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Alice Bee, Sean Brandt, and Scott Farnham.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:31) in the Essesia system: Retributor.
Cold Duine, Major Serra Eona, and Major Sierra Rodney.

Major Sierra Rodney was seated at a table within a conference room where she intended on meeting with Cole Duine, a notorious criminal who was associated with the White Fist gang. As an ISB officer, Sierra had done her research prior to meeting with him. The research, as it would seem, would not offer her much to go off of. This man, though he had never been successfully convicted, was charged with murder, kidnapping, assault, theft, and the list went on and on and on. Needless to say, Sierra decided to use her special privileges as the Grand Moff's wife to have Stormtroopers placed within the conference room where they were to meet. "He'll be here soon." She said to herself, staring up at the chrono on the wall. For the safety of her son, she had chosen to leave him with her husband. She didn't need someone like Cole Duine knowing about all the tiny, helpless weaknesses she had in her life. Anxiously, she took her cap of her head and toyed with it in her hands. If he didn't show up on time, then she was walking. He wasn't worth an extra minute of her time.

Cole Duine had a motto. Show up on time, your late. Show up five minutes early, your on time. He was a punctual man who valued certain aspects of life. The finer things. Leaving his weapons behind the white skinned Zabrak followed the stormtroopers through into the room. Dressed in a fine black white stripped suit that would be seen on a more wealthy person shows Cole liked to dress up. He also figured if he was to die. Better die looking good. He glanced around the room as he entered and smirked, hiding any signs of family life. Smart choice, though credits towards a few disgruntled troopers led too some decent intel on his part. Upon seeing Sierra he walked over to her and extended his cybernetic hand, offering to shake.

His left cybernetic eye scanned her appearance, a mental databank taking notes for him as they met.

"Cole Duine at your service."

To Sierra's surprise, the criminal did not make her wait. Cole Duine arrived, dressed up in attempts to give her the wrong impression. Xenophobia ran thick within the veins of the Imperial, but it was not something Sierra had a problem with. Devils could wear suits just as much as anyone else. His race didn't matter to her, as a woman who had two adoptive Squib daughters and a Clawdite and Mandalorian best friend. She respectfully rose from her seat, taking his cold, cybernetic hand for a firm shake. "Major Sierra Rodney. It's good of you to come. I received your request. You said you may have skills to offer the Empire?" She released his hand quickly, sitting back down. She folded her hands in her lap and watched him. She was not dressed nearly as posh as he was. Her Imperial ISB uniform, the same she wore every day, looked crisp and neat on her. Her rank insignia stood out on her cream top. Her black trousers and uncomfortable boots completed her look. Her blue eyes remained on his face like she was attempting to look through him to his core.

"Right to the point, I see. I think I will like you. Always good not to waste time."

Was said as the Zabrak pulled back a chair and lifted off his suit coat and placed it on the chair, taking a seat as he spoke.

"I'll be frank with you, Major. As you all ready know, I may, or may not be the head of a small group that has taken a place of residence in Chandrila. We both know how much of a danger zone this is currently for the imperials with the rebels and all. My skill set has a very long list. These skills I believe could help the imperials in Chandrila. Let's say supplies just happen to make its way into the rebels would be a shame if said supplies happened to say...blow up. Or go missing? Or perhaps in another scenario, movements the rebels are making happen to fall in your hands?

He leaned back against the chair, his eyes locked on hers as they spoke. He would wait before offering any small talk.

Chandrila was a point of contention around the Retributor. Claudius was eternally locked in combat there because the Emperor had commanded him to win that battle. Instead, it had become a mess of losses for the Imperials. Sierra had even spoken to the tactical officer about pulling out of Chandrila. It simply could *not* happen. She wanted to resolve the issues on Chandrila, but felt reluctant to do it with someone who she did not consider trust worthy. "Indeed, Chandrila is a zone of utter chaos at the moment. I seek to resolve our problems with Rebels there as much as anyone else." She saw Cole for what he was: a dirty criminal which no one had been able to pin down for his crimes. It was likely that he had the authority and influence to get out of his troubles with little to no problems. "Hmmm..."

"I've been doing my research, Cole." She reached over towards her datapad, flicking it on with a swipe of her finger. "You *do* have a long list of skills. Kidnapping. Murder. Murder plots. Theft. Goodness, my list just continues." She set the datapad down. "How am I *really* going to benefit from enlisting you? How do I know that you are a trustworthy with such a responsibility? Chandrila is a sensitive subject around here and I will *not* be the one to make another mistake in it."

"Well I'm sure you would just like to 'whip' this planets inhabitants into shape but just can't quite get it done" Oh yes that was a shot at the video that was released about her mother's transgressions. He sighed at shifted his weight. "To assume I am not a man of my word...well...shame on you" He smiled and leaned forward. "You should know from what you've heard about me that I do not redact on a deal. Something that is rare in such an entrepreneur such as myself. Frankly, you and I both know that this planet is a gamble. It's been talked about that it might even be abandoned. We can't have that. See this is a deal that needs to be made. The imperials backing someone such as myself could give you a foothold on this planet. If you don't well who knows who might attempt to take over...such as the Black Sun perhaps?"

It was the choice of Cole's words that struck a chord inside of Sierra Rodney's chest. *Whip*. During her time on her husband's home planet, Delaya, terrible videos had leaked over the HoloNet depicting a young Sierra Dakkar's physical abuse at the capable hands of her mother. All around the galaxy, people had watched each moment of horror that defined who she was today. It was humiliating and upsetting all at once. In that instant, she knew that he had seen the videos. When she was already put off by him, the comment was enough to make her decision for her. This man was troublesome. She would not place her Chandrila eggs in his basket. As Claudius' adjutant, he trusted her with making this decision, which is exactly why he had sent her to meet with Cole. She glanced towards a Stormtrooper as she contemplated telling them to arrest him, then decided not to. At this point, she didn't like the way he was addressing her.

She attempted to make herself more comfortable with the situation by rising from her seat and approaching the small viewport in the conference room. "I do believe that we need a helping hand on Chandrila, however, I do not think you are the one I want that help from." The man was foolish. He did not know what he was talking about. She looked over her shoulder at him as a way of dismissing him. Little did she know, one ISB officer's trash may become another ISB officer's treasure.

He slowly stood, a smirk upon his face. His hand lifted to grab his coat as he spoke. "Such a shame...such as business prospect could have been greatly beneficial for both sides." Taking his coat and putting it on he followed. "We all have our inner demons. The transgressions of our fathers do not define us, Major." He slowly made his way to the door. "Thank you for your time Major. Perhaps we shall bump into one another again. Id look forward to the day." He was tempted to say a comment about her baby Boy but he didn't. He couldn't test his luck. Not yet anyways. "Let's hope next time we do's not because the black sun had all ready established something on Chandrila and it's too late."

A thin trail of cigarra smoke followed Major Serra Eona as she made her way to the conference room. No invitation had been extended, but knowledge of a meeting between an ISB officer who also happened to be the Grand Moff's wife and a criminal element of some influence wasn't the sort of thing that was easy to hide from Intelligence. The full network of surveillance that Major Eona had put into place on the Retributor still needed to be restored, but Min hadn't been entirely neglectful, and Serra was taking full advantage of the resources now at her disposal.

The cigarra, burned to its last few centimeters, was discarded in a waste disposal unit just outside of the doorway. The Intelligence Officer stepped up to the entrance, then, which slid open to reveal the half-turned back of the pale Zabrak, a handful of Stormtroopers, and Major Sierra Rodney. Dead eyes passed along each individual, lingering on Sierra for a moment before landing on Cole.

"I don't think that's going to be a concern. Mr. Duine, isn't it? Major Serra Eona, Imperial Intelligence. Please, have a seat." She gestured to the conference table. There was no flare of superiority to her tone, no effort to assert herself as she made to take control of this meeting. Serra simply did so, stepping in to position herself halfway between either end of the table before sitting down herself. A hand disappeared into the white coat of her uniform, producing a fresh cigarra. She took her time, lighting it and indulging in a deep inhale before her attention returned to the two, focused primarily on Cole

Sierra turned to face Cole. She did not trust him, therefore she didn't expose her back to him for long. At her command, the Stormtroopers would see the end of Cole Duine. Her eyes narrowed at Cole's cryptic words. He had decided to hang Sierra's dirty laundry within the conference room. It spoke of an unprofessional demeanor that she had no intention of working with. She felt that her husband would side with her when she reported to him the going ons of the meeting. Sierra remained silent. She watched Cole like a thranta. "I doubt that will happen, Mr. Duine." It seemed like the meeting would end...and it would have if not for the appearance of Major Serra Eona. Though Sierra had never met the woman, she did know of her. The woman was an ISB officer like herself who barged into the meeting without Sierra's permission. Sierra withdrew from the viewport and made her way back to the table where she sat. Her eyes silently asked 'What are you doing here?' to Serra, but she would not call the woman out in front of a potential client whom she had denied. "Major... How *kind* of you to join us..."

"I was just dismissing Mr. Duine, Major." Sierra informed her. "We have no use for him. The decision is made. This meeting has concluded." The smoke from her cigarra quickly began to fill the room. Sierra, who was pregnant, wished she could escape the clouds that Serra was making.

"Well as a gentlemen I certainly can't refuse a woman's request, especially one in uniform." Cole grinned as he looked to the Major that entered the room, smoking. The smoke didn't bother him, he had his own vices to say the he least. He slowly turned and made his way to the chair, pulling it out and taking a seat. This was his second chance. Though he was caught a bit off guard, after all he had a meeting with Sierra and not Serra. He would improvise. After all, that's what criminals were good for.

His hands moved to his coat and unhooked it, pulling it free and off. Setting in on the chair before he leaned back and got comfy. "Thank you for giving me the extra time Major."

Serra Eona caught the look Sierra gave her, meeting it with the cold apathy that always rested in her pale eyes. It was a brief look, bearing with it just as much concern for the silent protest as she had for whatever ill effects her cigarra might have. Once settled in her seat, Major Eona's attention was on Sierra first.

"The Security Bureau may have no use for Mr. Duine, Major Rodney, but Imperial Intelligence does. I'm willing to include ISB in this discussion, but you're free to dismiss yourself if necessary."

The words were spoken with a natural air of command. While Serra certainly didn't outrank Sierra in any official capacity, it wasn't uncommon for Intelligence officers to assume a position of authority, and it wasn't often bucked against. The one exception to this, of course, tended to be officers in the Security Bureau. Serra half expected Major Rodney to react poorly, but she wasn't going to allow much time for debate, shifting her attention over to Cole.

"According to our information, you currently operate primarily on Chandrila. As you are no doubt aware, the Empire has suffered certain set backs on the planet. Now, a man in your position can recognize an opportunity when he sees one, and I feel we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. I'm prepared to ensure that you and those who work for you are granted a certain level of immunity from Imperial interference, if you can carry out certain tasks that I require. If you prove successful and reliable, then I believe we can enjoy a very lucrative relationship." She took a drag from the cigarra then, letting the smoke roll through her lungs before exhaling. "If you prove to be of as little use as Major Rodney believes you to be, or you betray my trust...well, I'm sure I don't need to explain to you how that will turn out."

Cole Duine was in the hands of Imperial Intelligence now. Sierra wasn't about to debate with Major Eona in front of their 'guest'. Instead, she nodded her head to both Serra and Cole. "It seems you're receiving a second chance, Mr. Duine. I suggest you listen very carefully to Major Eona and not fail in the tasks she hands you. Otherwise, the next time we meet will not be pleasant." Sierra rose to her feet as she quickly collected her belongings. She saw no need to baby sit Major Eona, as she knew what she was doing and the fire she now played with. "Goodbye, Major. Goodbye, Mr. Duine." The ISB Major quietly left the room. The Stormtroopers she had left followed at her heels. She felt it had been a good idea to include added security this time. She hoped her future meetings wouldn't go so badly.

Cole couldn't help but smile. He assumed he would have to set up some sort of pitch for this woman but she understood. She understood the value of having a foot hold on a planet with a potential booming criminal element to have aid in the imperial endeavors.

"Oh I can assure you that your decision will be without regret. I feel like we should have a drink to our future together?" He offered a smile to Major Sierra on her way out. No extra comments were made before he looked to his new partner.

"That is, if your allowed to drink on the job?"

He had so much he had to work out with her but time would allow this to take place. He had to make sure all the cogs fell into place.

Major Eona gave Sierra a nod as she departed. While she had been genuine with her offer to include the ISB in this operation, it seemed that her curt demeanor had achieved what Serra had hoped it would. The Major wasn't a fan of others meddling in her work these days, and even though she had no reason to doubt Sierra's competence, she didn't like ISB interference. She liked it even less when the agent in question had such direct and devoted ties to the Rodney family.

With Major Rodney and the Stormtroopers gone, Serra turned her attention to Cole. There was nothing warm or inviting in her eyes, nor any cruelty or malice. For all intents and purposes they were devoid of emotion. As he suggested drinks, she took a drag from her cigarra. Her hand fell to depress a comm button on the table as she exhaled.

"Send a service droid to conference room Delta 7. Two fingers of gin, and.." She gave Cole a nod, letting him name his preference before closing the comm link, once more focusing on the Zabrak sitting across from her.

"When you return to Chandrila, your first task will be making contact with the rebels. Despite their recent victories, they are no doubt in continuous and desperate need of supplies. I imagine your connections, particularly once your operation is in full swing, could prove useful in obtaining what they need. Deception will not be necessary; I want you to sell them what they ask for. Build a positive relationship with them. Before you leave I'll provide you with an encrypted comm channel through which you may contact me directly. That will be your only form of contact with the Empire. I expect regular and detailed reports of your progress, as well as anything that the rebels have requested and what you are providing to them. Should you run afoul of local authorities, contact me and it will be handled." She stopped, letting that sink in, and giving him a chance to ask any questions while they waited for the drinks to arrive. It was also a fine opportunity for another drag from the cigarra.

"Corellian whiskey if you will.." Was said as he adjusted his outfit as the Major spoke. Taking in everything she had to say. He thought for a calculating moment, his cybernetic right arm lightly tapped the table before he spoke.

"Not a problem at all...I would humbly ask for some supplies to help things move along quickly...weapons..things to get by day to day to allow a more seamless friendship with the alliance."

He stopped talking once the Droid came in with their drinks. Taking a moment to grab his drink and take a swig of it, he sighed and offered a smile.

"I am curious if it is within our arrangement to make sure certain ships with my stamp of approval can make in to this planet from other locations without interference or...inspection?"

He was approval businessman after all. He dealt in criminal activities, especially the drug trade. To make sure his supply routes weren't intercepted would help greatly.

Major Eona had to wonder why this man had been dismissed so readily. He was a criminal, sure, and like all others in his particular line of work, kept an edge about him. Once one learned how to communicate with crime lords and gang bosses, though, they could often be incredibly helpful. Simple goals and direct ambitions were easy things to feed.

She considered the requests as she took a sip from the gin, following it with a drag from her cigarra. A simple motion was made to dismiss the droid, which found its way out before she spoke again.

"Forward me a request for supplies and I'll see what I can do. While the Empire has plenty of resources at its disposal, I'm sure you can appreciate the need for discretion in any direct dealings between the Empire and your organization. The rebels might be idealistic, but they can be a suspicious lot. Any hint you're in bed with us and they'll turn tail without a second thought."

Another drag, another sip, then she carried on. "As for your vessels, I can arrange security codes to get them through protected space. I'll need their route and itinerary, as well as basic information such as make and identification numbers. I would also like to be kept abreast of their purpose, though that information will be restricted to myself and certain need to know operatives within Imperial Intelligence." So far, this meeting was going about as perfectly as one could.

"Of course. I must say, I am glad you walked in when you did."

He offered her a smile, his right hand lifting his glass to bring that sweet whiskey to his lips. Taking a swig, finishing it off. He set the glass down gently before adding in.

"Well I believe that we covered what we needed too, unless you wish to her bring up anything else? Everything on my end will be forwarded to you once I am back home in Chandrila."

Serra finished her drink as well, rising from her seat while she took a final drag from the cigarra. She extinguished the last of it and dropped it through a disposal unit, then shifted to face Cole properly.

"That should be all for now, Mr. Duine. A trooper will be waiting in the hangar with a datapad containing the information I mentioned earlier. I look forward to what I hope will be a very lucrative relationship for us both."

Serra Eona offered a handshake, a final gesture to seal the deal. While her expression betrayed little, the Major absolutely considered this a potential success. So long as things played out properly, she might just get Chandrila back under control.

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