Trust me, my situational awareness ain't at its peak this early in the morning. We can all be thankful that there isn't piping above our heads when we're flying." Elayne flexed her legs slowly. The warmness filled her soul again as he made it clear that he hadn't minded spending time with her. The night had been so intimate and close. The few times she awoke, he was always there: *always* close. There was a hint of excitement in her eyes and she looked like she had something to say until she heard the announcement. She slunk back into the bed. "Five more minutes..?" She wiggled her eyebrows and grinned. "Ooh, alright. I'm movin', I'm movin'." She rose from the bed and stretched. She reached her arms out wide then stretched each leg individually. Seriousness fell over her as she grabbed a boot and began dressing herself. "I can't put sugar on this one, Commander. Today is going to be tough as nails. We're going to lose people today." She looked down. "...Hopefully not each other." She commented quietly enough that he could hear her.

Dillon swung his legs over the side of the bunk and slowly stood up, feeling a bit of a throbbing in his head from that flask full of whiskey ... now emptied. "Don't think like that, Maj- ... Elayne," he said, as he turned to face her as she began getting suited up. "If you think like that you'll make it happen," he warned her, knowing all too well. His own flightsuit was back in his bunk, which he did not even know how to get to. While he was busy rushing her along it was he who was in danger of being late. "Um. How do you get to C-284 from here?" he asked her, as he brought his hand up to his curly salt and pepper hair to rub his head. "I really need to find a map," he told her, with a smirk and a snort as he checked his chrono.

He was right. She was dooming them all to death if she kept her head buried in the ground. It would have been nice to lazy in bed with the Commander. Instead, she was heading to war with him. She stopped dressing with a soft laugh. "Here." She turned away from him. She opened up what looked to be an old file cabinet that she was now using as a makeshift dresser. She dug around in her belongings for a moment before pulling out a small, square device. She activated some buttons on it and a holographic display of the gas station appeared. She handed it to him. "Here. I try to make these every time we end up somewhere new to make life easier for everyone. We're right here." She said, her finger lingering over the map. "And you need to get to hear." She pointed with a different finger. "So go right, then take the lift up to the lower level. You'll follow this corridor for a bit, then you'll be there." Elayne dropped both of her hands after handing over the device. "You should get movin'." They wouldn't have another moment alone before the battle. Elayne began testing her luck early that morning, stepping forward into him to hug him. She kissed him, but it seemed so much more shy and fleeting that the bold kiss she gave him last night. "You'll spend tonight with me too?" She asked him, walking him to her door.

"It looks so small from the outside," Dillon said, as he examined the map of the Rebel gas mining station. Again the voice came over the speaker alerting them that the pilots were needed. "Better hurry," he said, as he turned, and began to leave the room. He stopped, then rushed back towards her. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, pressing his lips against hers in a passionate, fiery kiss. When the kiss broke he froze, studying every feature of her face in case he never saw it again, and so that it could inspire him in the battle to come. "For luck," he told her, before turning to leave once again. "And yes, I'll be right back here tonight," he said, before darting down the corridor with her map to find his way back towards his bunk. He had been given no time in the refresher, which was going to make his cockpit one unpleasant place to be in the current engagement. As he closed his eyes all he could see was Elayne's beautiful face. He thought he was a gonner.

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