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Alice Bee and Scott Farnham.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:8:9) in the Chandrila system: Chandrila (Hanna City: Spaceport).
Cole Duine, Sol Keiber (death), and Major Sierra Rodney.

This was hardly what Kaiya Crion had expected when the Governor's wife contacted her to make a delivery on Chandrila. The female Cathar had imagined having to fight her way through scummy Rebels to make the delivery. Instead, she was standing in a port within Hanna City with a large crate holding ... well, she didn't know what. Major Rodney had not mentioned that the contents were in the crate. Seeing as Trooper Crion was currently not in the grace of the Governor, she was willing to do anything to look better. That meant hanging up her normal Storm commando armor for a regular black Imperial uniform. Her tail swished behind her. Her eyes glanced down at the datapad with a picture of politician wannabe Cole Duine as well as his name. Major Rodney had specifically stated that Kaiya was to only give Cole the crate. No one else could have it. "Nyaahhhh..! This is *sooo* boring." She mumbled. She couldn't wait to retreat to the Void and celebrate all the action she'd been seeing lately. As she inhaled, she caught the smell of a vendor somewhere in the port. Her stomach groaned. *Fried colo claw fish*!!! Kaiya held onto the crate. If Cole Duine didn't show up soon, she was going to catch a bite to eat!

Cole Duine was a busy man but he kept his appointments. He admired those who were always on time. Dressed in his normal attire, black pants and a grey shirt with a leather vest. Attached to his back, hiding underneath the vest was his DE-10 blaster pistol. Accompanied by two armed guards who were actually well armored. Pitch black Mandolorian styled armor with a white fist logo above the right breast plate. His green eyes caught ahold of the imperial, man did she stick out like a sore thumb. He gestured for his men to stand back and made his way over to her. Offering a smile. "Welcome to Chandrila. " He said as he glanced around her. He couldn't wait to get his hands on the package. It was like a holiday.

Kaiya Crion had only been sent on the mission because Major Rodney prayed that she would be caught in any kind of crossfire and killed. Granted, the Cathar was an excellent Storm commando. Often, her problem was overkill more than anything else. Her naturally enhanced hearing caught the sound of approaching footsteps. She turned, paw touching with the E-11 blaster rifle she had brought with her as a safety precaution. She was specifically told *not* to attack unless everything went south. Her eyes landed on the man she was searching for. She quickly gave him a once over, then his body guards received the same treatment. Her ears twitched. There were so many sounds in the port that it was hard to focus on what was going on in front of her. She looked down at the datapad to quadruple check she had the right man. She inhaled sharply. Kaiya took people in with multiple senses: sight, smell, hearing. "Hi. I'm not gonna stay for long." She said, thrusting the datapad in his direction. It required his signature to show Major Rodney that she had successfully made the delivery. "Major Rodney wanted me to tell you that everything you asked for is there." She tapped on the crate. "Nyah. Do you smell that fried colo claw fish? Do you know where its being served?" She could guesstimate how far away it was by her nose, but this man lived on Chandrila. He knew it better than she did.

He lifted his hand and grabbed the data pad. Signing it for the woman. He couldn't help but think how he's never been with one of her race before. No matter. "Best Colo claw fish in the galaxy right outside and down the road to the right. The wind brings it right in to here." Was said as he glanced over her twitchiness. Yeah he didn't want to be near this one any longer then needed. He gestured for his men to come over. Once they approached. "Take the box." His man gave a nod and without word grabbed the box and lifted it, standing next to him waiting for the next order. "Well if you would excuse me. I have business to handle. I'm sure you can understand. " He brought his hands to rest upon his sides, offering a nod to the imperial commando. Turning, he began his way to the exit. His green eyes glancing around the spaceport curiously as he made his exit. His bodyguards while holding the box kept guard, eyes looking for any possible hostiles.

A wide smile showcased her razor sharp canine teeth. "Thank ya! I think I know where I'm headed next!" Her only regret was that her Commander was not present to enjoy it with her. She took the datapad back from him and tucked it beneath her arm to return to Major Rodney after her feast. She watched the men take the box while listening carefully to the contents of it. Each shift brought the sound of metal clanking to her hypersensitive cat-like ears. Her head turned towards the Zabrak, nodding her head. She had heard what he was trying to do...and all she could think was *good luck*. The xenophobia spread like fire in the planets controlled by the Empire. Even within her ranks, she dealt with people who thought she was less because of what she was. "Mhmm... I have some business to handle too..." Kaiya turned around. Her delivery mission had been completed. She imagined mouthing a fried colo claw fish while enjoying the fresh air.

It was then that her ears caught something else...a sound that didn't fit in to the port setting. "Uh oh." She dashed towards Cole. "Hey Mister...!! Mister?!" She called out. When she reached him, the Cathar did something that fell in line with her insanity, she pounced him to the ground. "Get down!" She warned just as a blaster shot grazed her shoulder and hit the ground beside them. "I'll take care of this, Mister." Kaiya dropped her datapad on the ground. She seemed unaffected by her bleeding shoulder, for much worse had happened to her in her time as a commando.

Whoever had made the shot had used a long-distance blaster sniper rifle. They kept their distance because they thought they'd be safe. They didn't count on a Cathar's ears. She could be seen running out of the port, then quickly scaling a business front to reach the roof. "I know you're here..." She said quietly to herself, glancing around from rooftop to rooftop until she caught the sound again and resumed her pursuit.

He was happy to finally have his package, a smile upon his race before he heard yelling. This cat was annoying he thought before she pounced on him, tackling him to the ground. Taking a shot that was meant for him. "Gahh!" He yelled when he landed to the floor. His men dropping the box and drawing their blaster rifles. Both of his bodyguards charging over to shield him and help him to his feet. Cole flipped to his feet and ran for cover with his men. His hand moving to draw his blaster, green eyes watching as the Cathar ran off to go after the attacker. He couldn't help but think if the meeting didn't go as he had thought and this was an attempt on his life but that was quickly dismissed due to he hadn't delivered on his end of the bargain yet. The imperials wouldn't have anything to gain. "One of you take my supplies back to the come with me" was said as he began running after her. He couldn't let someone who attempted to take his life get away with it. Besides, he wanted to know who sent the assassin.

The Cathar species were considered to be great warriors for many reasons...reasons which Kaiya displayed. Kaiya was *fast*. She acted as a predator chasing her prey. The scent of the assassin was caught up in her nose. There was no getting away from her now. She also could smell the Zabrak and one of his henchmen. They were both in pursuit at this point. Her swishing tail could be seen as she disappeared inside the upper level of a building through an open viewport. She turned, tearing a door from its hinges and quickly entering. There, clenching his sniper, was a male human and his nest. "Found ya!" She squeaked. Her claws retracted from her paws. She pounced the man in a fashion like she had done to Cole, only her claws sunk into the man's back which caused him to scream in horror. She scratched him repeatedly until he passed out. "Awwwww." She frowned. The fun was over far too fast. She could hear the man's shallow breathing. A second later, he rejoined reality and began to struggle underneath her. "Ohhhh no, no, *no*. Don't run. I don't want you to leave."

Cole and his bodyguard were not too far behind. He was a man built from war and frankly loved it. The PTSD affected him in a positive light he would say. DE-10 blaster drawn as he ran up the staircase to the balcony, his bodyguard right on his back with a rifle. Upon getting to the top, the Cathar was all ready on top of the assassin digging her claws into the man. A grin upon his face, he couldn't help but wish he could hire her. He pointed to the left. "Block his exit" was said as he ran over to the Cathar. "No sense running!" His cybernetic arm holding the blaster aimed at the man's head as he came upon him. The four of them were the only ones on the building, which was nice because there were no witnesses.

"Nyce of you to join the party." Kaiya peered up at Cole. It barely seemed to phase her that her shoulder was actively bleeding from being grazed. It was likely she wouldn't notice it until she came down from her adrenaline rush. Despite the fact that the exits were blocked, the man beneath her wasn't going anywhere. He had Kaiya's claws in his back and a blaster aimed at his head. "Nyahh. You aren't going to win this one." She said, purposely beginning to knead the man's back with her claws. "Tell us who sent you." The Cathar was purring in delight. She loved the action. She had no qualms about killing.

The man groaned and struggled against the Cathar. He quickly was faced with reality: he wasn't going to survive this ordeal. Despite the growing pain, the man would not scream. He did his best not to allow for them to know he was in pain. Stuck in his dilemma, the man began to laugh. "The Black Sun sends its regard, Cole Duine." He spat at Cole's shoes. A second later, foam appeared at his mouth and he began to spasm.

"Wha? I didn't do it!" Kaiya stepped off of the convulsing man. Within seconds, the convulsion stopped and he was dead. It appeared that the assassin had taken something just before Kaiya entered to ensure he wouldn't live much longer. Kaiya's tail fell. She was disappointed that the man had taken the weak way out. She kicked his body to the side and rose to her feet. "Looks like you've made some friends with the Black Sun." She was glad to be returning home soon. These were his problems, not her own. Her claws retracted back into her paw, which she rose up to rub her chin.

A low growl was heard from the Zabrak as be holstered his blaster behind his back. His left hand coming up to run over his head, fingertips brushing against his horns.

"The black if I didn't need any more problems the black sun had to come to my door step." He let out an exhale and looked around briefly before his green eyes fell back on the Cathar. "I will be sending a personal thanks to your Major for your service. You are a good soldier. " He brought his fingers up and whistled loudly. His bodyguard that was on the roof came walking over. "Take the body...we shall send the black sun a message of our own. " Was said with a fanged grin as he looked back to the commando. "Thank you for pushing me out of the way from that attack...I could use someone with ears like yours on my crew."

Meanwhile his box was being taken to a warehouse in Hana city. Thought to be abandoned but it had plenty of security around to suggest it wasn't.

Kaiya sat down on the ground. She stared at the lifeless Black Sun scum. This was *his* problem, not her own. "Oh, ow." She complained, turning her head to look at her bleeding shoulder. Kaiya enjoyed the praise. It was not ever easy being a Cathar *and* a Storm commando. She grinned and lifted a paw to give him a thumbs up. "Thank yah, Mister." She rose back to her feet. She shrugged off his thanks. "Yeah, yeah. Too bad the commandos already swooped me up!" She laughed. "I haveeee heard of this Pantoran girl who you might be interesting in hirin'. Her name is Liza Velyan. She's supposedly a bad ass. Look her up! I gots a Commander to return home to ... *after* fried colo claw fish." It was a victory meal suitable for a Cathar like herself.

He shook his head with a chuckle as she mentioned about the Colo fish. He eyed her wound briefly before he would then look to her listening to the words about the woman who might be looking for a job. "I'll be sure to do that. Ill tell her the Cathar sent me" He smirked as he motioned for the staircase. He began his walk towards the stairs, his henchmen carrying the body ahead of him. He couldn't wait to open his package and this was an annoying delay that was thrown his way.

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