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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:3:9) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Medcenter and Marcus Rodney's chalet) and Nerf Herder.
Ewwiekewwieikkie, Callista Nilar, Lady Drusilla Rodney, Lord Marcus Rodney, Lady Zara Rodney, Commander Iyah Xergo, and Mug Zoran.

"Vrrroooom!! Vrrrom!! Open wide, Ewwie!" Callista giggled. A spoonful of chocolate custard flew through the sky, navigated by the little girl's hand. In the medcenter's cafeteria, one of the tables had been converted into a makeshift fort. It looked like Ewwie and Callista had take table cloths from several tables in order to make it work out. The two girls sat below the table. They were camped out around roughly a hundred dishes of sweets. Some were half-eaten while others were untouched. Callista's mouth was stained with chocolate and blue with Ewwie's fur from kissing (or licking) her best friend on the cheek. Her once tight, brown curls were now loose and messy. The state of her dress was a level five disaster. No stain treatment was going to fix it.

"Dwusilla!!" Callista squeaked suddenly. The little girl dropped her spoon, staining the front of her dress for the millionth time. She poked her head out from beneath the table cloth. "I gotta go potty!!!! I gotta go so bad!" The little girl quickly withdrew from underneath the table. She stood before her number two best friend. She began doing a potty dance. "I gotta go! I gotta go *now*, Dwusilla!!!"

Ewwiekewwieikkie was oblivious to the fact that her adopted father's grandfather was nearing the end. She was simply glad to be around her sisters ... *eating*. "That's good!" she said excitedly, receiving the chocolate custard from her 'cousin'. She was so happy that she barely noticed that her sister was having an awful time. "Aww. You mad, sis? Who you so mad?" she asked, as she stood up on her chair and began jumping up and down. "Cheer up! Cheer up!" she demanded, as if she could somehow dance her way into making her sister happy. She looked down from her chair beneath the table noticing she was needing to use the refresher. "Oh no! She's gonna blow!" she said, jumping down from her chair and taking Callista by the hand. She began roughly dragging her towards the refresher, but she did not know where she was going, and seemed to be going the wrong way. "Where pee? Where pee? Where pee?" she shouted, all the while dragging the little Callista around like a ragdoll.

Drusilla, having been stripped of her precious yacht after only one voyage, was in a terribly bad mood. She was sitting there, in silence, with her arms in front of her chest. She was not speaking, nor eating, and was instead waiting for her chance to see her grandfather. She would take her argument directly to him. The weak old man would surely buy his favorite grandchild a yacht. Wouldn't he? When Callista needed to use the bathroom she was content to let Ewwiekewwieikkie handle it, but when she saw the poor girl being led everywhere *but* the refresher even her heart empathized with the girl and she moved to intercede. "It's this way," she said, raising her nose at the imbecile, before walking gracefully down the corridor towards the refresher, leading a parade of children behind her like a piper. "There it is!" she said, stomping her foot in annoyance, as she pointed towards the bathroom. Down the corridor she saw her uncle Marcus and aunt Zara ... maybe one of them would buy her a yacht. "Uncle, auntie," she called out, putting on her best 'I want a present' smile.

Callista had no idea why Drusilla was in such a weird mood. After the fourth pudding cup she had placed before her, she realized that even chocolate wasn't going to make things better. "I'm gonna blooowwww!!!" Callista warned. She was suddenly taken off down a corridor by her best friend in the whole wide world. "Weeeeee...!!!" As fun as it was to be tossed about aimlessly, the little girl *really* needed to go potty. Auntie Sierra had said to ask Drusilla for any help she needed. "Ewwwieeee! I gotta peeee!" She whimpered. All hope was lost until Drusilla saved them. "There, there!" Callista pointed out once she had first. "Hurrryyyy!!! I gotta go!!" She probably should have warned her friends when she first started needing to go. She was having soooo much fun! The sleep overs with Ewwie were amazing. She loved staying with her Auntie and Uncle. She still missed her parents. The vague answers as to where they were weren't reassuring. As Ewwie and Callista disappeared into the bathroom, Zara made her own appearance.

She was waddling hand in hand with Marcus. The urge to go home was so great that she thought about telling the Rebels they couldn't successfully get Callista back and to leave them be. Her goals had been accomplished: Claudius and Marcus' relationship had recovered. "Can we stop at Auntie Mae's before we go home?" She asked, choosing to ignore her obligations until she saw the Bastard's child being drug around by Ewwiekewwieikkie like a doll. She spotted Drusilla too. She was oblivious about the whole yacht fiasco. With twins on the way, they were the wrong tree to bark up. Zara made an audible sigh. Okay. They had to follow through. Zara had given her word. "Hi Drusilla. Where have you girls been hiding out?" She smiled warmly as she moved to greet her niece. "We just finished seeing your grandfather. I'm sure he'll be ready to see you soon." Little did she know, Sierra was currently making the man's heart explode. Last she saw, her sister had been getting frisked worse than at airport security.

While Marcus acted the part of a caring aunt he began mentally plotting the fastest course towards the Nerf Herder. He could have simply grabbed her and carried her off telling her it was a game, but there were others watching and he wanted to maintain a relationship with his family after this. "Hello, Drusilla. You should see your grandfather," he instructed her with a gentle nod of his head. "Are Callista and Ewwiekewwieikkie here too?" he asked, trying not to make it obvious that he had watched them go into the refresher. He did not spend much time with his youngest niece, but her reputation as a spoiled brat preceded her. On a superficial level most in the family viewed them as one in the same. "Maybe you should check on them?" he asked to Zara, as he nodded towards the refresher.

"I have to see grandpapa," Drusilla replied, pursing her lips with a pout. "I bought a yacht ... a simple one really ... but papa's new wife forced him to make me take it back," she said, rolling her eyes dramatically, as if her life had just ended. "I think grandpapa, being near death, will buy me one since he cannot take his credits with him," she said, with a half smile, as she considered her best course to return to yacht life. "Do you guys have one? All the best people have one, you know," she said, before inhaling softly through the nose and raising her head. "Yes. Callista and Ewwiekewwieikkie are in there. They were a mess *before* they went in. I can't imagine what they'll look like when they get out," she scoffed, before examining her manicure. It was time for a new one she thought, before tossing back her brown hair. She was in her own little world where she was Empress of the galaxy.

Drusilla encompassed everything that Zara hoped Sia would never be. The girl was ridiculously spoiled. Marcus was nice enough to give her an out as soon as her niece clarified that the girls were, indeed, in the bathroom. She smiled at Marcus, "No, we don't have one.." It was her turn to abandon him. "Wish me luck," she said, heading into the refresher. As she opened the door, squeals and giggles could be heard. Suddenly being in Marcus' shoes looked much better. They had no need for a yacht. The chalet was the perfect home. She would never want to leave it for an extended period of time. "Ewwiekewwieikkie? Callista?" She called out, heading past a little resting area and into the actual bathroom. Thankfully, neither girl were in stalls. Instead, they were standing in front of the sinks having a little water battle. They were both dirty and wet. "Hi girls. You beat me to the pudding downstairs, I see."

Callista giggled, batting water towards Ewwie's face. "Ohai Auntie Zara!" She sounded star struck. The sight of Zara alone was enough for her to turn off the water and dart over to her. She wrapped her arms around the pregnant woman as much as she could. "Auntie, you're getting so *big*!" She rested her chin on Zara's stomach. "Your tummy is huge!" Ah, the honesty of children. Callista released her aunt. "Will you play with us, pwweeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeee!? Dwusilla has been no fun today. She's acting weird! Like this!" The little girl shoved her hair behind her shoulders, crossed her arms over her chest, and stamped her little foot.

Zara laughed. "It's only going to get bigger too." She had not told Callista that she was carrying children inside of her. It seemed like something that would have scary follow-up questions. Things that her parents should answer. "Okay! Let's play hide and seek. Ewwiekewwieikkie, you're it!" She said, tagging the Squib. "Come and hide with me!" She grabbed Callista's hand and darted out of the bathroom quickly. The little girl giggled so hard that she snorted while they moved down the hall. It was time to leave.

"Awwie Aww Aww!" Ewwiekewwieikkie groaned when being declared it. She shook violently, stomping her feet endlessly, before heading into one of the stalls to count while the others hid. She stuck her in face in the toilet bowl and began to count. "One. Three. Seven," she said, before wondering how long she was supposed to count for. "Uh. Two. Nine. Five!" she said, calling out, wondering if enough time had gone by yet. "One. Wait. I said one," she said, thinking to herself, before pulling her head out of the bowl and deciding it was time to look. "I'm gonna find you!" she said, but when she emerged from the stall everyone was gone. She began to sniffle as tears began to well up in her large yellow eyes. In a protest she sat down on the floor and began to cry, obnoxiously loud. Everyone had left her. She had forgotten about the game.

Drusilla was waiting outside of the stall when Zara and Callista emerged. "Uh. Two went in. Only one came out?" she asked of her aunt, before looking up to her uncle. "Uncle I have a question," she began, as she walked with the group unwittingly. "As second in line to the throne how much of the treasury did you have access to? Like half right?" she asked, as she began to do calculus in her head. She was so fixated with her own selfish interests that she did not realize they were leaving the area of her grandfather's medical suite and instead towards the rooftop landing platform.

Marcus was wondering how they were going to shake Drusilla loose, but he was glad that Zara had been able to use her celebrity status to get Callista without a protest. "No. Not half, but enough," he said, rolling his eyes at his niece's single mindedness. "Do not worry, Dru. You will be well taken care of. Provided you don't spend it all *now*," he informed her, before leading the group up towards the landing platform. He very well could not abduct his niece, but he would need to think of *something* to rid themselves of her. Fortunately she was very easy to bribe. As they reached the exit to the roof he stopped, and turned, arching his eyes and looking towards Zara. They had almost done it. *Almost*.

As Zara exited the bathroom, she could hear the distinct splash from Ewwiekewwieikkie's head smashing into the toliet water. When she began counting, Zara thought they were home free. She didn't realize that distress they had caused the poor Squib until they were nearly gone. The sobs reverberated down the halls. The pregnant woman opted to call it not her problem. There was enough to worry about with Callista racing with her hand in Zara's. One problem persisted: Drusilla. She followed them around insistently while inquiring about their finances. She thought that Drusilla would leave once they moved by the area where her father's suite was...wrong! Zara's tired eyes flickered to Marcus. What a mess she had placed them in!

Before reaching the landing bay, the party stopped. Zara sighed, "We're going home now, Drusilla." There were so many ways to bribe her...but which to use? The most valuable possession Zara had on her body was her wedding ring. That would have to be pried from her cold, dead hands. So, she decided to go the direct route. "We're taking Callista back to where she belongs. Please, don't tell your father." Maybe begging would work instead of bribing?

"Hmm," was Drusilla's singular response to Zara's statement. "Well..." she said, as she moved her tongue around her mouth, causing her cheeks to noticably bulge. "Well since papa and Sierra made me give up my yacht I won't say anything," she said, as she considered her options carefully. Perhaps there was more to be gained than simply spiting her father and mother-in-law. "But you owe me!" she said, looking more to her uncle than Zara. She decided that a debt was more valuable to her than any trinket at the moment, and she covered her eyes playfully as the trio made their escape. Beneath her hands a grin took hold of her lips as she was pleased her father would suffer a defeat.

Marcus looked to Zara, slightly worried when she did not offer to buy his niece's silence. But when he realized the yacht incident, as it had come to be known, placed Drusilla in their camp there was some relief in him. He realized that he owed her, which perhaps might cost him more than a yacht one day, as she now possessed enough information to destroy the family *again*. "Alright, Dru," he said, cautiously, as he led Zara and the oblivious Callista out onto the roof where the Nerf Herder was waiting. "We're going for a ride!" he said, as he bent down to Callista's level with a big, broad smile on his face. He then helped the *very* pregnant Zara onto the ship along with Callista before moving towards the cockpit. He was glad to be returning the innocent child back to the bastard and his fiance, but he hoped it would not come back to bite him in the ass. His hands moved over the controls of the ship blasting them off the roof and sending them back towards the chalet where Mug and Iyah would be waiting.

Something told Zara that she should have put a price tag on Drusilla's silence. Owing her would hang over their head until the pay back day came. She left the medcenter feeling uneasy. Were they really going to get away from this? If Claudius discovered the truth, then owing Drusilla would seem like nothing. She hated the thought of ripping the family into pieces again. She wanted things to be *good*. And so, with a happy Callista in hand, they all left. Zara helped strap the little, wiggly girl into a seat. She didn't mention that the girl would soon be reunited with her parents. Instead, she sat down and took a breather. She prayed that Drusilla kept her word.

She wished she could say the flight as a quiet one. Callista ensured it wasn't. All the way back to the chalet, she asked Zara endless questions which the pregnant woman answered. Callista was such a sweet girl. By the end of it, Zara felt like she had talked more in twenty minutes than she had all year. The sight of the chalet was relieving. This was almost done. When it was, Zara would not allow anyone to play her hormones again. She was going to be mean. No visitors. No helping people. *Nothing*! She imagined sharing a hot chocolate with Marcus when they returned to their solo life. "Looks like they didn't leave," Zara said, noting Iyah's ship. Can you send a message to them and let them know they can come and get her?" Zara wrestled herself out of her seat. Callista was second. "This is funnnn!!!" She squeaked. "Thank you for playing with me, Auntie!"

When Mug received the message that they had returned with Callista he was quick to move towards Iyah, grabbing her, and lifting her up in the air in triumph. "She's back!" he said to her, moving his face towards her quickly to kiss her endlessly. When the moment came over him he moved quickly towards the door, without getting his jacket, as he burst recklessly towards where the ship would be landing. He looked up at the bright lips of the ship, his heart beating rapidly, and an excited look plastered upon his face as he excitedly looked towards the arriving ship. Once he got her back he would never let her out of his sight again. He would give a new meaning to the word overprotective. Because of his failure to protect her on Esseles every boy that attempted to date her later in life would pay a tremendous price.

"You alright back there?" Marcus asked, as he heard all of the playing going on. The sound of Zara playing with children brought a smile to his face. He dreamed of the day when Darrus and Sia would be with them, playing aboard the ship, and causing them all to laugh and smile. "Looks like your daddy is excited to see you," he said, as he noticed the bastard out at the landing sight without even a coat on to keep warm. He lowered the ship quickly, touching down in a hurry to reunite the family as quickly as possible. As he rose from his seat he turned to Zara, unaware that he was crying. "We did a *good* thing," he said to her, as his teary eyed looked down to the precious little girl.

Iyah Xergo had just received the best news of her life. Mug said all he needed to say: she's back. With that, her heart jumped as she was lifted off of the ground. "Callista!" She was already crying. Absence really did make the heart grown fonder. Her heart hurt for her daughter. She had no idea how she could ever properly thank Zara and Marcus Rodney for doing this for them. Like Mug, her brain had checked out. Emotionally powered, Iyah ran out into the cold with him. She aimlessly stared at the ship while awaiting its landing. Happiness warmed every portion of her soul. Her baby girl was just minutes away from being in her arms. She couldn't wait...and she didn't have to wait. No sooner had they arrived did the hatch to the Nerf Herder open. Callista came running out quickly. She was so messy. She was so beautiful. Iyah loved her so much. She didn't wait for Callista to reach her and Mug. Instead, the dark haired woman took off.

Halfway up the ramp, Iyah met with her daughter. Together, both her and Mug embraced the tiny little girl. "Mama! Daddy!" She could hear Callista repeating. "I missed you so much!!!" In the mind of the child, Callista assumed that important business had called her parents away. Now that the business was over, they had returned. She squeezed them with her small arms.

Zara was still standing in the Nerf Herder when the family reunited. Like Marcus, she found that she was crying. Rebel or Imperial, Callista was back with her family. The two idiots on their ramp were perfect for her. She wiped the tears from her face. Marcus was crying too. The moment was touching all around. Her heart felt full of love. Instead of exiting the ship, she turned towards her husband and hugged him tightly. "We did, we really did."

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