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Michelle Green and Christopher Levy.

One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:F1:1) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Spaceport) and Kima.
Reg Collingwood and Oola Dulovic

The Nella 342 light freighter Kima emerged from hyperspace in the Brentaal system, immediately finding itself in the middle of the most dense space traffic he had ever seen. "Gaah!" Reg Collingwood exclaimed, as he quickly grabbed hold of the controls, to angle the freighter beneath the large bulk transport that was directly in front of them. "That was *too* close!" he said to Oola, as he slowed the craft to minimal cruising speed, while he took a moment to look at the sensors to determine the best flight plan down to the surface. Most of the traffic was being slowed by the presence of an Imperial Star Destroyer and her escorts, who were performing random custom inspections on vessels leaving and arriving at Brentaal. Unfortunately for them, they were carrying one of the largest supplies of Kessel spice that anyone had ever brought near Brentaal. "Sure hope they don't scan us," he said to Oola, as he wondered if he was going to have to dump their cargo and make a run for it.

Tipping in her chair a little Oola fell slightly forward looking at Reg "Well you're the one with your hands on the wheel, I'm just the pretty one with the amazing face, body, fur... Great with her hands, feet... And tail" She said smirking a little at Reg "Then again you know that by now." Oola teased, looking over her shoulder she let out a soft side seeing that some of the crates had shifted. Unbuckling herself she stood up and made her way back to put them with the others "If they do we just lie to them." She exclaimed strapping the crates back in place tight. Walking back over into the cockpit Oola leaned over Reg's shoulder as she draped her long soft tail in his lap stroking the back of his head softly. "You got me in here with that silver tongue of yours, I bet you can get past the check without a problem." She purred softly. "And if need to just tell them you have a slave that is being transported to one of the Hutts others planets, as a sympathy gift for the loss of Debra." She smirked, leaning in Oola kissed Reg's cheeks softly. Her tails was stroking the other cheek soft, and playfully.

At times Reg began to wonder if that tail had a mind of its own with the way it playfully danced about and often found its way upon his welcoming skin. The caress distracted him, causing him to momentarily fumble with the controls, steering them out of their approach vectors. "Oola! Behave!" he warned her, giving her a sideways glance, while gripping the controls more securely. "If I don't maintain this flight plan we're going to get red flagged. If that happens no amount of lying is going to fool their scanners. Silver tongue or no silver tongue," he said to her, with a wink, before his hand moved to gently move her tail out of the way. He had heard of pilots getting some action while at the controls of the ship during a particularly long haul, but he just never thought it would happen to him. With the amount of commercial traffic entering and exiting the shipping lanes, one careless flick of her tail could cause him to crash their freighter into a transport or worse ... a Star Destroyer.

Slowly she backed away from Reg as her tail slid out of his lap. "Well sorry if I'm only trying to have a little fun." She said walking back to the co-pilot's chair, flopping down she placed her tail into her lap. "It seems like I've been in this ship for months, I need to have a little fun after all." She leaned her slender frame in the chair over towards Reg knowing she should have been on her best behavior, but Oola was never one for being good. Batting her long lashed as she looked at Reg she smiled a little, in a soft sweet voice she spoke. "I think once you get the ship docked, you and me have some fun with one another, then once that's done maybe stretch our legs a little outside of the rec room?" She teased a little winking back at him as she took the tip of her tail and fanned herself off a little. "You can't sit there and look me in the eyes and tell me that you don't love that idea Reg!"

Reg was focusing more and more on Oola and less on the viewport in front of him, causing the Kima to bounce around like he was having involuntary muscle spasms. As he looked at her, posed like that, his body temperature began to rise, his heart began to beat rapidly, and his complexion began to redden. Other features were being affected as well, but thankfully for him, they were concealed by a couple layers of clothing. Understanding what she meant, he began to break protocol, increasing the speed of their descent so that he could have some fun with Oola. He began demonstrating the nimbleness of the craft, weaving in and out of the space lanes, passing older, slower transports and freighters. The comm panel began to blink red, as the flight controller attempted to get hold of them. "Too fast," he muttered to himself, as he reluctantly slowed the craft, his eyes again moving towards the waiting Amaran who was teasing him to incredible lengths. They narrowly avoided a collision with a medium transport as they began their descent into Cormond, the planet's capital city. Taking the first available docking assignment, he navigated them towards the spaceport, cutting the sublights, and bringing them in on repulsors. The landing felt like it took forever, but it was actually the fastest one he had ever pulled off. "Oola, we are here!" he told her triumphantly, as he turned to face her in his chair after removing the safety straps, no longer able to contain himself.

Beaming brightly she jumped to her feet with new they had made it, she had a feeling this would take a little longer than the last time but that was Oola enjoyed the most. Pulling Reg from his chair she smiled lustfully up at him "Come with me then! I need to have a little one on one meeting with you away from this cockpit!" The slender Amaran quickly pulled Reg behind her as she made her way from the front to the rec room. Turning around quickly Oola faced him as she licked her lips slowly, her hands moved up against his chest as she closed the gap between them.

There was a series of three bangs from beneath the ship ... the Ringali Shell Security Force had come to inspect the ship due its erratic flight plan. Reg quickly went from a state of restful, relaxed post orgasmic euphoria to one of fear and anxiety. He attempted to get off the bed, but quickly fell to the ground, tripping off his own clothes. "Oola!" he yelled out, as he awkwardly tumbled to the deckplate, his naked body covered in sweat, body fluids, and her loose fur. On the floor he desperately reached for his clothing, but he was taking far too long to get dressed, and he had put his pants on backwards. His cargo hold was literally overflowing with spice and there was no way they could pass this inspection. "Damn it. Why now?!" he asked, as he went hopping towards the lift in the front of the ship, with only one shoe on.

Hearing the loud bang against the outside Oola's ears perked up. Once Reg tried to push off of her but only sent both of them to the floor she looked at him rather confused herself as she watched him tried and dress himself, thought he was rather making a poor effort to do so. Watching at Reg was finding it harder and harder to pass inspection she didn't know what to do now, sighing softly Oola rose to her feet as she walked over to Reg's side looking at him. "Whatever happens least we knew we got this far." She said softly waiting for him to lower the ramp, she didn't want to have a fight on her hands but if there was a time where it was needed she would do whatever it took to never have to see a cage in her life again.

Reg's heart was pounding, but for once it had nothing to do with Oola and her tail. He looked around for where he had deposited his T-6 heavy blaster pistol, finding it beneath the jacket he had discarded when the undressing process had begun. "I may have to kill him," he warned Oola, as he valued their freedom a lot more than the lives of a customs agent. Once he was sure that Oola was in position, he activated the control panel to open the hatch to the surface below. "Can I help you?" Reg asked, keeping his blaster pistol out of sight for the time being. "Controller said you were coming in a little hot. You got flagged. I need to come aboard and do an inspection," the customs officer explained, and had already begun to move into position to ascend the lift before waiting for a response.

Once Reg said he may have to kill the man Oola just simply nodded, slowly she lowered herself down to the floor squatting as she looked down at them man. Her eyes studied the man carefully making sure if he pulled a move she didn't like then he would regret ever thinking about making it. Sniffing the air Oola could almost feel that he wasn't going to like what he seen once he came on board, her ears pinned back against her head as she did her best not to snarl at the man, she was often times more beast than anything. Slowly she stepped back behind Reg waiting for the customs agent to inspect the ship, looking over her shoulder she sighed a little at the crates full of the spice .It was because of her selfish need to have Reg that led then in to the hot water they where about to get into.

The customs officer got about halfway up the lift when he spotted the naked Amaran inside of the ship. Almost immediately he put two and two together, as if a light bulb went off inside his head. "Oh. I see," he said, rolling his eyes at the pair, as he began to climb back down the lift to the planetary surface. "If you're going to do something with that while operating a freighter at least have the decency to do it with your own kind!" the officer cursed up at them, before marking it down as 'pilot error' in his report, shaking his head as he moved on to the next ship. Reg was enraged when he heard the man speak, and would have shot him dead if not for his uniform. As soon as he was able, he moved to seal the hatch, and turned his attention back to Oola. "Don't let what he said bother you. It's the Empire..." he muttered under his breath, as he moved towards her, in an attempt to sooth her with a hug before she flew off the handle again.

Hearing the customs agent said about Reg doing anything like what they had done with his own kind didn't make her upset but rather broke her heart slightly. Backing away further into the ship as Reg lowered the man back down she shook her head, her green hues were starting to tear up a little, her ears were pinned to the side of her head. Why was it when it came to Oola and her race everyone seen them for nothing more than furry little monsters. They looked a if there were nothing more than animals. Hearing what Reg said about not paying any attention to him she moved quickly to the cockpit where she curled up in her chair wrapping her tail around her tight almost looking like the softest ball alive. "I don't want be here any more." She said softly knowing she wouldn't fit in here either like the last planet they were on. It seemed no matter where Oola went everyone but Reg looked down on her, brushing away her tears she tried to hide the small fox let out a weak sadden sigh. To her the sooner they were able to get rid of the spice the better, that way she wouldn't have to look over her shoulder in fear every time someone needed to inspect whatever it was they had. It was only weighing them down more and more as they ran from the Hutt's and their men, leaning over she pressed a button to the astrogation chart. Looking at where they where now she looked for another planet they could go to, perhaps one that didn't frown so much upon Oola's kind, maybe there was a plate that had others like her, thought she knew she would never leave Reg's side though the thought of having other like her possible out on one of the many planets gave Oola some hope that others accepted her. Curling up back into her tight fur of a ball in the chair she watched the chart not knowing which planet was which only that there had to be a place that was safer than this one out there.

Reg could feel the sadness dripping off Oola, and it caused a pain in his heart that he had not previously experienced. He was quick to follow her into the cockpit, watching helplessly as she balled herself into the cutest thing he had ever seen. It was hard for him to keep in mind how hurt she was, with how adorable her posture made her appear. "We're leaving. We're leaving," he vowed to her, before moving to take his seat in the pilot's chair. "...and you're right. We can't be carrying around this much spice. We need to sell it and be done with it," he declared, as his hands moved quickly to operate the controls that would lift the freighter out of the spaceport. "We need to move away from the xenophobia of the Empire and the core world elites, while still maintaining a safe distance from the Hutts," he informed her reasonably, as the Kima began soaring through the atmosphere back into the bustling spacelanes. "That just isn't going to be very easy," he said, keeping on hand on the controls, while his other hand moved across to pet her lovingly, as he attempted to soothe her. "They're not all going to be like that," he vowed to her, but knew that ever since the Clone Wars ... a conflict that largely pitted humans against non-humans ... the Imperial propaganda machine had spent two decades demonizing non-humans, and this was becoming an increasingly more common result.

Oola looked over at Reg as he took his seat next to her. Once they were off the ground moving again she didn't bother strapping in this time, she didn't even want to move from her tight little ball feeling his hand stroke her head she didn't move from her spot, Oola knew Reg was trying to make thing a little easier on her. Trying to show her he wasn't like that, and Oola knew Reg wasn't. He proved that he was better than any human she hand ever met. After Reg said they were not all going to be like that Oola had to laugh a little shaking her head "They've been like that since I was a wee girl, my da rest his soul was treated like a creature and all he wanted to do was have honest work to support my mum and me. Thought like you know they were killed and skinned for their fur, I was sent to a home for other who were non-human. The women who took care of us if you can call it that. She would make us work to earn her food, we were nothing more than slaves to her. "Oola said softly as she looked off getting lost in her own little world. "I was then sold to Derba when I was ten, I wasn't always one of his slave girls till I turned sixteen was when I became one, before that I was just a slave working to get food and everything for the men. I grew up with a lot of the other girls." Oola paused as she took a deep breath in and sighed softly. "So to me most humans are the monster, that man he's the monster, the men who killed my family they're the monster, the women who worked me till my hands were raw she's the monster." Oola said looking at Reg resting her head against the back of the chair. "I'm just looked down upon because they think I'm a mutt, a creature of darkness, yea so I scavenge, I hunt and steal. Everyone has the right to live, even ones who have fur or feathers. Not everyone can wear skin." Oola said softly looking out the window as Reg piloted. "Wherever we go it will be a lot better then there that is for sure" Oola said softly closing her eyes as she tried to forget what the man said.

Reg knew when to talk, but also knew when to keep quiet ... and this was one of those times. He listened to her story intently as she recounted her childhood, her upbringing, and her time with the late Derba the Hutt. He sat there stoically, not knowing what to say, but eventually he realized that actions were better than words. Reg pressed a button on his control panel that transferred navigation controls over to the co-pilot's panel. "Try flying a little. Just be gentle. It doesn't take much to really get her going ... like me," he added, with a wink, as he placed his hands behind his head, showing her that he really was no longer in control of the Kima. "C'mon. Don't be nervous. Tonight can be a second first time for you," he said, smiling softly, as he waited for her to give it a try. He realized of course that she might send them hurtling out of control or crash into one of the other ships they were nearby, but he thought helping her find a purpose given her state of mind might be worth the risk.

Watching Reg give her control of the ship she looked at him watching as he relaxed, swallowing hard she uncurled from her tight little ball and reached out grabbing hold of the controls, she had a light hold on them as he started to pilot the ship, thought her hands were steady her head was pounding in her chest fast, she felt her stomach knot tight, her eyes looked forward never moving to look over at Reg this time, slowly she turned the controls avoiding a collision with another ship that was near by but didn't take long for her to straighten out. Letting out a soft sigh she started to slowly relax in her seat but nothing like Reg she was still on high alert scared out of her mind that something was about to go wrong with her behind the wheel as it were. "You know I heard once that women make the worst drivers." She teased a little smirking before giving Reg a quick look.

"Prove them wrong," Reg said nervously, as his hand moved to the collar of his shirt to loosen it. It was suddenly getting very hot aboard the Kima, and this time it had nothing to do with the tail. His hands gripped the sides of his seat with the same apprehension that Oola had the first time she came aboard. He had never let anyone fly *his* ship before, and now he had turned over the controls to a four foot teenage Amaran who had probably never even driven a speeder before! He saw his life flashing before his eyes as she dodged the ship, holding in his breath until they were clear. Still, as he glanced over to her, she no longer seemed to be as upset, so it appeared his idea was working. "You're doing a good job," he said, as he allowed his white knuckled to let go of his arm wrests just a bit.

Oola smiled a little "Well I've never been off world before, never flew anything in my life. So for you to trust me with our life means a lot." She said softly. "Just one question... How do I get out of the lane and away from other ships?" She asked still not knowing what the hell she was doing. She was scared to death of someone passing her, or even worse then getting flagged for her reckless flying. She had caused enough damage to him already that was the very last thing she needed. Slowly her tali draped over her shoulder as she sat up in her chair making sure she had the ship in a steady place and not going any faster than what she was. "Seems like I may have so far prove each other wrong about women flyers? Though I still think I make a better lover than your co-pilot." Oola teased Reg.

"Try and stay in the lane. The Empire doesn't take too kindly to reckless flying," Reg explained, as he nodded his head in the direction of the monstrous Imperial II-class Star Destroyer that loomed in the distance. "You're not one much for rules are you, Oola?" he asked, turning in his chair and offering her a wink and a pleasant smile. A week ago he was a loner, a rebel ... and now he had fallen in love with an exotic alien that he did not even know existed. Space travel had proven to be an exciting, unpredictable life for him, and this by far was the greatest example. "I'm not sure where we should go next," he confided to her, as his attention moved to the navicomputer. "But I am sure that as long as I'm with you I'll be happy," he said, as lights playfully danced across his face from the reflection of the computer screen as he scanned the western reaches of the galaxy.

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