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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:23) in the Essesia system: Esseles (Larius Lacus: Sierra Rodney's lakehouse) and Retributor.
Commander Allegra Ames, Doctor Alessandra Bailo, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Major Sierra Rodney, Doctor Pilaq Tohan, and Inquisitor Jessa Thrope.

What had been a wonderful night was surely made to lead into a wonderful day. Major Sierra Rodney was a *very* happy woman. Without an Imperial meeting and children prodding her to get out of bed ... there was no real reason to get moving fast. In fact, she had yet to get out of bed. She laid on her side laughing. "Okay, okay, okay..." Sierra grinned. They'd spent the morning talking and fooling around with each other. Their games were not over yet. "What would you rather do; wear Imperials boots for the rest of your life or wash Ewwiekewwieikkie with *no* food involved?" The fact that their comlinks had ever been insistently beeping was far, far in the back of her mind. Instead, Sierra was well rested and in a better mood than she had been all week. It seemed, at last, that Claudius' positive attitude had bled into her. She felt like things were only going to get better. Sadly, she was *wrong*.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney had passed the night smoothly. When his eyes open he began to stretch, limbering his tired old joints. "Oh it's too early to discuss ISB torture techniques, but I believe I'd rather wear the boots," he said, as he rolled over onto his side and unleashed a powerful groan as he gave himself a god morning stretch. "Speaking of food ... anything that passes for breakfast around here?" he asked, as he slowly began to sit up in the bed. "This lake air is very invigorating," he told her, as he moved to wrap his arms around her. He hovered his face over hers before placing a kiss upon it. "Good morning. I love you," he told her, per his morning ritual, as he smiled down upon her. He had awoken in an incredibly positive mood.

Lieutenant Commander Allegra Ames had traveled down to the surface of Esseles after hours of attempting to reach both the Grand Moff and his adjutant had failed. There was always the concern that they had become victims of a Rebel attack and therefore on this day she was traveling in the company of a squad of Stormtroopers. After contacting Ensign Sheppard at the estate, who was too busy begging for a rescue to provide any useful information, she honed in on their comm frequencies to discover the location of the lakehouse. As Stormtroopers moved into position in case it was a hostage situation, she gingerly walked up to the door of the lakehouse and began to knock. If the Governor and his wife were indeed inside they were *not* going to like what she was about to inform them.

Sierra laughed harder. "The boots *are* and ISB torture technique. That's the secret." She watched him stretch, quietly admiring how handsome her husband was. "I'm five months pregnant, Claudius. There's food everywhere I go." She cupped his face while they shared a lovely morning kiss. He'd made the morning one of her favorite times of the day. "Good morning. I love you. Did you sleep well?" Her hands ran down his shoulders slowly. She wondered how much longer they had before they needed to be up, dressed, and out of the lakehouse... Sierra, ever the instigator, moved back in for a second kiss. This one was longer than the last and much more lusty. Apparently, for her, all it took was feeling good. She didn't hear the knock at the door. Instead, she paid attention to entering her own little world where only she and Claudius existed; a place with no war.

When there was no response at the door Allegra feared the worst and stepped aside to allow the Stormtroopers to do their thing. A moment later the door was literally blown off its hinges and throw a cloud of smoke a trio of Stormtroopers moved into the lakehouse with their E-11s drawn and at the ready. Behind them she moved, short enough that they made for excellent human shields. "Governor? Governor Rodney?" she called out as the Stormtroopers began to search the house for them. It did not take long before they found the couple in bed, which caused the lead trooper to give the stand down order. For her part Allegra's cheeks flushed red, and she instantly dropped to one knee in obedience before the couple. "I apologize, milord, but you did not respond to your comm and there has been a development," she began, without lifting her head, as she waited for permission to proceed.

Sierra was settling into her early morning appointment when the door to her lakehouse was blown off. She did not suspect that it was Imperials, for the Chiss Lieutenant surely would have knocked. There was a moment of chaos where Sierra struggled to reach the blaster pistol she had hidden away in the drawers beside the bed. She paused mid-reach, having heard 'Governor Rodney' called out. "Ohno." While she and Claudius had never had a scandal to the degree that Marcus had, there were a couple of individuals who had walked in on them ... and Allegra Ames joined the club that day, along with the Stormtroopers she'd brought. Sierra's face was bright red. To make matters worse, Allegra didn't leave. A development? Her embarrassment shrunk. She hoped it was a good development. Sierra remained quiet with her arms around Claudius. She was bracing for anything.

Claudius feared an attack when he heard the door explode and he quickly moved to cover his wife both for her safety and for her modesty. But almost instantly he spied the arrival of Imperial Stormtroopers, which led him to believe it was not an attack, but perhaps a coup. Until he saw the sniveling presence of Commander Ames he did not relent in his guard position, but at her arrival his fear turned to anger. "Well ... get on with it!" he ordered, as he sat up in the bed and glared down at the young officer, who only had achieved her position due to her father, a former Senator, and his influence.

Allegra tensed slightly, fearing the Governor might attack her for her interruption, but she felt she had no choice but to arrive as she did. "N-n-news from Ch-ch-chandrila, mi-mi-milord," she began, barely able to speak, as her eyes darted around the floor anxiously. It was only then that she realized she had kneeled down directly on Sierra's panties. She swallowed nervously, her skin flushing as red as her blood. "The Rebellion launched a starfighter attack. One of our light squadrons has b-b-been taken out of ac-action. M-m-many ships have been ... have been lost," she said, before lowering her head in submission and fear of reprisal. All too often those in authority within the Empire had a policy of kill the messenger of which she was keenly aware.

Clutching the blankets, Sierra slowly sat up as to not reveal herself in front of their audience. Claudius silently influenced her until she, too, felt angry. She was angry enough that she didn't feel embarrassed that her clothing was spread about the bedroom from her and her husband's intimate moments. She stared at the woman, listening to the news she struggled to deliver. The Rebels had indeed come to Chandrila *and* they had made some damage. There was no doubt in Sierra's mind that the Rebels were coming back. They were probably living off the confidence that they had destroyed *something*. This news was not good by any means, however, it confirmed that the trap, if set perfectly, would succeed. Now it made sense why both of their comlinks had been going off the previous night. Sierra said nothing to Allegra, but she grabbed her primary datapad from her nightstand and began clicking away to see a full report of the damage instead of listening to Allegra stutter.

Claudius listened to Allegra's blubbering report, but he did not have the angry or volatile reaction that she expected and feared. He sat there motionless for several moments, his facial expression not changing, nor did he utter a word. "Excuse me," he said to them both, as he slid his legs off the side of the bed, before rising to his feet. He calmly walked towards the refresher, closing the door behind him. Then, when he was alone, he let out a powerful scream that the door barely muffled. He leaned forward, placing his hands upon the sink to keep himself upright, while staring at his tarnished reflection in the mirror. He was breathing heavily as he glared at himself, contemplating his next move very carefully.

Her eyes followed Claudius to the refresher. Her heart ached for him, for the Rebels were making damn sure that his positive attitude didn't last. She could hear him scream through the door. Sierra looked at Allegra. "Leave us," she commanded as she stood. "...Please." She approached the refresher door but did not enter until everyone else had left. Slowly, Sierra entered the refresher. Her hands touched with his back to offer her first line of support. "She delivered a lot of bad news," Sierra said softly, "But she confirmed one thing you can take full advantage of. Your efforts on Chandrila are working. The Rebels *will* come. You have everything you need at your disposal. We have infinitely greater numbers than they do. *You* know how to utilize them." Sierra grasped the hanger on the door. Hanging on it was none other than his tunic. She came out from behind him, holding it in front of her. "Let us return to the Retributor and put those Rebels in their place."

Claudius listened as his wife tried to put a positive spin on what he considered to be a naval disaster. It was her purpose, both as his wife and his aide. He turned to her slowly, only once he was convinced the furious look had been removed from his face. "Thank you," he said to her, softly, as he reached out and took his tunic from her to begin the process of getting dressed. "As you command," he said, with a wink, as he tried to remain positive despite the momentary setback. He dressed himself quicker than normal as he *needed* to get back to his command ship to discover more about what happened.

Sierra did her best to prop him back up. Claudius needed every bit of positivity for what was soon to occur on Chandrila. She offered him a little smile. "I'm here for you. So put me to work, Governor." With that, Sierra left him to dress herself.

Inquisitor Thrope had some time to do research on the man she'd be 'motivating'. She was unimpressed with Governor Rodney's life. However, his life possessed many ways in which to hurt him. He had a Rebel daughter and two more daughters at home. His wife was pregnant. Even if his military life didn't matter to him, she would hit him in his personal life. Jessa had commanded Prav to stay on her ship within one of the docking bays of the Retributor. She had plans for the day, all of which involved breathing down the poor man's neck.

She was seated at the large chair behind Governor Rodney's desk. Her feet were propped up on his desk and her ankles were crossed. There were broken datapads beneath her feet while others had skidded off the desk onto the floor. She had spent some time getting acquainted with his personal touches on his desk, especially the picture of his traitorous daughter. She was going to make this man's life hell. "Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Where is he!?" Jessa yelled impatiently, slamming her fist into the desk. She had thought herself more likely to find the man on his ship than in his home. Her impatience would only hurt Governor Rodney more.

Upon arriving back aboard the Retributor, Claudius tasked his wife finding Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca to determine what went wrong on Chandrila. Meanwhile, he was quick to move towards the turbolift that would take him towards the privacy of his office. The officers he passed look grim as news of the Rebel 'victory' had spread through the every corridor of the vessel and had a detrimental effect on morale. As he approached his office he had no idea what was waiting for him on the other side of the door. He did not even think to look at his desk, for why would he ever expect for someone to be sitting there? Instead, he moved towards his display where he began to bring up a real time display of the Imperial forces in the Chandrila system. He stood there, silently studying them, before finally moving towards the desk. It was only then that he saw her. "Who are you?! How did you get in here?!" he demanded, as he reached for his comlink to alert security. "Get out of my seat. In fact, get out of my office," he informed her, as he brought his hand up to point his index finger at her. This unwanted intruder would face the brunt of his wrath for the setbacks at Chandrila.

Jessa was quiet. She studied the man, who completely ignored her existence to review his most recent loss. It would be much too easy to boss him around. She took in a deep breath. Yes, she'd see to his success and bring the Emperor his child. Governor Rodney's triumphs would be her triumphs. Her eyes narrowed. She watched him reach for his comlink for a split second before allowing it to become clear who *she* was. She reached out a gloved hand, manipulating his body with the force to stop all of his movements. "Now, now. His Majesty has sent you a gift. Don't you think you should receive it with open arms? Of course, I *could* return to Coruscant and tell him you sent me away... I wonder what His Majesty would have to say about that." Jessa dropped her paw, releasing her grip on him. "Want to try again, Governor Rodney?"

As Claudius fell victim to her telekinetic abilities he became all the more enraged. He had been sent *another* Inquisitor to meddle in his affairs and complicate his life. When he was released he still did not move, breathing in a heavy path as he attempted to steady himself and choose his next words carefully. His hand moved to place his comlink away, while continuing to study the Lepi seated at his desk. "No. No I won't send you away, I simply want you out of my chair," he informed her, as he raised his nose in an arrogant manner common to Imperial officers and nobility. If the Emperor had indeed sent her, and he had no cause to refute her claim, he needed to attempt to collaborate with her. After all, he had worked with Inquisitor Thanor, and that had gotten off to an equally rocky start. He grit his teeth, as he turned to the walk with the viewport. He kept his back to her as he studied the movement of space traffic to and from the planet, which was one of his relaxation techniques.

She didn't budge. Jessa needed to set the rules right from the very beginning to avoid a power struggle further down the line. He wasn't like Pav, who had come to her broken already. All she needed to do was place a bomb in his chest and detonate it until he was the loyal manservant that he had become. She let him attempt to calm himself. "It isn't your chair anymore. It's mine. In fact, *everything* you have is mine now." Slowly, the Lepi rose. She was easily a foot and a half shorter than him, yet she walked with the confidence of a giant. She came to stand beside him, staring out the viewport. "If I don't see better performances than what happened last night, I'm going to start taking things from you. Your failures are *my* failures. I don't like letting His Majesty down."

Claudius had rid himself of Arden Zevrin only to find a new, more mischievous Inquisitor in his midst. Even the majestic view out of his viewport was not enough to calm him after her latest statements. "Listen, *girl*, I was commanding ships in battle before you were even born," he snapped back at her, as he lost his composure and his temper with it. "It is not for you to judge me," he said, as he moved past her, back towards his desk while his chair was unoccupied. "I will not fail!" he shouted at her, as he took the palm of his hand and slammed it down upon his desk. "Now is there anything you can do, or have you just been sent here to annoy me?" he asked her, as he took *his* seat at the desk, adjusting his tunic as he settled back into the chair.

She had a scalpel under his skin. Jessa was going to take advantage of their first meeting together to show him the way things were going to be. She snickered. He wasn't going to give into her easily. She had done her research on him and she was ready. Jessa made her way back to his desk where she began picking up his personal items and setting them back down. "Oh, you know I'm going to help you. I will kill everyone on Chandrila if that's what pleases His Majesty. I expect you to take care of the skies for me." She took the picture of Jelena, slowly sitting in one of the chairs in front of his desk. "You know what... Let's make this fun. I don't want to be here anyway." She lifted her paw again. Claudius' comlink soon was floating in the air close to him. "Summon your *wife*, Rodney."

Claudius cringed when she handled the picture of Jelena, but refrained from reaching out and snatching it back from her. "My wife?!" he asked, as the Inquisitor seemed intent on making this exceptionally personal. "Leave my wife out of this," he said, and that's when he finally did reach out to grab hold of the framed picture of Jelena that he kept upon his desk, despite her treason. "Do not make the mistake of involving my family, for that is a battle you will not win," he informed her, as he rose his hand to brush away the comlink. He would not so easily play her games or succumb to her will. She was an Inquisitor ... not the Emperor.

Claudius' family was his Achilles heel. Everything he did only confirmed it more, from defending his wife to taking the picture of the Rebel from between her paws. She let him have it, then let out a dramatic sigh. Jessa's biggest weakness was her lack of control. She wanted to feel big and bad...and she would do so much to make this man fearful of her. The Lepi rose to her feet. "Is that what you think?" Jessa leaned over his desk briefly. As she stood upright, she made a point to brush at one of her curve-hilted lightsabers with her paw. He was nothing but a mortal man. "Okay. Since you won't do this the easy way, I'll find her myself and drag her in here by the roots of her hair. Which way do you think she'll enjoy more?" Her voice had become more vicious. She was a rusty tool that was slowly sharpening herself again. She turned her back on him and started towards the door. His opportunity to make this easy was fleeing.

As Claudius listened to the Inquisitor threaten his wife he clenched his jaw so tightly that it nearly cracked his teeth, and he clenched his hands so tightly that his fingernails nearly dug into his palms. "Alright!" he screamed at her, as he moved to grab his comlink. He held it in his hand, muttering indistinguishable words, before exhaling a frustrated sigh. "Major Rodney, please report to my office," he said calmly over the comm, before placing it back on his desk. "There, damn you!" he said to has, as he folded his arms in front of his chest. "Don't you dare touch her!" he warned her, as he mentally prepared himself to spring into action should she attempt to harm his wife. And things were going so well...

Her steps came to a stop. With her back turned towards him, Jessa began to smile. She listened to him request his wife, just as she had demanded. The Lepi turned around. "See? Was that so hard? If you do what I say, I can keep you on His Majesty's good side." She saw how furious he already was. This was only the beginning for Governor Rodney. "Oh, I'm not going to *touch* her." Jessa became patient.

Major Sierra Rodney was standing in front of the Chiss tactical lieutenant. She was taking notes on what the woman said regarding last night's loss so that she could report back to Claudius in a much more effective way than Allegra Ames. She wasn't even a quarter way through the report when her husband summoned her back to his office. At that moment, Sierra could tell it was going to be a busy day. She needed to get back to him. "Sorry, Lieutenant. I'm going to have to finish this later..." She apologized with a little bow of her head. She mentally prepared herself for her husband to be distraught over what had happened. Her eyes fell on her datapad. "Damn Rebels..." She cursed in the turbolift that would lead her back to their joint offices.

She was still clutching her datapad as she reported to her husband. "I'm getting a clearer picture of what happened last ni-" Sierra stopped, suddenly noticing that Claudius wasn't alone. He didn't have any meetings right now. She didn't even recognize the Lepi. A new recruit? She looked at Claudius, whose body language said he was *pissed*. Her blue eyes fell on the female, a welcoming smile appearing on her face. "Hello! I'm the Governor's adjutant, is there anything I can do for you?"

Jessa's head snapped towards Sierra the moment she entered the room. She could feel *it*. Her eyes fell on the woman's swollen stomach where a powerful fetus was growing. Jessa wondered if the Emperor wanted to kill this child...or replace her and the other Inquisitors with it. She strolled up to Sierra. "Is there anything you can do for *me*?" Jessa reached out, touching her paw to the woman's stomach. "Is there anything I can do for *you*? Look at you. What are you, nine months pregnant? Worked to the bone, no doubt. Sit with us." Her paw left Sierra's stomach. Everything had been confirmed. The child within her was force sensitive. Jessa persuaded Sierra to sit with her in front of Claudius' desk. The conversation had done a 180. "Is it a boy or a girl?" She questioned.

When Claudius watched the Inquisitor paw at his wife's stomach he became livid, but for the sake of his wife and unborn son he did not move a millimeter. "She's fine," he snapped at the Inquisitor quickly, before rising from his seat and moving quickly towards his wife's side. He took her by the arm carefully, to offer her support and protection if need be. "This is an Inquisitor that the Emperor has sent to assist me in dealing with the Chandrila operation," he explained, as his face moved from the Inquisitor to his wife. "I don't believe I caught your name. Inquisitor..?" he asked, as he tried to 'play nice' to protect his wife. He offered a half smile, which took the incredible exertion of every muscle in his face to accomplish.

Sierra had no idea what was going on here. She could sense how high-strung her husband was, and naturally, it put her on edge too. She remained close to him and answered *none* of the Lepi's questions. "He's right, I'm fine." Sierra affirmed. "I'm still capable of performing all of my tasks." Silently, Sierra gave Claudius a look that roughly said; who is this person? *Inquisitor*!! The female Lepi was a force-user sent by the Emperor. She worried that meant that His Majesty wasn't as confident in Claudius as he had made it seem to be.

"...Thrope." Jessa replied. "Inquisitor Thrope." She had found one of Governor Rodney's greatest weaknesses. She saw how he responded to her adding his wife into the situation. He was trying to be overprotective with her. Jessa allowed him to have a false sense of safety...but not for long. She had become very furious over the presence of such a strong baby. She could only imagine that the child would be like when he was born...and decades later. "You'll be seeing me around more and more often, Governor." It seemed like Jessa would leave at that point. She put three feet of distance between herself, Claudius, and his wife. Her paw flicked out towards them suddenly. A second later, Sierra dropped to her knees screaming out in pain. Jessa's eyes fell cold. The dark side filled her to the brim. Sierra Rodney's fear and pain all by itself was wonderful...but she had Claudius too. Several seconds later, she dropped her paw. "And that, *Rodney*, is how easy I can kill your wife and child. Remember that next time we meet ... and be on your best behavior!" She yelled, darting out of his office. The man wouldn't be able to escape her now. She had orders to stay close to Sierra Rodney.

When Claudius heard his wife scream in pain, he did his best to hold her upright, but despite this she fell to her knees. Instead of looking towards the Inquisitor, he dropped next to his wife and wrapped both of his arms around her, while closing his eyes tight. "I am sorry, my love. Are you alright?" he asked, as he kissed her frantically, while moving his hand to her stomach. "Shall I call for Doctor Tohan?" he asked, as all of the color retreated from his face like a vanquished foe. He was pale and cold, terrified for what this development meant for his wife and their son. Sierra was prophetic in her desire to return Commander Kiley to her duties as protector of the family.

Something was happening inside of her, but Sierra didn't know what. The pain was indescribable. It was worse than the bombing at Jelena's funeral, it was worse than the damage Crion had done, it was worse than a decade and a half of physical abuse. As much as Sierra wanted to put a tough face on for Claudius, she wasn't capable of it. Instead, she clung to him with all of her strength. After Jessa stopped her abuse, Sierra still ached. She looked up at her husband with tears in her eyes, nodding quickly. "Y-Yes. Call for him.." Her breathing was labored. She could feel Bruce moving inside of her, but it wasn't like normal. It seemed like even he had become scared.

Claudius used every ounce of strength within his beleaguered body to carry Sierra over towards a sofa in the seating area in the far side of the office. Never leaving her side he was quick to grab at his comlink. "Calling Doctor Tohan, calling Doctor Tohan. Emergency, come right away!" he shouted, hoping he would just magically appear. He swallowed slowly, causing his throat to bulge against the constrictive collar of his uniform. He shifted his attention to Sierra as he reached out to take her hand into both of his, squeezing it to sustain her while they awaited the doctor.

"Come right away? Yeah. I'll come right away," Doctor Pilaq Tohan said to himself, as he rolled his large, bulbous eyes at Claudius' request. He sometimes wondered if Claudius knew how old he was and how large the ship was. "Doctor Bailo, will you assist me with the Governor?" he asked her, as he collected his medical instruments. He should have requested there be a speeder made available with him where he could navigate the endless corridors of the Retributor and plow down all of the Stormtroopers and officers that got in his way. Taking his medical bag in one hand and his walking stick in the other he slowly began to walk out of sickbay and down the corridors towards the Governor's office. When he arrived all of the jokes stopped and he would give no sass, for it became evident that Sierra was in great pain. "What has happened?" he asked, as he moved towards them, setting his medical bag next to her as he began to examine her.

Whatever Jessa had done caused her body to go haywire. Sierra clung to her loving husband and cried into his shoulder while he carried her to the sofa. She withered there, clutching at her tunic over her stomach until she had something else to hold onto. She tightly grasped both of his hands. Sierra couldn't process who Inquisitor Thrope was right now, because her thoughts were elsewhere. She was worried about the wellbeing of her baby...*and* herself. Thankfully, it didn't take the duo of Ithorian doctors too long to reach Claudius' office. Sierra felt relieved to see them both. "I-Inquisitor..." She tried to explain as she let out a groan and pushed back into the sofa.

Doctor Bailo's eyes widened as she heard the Governor's voice summoning Pilaq. She turned towards him. "Is that how they call for you every time?" Marcus Rodney had the same sound in his voice when...

Alessandra suddenly worried that Pilaq would need her. She was already grabbing at her instruments when he asked for her assistance. "Yes, yes, of course." She also activated a medical droid to bring with them. She had no idea what to expect, but the panic in Claudius' voice was authentic. She'd heard in many times throughout her years in the maternity ward. He wasn't calling for himself...he was calling for his wife. Doctor Bailo rushed towards Sierra as soon as they had entered. Her eyes grew wide with worry. She pressed her hand to Pilaq's shoulder. "She's having contractions, Pilaq. It's too early." She didn't report this information to anyone else in the room. Instead, she bent down to the medical droid and gave it very specific instructions It zipped out of the room quicker than either Ithorian could walk. Doctor Bailo took to comforting Sierra was much as she could. She ran her hand through the woman's hair. "It's going to be okay."

"We have to get her to sickbay," a *very* concerned Pilaq said to Doctor Bailo, as he began to instruct the droid. Indeed, Sierra was having contractions, but at only 24 weeks the risks of a delivery were high. Still, if the child were to come, better it occur in his medical facility than this office. He had never seen Claudius so concerned, and he remembered back to the birth of Drusilla when his first wife died. He had been there for that, and had vowed to never let it happen again. Bu, as he looked down to Sierra he wondered if he could keep that vow. A medical team arrived with a hoversled to take the woman to sickbay, which he followed behind dutifully with the droids and Doctor Bailo. Whatever had happened with this Inquisitor it was about to transform the Rodney family forever.

"Contractions?! No!" Claudius shouted, as he looked from Sierra to Doctor Bailo and then back to Sierra. He was beginning to breath more rapidly and suddenly he felt lightheaded and even feint. "You *must* do something. You *must* help her. You *must* help our son," he pleaded with them, as he frantically watched every step of the procedure. When the medical team came to collect his wife he did his best to help her onto the hoversled, but he felt like he was just in the way. He walked beside her, holding onto her hand, in a frenzied panic. Was he going to lose his wife? Were they going to lose their child? Or would he lose them both? He could not imagine life without her ... without them. The Inquisitor would pay dearly for what she had done.

Everything had gone into full speed around Sierra. She was in pain and terrified. None of it made sense until she overhead Doctor Bailo. She reacted in an identical way to her husband. "Contractions! No! It's too early!" She cried, pressing her knees together tight like she could stop the baby from coming. She feared that if she had Bruce now, he wouldn't survive. A total ignorance on this made her all the more uneasy. She kept a hold on her husband while she was loaded onto a hoversled. "Please!" She begged Doctor Bailo. "I don't want anything to happen to our son." Her head turned. She saw Claudius. She didn't want to die either. They had spent all this time talking about the future that they would have together. Sierra would fight for that future. Her tears briefly stopped as she clung to him. "I'm going to be okay." She reassured him through her pain. "It isn't like we planned ... but seldom do things work out like we planned." She sniffed. They would need each other to survive the longest day of their lives.

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