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Danielle Langley and Christopher Levy.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:2:15) in the Essesia system: Esseles (The Void) and Nerf Herder.
Sophia Cromwell, Sub-Lieutenant Tosha Previn, and Lord Marcus Rodney, and Major Min Traebor.

Marc's eyes slowly opened, the blurry image of Sophia's sleeping body coming into full view directly in front of his face. "Oh..." he murmured as he moved his hands to his eyes, rubbing them slowly to focus his vision. His head stung slightly from last night's refreshments and he slowly slid out from beneath the blanket and sat on the edge of the cot, rubbing his temples to soothe himself as he finished waking up.

She whimpered when he moved to get up. Sighing she seemed to curl around him even as he sat on the edge of the cot. The moment she realized he was getting up she groaned, stretching and wiggling her toes before she slowly sat up herself, tugging the blanket with her. "Ow..." Her body was sore, in so many ways.

"Good morning," Marc said as he looked over his shoulder at her. He felt a bit awkward as he reached beneath the blanket, trying to find his shorts. "Have you seen my..." he murmured to her as his hand fumbled around against her, finally finding them and pulling them out. Pleased, he stood up from the cockpit and slid them onto his naked body. "I'm going to see how much further we have to go," he explained to her as he moved towards the cockpit, still having difficulty getting his legs beneath him.

"Mmm...oh..." She watched him, then once his back was to her she sighed and slowly began to slip her own clothes on, finding some elastic and pulling her hair back into a messy pony tail. Well, this wasn't how she had imagined things, not for her...she bit her lower lip for a moment then slowly stood and stretched lightly before she moved towards him, but gave him space "...How...much further?"

Marc sat down in the cockpit and pulled the straps over his shoulder as he looked at the navigation computer. "We're coming up on it any moment," he said to her as his eyes fixated on the computer. "Listen. This person I get the armor from..." he explained nervously, keeping his eyes focused towards the instruments and avoiding looking at her. "It can be difficult. I think you should stay on the ship," he said as he took the flight stick into his hand, deactivating the autopilot.

She moved to sit down and strap her own self in. Licking her lips slowly she glanced over to him and again slid that mask over her exterior once more. A smirk curled to her lips and she pushed aside her feelings...or what was growing of them anyway, aside. "Tch. I'm not staying on this heap of junk. I'm going with you, besides, how are you going to know if it fits, eh?"

"I think I have a pretty good idea of your measurements now," Marc said as he looked over to her with a sly grin and a soft laugh. A moment later the ship began decelerate and the vibrant blur of stars began to focus as they exited hyperspace. In the distance was a large inhabited world with clear signs of industry and inhabitation. They were far from the tropical world where they shared a bath. "We're here," he said, stating the obvious as he navigated the craft at sublight speed towards the planet.

A slender brow rose as she glanced over to him then back to the place they were in. "This doesn't seem so bad, why are you so nervous about it?" Then, to reassure him that she would keep his name safe, she smiled lightly "Besides, Hero...never thought you would be nervous for little ol' me"

The proximity alarm in the cockpit flashed red and clanged violently as a pair of TIE fighters soared over the craft, buzzing extremely close. Marc furrowed his brow and glared at the starfighters as he maneuvered the Nerf Herder in tight formation with the two starfighters. "I hate it when they do that..." Marc complained as he matched speed, maneuvering into formation with the two escorting fighters. "This is what I'm nervous about," he explained as he turned to look at her for just a moment.

"What the..!" Her eyes went wide as she glared at the other crafts before she glanced towards him then back to them, then a smirk curled to her lips. "Tch. You're afraid of them..?" She shook her head, granted she hadn't the slightest clue on what was going on, but the excitement of trouble was winning out.

"Who isn't afraid of them?" Marc asked as he decelerated the craft into the planet's atmosphere. They were descending at a rapid rate towards the planet Esseles in the Galactic Core. As the TIE fighters broke off formation and flew off to resume their patrol, a massive hangar became visible in one of the jagged peaks in the distance. "These are scary people who do not fool around," he explained in a serious, cautionary tone, "If you fail them you do not get a second chance. Understand?" As the ship entered the hangar the inner workings of a massive factory became visible as the arsenal of war was being turned out on a mammoth scale. Countless Imperial stormtroopers and other personnel were visible. As they approached the landing pad, an assortment of individuals was already waiting.

"Maybe you should have left me back in the cage." She did not deal with fear when it came to others, she dealt with the excitement and the tight muscle awareness of a fight. She unstrapped herself, but stayed seated as she glanced towards him. "...For your sake, I'll be good Hero..." She smiled lightly, but there was something sneaking behind that glimmer. "For now."

Marc activated the craft's repulsorlift engine, maneuvering it into position over the landing pad. He lowered the landing claws and the ship gradually touched down on the pad, a loud clank echoing as metal collided with metal. "Do not say a word," Marc warned as he moved towards the back of the craft. Moving towards the storage container he began to slip into the custom set of molded body armor. They were waiting for him and that made him all the more nervous causing it to become quite difficult to dress himself. "How do I look?" he asked, half-jokingly, as he posed for her in the suit.

She watched him, there was a soft hunger behind her eyes from what had happened between the two as she looked him over. But instead of saying something on it she crossed her arms over her chest and shrugged lightly "You look like a man about to meet his maker. Tch. What's got you all worked up...honestly..?" But she moved beside him, she was going with him whether he liked it or not...and she supposed she would keep her mouth shut as well.

"You are about to meet my intermediary," Marc nervously explained as he walked towards the ship's hatch. "It will be hard to explain your presence. They may not be pleased that I brought you here," he warned her as he opened the hatch and looked down at those gathered next to the ship. "The less you say the better," he whispered as he pushed his head through the hatch and then stepped down onto the docking pad. All of the emotion immediately left his face, a stern and serious glaze coming over him as he assumed the part of cold, calculated killer perfectly.

Sophia could not mimic him completely, so instead she stood there as herself. She was quiet, but her body was tense and ready to spring any moment. She kept her face blank sure, but not in a cold and calculating way, no it was in a fun, ready for anything way. She did not speak and stayed behind him a little off to the side so she could see.

Major Min Traebor, an attractive woman in her thirties dressed in the maroon uniform of Imperial Intelligence, waited for Marcus as he descended the small transport. The bounty hunter had failed the first assignment she had given him, and she knew that if he had failed this latest assignment, it would reflect poorly on her judgment. It was she who selected him and his actions would determine whether she would receive praise or punishment.

Tosha Previn, a woman slightly younger than Traebor and infinitely better dressed, was quick to step in front of her. As the Black Sun Lieutenant responsible for paying the bounty hunter, she often found herself in the position of having to mediate disagreements between the two. Even for one as deadly as her, the prospect of being caught between the two did not sit well with her. "Success?" she asked Marcus, needing only one word to express her sentiment.

"Thang Kreto is no more," Marcus reported in a cold, icy tone devoid of any emotion or remorse for the lives he had taken. His eyes moved from Previn to Traebor, still not entirely sure what her part was in all of this. Dealing with the Empire was not something he bargained for as he knew their methods and recent events had only further enlightened to him as to what they were capable of.

Sophia took a moment to let him reach the bottom of the steps first before she would slowly make her way down. At first she would stand respectively behind him, a bit off to the side so she could see who he was speaking with. The moment she saw it was two woman an instant instinct to be defense crawled over her skin. She placed her right hand on her hip, and popped her hip out just a bit as a slow smirk curled along her lips. Her hair was a bit wavy from having been tangled not too long ago. Her eyes flicked to Marc for a moment, then back to the two woman and simply watched...for now.

"Was your methodology sound?" Major Traebor asked, using a more direct line of conversation than her Black Sun counterpart. "It would defeat the purpose of the population of Mygeeto were to suspect anything out of the ordinary," she added, her voice trailing off a bit as her eyes shifted from Marcus to Sophia, wondering who the unknown woman was.

Marcus stepped in front of Sophia, blocking the Major's intent stare for the moment. He made strong eye contact with her in an attempt to focus. "My methods are always sound," he said to her in a stern, unwavering voice as he glared towards her. "I was unable to get to Kreto so I improvised," he said in a confident tone. "I detonated one of the generator's and brought the entire facility down on top of him. It will look like a mining accident," he explained to her as his eyes shifted to Previn, "Your Black Sun friends in the sector no longer have any competition."

Oh no. Sophia was not having that. Any challenge, whether she could meet it or fail at it, was welcomed. She leaned over just a bit so she could peek out from behind Marc to see if the woman was still looking. Of course that kind of movement should easily move anyone's eye. She stepped out again, glancing towards Marc, crossing her arms over her chest now before looking towards the woman before her. a child not wanting to be protected.

"Excellent," Previn replied as she intertwined her things to celebrate the victory. The local Vigo would now have a clear path to harvest the raw materials of Mygeeto and would owe a large part of that to her. This would reflect favorably on her and she felt one step closer towards her own position of leadership within the Black Sun.

"Who is ... that," Major Traebor asked as she looked past Marcus towards Sophia. She sized her in her head and her initial impression, based on the way she was dressed, was one of contempt and disdain. "For you to have brought her here she had better be important," she continued as she walked to the side of Marcus to get a better view of Sophia.

Sophia helped out by moving out from his protection and standing on her own. Her arms slowly dropped from across her chest and her hand pressed to her hip with a smirk, a dangerous sly look behind her eyes as she glared at the women. "Tch." A soft click of her tongue, but she kept her attitude in check...a bit anyway "My name's not important, my job..." A grin slipped across her lips "Is what I live for, I'm a bounty hunter...and good at it too."

"I have never known you to work with a partner," Tosha said as she turned her attention to Sophia. Her eyes roamed over her and internally questioned his motives, thinking perhaps she was nothing more than a pet based on her current appearance.

"Well considering your local Vigo contracted her to take out Thang Kreto," Marcus explained angrily as he moved towards Previn, "...I'm sure you will find her up to your standards." He raised a hand towards her angrily, his face filled with anger and determination. "If you ever double book an assignment on me again I walk away. Do you understand? Screw ups like that threaten the entire operation," he complained to her, his voice billowing with a type of anger rarely used.

Her grin widened. She had yet to see this man angry, hell she had no idea his other emotions well, but she liked the anger. It made her body tense as if a fight were about to happen any moment. Her eyes flicked away from him to the woman he was yelling at. She placed her hands behind her, locking fingers and just pleased as a pinch to be watching it before her eyes narrowed and she looked, watched the other woman::

Tosha took several steps away from Marcus and she looked to the shadows where several heavily armed Black Sun operatives lurked. She would not need them ... yet. "I have no control over what a Vigo does or does not do," she said as she glared back at him, annoyed by his outburst. "Who you work with or do not work with is none of my concern. The payment will be the same, however, and you will have to share it," she explained as she again looked to Sophia.

"Understand this, my dear," Traebor said to Sophia as she looked her directly in the eyes. "If you share the information you receive here with anyone we shall hunt you down to the end of the galaxy and not stop until everyone who has ever heard your name is vaporized," she said menacingly, glaring at the younger woman. "Do I make myself clear?" she warned.

She watched the woman, her smile was wide a mocking, before she pulled an innocent face...obviously mocking still "Oh of course." Her hands raised up and spread wide "I wouldn't say a word, for fear of my dear precious life." She licked her lips then smirked with a shrug "I don't know a soul to tell nor would I flap my lips in some beings ear."

Marcus extended his arm in-between the two, forcing some space between them as he turned to Traebor and got in her face. "She understands what she's in for," he said in a cold, emotionless voice. "I need you to get her a set of this armor though," he demanded of her, his hand slapping against the black armorweave that was molded to his chest.

"I am holding you accountable for her," Traebor warned as she stepped away from the two and moved away to make her report about the death of Thang Kreto. She was satisfied for the time being. Perhaps this operation would end in success after all.

"Very well," Tosha spoke calmly as she motioned to the shadows. A moment later a couple of Neimoidian technicians emerged from the darkness with a pair of bio-scanners. Each Neimoidian stood on either side of Sophia and they began to perform a detailed scan of her body. After several moments one of the Neimoidians nodded to the other and the two moved off into the shadows without having uttered so much as a word.

She rolled her eyes and then watched the Neimoidian's work. Glancing over their gadgets, but not getting much from them before they scampered off. She narrowed her eyes slowly before she looked up to Marc. Glaring at him, she hated being protected, hell they were just...women, sure women of a certain power but surely Sophie could take care of herself?

"You're doing good. Keep your cool," Marc whispered to her as he turned his back to Previn for a moment. He gave her a nod and a reassuring smile before he spun back around to face the others.

Moments later the Neimoidians returned carrying a suit of what appeared to be the same black, armorweave that covered Marcus from head-to-toe. They unceremoniously laid it on the floor in front of Sophia and then disappeared back into the shadows.

"You will accept that in payment of the Kreto job," Previn informed him bluntly. She then extended her hand with a datadisk towards him before moving away. "See that she puts it to good use. It would be an awful waste of credits," she laughed as she moved off into the shadows as well.

The moment the woman was gone to the naked eye her lips curled into a sneer:: "Bitch." She leaned over and snatched up the suit, her fingers slowly lingering on certain sections, just feeling all of it around before she would hold it up high to look over it in whole before glancing towards Marc and the disk in his hand. "Lets get going so I can shut that woman's mouth up."

"After you," Marc said to her with a warm smile as he motioned to the entrance to their ship. They had survived, which actually surprised him somewhat. He was operating in the realm of the unpredictable as long as he was partnered with Sophia.

"Damned bitch..." She walked back towards the ship, but just before she disappeared into the entrance she glanced behind her and a wicked grin plastered to her soft glimmering lips "Oh I'll get her..." And then she was inside moving to what was now and will be 'her' cot. Sitting down on it she laid out the suit to glance over it a bit more.

"Let's focus on who we get paid to 'get,' shall we?" Marc joked as he climbed up into the ship right behind her and promptly closed the hatch right behind him. "Try that thing on," he instructed her as he moved right past her and hurried towards the cockpit. He did not want to spend any more time there than he had to. His hands moved over the controls faster than he had ever done before and without giving the ship proper time to power up he activated the repulsorlift engines and maneuvered the transport out of the mountain hanger.

She started laughing the same moment she was slipping her rags, rather...his rags off of her slender body. "I can't believe you are scared of those hags..." She stifled her laughter to small spurts of giggles as she slipped on the suit. Once everything was in place and her hands ran over her body slowly to test the fit and feel did she clear her throat ever so gently "Well?"

Marc looked over his shoulder to take a glimpse at Sophia in the suit and his hands slipped off the controls, visibly distracted by what he saw. The ship fell into a rapid descent before his hands regained the controls and he began facing forward again. Perhaps they had made the suit a bit too tight he thought, but he had to admit she now looked the part of the bounty hunter. "I am not scared of them specifically," Marcus explained to her as he activated the ship's sublight engines and began maneuvering the Nerf Herder into the atmosphere. "I am scared of what they represent. The moment you lose your fear of the Empire and the Black Sun you're dead," he explained to her in a cautionary tone.

"Guess I'm the living dead." She moved away from her cot and towards him, a smirk to her lips as she took the sit next to him. Stretching a bit before she seemed to turned a bit... She rolled her shoulders then sighed "This suit is...odd to the skin."

"You'll get used to it," Marc said to her as he turned to look at it again. The way it hugged every curve of her young body did what the loose-fitting physical training gear could never do. "The question is will I get used to it..." he added jokingly as he took another look at her.

A slender brow rose...Did he truly find her that attractive? She did her best to ignore what happened the night before, that is how it was supposed to go with people like them right? Maybe...maybe not. She bit her lower lip "Why would you need to?" With that she stretched again, her legs, her hands sliding down her thighs ..just testing the waters.

Marc could feel his body temperature rising, his face beginning to redden slightly as he watched her movements. "It is very flattering to your physique," he was quick to point out, using the most polite of language. His hand soon moved to the auto-pilot and turned his attention away from the controls to focus on her. "Because of how closely it hugs your form it makes you more stealthy and allows you to have your full range of movement," he informed her, "but it also leaves little to the imagination in terms of your ... womanhood."

Sophia actually glanced down over her hole body, one hand sliding across her stomach, the other down her outer thigh. A cant of her head to the side, then a slender brow rose and a smirk to her lips "Then lets hope our next target is a male, eh?" She glanced to him then, watching his eyes for a moment she gnawed gently on her lower lip.

"Next target?" Marc repeated as his facial expression suddenly changed to that of remembrance. "I had almost forgotten because of the ... distraction," he told her as he removed the datadisk from his belt and slid it into the reader in the front control panel. Turning serious, he maneuvered to look directly at the holographic image projected in front of them.

The familiar voice of Tosha Previn began to speak as the image of a Rodian male was displayed in front of them. "This is the Rodian crime lord Enkido," she informed them through a recorded message. "Enkido runs the largest criminal operation in the Ringali Shell and is well-connected. Every operation he carries out successfully takes credits out of our hands," the message continued as the image shifted to that of a large, fortified estate. "Enkido resides on the nearby planet of Brentaal. He has many underlings and his estate is well guarded. Put him out of business ... permanently!" and with those words the holographic image faded away. The instructions were clear.

"How pleasant." She smirked then, watching before she stood up then "Lets get going, this should" A grin slipped along her lips ever so head strong she was never one to admit to fears, in fact instinct placed her fears into tense muscles and a readiness to fight. "Looks like this outfit will come in more use than one, eh?"

Marc turned his attention to the navigation computer and began downloading the hyperspace coordinates for Brentaal. Several moments later the device began to beep and his hand moved to the hyperdrive controls. "Hang on," Marc warned her as his hand slid forward and activated the hyperdrive. The small transport surged forward as it blasted out of realspace and entered hyperspace towards Brentaal.

Her arms wrapped around the back of his seat lovingly without touching him, then the moment his hand gripped the controls did she cling onto the back of the seat instead. Closing her eyes, bounty hunter or not she hated this part. Once the craft was back at ease did she let go. "How long until we get there ?"

"It will only take a couple of hours," Marc explained as he toggled on the autopilot and unstrapped himself from the seat. "You do not have a weapon, young lady," he was quick to point out as he rose from his seat and began to move towards the back of the ship. He dropped to his knees and began searching one of the storage compartments, trying to find something that might possibly work in this environment.

"Tch. Marc..." She crooned his name softly, and did her best to be as womanly as she could. with the soft jut of her hips, pressing her chest out and her hands sliding down invitingly over her body with a gentle pout of her lips. Once she got his attention, if it worked...if he watched.. "Oh yes...I have a weapon."

Marc turned to look at her, wondering if she was going to use his obvious attraction to her every opportunity she got. He looked at her longingly as he continued to toss junk aside in his quest for a working blaster. "What kind of weapon?" he asked her, in ignorance of any possible double meaning.

She laughed, at first it was a slight giggle, then her laugh just echoed around. Once he'd seen one...right? But maybe for their next target it wasn't so.. She shook her head and then sat back on her cot, leaning back against cool metal behind her before her laughter died slowly"...For being such a smart man, you sure don't have a lot of wits about you..."

"Oh don't tell me you want to seduce a Rodian crime lord?" Marc said disgustedly as he stood up and moved towards her. Sure, the Rodian might be perverted enough to go for it, but the idea of the slimy creature's hands crawling all over her caused him to become enraged. He stopped suddenly, realizing he had been compromised. His feelings for her were clouding his judgment and he knew it.

She slowly stood up then, inches from him but her eyes were desperately searching his own. A bit of her curiosity was from amusement alone, and yet a bit was from a feeling that drifted behind her minds eye and disappeared. "Why...if it would work as a would make the job easier, quicker...and I could get some credits behind me."

"Don't suppose I could convince you to just let me drop a proton torpedo on the place, eh?" Marc asked, half-jokingly as he flashed her a grin, moving towards the cot to take a seat. His mind began to race as he formulated a plan, trying to conceive the right way to use her femininity to eliminate the Rodian.

"No." She moved and sat back down on her own cot watching him then resting her head back a moment "I plan on just walking in..." she shrugged "Let everything fall into place and you can figure out the rest from there..." A smirk curled to her lips "Might even let myself look like I'm captured."

"You're good at getting captured," Marc jokingly said to her as he thought about it in greater detail. Their ship was speeding rapidly towards Brentaal and they were running short of time. "That's what we'll do then," he continued in a more serious tone after remaining silent for several moments. "We'll make you look like a slave girl and I'll deliver you to his estate as a gift," he hated the way it sounded, but it was the only way. "Once we're in his audience ... we'll start blasting, " he nervously concluded.

"Perfect..!" She smirked, watching him. Then she got up and began rummaging through his things, mumbling something about sewing and what a slave girl looked like, this and that as she grabbed any scrap leather materials or the like, ripping clothing here and there and began piecing things together in the time they had left."

"Perfect..." Marc repeated quietly as he looked out the viewport and tried to focus himself. He had really gotten himself into trouble this time, but he was confident in his abilities. It was his libido that worried him. With that he began the process of assembling his weaponry for the mission to come.

"Marc...have you any string, throngs of any sort?" A slender brow rose but she would not let him see what she was doing. She was only ripping up things in which he had clearly discarded as well as the clothes he had given her to wear before the suit.

"Oh yeah. I have an entire box of thongs right over there in the corner," Marc said sarcastically. "No. I don't have any thongs," he snapped at her, getting quite uncomfortable with the thought of her parading around in a skimpy little outfit in front of some crime lord. He turned his head and leaned against the bulkhead, trying to calm himself down, visibly flustered.

A slender brow rose as she watched him, canting her head to the side before she shook her head "What are you getting so heated for?" She had fastened a thing piece of metal into a curved needle, ripped tiny shreds of cloth to fashion into string.

"I just don't like the idea of you parading around like that for some stunted Rodian," Marc griped as he began the process of assembling his rifle. He avoided looking over at her as she worked, he had his own tasks to perform. "I'll deal with it though," he admitted as he snapped another piece of the large rifle on.

"What's it matter to you anyway..." She was a bit defensive. Granted, she was touched to have, in whatever fashion he did, but still it was her choice, yes? She left her fingers work a bit more, hissing when she pricked her finger but continued on "Almost done..."

"I just ... don't like it..." Marc stammered as he explained himself to her, trying to figure out for himself what the problem was. Really it did not make any sense, the plan was tactically sound, and if he could just keep his head he was sure it would succeed. Was he beginning to care about her? If he was ... he was as good as dead.

"Tch." She worked quietly and tense minutes passed them by before she finally stood. There was a moments, no...a few moments of hesitation before she would slip off her brand new suit and stepped gently out of it, before she slipped on her new 'outfit.' It looked like a 'modern day' bikini, however, the back of it curved in more to show off her rear, not a thong but not as big as a true bottom, the top however tied only in the back, the material covered all of her bust, but it seemed so stretched, thin that it did not matter. Before she turned to face him the woman had pulled her hair up into a messy pony tail, then she watched his face. "If it goes won't take too long...right?"

Marc tilted his head to look at her. He had to admit that she did an excellent job and would very much look convincing in the role of a slave girl. "Well you certainly look like most slave girls I've seen..." he confessed to her as he rose from the cot and began to examine her more closely. "It shouldn't take too long at all," he said to her confidently as he moved closer towards her. "I won't let anything happen to you," he told her reassuringly as he moved his face down towards hers, placing a tender kiss upon her lips.

She was...speechless. Her eyes were wide when she watched him come closer, and closer yet. She bit her lower lip as she glanced up to him, then the moment he kissed her, her eyes closed slowly. Her hands curled into fists not knowing what to do...before slowly...her hand relaxed and she reached up to rest them against his chest. The kiss was soft...short-lived before she caught herself. Hands jerked back and she flushed a deep red "...Wh...what was...that for..?" She chewed her lower lip "...b...besides...I...I thought you weren't...the hero type?"

"That was for luck," Marc explained as he pulled his head back slowly. His tongue ran across his lips softly, savoring the last taste of her for just a moment longer. "I'm not the hero type," Marc explained as he moved back towards the cockpit to check the status of their journey, "but after introducing you to those two I'd be very embarrassed if you died on the first operation." He was lying. Clearly she meant something to him at this point.

"Marc..." She bit her lower lip. Sophia wrapped her arms around herself over her bare stomach and shuddered. Her eyes lowered and glanced off to the side. Right, the mission, those two witches...She suddenly felt incredibly embarrassed in her near nakedness. "Surely. I'll make no embarrassment to you."

"I have faith in you," Marc finally admitted as he strapped himself into the cockpit again. His eyes darted to the navigation computer. They were nearly at the target and it would soon be time to go to work. He flashed another glance to her, wondering if this first mission would end up being their last.

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