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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:13) in the Brentaal system: Demon Cat and Nerf Herder.
El-Nay Darr, Petrus Flosgermen, Lord Marcus Rodney, Lady Zara Rodney, and Luna Ta'em.

Petrus Flosgermen sat in front of his holonet terminal with a broad smile as the illumination from the screen danced upon his wicked face. "Woo!" he screamed, as he powered down the table, slammed his hands upon the desk, and spun around to face Luna. "The Delayans paid. We're rich!" he said, as he rose from the chair, and moved swiftly towards the young woman, who was still recovering from injuries sustained during their intense lovemaking. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, lifted her in the air, and spun her around swiftly. "I love you!" he said, before showering with what felt like one kiss for each of the five million credits they had received. When the intensity of the situation subsided, and he placed his little minx back down on her feet in front of him, his eyes inevitably rolled to the caged Zara. "Your new family certainly loves you more than your old one, Milady," he said, condescendingly as he glared upon her. His blue eyes then slowly rotated to look Luna squarely in the face. "What do you want to do with her? Give her back? Kill her? She's yours," he said to her, before his lips passionately connected with hers. "Congratulate your sister," he said to Zara, without looking at her, as the kiss broke. "She's about to marry a millionaire," he said, laughing to himself, as he looked lovingly upon the beautiful young Luna, the only woman in the galaxy who had been able to match him.

Zara made for one fantastic caged pet, Luna thought. She had watched her sister become sicker and sicker while she abused her through the bars. It felt good to see Zara fall. The little sister who was responsible for the death of her family was finally receiving punishment. Petrus' scream was enough to confirm that their rouse had been a success. Robbing him had led into the greatest heist of her life. "We're rich!" She called out as he lifted her off of her feet. Luna was looking extra beaten. Her face was swollen in some areas. For her, it was all part of sexual pleasure...and tormenting her baby sister. "I love you so much!" She kissed him over and over again. They were *rich*! She looked forward to blowing through the money with Petrus. As he set her down, Luna laughed happily. "I'm so glad I met you. No one else would agree to kidnap my sister with me...and succeed. You're the only man for me." She paid no attention to her pathetic little sister. "Hmmm... Well, we could enslave her. My kitten is good at filming us, but maybe she'd be better. We can sell her playboy husband the children when they are born for additional profit. It's not like he can do *anything* to stop us." She prowled towards the cage. "I like the idea of having a little human pet. I think we should give her a new name. Any suggestions? Whore and traitor are the first that come to my mind."

Four days had passed since Zara was nabbed at her niece's funeral. Her life had been crammed into a tiny box, where she had to beg for Luna to let her out just to go to the bathroom. Even then, her sister enjoyed watching her squirm before releasing her. The sickness Zara had experienced days ago was nothing compared to where she was at now. She had become increasingly concerned about the twins while enduring such a stressful situation. She had waited patiently for Marcus...for the Nerf Herder...but no one had come to save her. She cried so many tears imagining herself being stuck here for the rest of her life. She knew Marcus loved her...right? Luna had been force feeding her negativity since the moment she unknowingly boarded. It was making the things she knew to be true blur next to her sister's lies. She tried to hold onto Marcus' sweet words and his smile, but it was growing more difficult every time her sister fucked on her cage. Zara was seated in a corner with her legs extended in front of her. As exhausted as she was, she continued to glare at her sister and Petrus. "No." She said simply. She needed to remain defiant. She would not stay in this cage forever. For the sake of her children and her husband, she needed to get out. She turned, grasping the bars of the cage like she intended to bend them with her own strength.

"Let's just call her Preggers," Petrus said, as he moved to scoop Luna up into his arms. He cradled her, like a child, as he carried her over towards the cage that contained their captive Zara. "I fear even with five million credits we won't be able to afford to feed her. Just look how big she's getting," he said, derisively, as he looked down upon her. "Are you sure it's just twins? Perhaps its triplets," he teased, before placing another kiss upon Luna. "When I fill you with my seed and our spawn grows inside you I trust you won't be nearly as large as your sister," he teased, rubbing his nose against hers affectionately. He was a complex man who bounced between genuine affection and horrible abuse during lovemaking, but he did love her. "What should we buy first with the money? An island?" he asked, as he wondered just how much an island cost. Perhaps it would have to be in the Outer Rim at these prices, he thought to himself, as visions of riches filled his head.

"Preggers. I like it. It's a little more classy than Cow." Her arms wrapped around his neck. At his words, she peered down at her sickly little sister. "Quadruplets, maybe. Poor child is going to have a full litter. What did that playboy do to you? Tsk, tsk. I hope you've learned not to put out on first date now." Her head turned towards her lover. She kissed him. Her hands grabbed at his armor like she was threatening to rip it from his skin. Petrus' talk of filling her with his seed was an instant turn on. She didn't like Zara's belly, but she was sure she'd like it when he gave her a baby. "No way. I'll stay so small that you can carry me until the day I have our baby." Yes, they really did love each other. Their complex relationship was so good because they were good for each other. "Oooh! I do like the sound of a private island! We can finally make a home base for ourselves. All my kittens can roam freely and we..." She leaned up so her teeth could scrape along his neck, "...We'll be able to do anything we want."

Suddenly and with no warning the hatch on the Demon Cat blew open and a flashbang grenade quickly exploded, filling the transport with blinding light and deafening sound. Down into the chaos dropped Marcus Rodney, dressed in his full armor as the Nerf Herder, his crimson cape fluttering behind him dramatically. His visor filtered through the light and he could see that Zara was still alive within the cage, which brought a smile to his worried face. It had taken him days to track the ship, but when he found out that he was dealing with the Demon, he reluctantly had to call in reinforcements. He would never forgive himself for the delay in rescuing his beloved wife. When he saw Petrus staggering he thought about shooting him with his blaster, but instead the anger and pride came over him, and he surged forward like a wild animal. He thrust his arms against the man, slamming him against the bulkhead behind him, while unleashing a roaring cry of battle. "You will pay for what you've done," he said, as he hoisted him up by his throat, and then quickly slammed him into the ground below.

Next into the chaos dropped the Mandalorian El-Nay Darr in her orange armor that was painted so obnoxiously bright that it rivaled the flashbang grenade. She lowered the targeting scanner from atop her helmet, down over her T-shaped visor, as she raised her blaster towards Luna. "Here kitty kitty," she taunted, before seeing Marcus go wild and attack the Demon with his bare hands. That was *not* the plan. Meh, she sighed under her helmet, before she holstered her weapon, and moved towards Luna. She grabbed her by her shoulders, and held her down, while bringing up the Mandalorian armor plate covering her knee up to the woman's already bruised face. "I'm glad I'm an only child!" she taunted, as she dropped the woman down to the ground.

"I don't like your attitude, sister." Luna growled. She withdrew from Petrus' arms only so she could reach through the bars and roughly slap her sister's cheek. "You will behave, Preggers!" Just as Luna crotched down to slap her again, the flashbang grenade went off. Her vision was gone. Her ears hurt. "Damn it!" What in the hell was happening?! She hadn't invited another man.. Had Petrus?!

For a small woman, Luna had power behind her hand. Zara spit blood and whimpered sadly. Her fight was nearly gone. Everything hurt so much. She began to cry. The explosion was the only event strong enough to bring her back to the moment. "Marcus!" She cried out loudly. She couldn't hear or see. At this point, less senses was a good thing. As soon as her vision returned, she saw him; the Nerf Herder. As tired as she was, just seeing him gave her hope that this whole ordeal was over. She was sobbing harder. All the worry came crashing down around her. One way or another, Luna had gotten into her head. The sight of the orange armor of El-Nay did not help things. She knew that Marcus and her had *something* before. She also knew that a shoulder to cry on often becomes ... well, a pussy to ride *in*. Zara's hormones were riding so high that she began to cry harder.

Luna could hear the scuffle between the man and Petrus. She had heard Zara out her husband as the man who had come to save her. Her vision had yet to fully control when a hideous, orange blob grabbed her and began to slam her knee into her face. All of her healing wounds burst open, staining the Mandalorian armor with crimson red. "You should be. Family is a bitch!" Luna screamed. She reached to something on her utility belt, slamming a tiny grenade against the back of the woman's armor. "Goodness! Your armor is hideous!" She pushed the woman away, darting towards the cage holding her sister. She quickly slid the swords from their sheathed on her back. She slid one into the top of the cage, letting it linger over Lady Zara. "Stop! Stop all of this or I'll kill her!"

Petrus was unprepared for an attack by the Nerf Herder and before he realized what was transpiring he had been thrown into the bulkhead and slammed to the ground. He wondered why the House of Rodney would pay him the five million *and* send the Nerf Herder to attack him when Zara let slip the unfortunate truth. So Lord Marcus Rodney, the drunk playboy, was actually the Nerf Herder. Having spent days with the man on Delaya he never would have suspected the man capable of anything. He could not even protect his livestock with a simple sea monster. As he watched Luna draw her swords on Zara, he spit blood up at the Nerf Herder's helmet and began to hysterically laugh. "Your move, Marcy Marc," he said, as he smiled up at him with blood stained teeth.

"Gaah!" El-Nay screamed, trying her best to reach behind her to grab the explosive that Luna had affixed to her armor. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck," she repeated, as she was pushed away, the explosive device detonating, engulfing her in flames, which singed her body where the Mandalorian armor plates did not cover. She was mercifully spared injury where the armor did cover her petite frame, but the damage was done, and she was dropped to the ground in agony. Her helmet lifted slightly as she looked towards Marcus and Zara in the cage. If only she had blasted Luna instead of trying to match Marcus' physical attack she might have prevented this, but as such she had become badly wounded, and her helmet soon face planted on the ground.

Marcus was just about to end Petrus' pathetic life when he heard the explosion go off that disabled El-Nay. His attention then shifted towards Luna on the cage and he reluctantly released his death grip on the Demon. "I want my wife," he told Luna angrily, as he began to transmit orders to his seeker droids that were encircling the vessel subtly. "My brother has paid you. Now give her to me and I will let you live," he said to Luna, as he mapped a course from the exterior of the ship towards the thief. "Do not worry, Zara. I am here. You'll be with me soon," he said, reassuringly, as he kept a watchful glance on her. He wondered how Luna could do this to her own sister, but that was not the question to ask at a time like this.

It had been such a pain for Petrus to carry Zara out of the castle. Luna was reluctant to give her sister over. She wanted to keep her. The woman had burnt the Mandalorian and taken her out of the attack. Marcus had stopped attacking her fiancé. He looked so sexy with a bloody, beaten face. She wondered how she could quickly wrap this up so that she and Petrus could fuck. They had a private island to pick out and a wedding to play. They were *very* busy people. She stared at the Nerf Herder. His words were like a good joke. She laughed at him, "Oooh, you'll let *us* live? No offense, but I'm about to cut the heart out of your wife. I think it's safe to say that Petrus and I have won. Now shoo. Leave us. I've decided to keep this *cow* as my slave. I will contact the Rodney family when the children are born. You may have them, but, you know, they might not be alive..." She was beaming.

But Zara was not. She had watched El-Nay endure a massive amount of damage. She helplessly had become a plot against Marcus. She sat beneath the point of a vibrorapier, wondering how this all could have happened. It was *her* fault. She had brought these monsters into her home. She invited them to eat with her and sleep (or fuck) under her own roof. She wanted to be with Marcus. She was scared that something was wrong with the children, who had become suddenly lethargic. Luna's words made her feel insane ... and then there was hope! She spotted El-Nay's blaster, which was close enough to her cage that she was sure she could reach it. In a very stupid, highly risky move, Zara grabbed the blaster. She shot it upward at her sister. Her free hand was forced to touch with the sword as Luna was hit and dropped it. She guided the blade towards the ground. It was just the action that Marcus needed to gain the upperhand. Zara's palm was bleeding.

"That's the girl I married!" Marcus shouted victoriously as he watched his wife gain the upper hand on her sister. Despite the fact that El-Nay had been burnt to a cinder, he was more concerned with the cut on his wife's hand. He took his armored fist and drove it down into Petrus' face, breaking his nose and causing a splatter of blood to raise up and cover him. "Is this what you do to Luna?" he asked, as he grabbed him by the throat and slammed him up and down against the durasteel hull of the ship. "I have no tolerance for men who lay hands on women," he said, as he reached out with his hands, grabbed him by his chest armor, and flung him across the room. Satisfied that he had dealt the man a critical blow, he rushed to the cage that contained Zara. "Stand back," he said, as he unholstered his Model 434 blaster pistol and shot the lock. When the cage was opened he carefully helped his Zara out. "My dear you are *never* going to the bathroom alone for the rest of your life," he said, as he pulled his helmet from his head and gave her a powerful kiss. "I love you," he told her, the instant the kiss broke, as he held her against his armored body. Reunited and it feels so good.

Zara wasn't as weak as her sister might have liked. Luna had no idea that Zara had her own split life. The twins hadn't been a productive of a one night stand, but of a thief stealing from a noble. There was nothing more she could do to help Marcus. She dropped the blaster in her lap. She found joy in watching her husband break Petrus' nose. Her sister had passed out and was laying on the ground beside her cage. Zara intended to fill him on how strong they were about Petrus and Luna. For whatever reason, it seemed to bring Luna sexual pleasure to be hurt so badly. The lock to the cage broke and Zara was free. She clung to Marcus as she stepped out. She didn't even feel like she could stand without him. Her sister had been nothing but cruel to her for four days, that included seriously limiting what she was eating. If Marcus hadn't come when he did, she wondered if Luna would have allowed her to starve to death slowly in her cage. She couldn't seem to stop crying. In all of her hardships, Marcus was *still* able to make her laugh. "I-I'm holding you to that." They shared a wonderful kiss that restored her sanity in so many ways. How could she think that Marcus would touch El-Nay? He had only used her to aid in her rescue. "I love you!" She sobbed into his armor. "We gotta get out of here," she insisted. "To the medical center." They could not leave El-Nay either. She needed help. Zara's tears became sad and upset. "I-I'm scared, Marcus.. She was so cruel to me, to *us*." She needed the peace of mind of knowing everything was okay. Reunited with their father, even the twins didn't react.

"What do you want to do with these two? They don't seem the kind of people we should leave alive to haunt us," Marcus grimly informed Zara, as he brought a hand up to brush against her face, inadvertently painting her with Petrus' blood. "I know she's your sister, but..." he said, his brown eyes rolling down to look at the unconscious woman at their feet. "You don't have to be scared anymore, Zara," he said, as he held her tight against him, not letting go, not even to check on El-Nay. "You don't have to tell me now," he said, as he raised her chin to bring her head up. "You know, my brother brought a psychologist with him of all things. Can you believe that? Maybe she can help..." he suggested to her, before he dropped down to his knees to check on El-Nay. "Still alive," he said, as he placed his hand upon her neck to feel her pulse through her carotid artery. He grabbed hold of the battered and broken El-Nay, hoisting her onto his shoulder and letting out a tremendous groan of pain as his the muscle in his lower back popped again. "Mandalorian iron weighs even more than a woman pregnant with twins," he observed, although he did not immediately realize he said it out loud. "Sorry," he said with a wink, as he moved back towards Zara, placed an arm around her, and began to move from the ship.

"Leave them. I want *nothing* to do with them. They don't even deserve for us to end their sad lives." She was very displeased with her sister. Ultimately, she didn't want to have Luna's blood on her hands. The beating at the hands of the Nerf Herder, El-Nay, and Zara should be enough to keep them away. She didn't know if the psychologist could help her. Her head hurt so much. The worst part was not understanding *why*. There was no way to put logic to what Luna had done. Was it really just about the money? She waited for Marcus to collect El-Nay, though his comment didn't offend her. She was aware of her weight ... and she'd honestly heard worse just today. She looked back behind her shoulder at Luna only once. The woman had nearly killed her and taken her children from her. Zara's heart would not forget.

Inside of the Nerf Herder, Zara fell into a seat. Her hands rested on her stomach where she tried to get the twins moving. Their mother had been under an immense amount of stress. It was like her body couldn't handle it anymore. "Ohno..." She leaned over, suddenly vomiting on the floor of the ship. "I'm sorrryyyy..." She apologized mid-heave. There was blood combine with vomit on the ground. It was all the more reason to vomit more. It didn't matter how it looked: Luna had won. Luna had the money. Luna had seriously hurt her. Luna had done this.

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