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Alice Bee and Thomas Rogers.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:32) in the Essesia system: Esseles (The Void).
Inquisitor Jessa Thrope and Kel Tillisk.

Inquisitor Thrope returned to the Void following the battle on Brentaal IV...or, the *lack* of a battle on Brentaal IV. She had opted to stay away from the action. Instead, Jessa chose to watch from the holotank in her ship. Taking the hands-off approach was not like her. Watching the attack had made her hunger for action. It was to her delight that *two* Rebels had been captured in the bunker. She hoped that one of them could provide her with useful it on other Rebel cells, or on the man who had damaged her arm severely. As she walked along the corridors in the Void leading towards where the male Rebel, Kel Tillisk, was being held, she thought of all the creative ways she might draw information from him. She knew nothing of him besides his affiliation. By the end of her time in his holding cell, she hoped to change that.

The Lepi quickly entered a code into the durasteel door separating her from the Rebel. The door opened to reveal him. Her eyes narrowed. She stepped inside the room, the doors closing behind her immediately. She had instructed the Stormtrooper to remove his shock cuffs. The man could *try* to attack her. He would never succeed. "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Captured by the Imperials. What a disgrace."

Kel Tillisk knew he was in trouble. He couldn't say that this wasn't what he'd expected when he'd signed on with the Alliance, leaving behind a decent job with the Corellian Defense Force to fight real evil, instead of chasing drug dealers and muggers down Treasure Ship row, but when the door opened to reveal the Lepi, and his stun cuffs were ordered removed, he knew things had become suddenly more perilous. "Kel Tillisk, Rebel Alliance." He didn't rise to the bait about being captured, though shame tore thru him. It wasn't just that he had been captured, but that so many others had died, and he was here stuck in a cell. Why hadn't he caught a bolt too? It wasn't that they weren't shooting enough to get the job done. The guilt and shame wrestled against his fear, but he didn't say another word, or try to rush his captors.

She casually strolled towards the man. He admitted his name right off the bat, which meant that her work hadn't begun yet. "Kel Tillisk. I think we should play a getting to know you game. Tell me more about your Rebel cell. Remember, you're protecting no one anymore. They're all dead." Jessa made a point to remind him that he was the only male to survive the strike. She hoped to break him, steal information from him, and seek out the Mandalorian. "Start from the beginning. When did you settle on Brentaal IV? I have to give you kudos. Your team lasted quite awhile before our Intelligence officers found you. It almost makes me wish we could have brought more of your comrades in..."

He needed no reminder of the fate of his friends and compatriots. The shame ripped through him again, and he spat at the Inquisitor, though shorted it, the spittle landing at her feet. He didn't look at her after that, instead choosing to look at the durasteel deck. "Kel Tillisk, Rebel Alliance."

Her eyes glanced downward at her feet. Her eyes rolled. She had given him hands and he chose to spit? She snorted through her small, twitchy nose. "Rylla Starr." She said, naming out one of the woman in his cell from her memory. "I found information on her. Her children will be lonely without their mother. Why was she killed and not *you*? Such a shame..." She could feel the guilt inside of the man. She fed off of it. It caused her to realize, all over again, that she had not gone to Brentaal IV herself. She had missed out on everything, as unfortunate as it was.

"Kel Tillisk, Rebel Alliance..." The rebel trooper couldn't look up now. He was thinking of his dead friends, and how he was going to be stuck in this cell, possibly for the rest of his life with an evil rabbit. A random notion of Dark Jedi's multiplying like rabbits crept into his head, and a sad chuckle escaped him. Not a glorious way to go, killed by a talking rabbit, if he was lucky.

"They've trained you well," Jessa said. She approached him, breaking through his personal bubble. The Lepi wasn't afraid to stand in his face. Her paw rose, touching with his neck softly. "It's too bad your emotions deceive you. Oooh. I can feel it. The guilt inside of you. ‘Why me?' ‘Woe is me'." She mocked him, beginning to pull her hand away from him. A sudden, random burst of the Force pushed him towards the back wall of the cell. Without hands, she held him there. "Woe. Is. *You*."

Do not provoke your captor. Kel took a breath as she got closer, wanting to strike, wanting to get the devious biped away from him. There was something sickening about what he thought of as a walking, talking, real life thing that should have been a character in a holovid being the author of his team's downfall. Why didn't we see them coming? What did we do wrong. He slammed into the wall, the impact startling him more than hurting him, and forcing a gasp of shock to escape him. It was true, the holovids they had seen hadn't been propoganda of the Lepi using the Force on the other team wiped out on Chandrilla. He hadn't wanted to believe it, no matter how many in the Rebellion recited the old phrase May the Force be with you. "Kel Tillisk...Rebel...Alliance." His voice quaked a bit in fear now.

The man was in her court now. Jessa would manipulate him until he spilled everything he knew. The Inquisitor had sat for a long, *long* time collecting cobwebs as the Emperor kept her preoccupied with tasks beneath her. Now she had knew ways to entertain herself. Currently, that entertainment started and ended with Kel Tillisk. She smiled. "Jaik Melkans. Your commander. Did you know him well? I saw a Cathar commando rip him to pieces with her claws." She inhaled. The inklings of his fear made her hunger for more. She was starved for it...*dying* for it. She had not had this much fun torturing someone since the introduced herself to Governor Rodney. She put distance between them. He remained pushed against the wall, only now Jessa began to choke him. It was a gentle, slow, controlled movement. Slowly, she constricted his airways.

At first, he thought just being pinned to a wall by something he couldn't see, but could feel only was terrifying. Then his airway constricted, a fist that he couldn't see clamped around his throat. He strained, trying to get his hands up to his throat to relieve some of the pressure, but couldn't do more than twitch. His vision blurred as he burned oxygen that he couldn't replace to his brain. But his eyes locked on the hand at Jessa's side, the one not wielding the unseen but fully felt power against him. "They...might be dead...but they don't...have to live with the scars of defeat..." He wanted the bitch to hurt like he did, and didn't care if she killed him.

She watched him reach for his throat like he could stop what was happening to him. The Lepi looked pleased with herself. The man did something very surprising. He insulted *her*. She snarled. She could nearly feel the pain of being burnt by the Mandalorian all over again. She had never seen it coming. The battle had played out in her head so many times now that it drove her towards insanity. "What did you say?!" She yelled. The constriction around his throat suddenly became uncontrolled and rough. It felt like she might pop his head off. The pressure ended an instant later, and Jessa turned towards him. She stood in front of him, her paw gripping his jaw. "As a man who was captured while the rest of his unit was killed, I *hardly* think you have two feet to stand on." She lifted her other paw, snapping her finger. A small, holographic image projected in the middle of the room. It was from Chandrila, a freeze-frame a droid had caught of the Mandalorian man. "Who is this?!" She yelled.

A wordless, near soundless scream escaped the man, though it sounded more like a gurgle as the pressure increased so great he wished he could turn inside out just to escape it. And then it stopped. "You're ... famous. Inquisitor... Thrope..." His voice was a ragged whisper as he brought his head back up to look at her now. Maybe he had found some fighting spirit after all. "You...massacred...some proud...we all...saw the holovid...Then you...met something worse...worse than wear...his mark..." He paused, and then glanced at the hologram, and what could have been the start of a smirk touched the edges of his mouth. "A rumor..a rumor of...a man with no need...or use...for the Force...but...will stand...against...a Dark Jedi...We...saw...some of that holovid too..."

The man made her furious. Jessa gripped at the material of her sleeve. Her armor only covered a portion of her burned arm. It was still visible. It was *always* a reminder. She tripped the fabric of her armor at the shoulder, throwing it at him. "He will *die*! He is not as special as you think! You Rebels survive on hope." She pointed towards the holograph. "I will destroy your hope by killing that man!" The Lepi was seeing red. Caught up in the moment, she grabbed for the hilt of only one of her curved-hilted lightsabers. The blood red blade quickly appeared. It cast odd shadows in the room. The red illumination highlighted her face. She quickly brought her lightsaber up, slicing through his right arm just above the elbow. "*Now you can remember your failurs as well*!" She screamed.

Now he screamed. Loud and long, at first in shock, and then in pain. So much pain. Damn lightsabers didn't let him bleed enough to kill him, but suddenly a numbness set in, behind the searing pain. Maybe shock would take him. But the look on her face was worth it, as best he could read a Lepi's emotions anyway. " special...Who...are you telling...that to...a dying Rebel...or yourself...You are this sort of game...the rumors around him...he's a you...a vornsrk...a killer born to kill...Forcers...his people...some are just as bad...the rumors..." Shock was setting in harder now, robbing Kel of the good sense to shut up, so he kept antagonizing Thrope instead. "Cuy'Val Dar...don't...exist..."

She relished in his pained screaming. Her eyes closed. If she kept losing control, she would kill the Rebel before she learned anything interesting. Her eyes were burning when they opened again. The man was successfully antagonizing her, but he was also revealing that he knew things. She laughed. "Do you really expect me to believe that? Of course the Cuy'Val Dar exists. They trained the Clone Troopers. What kind of bull shit are you trying to feed me? Is one arm not enough?!" Her lightsaber was still ignited. She held it off to the side, but she was close enough that a quick moment could have taken another limb. She reached out, grabbing his face with her paw. "I want to know about *that* man! Tell. Me. About. *that*. Man!" Each time she spoke a word, she slammed Kel's head back into the durasteel wall. She added a little more strength each time so he didn't forget what kind of trouble he was in. The prisoner would die in this cell. When was the question. "What is his name?!"

Each time she slammed his head into the bulkhead, his vision got blurrier. The pain was a dull, far away throb of a sensation, and so were some of the later strikes on his skull. His voice sounded lazy, almost drunk now. " hunt...that man...that man...who was...the monster..we feared...and never knew his name...just a rumor...didn't really't hunt...predators...they hunt you...Dagon is hunting in Hell...bitch..." And he slumped in her hand. Shock had taken him, and she was left holding a corpse to the wall, a corpse with a full grin of defiance on his face.

She was so angry. There was no stopping the inevitable now. Skull cracked against the durasteel each time she thrusted the back of his head into it. Her heart was beating so hard that she had begun to feel light-headed. In the man's sea of slurred words, a name came to her: Dagon. It struck her. It took her away from the cell, away from the Void, away from Esseles. She stood on Chandrila, staring into that man's eyes. "Dagon," she repeated. She began to repeat the motions again. "Dagon..." She panted hard. Kel was already dead, but Jessa continued to destroy his head. She had opened up his skull so much that brain matter began to spill forth. "*Dagon*! *I will kill you*!" She screamed. When she arrived in the moment, the man was dead. There was blood splatter all over the front of her tunic. Her paw was soaked. She could still see the look of defiance on his face, which she prompted wiped off with her bloody paw. "Rebel scum." She mumbled, turning her back on the mess she had made. She departed from the cell feeling like she *finally* had what she needed to find him. "Dagon..."

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