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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:30) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
El-Nay Darr, Prince Pollix Drayen III, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Melickielickie, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lady Drusilla Rodney, and Major Sierra Rodney.

The "Oh noes! Oh noes! Everybody sick," Ewwiekewwieikkie said to herself, as she began making a platter of medicine in the kitchen. Rather than call Doctor Tohan or Bailo, she had taken it upon herself to play nurse.She had made sandwiches piled high, cupcakes, and overly sweet beverages. She brought a bag of sugar also, because in her mind that made for the best medicine. As she moved through the ground level of the estate the bantha that was living in the living room began to move towards the food to investigate. "No, sorbet. You no sick. This no for you," she said, as she cut her yellow eyes in the direction of the bantha. She hurried up the stairs, but got about a halfway up when she tripped, and everything went flying. "No. Look what you did, Sorbet," she said, as she watched the food go flying. Grumbling, she climbed up the stairs and began trying to put everything back together. Unfortunately, the result was cupcake sandwiches. She staggered forward, entering the master bedroom where Sierra and Melickielickie were in bed. "I cure you," she said, as she waddled over towards the bed, and dumped the tray in front of them. She took her spoon, shoved it into the bag of sugar, and then began trying to stick it into Sierra's mouth. "Ugh. Open! Open!" she said, as she pressed it against her mouth repeatedly.

Sierra could *not* believe she had gotten sick. Upon waking up, she realized she felt as cold as if she was nude on the planet Hoth. Her nose was running. *Everywhere* felt achy. What seemed like a strike back from morning sickness, soon became clear to her as the flu. At first, she attempted to hide it. She dressed in her uniform and prepared to go to work. The only problem was that once she was dressed, she decided to hide in her winter coat which gave away her fever. Needless to say, she was banned from the Retributor. It wasn't *just* Sierra who was sick either. The poor little Melickielickie had the same symptoms going on. They were both confined to the bedroom where Sierra was supposed to 'relax' and 'take it easy'. These were words that Siera didn't understand. She lay in bed with one arm wrapped around Melickielickie. The other held a datapad in which she was attempting to work remotely from. When Ewwiekewwieikkie entered the room carrying a tray of... Cupwich cakes, Sierra set down her datapad and smiled. "Aw, thank you, Ewwiekewwieikkie...ugh!!" The Squib attempted to shove a whole bag of sugar into her mouth, which surely was *not* going to cure her. "No, no, no! Not the whole bag!"

Melickielickie's ears were drooped. The little Squib peered out from underneath the blankets at her sister. "Sissy. Me no feel good..." Her ears began to perk. She couldn't smell the sweets through her stuff nose, but she could certainly see them. "Eee! Hungee! Hungee!" She reached out towards the tray, grabbing a cupwich cake and beginning to devour it. "Nom. Nom. Nom...*achooo*!" She sneezed, covering the blankets with a mixture of snot, saliva, and half-chewed food.

"Ugh. SiSi. You need this," Ewwiekewwieikkie said, as she again tried to press the spoon into Sierra's mouth. "Open! Open!" she said, when suddenly Melickielickie appeared from under the blankets, startling her. "Eeeeee!" she squealed, causing her to lose a grip on the spoon, which caused the crystals of sugar to fly everywhere. "Some of those sammiches for SiSi," she warned Melickielickie, who was eating everything before Sierra got any. "Being a doctor is hard," she declared, before exhaling a deep, dramatic breath. "I need stick to hit people with," she decided, after watching Doctor Tohan hit her adoptive father in the head with his walking stick every time he was a bad patient. "I'm not givin' up!" she said, before sticking the spoon in the bag, and trying to get Sierra to ingest it again. "We make bargain. You eat sugar. You get better. Good bargain, huh?" she said, with a big smile, as she flew the spoon around like the TIE fighter, while making the engine noises that scared her.

Sugar crystals rained down over the bed, over Sierra, Melickielickie, Ewwiekewwieikkie... It was a mess. Ewwiekewwieikkie was being so sweet in trying to take care of her. As Sierra watched the TIE fighter spoon come in for a landing inside of her mouth, Sierra realized that she was going to have to eat it this time. "D-Deal.." She idly wondered if the child within her womb could get a sugar high. If so, it was about to happen. Sierra, reluctantly, opened her mouth and allowed Ewwiekewwieikkie to spoon feed her sugar. "Mmm.. It's very good." It took everything in her to swallow the sugar without looking sickened by it. "You made sandwiches too?" Sierra asked, hoping that if she occupied her mouth with something else that she wouldn't be forced to digest more sugar. She took one of the half-eaten sandwiches from the tray. She could visibly see pieces of Sorbet's hair in it. She took a bite. The combination of sandwich and cupcake wasn't bad, but Sierra was certain it'd been dropped on the ground at one, or many, points in time. "Did you make these, Ewwiekewwieikkie? They taste good!"

Melickielickie crept back underneath the blankets to cuddle her mother. "It's okie, mommee. You be all better when daddeee gets home." The little Squib crept out of bed and dashed out of her parent's bedroom. When she returned, she was holding a packet of stickers. She knelt in front of Sierra in bed, placing stickers all over here. "I make you better too!"

"Yay! Yay! You did it! All better?" Ewwiekewwieikkie asked, thinking that she had instantly cured her adopted stepmother. "Well. I made sammiches *and* cupcakes," she informed her, as she folded her arms in front of her chest and pouted like the rest of her family. "But ... but I fell," she said, before grumbling and muttering to herself. "You can be the nurse," she informed, Melickielickie as she watched her put stickers on Sierra. "I wish I was sick so I could have stickers," she told no one in particular, as her eyes went wide with awe at the sight of them. She was trembling with excitement, but knew that Sierra needed them more than she did.

The little Squib began placing stickers on her sister. "I give you some too! You fell. You okay now?" Melickielickie placed a sticker on Sierra, then a sticker on Ewwie and continued doing this over and over again.

Sierra had stickers on her face, arms, neck, and any other exposed skin that Melickielickie could get at. She couldn't help but laugh. "You're such a good nurse, Ewwiekewwieikkie. I feel *much* better now that you're here." The Squib cared about other people. It was adorable and heartwarming. "Have you ever thought about *actually* becoming a nurse, Ewwiekewwieikkie?" She continued to eat the sammich because her adoptive daughter had put so much effort into it. It may have been littered with bantha fur, but it was filled with love. "Maybe Doctor Tohan could help you become one. That way you can help other people besides me."

"Hmm. Hmm," Ewwiekewwieikkie considered what Sierra suggested, bringing her right paw up to her chin, while tapping her left foot. "What the pay?" she asked, as she seemingly entered contract negotiations with Sierra. "I like him. He's silly. Would I get to hit daddy in the head with a stick?" she asked, her mouth going wide, and her tongue dangling from her mouth as she seemed much more excited about that prospect than she should be. Again she began to tremble, overcoming with excitement, now that she had her very own stickers. "Yay!" she said, suddenly forgetting all the talk of becoming a nurse and focusing on the stickers Melickielickie put on her.

Suddenly there was a loud, shrill scream from outside the house ... it was Drusilla. Believing the air in the estate to be 'bad', she had taken her baby brother Bruce for a walk outside. Unfortunately, as she neared the duck pond all of the ducks began quacking loudly and moving towards her. "No! Stop! Go away!" she shouted, before finding herself surrounded by the ducks, who were making noises, and flapping their wings. "No!" she shouted, as she began back into the estate. Once she found out the geese were not laying golden eggs she had zero interest in them, and therefore had forgotten they were there. When she got inside and sealed the door she felt relief, closing her eyes, and exhaling a deep breath. But then suddenly she felt something nuzzling her butt. "I beg your pardon!" she squealed, but when she turned around she saw it was the bantha, Sorbet. "Ugh!" she yelled, in a fit, and began moving towards the stairs. As she passed Sierra's in the master bedroom she muttered about living in a zoo.

"You'd get paid in credits, Ewwiekewwieikkie... You can take your credits and buy as many spoons and other shiny objects as you want." Sierra explained with a chuckle. "Uhhh, I think you have to be a nurse for a really long time before you can start hitting daddy in the head with a stick." After Pilaq had confirmed her second pregnancy, it seemed Claudius was keeping his distance. The old Ithorian would probably beat him silly the next time they saw each other. The sound of Drusilla's screaming had Sierra out of bed in half a second. She entered overprotective mother mode, assuming that *something* or *someone* was outside. "Ughhh..." The overprotective mode didn't last long. She still felt sick and exhausted. She was relieved to see Drusilla and Bruce coming up the stairs. Her comments made Sierra assume that Bruce was using his power again to draw in the animals. "You should see the lakehouse..." She mumbled, thinking of the felinx that she had taken in which was currently hiding somewhere in the estate. She had just settled in bed when the doorbell rang. "Ohno.." Sierra thought of all the stairs she needed to conquer to reach the door. There were far too many. "Ewwiekewwiekkie... Can you see who is at the door?" Sierra prayed that Pilaq was here. She couldn't take anymore spoonfuls of sugar.

What awaited outside the estate's door was the very same Rainbow Rancor mechanical beast that Ewwiekewwieikkie had hugged at Auntie Maeland. Attached around its neck was a letter from Prince Pollix thanking Sierra and Claudius for allowing him to date their daughter.

"SiSi, what's a lakehouse?" Ewwiekewwieikkie asked, while she was busy considering the question of nursing. "Why pay credits? They just give me shinies and I give everyone sugar to make them better!" she said, putting forth her grand bargain. In her mind it was a very fair trade indeed. Although she possessed a child's enthusiasm and excitement, she was in fact in her late-20s. At some point she would need a job or something to do with her life. She yelped when she heard the scream, worried that the ducks would leave. "Oh no no no!" she said, as she hopped up and down excitedly. "Okay. I go to door," she said, as she scrambled out of the room, down the stairs, and past the bantha to open the door. She gasped when she saw it, wrapping her arms around it, and clinging to it for dear life. "Oh wowie wow! Is mine!" She began dragging it into the estate, but it was much heavier than she remembered. Finally she got it inside, but not before some of the ducks managed to get inside to search for Bruce. She collapsed to the floor, panting, and leaned up against her statue. The letter fell off it, hitting her in the head, and causing her to cry out in pain. "Ouchies!" she said, as she took hold of the letter. "This no for me..." she grumbled, before climbing the stairs with a parade of ducks. Moving back into the bedroom she handed Sierra a letter. "Rainbow Rancor is here! I think is mine! Is mine?" she asker Sierra, waiting for her to read the letter.

The lakehouse was paradise for mommy and daddy ... so Sierra didn't answer that question. Thankfully, the door was enough of a distraction to send her adoptive Squib daughter off to check it out. Realistically, Sierra thought Ewwiekewwieikkie would make for a very good nurse. She would have to talk to Doctor Tohan and Doctor Bailo about Ewwiekewwieikkie lending a hand. As much as neither she, nor Claudius, liked to admit it, the girls *were* getting older. If something happened and the Empire lost the war, she wanted to make sure Drusilla and Ewwiekewwieikkie had something to fall back on. There was a whole lot of ruckus downstairs before the heavy steps of Ewwiekewwieikkie making her way back up the stairs announced that she was coming back. "What was it..?" Sierra asked, spying several ducks waddling by her bedroom door. She took the letter from her adoptive daughter, all the while growing more confused. "Rainbow Rancor? Like, a *real* one?"

She looked down at the letter from Prince Pollix. She began to cough. She didn't know that he had purchased the statue from Auntie Maeland. "Your sister's boyfriend has given us a gift." Sierra said, rising from the bed. She pulled on her robe and slowly made her way downstairs. Instead of spotting the Rancor, she first spotted Prince Pollix making his way out from inside of it. "Yes, the Rainbow Rancor is yours, Ewwiekewwieikkie..." She glared at Prince Pollix. "You're lucky my husband isn't here. I'd have him throw you out by your ears."

Prince Pollix knew he landed himself in hot water with his girlfriend's family. He was trying his best to patch up the broken relationship with them. He had decided to sneak into the estate, since the Stormtroopers were shown pictures of him and told to place him in a holding stall if he dared show up uninvited. Brushing off the front of his trousers, he smiled at Sierra. "Milady," he sputtered nervously. "I have come to see my P-Princess!" He declared, growing more visibly nervous with each word.

There was another, more shrill scream from upstairs. Once again, of course, it was Drusilla. "They're in the house! How did they..?" she paused, but then took a moment and realized there was only way this could have happened. "Ewwiekewwieikkie!" she screamed, and quickly came out of her room, still cradling Bruce, and began descending the stairs followed by a parade of ducks. "Oh, your royal highness," she began, blushing slightly with embarrassment. She raised her hand to check her hair to make sure it was perfectly coiffed, and then smiled to the man. "Allow me to present to you my brother, Lord Bruce Rodney," she said, as she moved closer to him, before the ducks started quacking again. The bantha was of course there too, snorting, and breathing heavier than usual. "I'm taking care of her while mama is sick," she explained, keeping her distance, for her sake, and the child's. "Oh you brought such a wonderful present for my sister," she said, as she watched Ewwiekewwieikkie begin to hug it, while happily smiling and drooling. She wanted to say 'ick', but because she was in the presence of royalty she put on her diplomatic face. The House of Rodney hereditary pout was beneath the surface, desperately trying to be unleashed.

Another scream!? Sierra, ever the control freak, was having some difficulty allowing Drusilla to take care of Bruce. It wasn't for a lack of trust...Sierra actually trusted Dru with the boy completely. It was that Sierra worried constantly. "Are you okay?! Is Bruce okay!?" She looked up at her youngest stepdaughter. Three ducks came waddling down the stairs after her and Bruce. Sierra dug her hand into her robe to find her comm. She realized she couldn't handle everything by herself. Even nurse Ewwiekewwieikkie wasn't enough help. "El-Nay," Sierra spoke, sounding exhausted. "There are ducks in the house and a Prince I didn't invite.. Can you hel-..!" She sneezed.

A wide grin spread over Prince Pollix's silly face. "Lady Drusilla," he said, stepping forward to look at the infant in her arms. "You are so kind hearted, milady." He said in awe. "Your brother is so small.." Pollix was an only child. His parents had been pleased to find a heir to the throne in their first child and none had followed. Bruce seemed to be happy. He reached for Pollix, but when the Prince offered him a finger, Bruce shoved it in his mouth and began to aggressively gnaw on it with his gums. Pollix chuckled nervously. "I saw the picture your mother had of Ewwiekewwieikkie and this rancor. I thought it would make a fitting gift for my Princess' family." He explained. "Might I take you and Lord Bruce out for the afternoon?"

El-Nay Darr was walking the perimeter of the Rodney estate, trying to get out of the prying eyes of the Stormtrooper security detachment so she could sneak a cigarra unseen when she heard the frantic cry from Sierra. She did not understand it was a sneeze, and assumed the transmission was abruptly cut off. "I'm coming, milady," she replied in a panic, as she braced herself before activating the JT-12 jetpack strapped to her back. A moment later she blasted off the surface and began heading straight for the estate. She crashed right through the front window in a controlled frenzy, and when she landed, she performed a combat roll upon the floor. Using Sorbet the bantha for cover, she quickly raised her old DT-59 heavy blaster pistol at Prince Pollix. "Step away!" she ordered, from beneath her orange Mandalorian helmet with its distinct T-shaped visor. She was quite the professional when the helmet was on. However, through the broken window all of the ducks had now managed to find a way to get inside.

With Sierra not feeling well, she didn't overhear Prince Pollix attempting to take her stepdaughter away. All Sierra heard was the sound of smashing glass as the orange-armored Mandalorian broke into the house ... along with a herd of ducks. Sierra stared with her mouth wide open. Now the window would need repaired and there was *no* way the ducks were going to leave. Sierra thought she might need to hide in the lakehouse just to get a nap in.

Prince Pollix let out a high-pitched girl scream. He knew about Sierra Rodney's body guards for he had crossed paths with them before while trying to sneak in to see Drusilla. He placed both of his hands in the air. He slowly inched away from his Princess and the child. "I miss Drusilla!" He whined. "Two dates a week isn't enough!" He complained at Sierra. He continued to near the front door. "I'll replace you window." He said, pointing towards it. "I'll make my family pay back the credits from the lawsuit!" He continued to sputter.

Sierra crossed her arms over her chest. "Fix my front window *immediately* and you might get an extra date. In the estate where El-Nay can see you. If you dare touch my daughter, I will allow my friend to torch you to death." Sierra threatened. She made her way over to El-Nay, grasping her by the shoulder. "Ugh.. Ewwiekewwieikkie has been playing nurse. I ate spoonfuls of sugar... Please help me." She whispered.

Ewwiekewwieikkie began clapping when El-Nay came crashing through the window. It had happened before, so she was not scared at all. "Again! Again!" she begged, as she continued clapping, with a big grin, while moving her feet up and down excitedly. "The ducks!?" she asked, curiously, as she watched them all swarm Drusilla and Bruce. "Go away from my Dru and Bru!" she squealed, as she tried to shoo the ducks frantically. She moved forward, trying to shoo the ducks away, but they were drawn to Bruce like she was drawn to sweets. That is when she had an idea. Her little feet moved faster than her body and she scrambled to the kitchen in a frenzy. There was some commotion, the sound of pots falling, and finally a cheer. When she returned she had the last of Sierra's pudding. "Here's your food ducks!" she said, as she dumped all of the pudding on the floor. Hopefully they would leave her family alone now.

El-Nay turned her attention to Sierra, as she rose up from behind the bantha, who was heading over to the pile of pudding. "You know..." she said, as a grin formed on her young face beneath her helmet. "This stuff is older than I am. It malfunctions all the time..." she continued, sounding quite mischievous. "I *could accidentally* flame him," she said, before snickering softly. "Just wink if you want him fried," she said, watching Sierra carefully for the hope that she would be empowered to inflame.

"Did you hear that? One more date!" Drusilla said to Pollix excitedly, as she moved away from the stampede of animals that were filling her estate. "Me and my brother will supervise," she declared, as she took a seat in the most comfortable chair in the living room. She carefully held Bruce while adjusting him so he could watch Pollix work on the window. "When you're older I'll have loads for you to do as well," she informed him, as she began full Princess mode. She raised her feet up and relaxed, feeling as if she was the only *normal* one in the estate.

It seemed undeniable at this point. Bruce was drawing in the animals. Sierra thought that it was an offshoot of what he was, though she couldn't exactly travel to Mustafar and ask Lord Vader if he had ever had a duck problem. Somehow, that seemed like a good reason for him to force choke Sierra. Instead, like Ewwiekewwieikkie, she tried to shoo the ducks away from her son while not getting close enough to potentially make him and Dru sick. "It wouldn't be fair of me to allow you to flame him without Claudius present... Unless we can broadcast it live to him at work?" She smiled softly at El-Nay. She hoped her husband's day was less chaotic than her own. If nothing else, his office wasn't full of ducks. "I've got to watch that video of Claudius punching him again.." Her eyes lit up. It seemed, momentarily, that she was feeling better. She pointed a finger at Pollix, who had never worked a day in his life and was not tasked with replacing a window. "If it isn't completed properly, then there will be no date! I will have El-Nay escort you off the property and she can do whatever she wants to you after that."

Seated on his sister's lap, Bruce began to laugh loudly at everything that was going on. His baby giggles were adorable. He reached out to his sister happily. Meanwhile, the mean side Sierra showed Pollix melted. She wished she could cuddle her son, but the thought of making him sick stopped her.

Claudius Rodney knew his wife was sick. Being sick under are circumstances was never a good thing, but being sick in a house with a baby, two Squibs, *and* a bantha was something else entirely. Cutting his meetings short he had Lieutenant Anson pilot him down to the surface so he could check in on her, and perhaps relieve her of some of the responsibilities of a parent that never went away, even when sick. As he approached the estate and saw the broken window immediately he knew something was wrong, causing him to quicken his pace, but nothing prepared him for what he was about to see. Drusilla had Bruce while lounging, Ewwiekewwieikkie was hugging the statue of the Rainbow Rancor from Auntie Maeland, there was pudding all over the floor being eaten by a flock of wild ducks, Sierra was not in bed, El-Nay was armed and dangerous, and lastly, and perhaps most annoyingly, Prince Pollix of Onderon was there. "Honey, I'm home," Claudius said, deliriously, before collapsing onto the nearest chair.

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