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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:4:14) in the Essesia system: Esseles (The Void).
Luna Flosgermen and Petrus Flosgermen.

Living on Esseles was nothing but frustrating. Luna Flosgermen had such unlimited freedom from a young age. Her parents, always preoccupied with being Rebels, had turned a blind eye to her. After their deaths, she gallivanted around the galaxy freely. Even meeting Petrus had not slowed her down. However...Commander Kerrie Kiley had seen to it that she was stuck in hell. Their living quarters was drab and boring. The missions came at a steady flow, yet they didn't really play to her advantages. We all know what they say about idle hands...and Luna had idle hands. She began to scheme. She familiarized herself with the explosives and tracking device that had been strapped to their ship and slowly became confident with her ability to remove it.

On this particular day, she had just returned from training with the other members of her team. She was feeling cocky today, specifically making a point to show off for Agent Orange, who clearly didn't belong here either but for a reason entirely different. A person who was stupid enough to wear orange into battle deserved to ride a short speeder. Luna groaned as she walked through the automatic doors into their living area. Her fingers stroked through her short, sweaty hair. Her cat droid greeted her as soon as she arrived. Luna bent down, picking it up. "Did you find anything?" She asked the droid, prodding at some buttons located beneath a fur panel. She lazily kicked off her boots then dropped herself into the plush chair at their holonet terminal. Her legs dangled off one side of the chair over its arm. "Pettrruusssss..." She sang out sweetly.

Petrus Flosgermen was going stir crazy being trapped in the Empire's facility on Esseles. He wondered how much longer he would have to serve before being given his freedom to roam about again. He longed for a mission ... any mission ... as it seemed all they did was train. From time to time they would be send to eliminate the old and the weak for political gains ... hardly a challenge for the Demon. The only action he got in his life was sex with his new wife, Luna. When she called for him his ears perked, and he moved through their makeshift quarters to where he found her seated. "Yes?" he asked, arching his eyebrow, with the hope that she had something to report that would shatter the boredom.

"I've been thinking..." She began, allowing her cat to hop off of her lap. "It's been awhile since we've gone out on a mission *together*." Luna sat upright. She stared up at her husband with a twinkle in her eye...she had a plan. The wheels in her head were quickly turning. Her hand touched with his then rolled up the length of his arm. "You'd do anything with me, wouldn't you? Even if it could get us killed?" She batted her eyes at him. She knew the answer. Petrus had sworn himself to her. He had also aided her in kidnapping her own sister. He was the greatest partner in every way. She loved him.

"Hmm..." Petrus said, as he listened to Luna's question. "Let me think..." he teased, playfully, before moving to sit down on her lap. His considerable weight difference pressed upon her, but he did not care. "You know I would!" he said, before tilting his head down to place a kiss upon her. "So what did you have in mind?" he asked, as he pulled his head away from her and looked at her with a brightened face. He moved his tongue around his mouth, causing his cheeks to bulge out, as he speculated what she had in mind. If she was planning a jailbreak he doubted they stood much of a chance.

"Omph!" She was surprised by the sudden weight in her lap...pleasantly surprised. Her arms wrapped around him. They kissed. In that kiss, Luna knew his words to be the truth. They had already done some wild things together. Their wedding alone was a testament to the kind of relationship they had. She smiled brightly at him. She was going to tease him even with her little plan. "Well... At first I thought about us taking a job and leaving the planet. I figured out how to disable all the bullshit that bitch (Kerrie) had installed in our ship. But then I thought to myself...why leave the planet when there's a perfectly lovely target on the planet!" Her fingers danced over his chest while she spoke. "Can you guess who lives on Esseles? I'll give you two hints. He's important...and we've met him. In fact, we've played him like a fool."

Petrus listened as Luna began to outline her plan, but in a roundabout way that only served to fluster him. He hated to be teased, both in the bedroom and at work. "Hmm..." he said, as he tried to guess where she was going with this. "The Grand Moff?" he asked, as he tilted his head to look at her in the manner of a confused dog. "You're more ambitious than I would have thought..." he said to her, but a smirk soon curled upon his lips. He had really come to admire and appreciate her in the time they had spent together.

Luna laughed, nodding her head firmly. "Very good!" She grasped his head, kissing him roughly. The tip of her tongue teased him though it never slipped passed his lips. Luna was building him up. For that, she'd get exactly what she deserved. Her grin turned bigger. He was right on board with her. "Yes, the Grand Moff. As appealing as it sounds to kidnap him, he's so *old*! If we scare him too bad, he'll probably have a heart attack and die. Then what would we do?! Place him in a glass coffee table in the living room!?" She directed his attention to the Holonet as she maximized a window. It was a story about Claudius and his wife's new home. "I want to go after his wife." She finally revealed. "Think about it. She's a damn Duchess. Not only that, it's like a double whammy. Her old dog got her pregnant. The Rodney family needs both of them. They really didn't need Zara and they still put out all those credits. I bet we could get *way* more for her!"

"Oh you are vicious," Petrus observed, remembering how she went after her own sister. After witnessing what she did to her own flesh and blood he wondered with glee that she might to do to Sierra. "Dangerous to let you near pregnant women," he teased, using his elbow to jab her perhaps a bit *too* firmly. "They sure paid a lot for Zara. I'm sure they'd pay twice as much for Sierra!" he exclaimed, his eyes went wide at the prospect of the riches that would ensue. There was even a stream of drool at the left corner of his mouth as he openly fantasized about it. There was still the issue of escaping their makeshift Imperial prison, however. "What about getting outta here?" he asked, assuming she had already considered that.

Luna raised her hand, running it over the side of his mouth to clean his drool up. She was posing yet *another* insane plot... and he was eating it up. She giggled like a little girl. "Oh Petrus, I love you so much!" Kidnapping a Duchess, ISB officer, and the wife of the Grand Moff was going to be tricky...but worth it. She imagined Petrus fucking her on a bed made of nothing but credits. They'd break the Rodney family's bank all within a span of months. She rolled her eyes at his question. She hated being stuck here so much! "I stole some Stormtrooper uniforms. I figured we could play sexy dress up, then leave by speeders. There's only one thing that's a problem. The little Duchess isn't on Esseles right now. She needs to be drawn back...and soon. It is my understanding that the Grand Moff is making himself a home on Delaya. I don't want to miss the opportunity to hurt their family again. Zara will be so embarrassed."

"Oh you know I love sexy dress up almost as much as I like kidnapping plots, Luna," Petrus said, before moving his head down to hers and placing a passionate, biting kiss upon her lips. "Ugh. Delaya. What a dull place? And ... we've already been there?" he said, before biting his lip in a mocking pout. "...and let me guess. You have a way to draw her back here?" he asked, before rising from her lap and moving towards the kitchen. As he opened the freezer he was brought face to face with nothing but cartons of Auntie Mae's ice cream. Commander Kiley's idea of a joke. In a rage, he slammed the door. He *really* wanted out of here. And the thought of kidnapping the Grand Moff's wife was the perfect motivator to accomplish that.

She didn't particularly want to go back to Delaya either. She had heard of all the mischief going on there with the Imperials. "You see, that's where I'm not sure." Luna rose. She followed him off towards the kitchen, glaring at the cartons of Auntie's ice cream like she intended to burn them with her eyes. It was another strike. She couldn't take it. She missed living with him away from all of this. She hated feeling like Kerrie's call girl. "I thought about getting us stationed near the Grand Moff's estate and starting some sort of commotion at the house. That, or we can use some of this Imperial bullshit that's around us to summon Sierra. I don't want to raise any suspicions with the Grand Moff. He can fuck up all of our plans. What do you think we should do?"

As Petrus stared endlessly at the array of Auntie Mae's caricatures staring back at him an idea struck his mind. "His children," he replied, simply, with cruel intent dripping upon the two words. "We will get our hands on one of them and then they'll come running. You'll see," he said, before bringing the fingers of each hand together and menacingly intertwining them. If the Grand Moff and his wife were even halfway decent parents they would fall directly into their trap. He was quite pleased with himself that their stay in this Imperial installation had not stripped him of his ingenuity.

"Oh, Petrus!" She exclaimed. "You are the sexiest, most intelligent man in the galaxy! His children!" She repeated, shaking her head in awe. "We can get Drusilla. I've seen enough on the Holonet about her to know *all* about her weaknesses. She's the old blood-related child the old man has left." Petrus had filled in the blanks. Now Luna's planning process went into overdrive. There were so many ways she could get Drusilla back on Esseles. The young woman purred, suddenly tackling her husband to the kitchen floor. "I love you! I love you!" She shouted, placing her mouth on his. Her tongue dove deeply into his mouth while she initiated yet another round of intense love making. He made her so, so happy.

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