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Alice Bee, Bob Halula, Erin Highberg, and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:17) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle).
Lieutenant Vance Dajus, Farrah Ette, Yekaterina Hanson, Nona Jast, Lord Gaius Rodney, Lord Marcus Rodney, Lady Zara Rodney, and Emi Shinohara.

It had been ages since the planet Delaya had seen a noble wedding of such magnitude. The wedding between Lord Gaius Rodney, nephew of the reigning Duke, and Nona Jast, a former delegate to the Imperial Senate, was shaping up to be *the* social event of the season. It was being called 'The Mating of Thrantas' by the tabloid press, looking to boost public morale in the wake of the Alderaan refugee crisis. While the guests at Rodney Castle were being served the finest food and drinks drawn from throughout the Core, the refugees down the mountains in camps on the outskirts of the capital city of Leiliani were barely eating rations. Orders were given to bring any food scraps and leftovers to the camps, but given the gluttonous nature of the guest list, it was doubtful there would be anything left.

Lord Marcus Rodney was the second son of the dying Duke of Delaya and his official representative at the ceremony. He did not particularly like Gaius, as the man had facilitated truthful stories of his drunken past to the HoloNet to deservedly damage his reputation. They were rivals to succeed his father to rule the Duchy, and he privately speculated this wedding had been arranged to bolster Gaius' position in claiming the title. He tried his best to remain polite, smiling at each person he knew. The finest citizens from Delaya, and what was left of Alderaan, were in attendance, but pointedly the Galactic Empire had sent no one. The planet was increasingly at odds with the Empire, particularly in light of their refusal to allow food shipments to the refugees. "Try and smile, dear," he whispered to his wife, while not moving his lips, as if he were a puppet master. He could only hope the purple sweet potato ice cream she craved was one of the dessert courses at the reception that would follow.

You never really got used to the royal life style. Zara had seen noble weddings before on the HoloNet...who hadn't? It was completely different actually being there. For one, it was totally unacceptable to her to wear sweats, socks, and a pony tail. She actually had to take time making herself presentable, including taming her silvery hair, which grew at an irrational rate. She was nervous. The Rodney family was still one big unknown. She had poorly drawn a family tree for reference in the hotel room, but she still knew very little of these people by sight. So, she did what she had to do; she pretended. With her arm in her husband's, she smiled, attempting to look like her stomach wasn't driving her insane. The purple sweet potato ice cream, which had recently become the apple of her eye, was something she wouldn't consume until she was sure she wasn't going to vomit. This wedding was a big deal. As much as she didn't like Gaius, his bride had done nothing worthy of Zara getting destructive over. She wasn't there to start anything. Marcus' voice made her try more. She offered a more authentic smile to the next person who passed by. She turned her head towards him, "If it gets too bad, use me as an excuse to escape." Perks of being pregnant. No one was going to argue with that.

There is a scary reality of royal life, in that everything around you is constantly fake and happening for reasons that are layered in agenda. Vance stood with his hands down idly at his sides, offering short bows to those that seemed to be important based on what he saw. Lieutenant Dajus knew what to look for, and how people reacted to others based on their social position, his life was military but also mixed in with a complex royal system unlike any other in the civilized reaches. The Tapani Sector was a constant struggle between royal Houses, jockeying for power and political posture in every action their representatives took. Vance's uneasiness with the memories was keeping him from opening up at the moment, but he felt reassured as he brushed up against Emi as they stood together. "So...this looks fun."

Emi Shinohara knew how to dress to impress. She decided to wear something a little more formal in the fact that she covered up well. A simple royal purple gown may have been a misstep as she wasn't royalty, but at a wedding, who really cared? Emi looked around the impressively decorated area and and took in the hubbub of other aristocrats from throughout the galaxy. She recognized a few of the people around. Though when the Lieutenant spoke her head spun around, quite surprised that he would speak so highly of such an affair. "It's about to get more fun, dearie." She smiled to Vance and slipped her arm around his, as they locked elbows. She moved through the crowd of people, almost dragging Vance behind her as she seemed to maneuver around the different sized humans and aliens alike. After a few moments she found where her senses would take her, as was customary to stop by and give the bride a congratulations and good luck before the ceremony. "We'll get this mission done before too long, Lieutenant. I hope you don't mind all the girl talk." Her grip on his arm loosened as she made a fist with her right hand a gently tapped on the door.

The day of days had finally arrived for Lord Gaius Rodney. He had been separated from his fiancé in the earlier in the day, as they were ceremonially led away from one another to take up preparations in separate spires of the castle. The workouts he had subjected himself each morning before work had paid off, as he was able to admire his abdominal muscles in a large, floor size mirror. As the time drew near he changed into an ornate robe in the Alderaanian fashion in shades of navy blue and grey.

Yekaterina Hanson knocked on the door three times, before stepping into Gaius' changing room, dressed in her ceremonial honor guard attire, complete with white blast helmet and staff. "Milord, I thought you should be informed that your cousin, Marcus, has arrived for the ceremony. He brought the young trollop with him," she added, with a sneer, as she waited by the door for further instructions. She did not particularly like his cousins, but as a member of the guard her place was to provide reports, rather than give commentary.

Gaius allowed the rest of his wardrobe to be placed upon his chiseled form whilst he listened to Hanson's report, but he did not allow the unwelcome news to temper his excitement for the wedding, nor lessen his ambitions for the outcome. "Billions watched their beach wedding and laughed," he said, as he turned to her, to reveal how he looked in the formal attire. "Billions will watch my wedding to Nona and cheer," he said, with an emphatic nod, before moving from the room, brushing past Hanson, and headed down to greet his guests.

The whole affair was sickening to Farrah Ette. After her mother had foolishly ran out on her and her father, the young girl had naturally become overprotective to extreme proportions. She understood that this wasn't the resolution to some wonderful love story, but a plot device for Gaius Rodney to become the Duke of Delaya. While she did not support his wedding, she *highly* supported him becoming Duke and whisking her away from her unfortunate position as a servant in Castle Rodney. She stood in her father's dressing room with her arms crossed over her chest. "Today couldn't get any worse," she sighed dramatically. She was so disgusted that she intended to start trouble with the cow and the playboy instead of watching another second of this scheme unfold. Nona had no idea that Farrah existed. While this was quite on purpose, it was also frustrating. She had been a trooper with Gaius' plans until today, when she withdrew from him and gave him cold stares from across the room. As the door opened, the small girl disbursed. She was out of sight long before Yekaterina arrived.

Nona Jast had kept her head on rather well despite everything. That dress she had adorned with her own design fit like a glove. She stood in that champagne colored silken simple gown. Low cut back with a sheer piece of fabric covering the pale color of her slightly freckled skin. That long sandy blonde hair cascading downward in loose curls. Quite the sight for sore-eyes. That material draping over her curves, till it hit her knees then flared. Long train behind as she stood in front of her body length mirror and placed a small jeweled flower above her right ear.

Nona decided on a darker lip color, made that smaller slimmer face stand out a bit as it hovered over that soft light dress. She had just waved her goodbye as she took in a slow deep breath, lungs expanding as she exhaled even slower. Maybe her nerves were getting to her. A soft smile and she closed her eyes to take in that moment, but before she knew it, she heard a knock on the door and waved for the guard to open it. Head turned as the metal slid open, revealing a face she had not seen in a while, but had welcomed all the same.

"E-Emi! Is that you?" Nona spoke in that soft accent as she waved her old confidant in, though that brow narrowed slightly in confusion as she saw that the female had a male human joining her. "Please...come in." She gave a nod to the guard and waited for the two to enter, waving the guard away.

Vance smiled and nodded to the guard, hiding his once over appraisal of his capabilities and equipment within his bow, as he waved them into the room and let Emi lead him into the room before releasing her arm so she could greet Nona. He pulled down gently at the front edge of his coat, straightening it so that it set properly on his military built frame. He knew their task here was their primary focus, but the "landscape" was foreign to him, and he wasn't sure who they could trust and who they might need to be careful around. His outfit was formal and in fashion two or three months ago back in his sector, he was hoping the more exotic styling would make him seem like a well to do outsider.

Emi smiled to her old friend, if she could call Nona that, after she'd let go of Vance and walk to her friend to open her arms wide and greeted the soon to be royal. "Nona! Darling! It's been ages!" Her own slight raspy voice a bit of an opposite to that of the bride. She hugged her friend in a tight embrace, giving a kiss on the cheek to the woman as she pulled away. She turned her head to look behind her. "I think next to you, I may have the nicest looking date around." She looked back to Nona and gave a rather amused laugh. "I know this is your wedding day, and I'd never want to take advantage... Well, who am I kidding? You know me too well to know that I always put duty first, as have you." She gave a rather uncomfortable grin and bit her lower lip as she waited for the taller woman to scold her.

Nona's arms opened wide as she heard the other and shook her head, although it wasn't as brazen as it should have been as she didn't want to mess up her hair. Nona peered around Emi to get a glimpse of her friend's date as she gave an approving nod. "I would say you know how to pick them, Emi." As she heard the shorter woman continue, that happy smile turned into a frown. "As a matter of fact, I am glad you have sought me out. You've been on my mind as well." She lowered her head for a moment. "I'm sorry for your loss. But, I've wanted to speak..." Nona closed her mouth as she turned to Vance. She extended her hand towards him as she gave a rather ravishing smile. "The soon to be Mrs. Gaius Rodney, and whom do I have the pleasure to meet?" She knew Emi was up to something.

Vance took a few steps forward and took her hand in his, bowing and placing his other overtop of hers in a formal greeting posture, at least it was in his 'world'. "Greetings m'lady. I must say, you look most elegant." He stood back up and glanced over to Emi to see if this was the place and time, and it did seem that it was. "I was hoping to talk to you on behalf of those we represent, to broker a mutually beneficial arrangement." He walked to the side of the bride to be a few more steps so the doorway was in his peripheral vision. "I would like to help infuse your planet with some supplies to help the populace stay fed and increase their quality of life. We were hoping to leverage some of your Kuati contacts as a trade for such support." He was assuming that time was precious, and got to the point rather quickly.

Emi looked over to Vance as Nona had picked up exactly what she was getting at. Perhaps diplomatic work was something they were both good at. Though she had a little bit more of an agenda than Nona...and of course Vance had the real agenda that she solicited to him regardless. "I suggested we approach you. I know this is your wedding day Nona...but he's the only one that can really speak for whom I really work for now. I couldn't pass up this opportunity." A slight frown formed over her own lips as she took a step back, mostly to give the two of them a better opportunity to speak. "I'll just let you two...discuss."

Nona looked back from Emi to Vance then Vance as the two of them spoke to her. She ran a tongue over her lips as she gave a small nod. "You two were grave to come here. Knowing who Gaius is tied to. But I've been thinking of going to...your employer," she cleared her throat as she looked to Vance and gave another slow nod. "I had thought to go to Emi for help. As seeing Alderaanian refugees starve, she'd be sympathetic to our dilemma." Her arms crossed over her abdomen as she gave a nod to Vance. "I have quite a few contacts that could help you with what you need, but I think I can accept your offer."

"I've seen the Empire wipe out a whole planet and my House was the one that absorbed some of the populace that survived." He stared outside the window for his own sake, as there were emotions tied to this. "So I assure you that I am more than sympathetic to your situation." He glanced over to Emi with a frown before turning fully to face Nona. "We are in a position to start making a larger difference in the overall scheme of things in our area of operations, but we are short on capable ships of war. I was hoping you could dig up information we could exploit to acquire some. Obviously we don't expect any direct involvement, simply information that we can act upon would suffice." His brought his hands in front of him and placed one over the other in a casual but respectful stance. "This was Emi's idea, and I thought it was the best chance we had to not only do good but also help ourselves a little in the process." He smiles warmly and intentionally kept his eyes on Nona.

Nona kept quiet while that taller male spoke. She took in a slow breath as she listened and nodded in agreement. "I think I know exactly how I can help you if you hold up your end of the bargain." She gave another nod and looked to Emi. "You really thought of this?" She didn't need an answer as she saw the smug smile on her friends face. Glancing back to Vance she raised a hand to her chin and gave another slightly sigh. "I know exactly what I can give you... But, I'll have to send something encrypted. Or I can upload some information to Emi as something that..." She began rambling and then looked from Vance to Emi. "Expect a message from me maybe after the Honeymoon?" She looked back to Vance and extended her hand towards the man. "I will give you what you ask for. But, do me a favor? Don't break Emi's heart." Nona smiled softly and looked back to Emi as she saw that gawking look. Nona looked back to Vance and winked.

Vance's head cocked to the side a bit as she took her hand, a bit confused by last comment, and glanced to Emi with a rather confused look as he spoke. "Absolutely, and I hope you enjoy your honeymoon." He took a few steps away to be back at Emi's side, turning back to Nona against to show their unity in representation. "You can contact us whenever, in the meantime also try to think of what items aside from the typical survival supplies you could need." The Lieutenant was rather confident in this plan and reflexively put an arm around Emi's shoulders to show his appreciation before he realized what he was doing. "Also, don't forget to eat something will help with the nerves." Now it was his time to wink, and he turned to Emi. "I'll leave you two for a bit so you can catch up, I'll be seeing what support the hot hors d'oeuvres can provide." He strode silently out of the room.

Emi gave a slight smile to Nona as she rolled her eyes to Vance. "He's also a blushing bride, so don't mind him." She caught the slight squeeze around her shoulders and then dismissed it. "Don't lock your knees. You do look beautiful." She reached out a hand towards the woman and smiled softly. "And thank you again. I know this wasn't the best platform to approach you, but ... well." Emi gave a slight swallow and took in a shallow breath. Emi nodded again as she turned towards the exit of the room. "Congratulations, again Nona. We'll be in touch soon." She'd move out of the room, motioning for the guard that was outside to move back in. She'd follow after Vance, only pretending that she was interested in spending the rest of the evening on his arm.

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