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Christopher Levy and Brian Peterson.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:4:2) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Enkido's estate and Nino's cantina).


Enkido, Prando (death), and Dyrdek Roujier.


It was just after dark, Dyrdek Roujier walked out of his apartment and headed down the hall towards the lift that would take him to the vehicle bay. There awaited his sub par landspeeder that he acquired shortly after he arrived on Brentaal. He had been contacted earlier in the week by messenger for some crime lord named Enkido. Dyrdek wondered what job this man had in store for him as he rode down in the lift. He checked his belt making sure his blaster was firmly holstered and ran through any possible jobs this guy could want him to perform. He just hoped it was not some silly wild goose chase in all honesty. The doors on the lift opened slowly when it reached the vehicle bay. This should not take long Dyrdek thought as he made his way to the speeder. Getting in, he sped out of the bay and onto the main road and headed towards Enkido's estate. When he arrived there he was fairly unimpressed with how it looked. A steel gate and fence, a huge entryway leading up to the large house that Enkido resided, and guards pot marking the grounds. He was flagged through and headed up into estate to meet his latest employer.

Enkido smiled as he received confirmation that his latest competitor had been eliminated. He transmitted the agreed upon credits to the bounty hunter that had carried out his handy work. He was seated upon his throne like chair in an impressive chamber that allowed him access to an array of monitors covering every aspect of his estate. "Ah," he said quietly to himself as he noticed the next bounty hunter on his contact list approach the main entrance. With a casual flick of his wrist, he activated the controls for the entrance's door mechanism. There was a release of hydraulic pressure as the door slid open, revealing a long corridor that led to his supposed throne room, among other places. His attention then drifted towards a datapad on his desk, it contained a long list of names ... an enemies list. "Which one is next?" he silently asked himself as he awaited the bounty hunter's arrival.

Dyrdek stopped the speeder just in front of the main entrance and watched the door open automatically. "Another lazy old man it looks like," he said to himself as he hopped out of the speeder and headed up the main entry and through the arched doorway. He only walked a few feet when the door shut behind him, this making Dyrdek look back and whistle to himself "Yep, rich old fart with nothing better to do," he said again to himself as he made his way to the room just beyond the hallway. Upon entering he saw Enkido or at least who he thought was Enkido, knowing that some of these crime lords have doubles to make their business arrangements. He stopped only a few feet from Enkido. "Dyrdek Roujier, meeting as requested Mister Enkido," he said examining the man and the things around him.

"I believe you know why you are here," Enkido said to the bounty hunter, "There's no reason for any long introductions, formalities, or courtesies." He leaned back in his chair, once again studying the datapad. "I need someone to disappear," he informed him, "and I believe you're the right man for the job."

Dyrdek shifted a bit obviously annoyed by the mans attitude, which was typical, as he was once known for killing crime lords for annoying him. "I only want the particulars for the job Enkido, and given you have a good payment plan, I'll be more than happy to make someone disappear for you," Dyrdek let out a sly smile as he patted his blaster.

"Right here in Cormond there's a slicer who was foolish enough to try to slice into my system," Enkido explained to the bounty hunter, "his name is Prando. He frequents the local bars and likes to advertise. You shouldn't have any problems locating the fool."

"What species is he?" Dyrdek asked this time with a very serious look on his face.

"He's an Aqualish," Enkido answered, "you won't be able to miss him."

Dyrdek pondered for a second then looked at Enkido, staring into his eyes. "No interruptions, if I see any of your men anywhere nearby I cancel the contract and I send them back in body bags. This goes my way, and I will be done before the end of the night," Dyrdek crossed his arms and took a breath, "now what is the prize for this mans death?"

"Five thousand credits," Enkido told him, "it is the standard rate I pay."

"Agreed, good evening Enkido," Dyrdek turned and walked out of the room heading to his speeder to begin his search for Prando.

Prando was at a bar called Nino's, Dyrdek sat in a booth only about four meters from him. It did not take him long to find Prando, this was the first bar Dyrdek entered since leaving Enkido's estate. "Luck," he mustered quietly to himself as he watched his target prance around. "Now's as good a time as any," he thought as he stood up and walked over to Prando and tapped him on the shoulder then walked off opposite waving for Prando to follow him.

Foolishly, Prando followed the man who signaled him outside of the bar. He assumed the man might be a potential customer. He had been drinking ... heavily ... which only served to inflate his overconfident demeanor.

Dyrdek led Prando over to his speeder where he waited with his knife in hand. Dyrdek waited until Prando was fairly close to launch his attack, holding the knife pointing down in his hand he leaped forward towards Prando grabbing his left shoulder and pulling the knife into his neck hoping to just kill him with one move.

Prando screamed in pain as the knife tore into his throat, giving him a horrible wound that sent his blood flowing profusely out of the wound and all over his clothing. "Gaah," he cried out, as he threw up a wild punch at the bounty hunter's torso with his left hand, while his right attempted to cover his wound.

Dyrdek took the shallow punch from the injured slicer and laughed at his futility. "You are barely worth my time you know that," he scoffed as he moved slightly away from Prando. Dyrdek examined the mess that squabbled before him. He did not care that he was out in the open this was an easy job and was well worth the five thousand. He walked up behind Prando and grabbed him again bringing the knife into his throat this time to finish him off he hoped. He knew severally injured men could get a burst of energy at the last minute and he was ready for it.

The knife cut deeper into Prando's throat, and the blood flow from the wound increased dramatically. It was therefore no surprise that he quickly lost consciousness and slumped down to the ground, the wound continuing to bleed out.

Dyrdek stood over the motionless body and let out a slight chuckle. "Barely worth the trouble," he scoffed as he kicked the body. "Now what to do with you? Perhaps I shall take you to Mister Enkido as a present," he said to himself as he picked the body up and dumped it in the back of his speeder. He looked at the watch on his wrist and went into a slight fit of laughter. "I took this job not even an hour ago," he thought to himself as he sped towards Enkido's estate.

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