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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:17) in the New Alderaan system: New Alderaan (New Aldera: Mug Zoran's homestead and Rebel command center).
Yekaterina Hanson, Ashori Monoceros, Lady Jelena Rodney, Major Elayne Passik, and Mug Zoran.

'New Alderaan was home to the Alderaan refugees and a camp surging with Rebels... That was about as much as Major Elayne Passik had bothered to learn about it. The pleas of Mug Zoran for *someone* to help him save Commander Iyah Xergo had reached her ears. As busy of a woman as she was, his story hit close to home. After speaking with her superiors, she decided to lend her assistance in attempting to save the woman. She stood on the ramp of her X-wing with a cigarra in her mouth. She was an aggressive chain-smoker, especially when she realized she was going to have to talk to people. 'Mug'... What an unfortunate name.

With a groan, Elayne made her way towards the first Rebel officer she saw. "Excuse me..." She began awkwardly, assuming that Mug's name had been typo'd somewhere down the line. No, no. The Rebel officer directed her towards the house where he was staying and reassured her that it was correct. Blowing a puff of smoke in the poor yeoman's face, she continued on her way towards the house...though, you couldn't *really* call the thing a house. It was hideous. She began to wonder if the man she was seeking out was special. Had Commander Xergo taken advantage of the mentally challenged? Dropping her cigarra from her mouth, she squashed it out underneath her boot sole ... and immediately lit another. The potential presence of a child didn't change her attitude. She knocked on the door roughly, summoning her best professional voice. "Mug Zoran!?" She yelled louder than necessary. Taking another draw from her cigarra, she stepped back. She prayed she wasn't risking her next promotion for the sake of the mentally challenged.

Mug Zoran was inside of his wonderful, yet empty house, gathering what weapons and equipment he could for an all out attack on the Imperial garrison on Delaya ... by himself. It was very likely to be a suicide mission, but he would have rather died trying to save his wife than sat there doing absolutely nothing. Everywhere he had looked there was no one foolish enough to join him in his crusade, and it seemed the Rebels on Delaya had already written her off. Well he had not written him off, and neither had Callista. He was packing spare power cells for his blaster when he found himself interrupted by the knock at the door. Whoever it was had picked a very inconvenient time. Placing the blaster aside he moved quickly towards the door, opening it, hearing the Rebel pilot before laying on eyes on her. "Yes?" he asked, as he stepped back, looking at the unusual woman with her striking blue hair.

Her dark brown eyes examined the man who answered the door. It was clear that she was judging the man named 'Mug'. Elayne appeared before him dressed in a white tank top with her jacket covering most of it. Her orange trousers led into dirty black boots. Her most unusual trait wasn't the tattoos on her arms and the tops of her hands, but her blue hair. "Major Elayne Passik." She introduced herself but didn't offer a hand. "Your wife is being held in Delaya." She informed him rather than questioned. "I am here to offer to help you get her back. The situation is a bit... personal." She said, adjusting her trousers just enough that he'd be able to see that she had cybernetic prosthetics in not one, but both of her legs. All she'd let him see was her metal ankles before the trousers fell. She, too, had been a prisoner of war who suffered massively for keeping her mouth shut. She only survived her ordeal because someone cared enough to come save her. She felt it appropriate for her to do the same for someone else.

Mug had halfway outstretched his hand to the Major when she made it clear she was not one for that kind of 'hello'. "Major," he said, with a polite nod, but spoken in a tone that let her know he was quite busy. "What kind of help?" he asked, pressing her before, she adjusted her pants to reveal the prosthetics. He cringed slightly, recognizing the high cost of the way, before calming himself and revealing the more kindly demeanor that he was known for. "I'm sorry. Would you like to come in? Something to eat? Drink?" he asked, as he stepped aside to let her in if she wanted. "I was just about to go there myself," he revealed, foolishly, as he looked towards his pathetic array of old weapons. Whatever he had planned on doing he had clearly not given it much thought.

She slowly entered the house. The first thing she did was look upward while pondering how stable the house was. Her attention shifted downward to the man's cache of weapons. It was no good. "Do you have coffee?" She asked, sliding her hand along each individual weapon. The woman looked at him as he brought up his stupid, desperate attempt to save his captured wife. "It surprises me how the Rebels fight for hope, but sometimes we don't give it." As she reached up to pull her cigarra from between her lips, he'd see that very word 'H O P E' sprawled out on her knuckles excluding her thumb. She lowered herself down onto a chair. Keeping perfect posture, she began to speak. "I command the Corsair Squadron." She announced to him. "I cannot help you on the ground, but I can cause one hell of a show in the sky." The woman sounded proud of her skills and the skills of her men. "Is there not anyone here who would step up to fight for their Commander? Can you find no others to join you in your quest?"

Mug nodded at her request and disappeared briefly into the kitchen where he attempted to brew some caf. As Iyah's yeoman, brewing caf was one of his chief responsibilities. He returned to the room where he saw her sitting, puffing away, and although he did not approve of it he did not risk offending the only one who had offered him any support in the mission to rescue his fiancé. "Some. There are some Rebels, Ashori Monceros and Yekaterina Hanson, and..." he started, but then caught himself before daring to mention it. "Lady Jelena Rodney, my niece, has insisted upon coming," he told her, although as he said the name he regretted it, and in fact was not entirely sure if he would include her when the time came.

She perked up. Lady Jelena Rodney, eh? She had heard of the girl before. Despite being the daughter of an Imperial Grand Moff, the Princess endorsed the girl. "A celebrity?" That would leave five people on the ground team. There was a lot of room to fail here. "And all these people understand the risks involved? I was there the first time we attacked the garrison. It wasn't simply the people of Delaya who took a hit. The Imperials are still aching from the last attack. If we attack them now, there's the possibility that with enough force, they will leave Delaya." She ran her fingers through her hair. "Your report said you have additional information about where Commander Xergo is being held. May I see it?"

"If one can be a celebrity based solely on who their father was then ... yes, a celebrity," Mug quickly shot back, still not sure what to make of this Major who seemed to be making herself quite comfortable in his daughter's dream home. "Yes. We all know the risk. We all fought on Delaya when the Empire unleashed its war machine upon the people," he explained to her, as he looked towards her desperately. "My home is here now, Major. I don't care what the Empire does with Delaya as long as I get Iyah back," he said, as this had become strictly a personal matter to him. Since losing Iyah he had learned he was weak and unwilling to make the sacrifice of his family and loved ones for the cause as he had foolishly assumed when he had everything. "Yes. Yes of course," he said, as he moved to retrieve the data given to him by his sister-in-law. When he returned, he handed it over towards her, but made a point of not telling her how he got it or who gave it to him.

She listened to Mug. Apparently he was a risky little yeoman. He earned a shred of her respect for the lengths he was willing to go for his Commander...for his *wife*. "Yes, but *I* care about what the Empire does with Delaya. I'd rather not completely lose the planet to their hands. The way I see it, we can kill two birds with one stone here." She didn't question the data that he had acquired. She assumed *someone* had died for it as she took the datadisk. She intended to review the information when she was alone and assess the best method of attack. "I will review the information this evening and return it to you in the morning. I think we can both agree that the clock is rapidly ticking down. We need to make a move quickly. I'd ask that you gather your ground crew and inform them that we'll be leaving as soon as tomorrow morning. And please... *please* find some better weapons than these."

Mug nodded to the Major, glad that the ball was finally rolling and he would have a chance at rescuing his beloved Iyah. "I'll walk you out," he said, as he moved from the table, leading her towards the door of his house. In his mind he was planning the speech he would give to Ash and Kat to inspire them to come, provided the two would get along given the nature of Ash's attack on Kat on Delaya. There was also the issue of whether or not he would include Jelena. He felt it was too dangerous, but he also knew she would be furious if she was excluded.

Elayne slowly rose to her feet and began making her escape from the death trap that was Mug Zoran's fun house. Before stepping outside of the house, she stopped in front of the man. Her hand met, awkwardly, with his shoulder. She patted it twice. "We'll get her back." If there was anything left of Iyah Xergo. One thing Elayne knew was that killing a Rebel silenced them forever. As long as they were alive, the potential to talk existed. It wouldn't surprise her if the man holding her was doing everything in his power to pump her for information. Her hand fell away. She waved it behind her shoulder as a sign of goodbye while making her way back towards her X-Wing. There was a lot of work to do before launching an attack on the Imperials of Delaya.

As soon as the X-wing blasted off, Mug began moving towards the command center in an attempt to locate the women he would need to help him save Iyah. As he entered the command center he located Ashori, Yekaterina, and Jelena, amongst a crowd of Rebels who were going about the business of seeing to the pioneer city's defenses. He rushed towards them excitedly, feeling as if victory had already been one. He was quite naive. "Wonderful news. A Rebel Major has arrived with a plan to rescue Iyah from Delaya," he said to them, smiling from ear to ear. "She wants us to gather our gear and get ready to go!" he exclaimed, practically foaming at the mouth with excitement, as he began to look around at all of the military grade equipment that filled the room.

Now that the Rebels had acquired New Alderaan and begun to build it up, defenses were a hot topic in the command center. How were they going to keep this place safe if the Imperials came to destroy it? Ashori Monoceros stood, listening to someone rant and rave off-topic about the defenses of some other Rebel camp. She was bored out of her mind. Mug Zoran broke up the monotony that she had been faced with. His news was news to her as well. Internally, Ash felt overjoyed. It seemed that she would soon be on Delaya once more. She'd get another chance to reunite with Papius after pleasing him with information. Ash smiled brightly. "That's great news! What Major is it? Does she have a plan of attack?" She gave Mug a one-armed hug and pretended like she actually cared that Papius had Iyah Xergo. While she hadn't been able to be physically there for interrogations, he'd let her listen in several times to Iyah's whimpers. "Tell us more!"

Yekaterina Hanson was taking inventory of newly arrived explosives and grenades when Mug triumphantly burst upon the scene. It had been ages since she had seen him happy about anything, particularly since Callista had been shipped off. When she heard about the plan she was excited, and readied her A280 blaster rifle. "When do we have," she said, as she slapped a power cell into the rifle. Her eyes slowly moved towards Ashori, whom she did not totally believe when she gave her reasons for stabbing her. She would be sure to watch her very carefully during the mission to rescue Iyah from Delaya.

Lady Jelena Rodney was listening to advice on defending the settlement when he saw her uncle rush into the command center. She had done everything she could so far to help bring Iyah back, even jeopardizing the lives of her stepmother and uncle. When she heard Mug's news she knew there was no way she was staying on the sidelines for this one. "I'm going too," she declared, as she pushed her way into the group of women surrounding her uncle. "What did she say?" she asked, with keen interest, as she two joined the chorus of voices pressuring the poor man.

Mug felt surrounded, and suddenly there felt like there was much less oxygen in the room. "Okay. Okay. Give me some room," he said, as he reached out with his hands and moved them up and down slowly to calm them down. "It's Major Passik of Corsair Squadron. She thinks we can rescue Iyah while they attack the Imperial forces, perhaps even driving them off the planet," he explained, relaying her plan as best as he could with his limited military mind. "She asked me to gather you, so she must want us to leave soon," he explained, before his eyes slowly moved towards Jelena. "Niece, it will be too dangerous. We can't afford to lose you here. New Alderaan needs you," he explained, as he did his best to dissuade her from coming with them.

There was no love between Yekaterina and Ash. Ashori was aware of this, and thus remained on her best behavior when she was around. Releasing Mug, she thought it *too* ideal for Jelena Rodney to volunteer for such a dangerous mission. She certainly wouldn't mind handing the Rodney daughter back to her lover. "Really?!" She seemed to be very happy. This Major Passik had brought a blessing to her why wouldn't she be happy? It seemed that the Rebels were planning to attack from the sky. Ash began debating what weapons she would take and how soon she'd wait to contact Papius. "I'm so glad someone's finally come to help." She looked at Jelena, firmly agreeing with Mug. "He's right. The people are beginning to see you as a leader. You can't leave now. We'll go get Commander Xergo back. You can make sure she has a good place to come home to, okay?" She knew Jelena took responsibility for Iyah remaining in the Governor's hands. Regardless of what she said, she'd like nothing more than for Jelena to join them.

Jelena could argue with one of them, but not all of them, so she reluctantly gave way to their wishes. "Fine. I'll stay," she said, as she looked down at the ground in defeat. She reached out with her hand, letting it rest upon her uncle's shoulder. "Go and get her back," she said, in a very serious tone as she looked to her unlikely uncle. "May the force be with you," she said to the trio of ragtag Rebels who were preparing for their mission. She turned from the group, moving back to the briefing area to continue to busy herself with the work of building up New Alderaan and to keep her mind off the dangerous mission she wished so badly to be part of.

Yekaterina placed a hand on the small of Jelena's back, glad that she had made the right decision to stay behind. She would be a lot more effective attempting to rescue Iyah without having to worry about simultaneously protecting Jelena. Her eyes moved slowly towards Ashori, whom she did not completely trust. She would keep a keen eye on the 'Rebel' until it was time to leave on the mission. She remembered full well what happened the last time they went to Delaya with Ashori in tow. Mug was a good man, but naive and innocent ... where he trusted she would always be skeptical.

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