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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:35) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
El-Nay Darr and Major Sierra Rodney.

El-Nay Darr had returned to the Rodney estate on Esseles having collected virtually all the pudding in New Calamar. A few grocers were worse for wear, but she need not include that in her report to Sierra. She took every task placed in front of her serious, whether it to be an assassination, bodyguard duty, or grocery shopping. Her mission was clear ... protect the pudding from Ewwikewwieikkie long enough for Sierra to get her fair share. As she stood in the living kitchen of the Rodney estate, she was doing everything within her limited ability to keep the pudding safe. She was not sure what it was about Sierra and the pudding, but she was determined to make sure it got to the right woman.

It was Sierra Rodney's last day playing it chill at home. She was looking forward to returning to work and reuniting the dream team; her and Claudius, of course. She decided to ask El-Nay to go get her pudding. The dream last night had been enough to send her pregnancy craving into desperate mode. As soon as El-Nay had left, Sierra took a nap inside of her room to catch up on missed sleepy. When she awoke, she truly was in a better mood. With her tummy rumbling, Sierra made her way downstairs to see if El-Nay had returned from her first task. As she reached the lower floor, she spotted the Mandalorian. "Pudding..?" She asked, sounding more like Ewwiekewwieikkie than herself. "Um. Er. How was it? How are *you*?" She made her way to the fridge, which she found promptly packed with pudding. The expression of sheer joy that came across Sierra's face was amazing. "Pudding!" She squeed.

"Yes. Pudding. That is what you asked for, isn't it?" El-Nay asked, wanting to make sure she had terrorized the grocers for the right dessert. "It was fine. There are a few grocers who won't be keen on seeing me again, but I got the pudding," she told her, with a firm nod of her head from beneath her helmet. "I'm fine too. Anything better is just sitting around the Void," she told her, as she backed away from the pudding to allow Sierra to ransack it without interference.The last thing she wanted was to interfere with a pregnant woman and her cravings.

"Yes, thank you. I swear, pregnancy is so weird. One minute, you don't want to eat anything. The next, you'd kill for pudding." She explained to El-Nay as she grabbed up a pudding cup and a spoon from the cupboard. She immediately dug in. The first scoop finished humanizing her. "Want one?" Sierra wondered to what measures her friend had gone to retrieve the pudding. Regardless, Sierra was happy. "It stays pretty busy around here with Ewwiekewwieikkie and Drusilla. Claudius just bought me a lakehouse to give me a place of peace and quiet occasionally." She laughed, heading towards the kitchen table where she sat in one of the chairs. "Hey. I had something really personal I wanted to talk to you about. Given what you've told me, I thought you might understand."

El-Nay moved her hands to the side of her hemet, removing it from her head and place it aside.The young girl that was hidden beneath was not one that people would expect a Mandalorian to look like, but she spent a great amount of time laboring over her appearance. "I don't expect to ever get pregnant, but I expect that you are correct, milady," she said, politely, with a kind and affectionate smile. "No thank you, milady," she said, declining the pudding, as she focused her full attention on her protectee. "What is it you wish to talk to me about?" she pressed, sounding quite proud at the thought of being chosen to hear such information. She wanted so much to be someone that Sierra could confide in.

Sierra, the proud mother, darted up from her seat only an instant after she'd sat down. "Hang on," she said, darting off toward the living room to locate her datapad in the cushions of the couch. She returned to the kitchen, sitting once more. She turned the datapad towards El-Nay so she could see the latest ultrasound picture of her son. "Look, that's him! That's my Bruce!" Sierra was avoiding opening up the oh-so-personal topic that had been bothering her. "You know, I didn't really expect it either. I had convinced myself that good men didn't exist. What a fool I am, huh? Life is so unpredictable." She said, sitting back. Sierra decided to dive into the subject that was weighing in on her mind. "If you had a chance to execute your father for being horrible to you, would you do it?"

As El-Nay looked at the image of Claudius and Sierra's unborn son she felt a tug at her heartstrings. She had given up on the idea of becoming a mother herself, but now what her relationship with Kerrie was in shambles he knew not what the future held for her. "Th-that's inside you now?" she asked her, as her eyes moved from the image to Sierra's stomach. The miracle of life was not one that she could completely comprehend, but she had pledged her life to protecting the unborn child in Sierra's womb. "My father is a true Mandalorian. I could not hope to execute him if I had the full might of the Empire behind him. He is all that I ... that any Mandalorine ... aspires to be," she revealed, without too much insight on her complicated relationship with her estranged father.

"It's crazy, isn't it?" She was halfway through. In another twenty weeks, she could hope to deliver a healthy baby boy. The day would be momentous for both her and her husband, who had been waiting much longer than four months to meet Bruce Rodney. The conversation became serious, yet Sierra continued to eat her pudding. She listened to El-Nay, realizing that the situation was different. She nodded her head slowly. "I... I've found myself in a predicament involving family." Sierra rested her spoon in her pudding. "In order for you not to judge me, I need to inform you of what I came from. House of Dakkar was a big deal on Alderaan. My father was an influential man...extremely important. He wasn't very involved in my life either. There were a lot of rumors circulating about me not being his daughter by blood." She rested her hand on her stomach. Bruce had awoken to join in this conversation. "My mother... Rikka Dakkar... is a horrible person. Even that Cathar has nothing on her. I cannot fully express to you the kind of abuse I endured throughout my life at her hands. This woman destroyed my body and stole every shred of confidence I had." Sierra stopped talking. The sensitivity of this topic made her feel exposed.

El-Nay listened as Sierra essentially told her that she was 'kind of a big deal'. As the story continued she learned that they had similar relationships with their fathers, but she was not the kind of person who interrupted stories to make things about her, so she decided not to share that with her yet. As she listened to her talk about her mother she realized that is where their paths separated, as she had a much better relationship with her mother. "You want I should kill her?" she asked, before raising the wrist gauntlet that had the missile launcher on it. It was her go to answer for everything, but despite the smirk upon her face she was decidedly serious. "I am sorry for your hardships, milady, but despite them you seem to have achieved much in life," she complimented her, as she watched the woman eat as much pudding as her adopted Squib daughter.

Sierra choked on her pudding as El-Nay mentioned killing her mother. That was where this conversation was kill or not to kill. Regaining composure, Sierra laughed. "That would certainly earn you some points with the husband..." El-Nay was kind. Despite her difficult situation, she had sweet words for Sierra. She made her blush and become bashful. "Oh, uh, thank you." She gave Claudius credit for pulling her out of a very deep pit of despair. "There's more to the story, sadly. I was under the impression she'd died after Alderaan was destroyed. I was foolish...and wrong. She comes bleeding into my life occasionally. She even came to Marcus and Zara's baby shower just to gift me with the whip she once used on..." *Me*. While she didn't say the word, the implication was there.

"Claudius walked in on that situation. You can only imagine what happened after that. Despite what he did...she came back. Over and over again she comes back." Sierra's fist met with the table softly. "She came to Esseles the other day. Needless to say, she immediately started trouble and Claudius had her arrested. The idea of having her executed has been weighing on my mind. I know he'll support my decision... I can't help thinking that this will never end until she's actually dead." She sighed. "What would you do?"

"If I earned points with him then I'd still only be at negative 1,000," El-Nay said, with a smirk, as her hand instinctively moved to rub the side of her head. That shameful beating was not one she would soon forget. "She whipped you? With like an actual whip?" she asked, sounding aghast, as her mouth hung open at the shock of it all. "And I thought Mandalorian parents were harsh," she said, as she continued to bond with her protectee. "She's like a monster from a HoloNet slasher," she said, quite impressed with her mother's persistence. "Execute her. Definitely. I mean isn't that why you joined the ISB ... to execute people?" she asked, with a snort and a smirk. "It feels like all we do is execute people for the ISB at the Void," she revealed, which she oughtn't had done, but she was never one who censored herself or kept secrets well.

She laughed. Well, at least El-Nay understood where she stood with the Mister. "Yes, yes. An actual whip. With all sorts of thorns and painful things on it. We had a bacta tank in the basement. She'd go to the point when I couldn't take anymore.." Sierra's eyes widened. She shivered. "She implied that I should use the weapon on my son." Her voice fell cold as she thought about it. Together, they'd bonded. Sierra felt, for the most part, comfortable about bringing this stuff up with El-Nay. She didn't have a picture perfect at-home life. "You're not kidding. The only problem is that we're on like the twentieth sequel to the HoloNet slasher and it's just gotten old."

El-Nay sided with the execution, and, honestly, so did Sierra. She needed to see a definitive end to the abuse. Otherwise, she would spend her years keeping Bruce and her girls away from Rikka. Sierra snickered. "Yeah, I guess that is the only perk of being involved in the ISB, huh? I've been seriously thinking that it's what I want. I slept so much better when I believed she was dead." Hm! El-Nay revealed information that wasn't particularly surprising. Arden Zevrin was busy lately. She let out another sigh, deflating in her seat. "I'm sure. Colonel Zevrin is out of control. Did I mention another one of those damn concerts is coming up?"

"Just remember that unlike on the HoloNet once you kill someone you can't bring them back," El-Nay reminded her, not thinking Sierra the murdering kind. "Another concert?!" she said, remembering how the last one had nearly taken her life. "Do you think maybe I could wear my armor instead of a dress at this next one?" she asked, the pain of the blaster bolt she took still with her. She had suffered a great deal lately, but it had not shaken her loyalty and dedication to protecting Sierra. "But seriously ... you should think about what to do. Once you make a decision it can't be undone," she said, as she reached across the kitchen island to place her hand upon Sierra's hand.

She was right. This decision would be a permanent one. Sierra needed more time to consider it. "Yes. I want you to wear your armor. I'll carry a weapon as well. There are five concerts left and they are bound to go as badly as the first. I won't allow myself to be killed by that damn woman. It's time to take necessary precautions." She wouldn't let El-Nay get hurt seriously again. She appreciated that the woman's loyalty was unwavering despite what had happened at the concert as well as between El-Nay and Claudius. He was only trying to protect Sierra. She squeezed the Mandalorian's hand. "Thank you ... and, thank you for listening to me." In her eyes, Jelena was slowly being replaced with a new best friend.

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