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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:4:2) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Medcenter).
Farrah Ette, Lord Gaius Rodney, and Commander Sierra Rodney.

Dark clouds hovered over the medcenter in a thick bundle. There, Claudius Rodney had yet to wake up from sustaining a head injury while roughhousing with his brother. For his wife, the hours that followed were torturous. Sierra hated feeling powerless, yet she was put in that place. She did not worry for Marcus nor did she make any attempts to contact the Governor to fix what had happened. The woman was totally focused on her husband. Protecting him was her top priority, as he lay unconscious in the medcenter where his father had been cruelly assassinated. Even now, Sierra was seated at his bedside in the room where he had been taken to after the OR. The rhythmic beeping of Claudius' heart beating on the various monitors hooked up to him had lulled her to sleep. Her body was slumped forward just slightly. She had tried so hard not to sleep...yet it happened regardless. That was her husband. He forced her to relax even in the worst of situations.

Skipping down the hallway, Farrah Rodney's curly hair bounced from side to side. "Lalalala..." She sung happily. The news of the wretched Duke's injury had reached her ears through her father. As soon as he told her, she knew it was his *time*. Claudius Rodney would die today. His wife would be stripped of her position without him. Farrah clung to the happy idea that her and her father would gain power in Delaya. She felt good. The medcenter was one of her happy places. She had revisited Julius' room on several occasions to relive her kill. Now she was going to get to do it all over again. In fact, that room was one of the ones she passed by on the way towards the new Duke's room. She paused outside the door. Well-educated as always, Farrah knew that Claudius had yet to wake. Everyone was on edge preparing for the day to shine on a new Duke. With Marcus imprisoned, Gaius was the only proper candidate.

She held a duffle bag in one hand. It contained clothing for Claudius' little slut. If she was there, Farrah had the perfect excuse for dropping in unexpectedly. She quietly entered the room. "Duchess Sierra..?" She called out. There was no response. She carelessly dropped the bag on the ground. Tiny steps led her over to the sleeping slut. With her in a seated, slumped position, Farrah was taller than her. She stared down at the woman. "Sleep tight. Your husband will be dead when you wake." Her cold voice whispered. Farrah rounded the bed. Just like with Julius, she came to stand over him. "Look at you, you dirty ol' perv. You're just like your Daddy. I wonder how many servant girls you've deflowered.." She shook her head. The girl was more confident this time. She risked waking Claudius when she stole the pillow out from beneath his head. "Say hello to the elder pervert for me, okay?" With her final words, Farrah pressed the pillow down onto his face. He was unconscious. He wasn't going to fight back. Time ticked away slowly. The beeping of the heart machine turned rapid and sporadic.

It was enough to wake Sierra from her slumber.

"Mmm...?!" Her blue eyes shot open. Before her, chaos was unfolding. A girl was holding a pillow to her lifeless husband's face. It awoke some biological Mama Lioness thing inside of Sierra's head. The woman *snapped*. "Get away from him!" She screamed, rising to her feet. She tore the pillow away from the girl's small hands and tossed it aside. Whatever part of her mind was still thinking properly realized that Claudius was still alive. A red shawl had fallen over her eyes. All she could feel was murderous intent for a girl who was responsible for hurting her family. Suddenly, both girls were running. Farrah darted out of the suite rapidly with Sierra following closely behind. "Help Claudius!" She screamed to a nurse as she tore off. She spotted cousin Gaius. "Capture the girl!" She demanded of him. "She attempted to kill Claudius!!" Sierra's pursuit wasn't about to end. She was moving fast.

Gaius was seated at the nurse's station watching Farrah's attempt to rid the planet of Claudius when Sierra's uncanny ability to awake at the worst possible moment foiled him ... *again*. He rose to his feet when he heard the commotion, looking towards the onrushing Sierra. "Duchess. See to your husband. I will see that the girl is apprehended," he told her, in an attempt to stop her, while also buying Farrah more time. He knew the young girl was much faster than the pregnant woman. "I will put the guard on alert and lockdown the medcenter," he informed her, instead of actually doing either of those things. In his mind he was counting down, before he finally moved to his comlink to sound the alarm. He hoped that Farrah either had enough time to exit the structure or take up proper hiding. "You must see to the Duke," he announced, before moving back to the nurses' station to sound the alarm of a medical emergency in the Duke's suite.

Gaius' words went in one ear and out the other. The Rodney family had been assaulted on *so* many occasions. Sierra was determined to solve the problem no matter what it required her to do. Her lack of trust in Gaius likely was the final push in her decision to ignore him. Who could she trust anymore out of her immediate family? "No! We have to catch her *now*!" Sierra stressed. She hoped Claudius would back her decision to pursue the girl instead of return to his side. This had to end *now*!

Farrah wasn't terribly worried about the situation she had been put in. Sierra may have seen her, but appearance could be easily manipulated. She was also much quicker than the girl. She navigated around the medcenter like she frequented it ... which, she did. She shot a taunting look over her shoulder, thus poking the bear who was following her. The little girl dove into a closing, crowd elevator. She let out a deep breath. It was over.

Or was it?!

As the doors began to close, Sierra reached through them and grabbed the girl by the hair (probably not her best moment as Duchess). "Open the door!" She yelled to the other occupants who had no idea what was going on. The metallic doors snapped closed on her forearm painfully. She was forced to released the girl, strands of her hair tangled around her fingers. Her forearm was black and purple. Still, she had more thunder in her. She could be seen darting into the stairwell. If someone didn't do something fast, Sierra was going to catch the girl.

As the Duchess reached the bottom of the stairwell Gaius and the members of the Alderaan Guard were there waiting. But they were not there to stop Farrah, they were there to stop Sierra. "Duchess you have injured yourself," he said, as he took hold of her to prevent her from going any further. "We must consider the health of your child," he warned her, as the members of the guard began to swarm her. It was a convenient excuse to buy Farrah the time that she needed. No one would question him for choosing to protect Claudius and Sierra's child ... not even the Duke.

Sierra's heart was pounding. Blood lust surged through her violently. If she truly caught hold of the girl then something bad would happen to her at the hands of the Duchess. The woman took the stairs two at a time until she reached their end. She was certain that she had been quickly enough to catch the girl. To her surprise, it was Gaius and the Alderaan Guard which awaited for *her* on the lower floor of the medcenter. Sierra breathed heavily from over exertion. There were tears crowding at the corners of her eyes. "No, I'm fine." She reassured her cousin while he took hold of her. The remaining members cut off her vision. In that instant, the girl successfully slipped through her fingers. Sierra couldn't get away from Gaius. Ultimately, he had the upper hand in physical strength. "But..." She reached out towards the elevator. "...She's going to get away. You *have* to apprehend her, Gaius!" He was *right*. If something happened and she lost Bruce...

It wasn't something she could even handle at the moment. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She still fought against Gaius. "She was in the elevator. She'll be down any second now. Please! *Please* don't let her get away."

Gaius looked around, but acted as if he did not know what Sierra was talking about. His computer worm had erased any trace of the young girl on the security cameras. "I am sorry, milady," he said, with a heavy sigh and a forced frown. Behind her he motioned for the medical droid, who came forward and injected Sierra with a sedative from behind. "The poor woman is obviously stressed due to the coronation, the injury to her husband, and the pregnancy. Runs in the family I hear," he mused to the other guards and doctors around, as the Duchess' sedated body was carried off. There would be no one to stop him next time.

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