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Christopher Levy and Josef Pentz.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:3:8) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Enkido's estate and Votrad).


Ridley Aran, Burke (death), and Enkido.


The Rodian crime lord Enkido sat nervously at his desk. He stared at an array of monitors that showed the rooms and corridors of his estate via a network of surveillance cameras. He knew a bounty hunter would soon be arriving, and he was never comfortable around such individuals. Still, when enough credits were involved, he found that most individuals were willing to do anything. He had instructed the guards at the front entrance of his estate to allow the bounty hunter to enter with ease.

And yes, that bounty hunter, Ridley Aran. He walked up to the guards, who let him enter, with ease. Yes, he smirked. His human form calm as anything. He was armed, but he never had the intent on withdrawing such weapons in the presence of the man who could be paying him. He soon came to the Rodian's office. Yeah, he was big man on campus, as he just let himself right in. Stepping in, he shut the sliding door behind him. With the simple press of a button that sent those doors sliding shut in a second. His eyes shifted back over to the Rodian crime lord. A smirk bore through on Ridley's face. As he spoke to the alien. He did not have to say anything, the Rodian knew Ridley's reasoning for being here.

"Ah," Enkido began in an excited tone, "Welcome ... welcome. Please, make yourself comfortable." He motioned with his short right hand to a rather large and ornate chair that was placed across the desk from him.

Yes. Ridley made himself comfortable. His legs carried him towards that seat, which he placed his buttocks on in, sitting right so that his gun did not obstruct his relaxation. He looked at the crime lord. He might have intimidated the beast, but not that much, "So...about the job."

"Yes," Enkido began to inform the bounty hunter, "I have a small club in Votrad. Recently a thug named Burke has been harassing the girls and trying to shakedown the staff. I do not have patience for people such as him." He moved forward, leaning across the desk to drive his point home, "I want this man dealt with. I do not want this scum to ever harass my employees again."

Ridley smirked. Easy target. Someone harassing girls, and shaking down the unarmed staff. He nodded his head when the man leaned across the table. This place, Votrad, would be a normality for Ridley Aran the low-level Bounty Hunter. He then looked at a few papers on the desk, as his mind wandered and he looked back up to him, coming to the only point of interest for Ridley, "And what of my pay?"

Enkido leaned back into his chair, and intertwined his fingers as he considered the matter. "Hmm," he began, "I believe five thousand credits would be a fair price."
Ridley liked even, straight numbers. But I think the wellbeing of his employees and girls within the club would be worth a bit more, "Seven thousand." That was his, first offer. To be exact. And at this moment Ridley was the trained bounty hunter, while the Rodian did not have any guards in the immediate area, and was not trained at all.

"Amibitious," Enkido said, more to himself than to the hunter, "Six is as high as I am prepared to go."

"Deal," he spurted immediately. He put his hand out, to offer a shake. A gesture of honesty and commitment to the deal. Ridley was a man of his word, "By the way. You want him dead or alive?"

Enkido reached out with his diminutive hand, and firmly shook the bounty hunter's hand before answering the question, "People like this individual are hardheaded, and have trouble learning lessons. Get rid of him."

"It will be done," and with that, a letting go of the Rodian's hand and a turn on the heel, as well as quite a few steps would be what carried him out of the house of the crime lord and soon, he would be on the way towards his target.

Burke stood outside of a dank bar that only the lowest rung of society would frequent. He had not shaved in nearly a week, and his body reeked of cheap booze. A generic blaster pistol was clearly visible on his right hip. In his left hand he firmly gripped a baton, which ever so often he would brandish menacingly into his right palm. He glared at almost any individual that was foolish enough to walk by, and leered at each of the local working girls that were forced to make a living in the flesh trade. He was a hard man in a hard part of town.

Ridley knew right away who the scum was. His eyes veered at the beast of a human. He reached down. And his blaster came forward. Aiming at the man. He spoke no words. Ridey pulled the trigger of his ranged weapon. A blaster bolt being sent towards the male human's head. He smirked. Hoping the shot would sink home.

Burke stood on his corner, not noticing the bounty hunter that was about to end his life. The blaster bolt slammed into the side of his face and tore through his head, not leaving much left. The lifeless corpse was dead before it even hit the ground, but this would not prevent the left leg from shaking multiple times after the body came to its resting place upon the ground.

Ridley smirked, spinning his blaster on his index finger, and then sliding it into his holster. He chuckled to himself. As he was now 6,000 credits wealthier. Bingo, was his name-o. Yeah, catchy line it was for him.

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