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Michelle Green, Christopher Levy, Alexander Oliva, and Jaina Roberts.

Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:27) in the Rhinnal system: Rhinnal (Rhire: Rhinnal State Medical Academy).
Commander Derek Atio, Sergeant Zek Correson, Sergeant Reilly Judah, Duchess Ava Khalessi, and Doctor Hideon Tem.

Commander Derek Atio stood on the northern bank of the Frieste River, wearing a heavy, hooded coat to deal with the extreme cold of Rhinnal. The river was completely frozen over, and some of the citizens of Rhire were out on the ice skating. His gloved hand wrapped around the railing as he watched, feeling remorseful that he no longer had time for the simple things in life. His head tilted down to look at the chronometer on his left wrist, marking the time. It was nearly the appointed hour and he would need to get the ambassador to her important meeting at the nearby State Medical Academy. He turned, ignoring the happier sights in life, and thrust his hands into the lined pockets of his coat. When he exhaled steam escaped his mouth from the low temperature, and despite his weight, he still felt the cold. A good, stiff drink would warm him up, he thought silently to himself, but he told his superior he would cut the drinking. A subtle nod was offered to Correson, as he began to walk down the street towards the medical academy. It would be after hours, and as he walked his one hope was that they had left their heating system on.

The icy atmosphere chilled his nerves, enough to subatomically freeze anyone entirely. Patrols were conducted checking the perimeter for any signs of life, particularly any Imperial probe droids scouring the area. Various turret emplacements were activated, providing protection and stability in case any invasions occurred. The Sergeant had considered going about orchestrating few assignments that crossed his mind. Due to his past connections on Nar Shaddaa, the smuggler had several weapons dealers who could sell state of the art weaponry and technology. But he wasn't going to rely on them just yet. Light nod was addressed subtly to the Commander, as he headed directly for the medical academy. He's insisted accompanying the diplomat upon request. "Ava's requested my presence, and decided to hang around for her own safety."

A medical academy, that was a place she hadn't been in years but alas, here she was. Reilly's brown eyes glanced out into the icy outside. "Glad I'm in here." She patted the 'head' of the medical droid that stood to her left. The droid bleeped and hissed some sort of reply; at least that's what she hoped it was doing. Four hours had already been spent trying to repair the old guy. *Was it a guy*? Though some droids had perceived genders this one had no such attachments or mannerisms. She could see some figures approaching. Hopefully it would be Atio.

Ava looked out at the frozen lake watching the happy people glide around on the frozen water, laughing and enjoying one another's time. Thought she would have rather been in her nice warm room drinking a not cup of blue milk. She grown use to such things while on Rhinnal. Shivering slightly under her heavy black cloak Ava followed Derek she stumbling slightly in the thick snow, thankfully she was wearing a heavy thick dress, it was red, and spread outwards around her waist down to her feet, her hand where inside of a soft fur stole. She was rubbing her hands together inside as she tried to say warm. "I don't know about you but I was not born for the cold." She said trying to hide herself from the wind chill. How could Ava keep this up? She was doing so many missions lately and she was having a hard time sleeping knowing Zek was just a few quarters away. Looking over at Zek she smiled a little shaking "I think after this a nice hot bath is in order." The young women said as she tread in the snow. Thankfully they made it to to where the meeting was being held. Looking around she stayed close to Zek, thought she was perfectly capable of handling herself she still liked to know she was able to have him near. "Thank you for coming." She told him smiling sweetly, turning her attention to the commander she nodded "I'm ready, just please get me out of the cold before I turn into the lake over there." She said shivering more as the temp started to drop more and more.

Cold was a sensation he thought he had become used to during his long years in space, but as cold some claimed it was aboard a starship, nothing compared to what he was experiencing on Rhinnal. The streets were lightly patrolled compared to their earlier assignments on Brentaal, which routinely had half the garrison out in the city on patrol. Captain Tong had chosen well, and at least until they made too much of a commotion he expected they would be able to operate relatively unhindered here. To that end, the time for overt attacks and raids were over ... this was the last stop for them and if they did not make it here they would be driven from the entire sector. It was time to talk their way through these situations ... he only hoped the diplomat was up to the task. When they arrived at the academy, he considered being a gentleman and holding the door open for Reilly and Ava ... but he was a scoundrel and he hurried his portly behind into the warm lobby.

The imperial in her wanted to salute but she knew better. Tong stressed that she wasn't to act like she was in the military. Reilly often wondered if she was actually in a real military operation. As Atio passed her, she kept a sigh from being too loud. It wasn't her place to judge her superiors no matter how uncouth they might be. The door's opening brought the reality of the cold into the narthex of the academy where she had awaited the rest of her party. As she stepped further into the building, taking her place behind the others the warmth of the heating system was very welcome. The droid bleeped as it did a general scan of the trio. It wasn't a recent model but it could determine basic health of humanoids by *hearing* heart rates, *watching* for limps and injuries, and *listening* for breathing. Apparently Atio gave the droid pause but Reilly waved it off. It was probably from the cold...or more likely some sort of illness brought on by his drinking. She reminded herself again that it wasn't her place to judge.

"Yanno I wouldn't miss this." Eyelash batted for simple wink, as they found themselves present inside the medical academy. His eyes observed Atio, his Commander whom he didn't often meet in person. Observing the newest entry, he couldn't recount any memories of their encounter. However, the Sergeant nodded subtly towards her direction. His gaze lowered spotting the droid making itself noticeable among them. "A nice hot bath does sound good right about now." He exclaimed, standing beside her while he looked upon Reilly and Commander Atio.

Once inside she sighed removing the hood of her cloak, the lobby was by far warmer than the bitter cold. The warmth of the building stung Ava's cold skin as she looking around keeping an eye out for anything that seemed to be out of the norm. Thought everything seemed to be out of the norm for her these days. Slipping her hands from out of the stole she rubbed her hands together smiling politely at people who passed her by. She smiled sweetly at each person who walked by, Ava felt slightly out of place in the medical facility. She wasn't use to being the face still of the rebel fighters but she was slowly getting into the shoes she was meant to fill. Watching the droid she laughed a little. Whispering she looked at the commander "Do you think I could get one of those?" She asked softly smiling. Watching as it scanned her next she backed away slowly but not enough to cause alarm to anything. She never liked when things scanned her, ever since she was little she hated having something being able to read how her body was working, thought she knew if they were to get the supplies there would be more of these droids around.

Once they were all inside of the medical academy, Derek pushed forward towards the turbolift, funneling the other three inside. He entered the secret code their contact had provided, which caused the lift to ascend the tower towards the administrator's officer. Once the lift arrived on the appropriate level, the doors opened revealing a dimly lit corridor. It was after hours and only the cleaning droids were present. He moved forward, stepping on the wet floors his leather boot squeaked on the slick surface. He nearly slipped, but caught himself in time to keep from falling and breaking his neck. Once they arrived, he held open the door to the office they were expected in.

Doctor Hideon Tem was sitting at his desk, feeling uncomfortable about this whole series of affairs. He never should have agreed to this meeting with the Rebellion, but the recent Imperial crackdowns on Ralltiir and Esseles had scared him. It had scared a lot of people. His eyes went wide when he saw four people entering the room ... he had not expected there to be that man. "Inside, quickly," he said, as he hurried from around his desk, quickly closing the door after them. "Were you followed? Did anyone see you?" he asked, his eyes focused on the diplomat who had first contacted him. He was not a Rebel ... he was not certain he should risk his life to aide them. If it were arms and equipment he would never even consider this, but medical supplies ... medical supplies couldn't hurt? Could they?

Reilly was rarely comfortable in new situations. Her usual team was not here. She only knew Atio and her confidence in him was lacking. Right hand rested on the mandatory holster and therefore the blaster it held. She had shyly acknowledged the new pair and now remained in the background, shushing the med droid anytime it squeezed.

Sergeant Correson stepped inside the turbolift. He suspiciously glanced over to the medic with her droid. "So, medic. What's your story?" Knowing all the other rebels present in his squadron, the former smuggler still wanted information about others who'll be joining his unit. Unlike the Sergeant, he suffered a horrific past, nonetheless one which reinforced his aptitude to join the Rebellion. Arms crossed as his back leaned against the wall. Slowly diverted attention over to the turbolift doors when opened. Soft eyes glanced over to Doctor Tem. "None. No worries."

Ava watched as the doctor asked them such rambling of questions. Raising a brow as she entered the room where he was leading them. She didn't know how to answer any of his questions, though once Zek spoke she watched the doctor carefully. Looking down at his desk she seen a photo of the doctor's family. She smiled slightly, it reminded her own family. Once Zek was done speaking Ava moved in front of him as she smiled "Lovely family you have Doctor Tem. Your daughters are beyond lovely, the look like your wife. Who may I say is a very lucky women." Ava said smiling as she leaned forward slightly cocking her head to the side in a playful manner, whimsical in a way. "Tell me a little about your lovely family doctor. Please?" She asked softly, she wanted to put Tem's mind at ease knowing that what he was doing could end up getting him killed. "And to put your mind at ease no one followed us, you're safe."

The doctor was taken off guard by her mention of his family, and it caused him to immediately break off eye contact with her. She had it made it decidedly personal in short fashion. He moved backwards towards his desk, turning the picture of his family down on its face so that neither of them could look at it. "M-my f-f-family?" he nervously stammered, as his eyes shifted back towards the diplomat. "I thought you were here to talk about medicine," he said, fidgeting nervously, as if he had suddenly become uncomfortable in his own skin. "What is it you wish of me?" he asked her, as his eyes looked towards the others. The two men looked decidedly military in nature, and wondered if they were two of the terrorists that he had heard about on the HoloNet. The other woman looked decidedly softer in her appearance, but he decided it best not to pry into who they were. That way he could deny it without lying if he were ever questioned by the authorities.

"Oh boy, we're in trouble" she whispered under her breath and down toward the med droid. How did she end up on this mission? She'd have a word or two with Tong about this...if she ever saw him again. Brown eyes shifted toward the other sergeant, wondering if he was feeling as nervous as she was. Part of her wanted to step in and just riddle off the needed supplies but hey, she wasn't an ambassador so maybe this was all just part of the game.

"I am sorry if I said something to upset you Doctor Tem, I didn't meant to just if I knew what the empire was doing to all those family I would at least talk to someone about how much you care and love them is all. I know I would if I knew anything about my mother and father, I know they are proud of me wherever they are. Besides you are doing something very brave, something that will lead your lovely daughters to live a life that no one ever will know... Freedom from the Empire's cruel grasp." Ava said softly looking down as she sniffed lightly thought she was not meaning to tear up Ava's emotions were true. She did miss her family more than anyone could ever said at this point, thought she couldn't think about that right now. Looking up the doctor she spoke softly her voice cracking a little "You're right though. we are here to talk about the medicine. I am sorry if I upset you in any way." Ava said sighing softly as her soft brown orbs lightly watered up. "Back the the matter at hand though, could you please show what you were able to find for us?" She asked pushing aside her sadness for both his family and her own.

Arms crossed over his torso, where the coat worn over provided warmth for the Sergeant. Listening to them aside, the Sergeant remain silent meanwhile others continued discussing things. "A bright future for our galaxy, right? Safer place to live in than the Imperial's reign." He said, cutting into the discussion among them.

The Doctor grew concerned when he saw the woman begin to tear up, and he instinctively reached into his jacket to pull a handkerchief. He raised his hand to her face, he gently dabbed her cheeks to wipe away the tears. "I ... I can see this means a lot to you," he said, his voice nearly trembling himself as he looked to her. As the four of them were gathered around him, his office suddenly felt infinitely smaller and more confined. His body temperature was rising rapidly, and he suddenly felt the need to move back down to his desk and sit down. His hand moved towards a glass of water on his desk and he sipped it hurriedly, before turning his attention back to her again. "We are just a school. What is it you need?" he asked, already making excuses, although in his mind he had already agreed to help their cause.

The med droid began to tweet and whistle. It had no clue about how delicate the situation was. Reilly waved it to shush but it had picked up on the doctor's elevated temperature and, no doubt. Blood pressure. A glance was given to the ambassador then to Atio looking for silent permission to speak. After receiving what seemed like a nod from her CO, Reilly cleared her throat and took a cautious step forward. "If I may, Doctor..." She pulled out a datapad, her glance moving between the scrolling items and the humanoids in the room. "Our most critical needs are first aid items, antibacterial..." She sighed, knowing that her next item was pricy. "Bacta and tanks." Her gaze fixed on the Doctor as she gave him her best smile and hoped it would be enough.

Zek had stepped aside allowing everyone to discuss things amongst the Doctor. "Medical supplies to aid the rebels, we got a few...uh...Bothan children who need these supplies." Informing the gentlemen who'll be providing the necessities for the Rebellion. Again, the Sergeant drew silent when present to the Doctor. Side glance was offered directly to Ava, shrugging.

Ava smiled as Doctor Tem brushed away her tears, she knew it was hard for him to help them. Placing a hand on his she squeezed it tight. "Thank you." She said softly so only he could hear. "Everything will be alright I can promise you that." She said softly as Reilly started to take over with the datapad. Hearing Zek's comment about the children Ava nodded. "Oh the poor children." She said softly looking at Zek shaking her head as she started to tear up once more. "Such destruction going on, they just need so much help." She said shaking her head a little as her looked at the Doctor with a slide glance looking at him with a pouting look. She knew that if he had young daughters then to put on the water works what the key in making him truly help them. "If you only seem them Tam, they called out for help, crying just wanting that pain to go away." Ava said softly as she looked at him with her soft brown doe like eyes.

The doctor looked at the datapad that Reilly placed in front of him, and began thumbing through it intentively. They had *most* of what they needed, and he could order the rest of it without drawing too much suspicion. "You seem to know a lot about this. Are you a doctor?" he asked Reilly, as he began to scan through his terminal to verify that the inventory in his head matched what was in stock. "Children, huh?" he asked Ava, clenching his jaw uncomfortably. The HoloNet had always claimed the Rebels were the terrorists, but while he heard stories about attacks on Brentaal, it was nothing like the destruction of a planet like Alderaan. He let out a dejected sigh, allowing his head to slump slightly, until he began to enter information on the terminal. "I'll arrange for the supplies. Some of it I can have in a few days. Others ... others will take longer," he said, having been completely worn down by them.

A simple shake of her head, no, was all that the doc would get in response to his question about her being a doctor. It was the ambassador's place to thank the man. Her smile became more genuine. Reilly stepped backwards, away from the doc and the others, back to where she had been standing before speaking. The droid continued to be flustered at Reilly's lack of concern for the medical conditions of those present. They were all still breathing, what more could she do right now?

Seeing how things didn't go bad, the Sergeant glanced around suspecting this was too good to be true, too easy in fact. But he decided to refrain from acting paranoid and continue progressing forward. Since the rebels would acquire new medical supplies, missions might go easier than he'd expect.

Ava smiled as Doctor Tem agreed to help them with the supplies that they needed "Thank you so much Doctor Tam, the children will sleep so much better knowing that you have helped them. They will be able to run around again knowing that you supplied us with everything tonight." She said clapping her hands together in excitement. Thought part of her wished that this wasn't a lie, she knew that there really were innocent families out there who needed help, they needed the very same supplies. Thought that would have to be another place and another time. "I'll make sure that they know that someone out there cares as much as you do Doctor Tam, but do not worry I will make sure your name is left out so nothing happens to your wonderful family and yourself." Ava said looking at the others "We should be getting back anyways. Lots of things to do and so very little time to get them done."

Once they were out of the office, Commander Atio turned his attention to the young ambassador. "Good job, ambassador," he said, as he reached around to give her a respectful pat on the back. The group of Rebels gradually made their way back down the turbolift, and into the unforgiving cold of the Rhinnal night. It was the first time he could remember them completing an objective without killing a dozen people, or blowing something up. The mission had been achieved, and perhaps the new, more subtle, diplomatic approach might just yet win out.

As the Rebels left his office, the doctor allowed himself to sit in his office for several hours in the dark contemplating what had occurred. He eventually turned the photo of his family back up, examining it thoughtfully. He had cast his lot with the Rebellion in this war, and his life would never be the same.

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