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Nicholas Baldwin, Alice Bee, and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:29) in the Essesia system: Retributor.
Sergeant Grear, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, Major Sierra Rodney, and Captain Darik Tailon.

Major Sierra Rodney was seated at her desk, however, with how high the datapads were piled you wouldn't know that. The top of her black ISB hat was the only part of her visible from behind the stack. Believe it or not, this was *progress*. A stack on the floor, knee-height, were all the duplicates that had been sent through to the Grand Moff while the rest housed information ranging in importance. "Daddy isn't going to like his schedule next week. Three meetings with Meham'ohorovi'cloca so far." Sierra told her young son, who was seated in a bouncer beneath her desk. Her booted foot idly bounced it so that her son might fall asleep *before* her new aide arrived. In her hand, Sierra held a datapad which she was using to schedule out her husband's meetings given the information on another datapad. "That means we'll be seeing her at least once next week," Sierra looked down at the boy, who was wide-eyed and bushy tailed. Of course, the moment where it would benefit her for him to fall asleep, the boy rejected the idea entirely. She sighed, smiling down at him. "Okay, if you aren't going to sleep, at least we'll have to act professional. I'm expecting visitors."

Sierra's office separated Grand Moff Rodney's from the public. If you wanted to reach him, you first had to make it through Sierra. That is why she had a blaster pistol hidden in a locked drawer inside of her cabinet. Despite the mess, her desk, otherwise, was decorated with family-related photos. There were several pictures depicting the family at Auntie Maeland, a theme park that boasted as being the 'happiest place in the galaxy', as well as a strange looking small statue of her husband that she had bargained for on Skor II. In her opinion, the spoons she traded for it had gone to good use. "Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloc and Captain Tailon should be arriving soon." She said, setting her datapad aside. She bent down, unbuckling her son from his bouncer and transferring him into the sling at her chest where he could remain close. As she rose from her desk, she brushed off her tunic. The young woman walked towards the viewport in her room and stared at the planet housing her home. Despite the bitter feelings she had about losing her home planet, Alderaan, she had come to appreciate the beauties of Esseles.

Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca was moving through the ubiquitous corridors of the Executor-class Star Dreadnaught to meet with the Governor's aide, Major Sierra Rodney. The number of trivial matters she had to discuss with the woman was immeasurable, as she specialized in minutia. When she stepped into the office where she found Sierra with her back to her, staring out the viewport and lost in contemplation, which caused her to clear her throat loudly to politely signal her arrive. "Reporting as ordered, milady," she said, in her cold, exotic accent from the Unknown Regions. Before even being given an acknowledgment she moved to bring her datapad out from beneath her arm to directly in front of her. "There are many bullets on the agenda, milady," she began, getting right into it. For a tactical genius, she possessed little tact.

Tailon once again readjusted his tight feeling collar, wiping down his uniform as to not let any wrinkles show.

"Nervous, sir?" Sergeant Grear asked beside him. Grear was the only Stormtrooper officer to have been transferred from post to post with Tailon, and Tailon had come to rely on the Sergeant to carry out squad orders in many battles and ordeals. A man of 23, he had regulation cut brown hair, green eyes, and a moderate face to match his fit body structure. He wore the black uniform of a Stormtrooper Officer out of armor, his cap covering all of his hair, save his short sideburns. Tailon shakes his head at Grear's comment, as they stop just outside the door of Major Sierra Rodney, their new bosses.

"Nervous? Never, Sergeant ... just wanting to make a good first impression. Wish me luck." Tailon says, making the Sergeant nod before standing at attention by the wall near the door. Taking a deep breath, Tailon uses one of his code cylinders and opens the door before stepping into Major Rodneys office.

"Major? Captain Tailon, reporting as instructed, ma'am." Tailon stands at attention as he says this, the door closing behind him as he takes in the sight of the room.

Sierra's thoughts quickly left the office. It seemed that she had been slightly preoccupied since returning from Delaya. There were disturbing things on her mind that she couldn't shake. It was the sound of Meham'ohorovi'cloca that drove her away from her thoughts. Her head rose, "Oh!" The Chiss tactical officer had come in so quietly that Sierra failed to hear her. She was relieved that she had arrived. Not only did they have so much to discuss, there was also the fact that she put her son to sleep with ease. The exotic voice, which constantly put officers asleep during her briefings, also worked well with the infant. Sierra unfolded her hands from behind her back and approached her desk. "Thank you for coming so quickly. I'm aware there's much to discuss. I have a few bullets to talk to you about as well. Please. Sit." She waved towards one of the chairs in front of her desk.

She paused in her preparations for her meeting. Her aide had arrived just in time. "Captain Tailon, good timing." She brought a hand up to introduce Meham'ohorovi'cloca. "This is our tactical officer, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca. I'd credit her as one of the hardest working people on this ship." Sierra dropped her hand. She moved to sit down behind her desk, carefully maneuvering a stack of datapads to the side. She kept a single one set aside, with she turned around and slid towards Tailon. "Join us. I need you to take notes on this meeting so I have something to refer to later. I will provide you with your first assignment when our meeting is finished." Sierra looked towards Meham'ohorovi'cloca. "This is my new aide, Captain Tailon." She informed the Chiss woman. "Continue on."

Tailon raises a hand to shake Meham'ohorovi'cloca's, a polite smile on his face. He recognized her from the Holotank meeting, which somewhat dimmed his surprise at seeing a non human wearing an Imperial Uniform. While he wasn't into all of the Anti-Alien propaganda that the Imperial Military seemed to uphold, he did realize how rare it was to see a non human in such a prestigious position.

"A pleasure to meet you, Meham'ohorovi'cloca. And yes, Major Rodney." He takes a seat down at your desk, somewhat off to the side as to take notes while the two higher ups were talking.

Meham'ohorovi'cloca paused as she looked at Captain Tailon's outstretched hand. She put her hand out and shook it, as she had seen done, but was not particularly used to herself. When that awkward social encounter was complete she moved forward to sit in front of Sierra's desk, without bothering to return Captain Tailon's formalities, as she felt the handshake would suffice. "Very well, Major," she said, her distinct red eyes angled down towards the datapad. "We have been recently reinforced with a squadron of TIE/D Defenders. This will be most effective against our anti-starfighter patrols at the nebula periphery. This is one system that we have the strongest foothold in, but we can never be sure where or when our enemies will strike," she said, as she scrolled down to the next items. "I have received an estimate from Governor Kole of Rhinnal regarding the repair of the Rhire power grid," she explained, but hesitated to continue. "It is grim. It will be both a lengthy and costly venture. In the interim there have been increased protests against our rule," she said, wondering what they were to do about this one. "A goodwill gesture should be made to turn the tide of public opinion," she said to the Major, but she was not in the field of propaganda. "Perhaps you have an idea, Captain," she said to Derek, who was seated next to her.

Tailon looks up from the datapad he was typing on, slightly surprised that he was acknowledged in the meeting. As an ISB agent, he was more used to bringing enemies of the Empire to justice, not raising public opinion and moral. Clearing his throat, however, he decided to give a suggestion.

"Well, lets see ... what are their main reasons of protest against Imperial Rule? If the cause for protest can be discovered, maybe a compromise can be discovered because of it ... not by giving in fully, we don't want to show weakness ... but I suppose that would depend on the reasons for protest."

The Major sat back at her desk. Her eyes wandered briefly down to her child, who, surprisingly, was still awake despite the presence of Meham'ohorovi'cloca. She would never tell the tactical officer that she sometimes used recordings of her voice to put her son to bed at night. Her attention moved immediately back to the Chiss lieutenant, who immediately began their meeting. The Rebel starfighters had become a rather large pain in recent times. While the attack on Brentaal IV was a success, the Rebels were busily targeting Rhinnal. The win was short-lived and Sierra was hungry for more. She crossed one leg over the other as she began to contemplate how best to please the people of Rhire. "Despite its cost, we have no choice but to repair the Rhire power grid. Please leave those exact numbers for my aide so I can review the budget later." She hoped that Meham'ohorovi'cloca had a tidbit of good news for her, but it seemed that she did not so far. "Perhaps we can send aid and supplies to the planet to please the people of Rhire. Surely those who were in medcenters are going to be affected the most. Send transports for immediate transfers to functioning medcenters. Let the people of Rhire know that we care..." She looked towards the Captain listen to him while grasping for the datapad that she most heavily used.

"Their main reason for protesting is the fact that we were powerless from preventing 24 starfighters from carrying out a precision bombing run of their capital city, destroying *both* of their hydroelectric plants, and leaving them without power," Meham'ohorovi'cloca stated to the ISB plainly, as if she was reading her grocery list. "It will be done so at once, milady," she said, with a firm nod of her head, as she committed her instructions to her datapad. "It is clear now that the Rebels have the capability of striking at any of the six key systems within the Oversector," she said, reluctantly, as she reported on the situation. She swallowed, causing the blue skin of her throat to bulge and constrict against the grey-green collar of her uniform. This was proving to be more difficult than she expected. The core was supposed to be pacified, but it seemed that it was just more Imperial propaganda. Perhaps fashioned by the very officers seated around her.

Tailon continued to jot down and record the numbers and notes that the major and the strategist were stating. It was a lot of information to take in. Supplies and relief aid would only go so far... in order to raise moral, public examples would be needed to made that despite such an attack, imperial control in that sector was still strong. This could only be accomplished by destroying those responsible, swiftly and effeciently. Tailon didn't say this out loud, however, sure that the Major had already considered this.

"How long will it take us to restore power to the city?" She asked Meham'ohorovi'cloca. Sierra was sure that she did not want to hear the actual answer. Regardless, she needed to know. The meeting was filled to the brim with bad news. The attack on Rhinnal had made certain things very clear. The Rebels were targeting this Oversector and no one knew where they would attack next. The young ISB Major sat back. She glanced down at her son again, noting that he had fallen asleep while Meham'ohorovi'cloca delivered more news. Her hand moved to her forehead where she began to massage at her temples. "It isn't good, Lieutenant. I will see what I can do about whipping the ISB officers into shape. We need to gather more information to avoid all these strikes. We went one step forward on Brentaal IV, and three steps backwards with this attack on Rhinnal."

"I do need to discuss with you what kind of security we can spare on Brentaal IV. I am to meet with the head of SoroSuub within the week. He wants to be reassured from the Governor that he will be protected from Rebel attacks while opening a warehouse on the planet. I am not sure if I will be extending any help to him. However, I would like to be informed of what we can spare."

"That depends on how many resources we want to pull from other systems, milady," Meham'ohorovi'cloca replied, before pulling up the facts and figures on her datapad. "As you are no doubt aware the conflict between Esseles and Rhinnal goes back centuries, as the people of Esseles once subjugated Rhinnal," she said, as she began a brief, but perhaps unnecessary history lesson. "With the sector governance decree Rhinnal was granted equal status within the Empire, and thus has a favorable view of our regime ... perhaps more-so than any system in this oversector," she continued, as she looked from Major Rodney to Captain Tailon. "If we pull resources from Esseles to speed up recovery on Rhinnal it could create further tension between the two worlds and might cause us unintended negative results here on Esseles," she continued, seeming to go on forever with what was a simple question. "It could take a month, or more, if we devote standard resources to the effort. If we pull from Esseles we could halve the time," she reported, with a nod of her head. "As to the matter of Brentaal IV, that was our initial point of conflict with the Rebellion. Our most experienced and veteran personnel are stationed there. They have been in conflict with the Rebellion for years," she said, before looking down slightly. "However, as you are aware, our setback on Chandrila resulted in a recent redevelopment of Rebel sympathy on Brentaal, which could merit increased security concerns," she added, with another nod of her head. "In terms of sparing, Vice Admiral Raven is in the process of reinforcing Chandrila, and therefore has currently removed himself from that system. We could perhaps deploy ... a battalion sized unit to protect his industry on the ground," she suggested, as a starting point. *Finally* she had finished speaking.

As Meham'ohorovi'cloca rattled on and on, Sierra wondered what the chances were of her slipping a nap in her husband's office after she had dismissed everyone. Her eyes felt heavy even though she continued to pay attention to the Chiss' history lesson. A headache was beginning to develop from each heaping load of bad news which caused Sierra to massage her temples again. "The last thing I want to do is provide the people of Rhinnal with another reason to rebel against the Empire. We will show we respect past relationships between Esseles and Rhinnal... Do not pull resources from Esseles." Esseles had a special place in her heart. It was where home was, where her family lived. She would not risk starting trouble on *her* planet. She looked down towards the picture of the family at Auntie Maeland. Despite her obligation to the Empire, *they* came first. "We need to think of more ways to please the citizens of Rhire. While you're watching the Holotank, please try to think of something. I'll continue to consider things as well. Maybe the Governor will have an idea."

Finally, the answer to her question emerged. Sierra dropped her hand from her forehead. "That... might work. Please make me a report of what we have to sacrifice in order to do that. I will allow the man to plead his case to me, but nothing says that I'm about to give him what he wants. Do you have any other updates for me, Lieutenant?"

"One moment please, Major," Meham'ohorovi'cloca said, before she looked down to her datapad and began reviewing her notes. "There was a ruptured power conduit on deck 37. Ensign Rist has contracted a virus and is in sickbay. Commander Alexander reported a minor power surge in reactor 12," she said, going on, and on, and on, before even she realized these were matters more suited for the ship's captain than the Governor's aide. "No. Nothing else," she reported, with a firm nod of her head. She tried to smile as hard as she could and after what felt like she might strain the muscles in her face she gave what amounted to be a half smile. She pressed a button to sleep her datapad, and then tucked it under her arm. "I will make a report as instructed, concerning Brentaal, milady," she concluded, waiting to be dismissed.

Oh no. Sierra had asked the wrong question. She clenched her jaw as Meham'ohorovi'cloca rambled on and on. Her eyelids were beginning to become heavier. She prayed the Chiss would realize that Sierra didn't care about Ensign Rist's virus or a minor power surge. At the end of her rant, Sierra forced herself to smile politely. Meham'ohorovi'cloca was good at her job. She appreciated that the woman had taken the time to come see her and fill her in. "Thank you, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca. You are dismissed. I will meet with you again tomorrow after I've processed more of this mess..." Sierra said, raising her hand towards the stack of datapads. After she had dismissed Meham'ohorovi'cloca, her attention turned towards her new aide. "Captain, I have a task for you as well."

Tailon straightens in his chair, his eyes wide open and alert. His finger was somewhat sore from recording *everything* Meham'ohorovi'cloca had said in summary.

"Yes, Major?" Tailon asks in an earnest but confident tone.

Sierra was relieved to have not fallen asleep in her meeting. The same could not be said for her son, who was slumped against her breast asleep. His presence didn't change Sierra's attitude in front of her comrades. She swiveled in her chair to the side, grasping at a fresh datapad which she turned on, then fiddled with until there was a blueprint of the Rodney estate visible. She turned back to Tailon, offering him the datapad. "This is my home." She began, releasing the datapad into his hands. "I would like for you to take on the construction of my tea house." The levelness in her voice never changed. As badly as Sierra wanted a tea house, this was a test for the new Captain. She wanted to see if he would excel in an irrational job. His quality on this task would tell her a lot about the man. Before becoming her husband's adjutant, she had worked as a psychologist. She could still apply that information while in her new occupation. "You need to report to me with a realistic timeline as to when it will be completed."

Tailon's face changed very quickly from a confident smile to a frown. As an ISB agent, Tailon was used to conducting covert ops, inciting martial law, and executing the enemies of the Emperor. A construction job just seemed ... bellow him. Though confused out of his mind, he trusted this strange request was made for a reason.

"As you wish? Me and my team will get right on it."

She wondered if he thought she was insane. Sierra honestly couldn't say he was wrong either. Regardless, she smiled. "Thank you, Captain. I look forward to hearing your report tomorrow. I will contact you if anything else arises. I have some upcoming meetings I will want you to partake in." Sierra rose. She silently dismissed him while beginning to transfer her son out of his sling and into her arms. She needed an aide who could do any job properly. Captain Tailon would need to earn the worthwhile jobs.

Tailon exits the room, standing in the somewhat busy hallway as Grear approached him.

"So? How did it go?" He asked, curiousity in his voice as they start walking towards the Mess Hall as planned. Tailon sighs, looking down at his datapad with the Rodney Estate. A captain taking on the job of a construction team.... he was almost offended. However, he just sighed, putting the datapad under his arm.

"It was dull... I'll need to tell you about our new... odd job once we reach Mess." He states, masking his slight contempt rather well. Great just shrugged, nodding.

"Ok, but at least tell me this ... is she better than Major Norton?" Tailon actually chuckled upon hearing Grear ask that, turning slightly to his friend.

"*Way* better ... no one can be worse than Norton..."

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