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Sean Brandt, Michelle Green, Christopher Levy, and Alexander Oliva.

Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:30) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Commander Derek Atio, Sergeant Zek Correson, Duchess Ava Khalessi, and Corporal Lovora Rikki.

Commander Derek Atio stood in the hangar bay on the secret Rebel station deep within the Ringali Nebula, reading over a datapad to confirm the first round of medical supplies that had been delivered from the surface. Most of it would be distributed throughout the Rebellion, but he had managed to keep some of it for the Ringali Sector Force. The shuttle had done well since its electrical overhaul, and they were able to make regular runs to and from the surface of Rhinnal without difficulty, and without Imperial entanglements. This new approach had resulted in less death and destruction than the commando unit was used to, but was necessary if they were going to maintain a low profile and avoid detection like had occurred on Brentaal. The last bit of cargo off the shuttle was a new group of R2-series astromech droids, which would be assigned to the starfighter contingent.

Sergeant Zek Correson approached the hangar bay of the Rebel's secret base. He came up behind Atio, emitting a soft sigh showing brief exhaustion. He previously assisted transporting the first round of medical supplies, being distributed among the Rebellion military. He's unaware Atio managed to keep some for the Ringali Sector Force, but the Sergeant won't think too much about it. Currently, Correson's been called by Atio, as those dark orbs shot around gathering the shuttle. "R2 units, Commander?" Both arms folded over his chest, staring at the collective droids, as they were carried off near the string of starfighters nearby. "When is the starfighters getting up the air again?"

"One...two...three...up!" Corporal Lovora Rikki gave a huff and a grunt as she helped one of the other commandos heave off a heavy metal beam that was designed to keep the astromech droids in place, safe from bumps and knocks as they were transported. Being a soldier wasn't all running and gunning, after all. In fact that was quite a small part of it. This sort of labor, the work that had to happen around the base, was the real meat of the job most of the time. Recently that hadn't been true, but now it seemed they were finally falling into a little down time once again. Like the other handful of commandos who were helping out with the work, Lovora had replaced armor for a more regular uniform. The top was currently discarded, sitting over on a crate, leaving her in an undershirt and the lower half. As the metal brace was set aside she came stepping down from the ship, maneuvering through a crowd of recently freed R2's. Lovora grabbed a towel on her way down and was about to wipe the sweat from her brow, when she spotted the Commander and Sergeant standing not five feet away. Lovora snapped a crisp salute to the two. "Commander, Sergeant. Sorry for the uniform, I...well, didn't's hot in there."

Standing alongside Derek watching the medical supplies being off loaded from the ship Ava smiled proudly knowing that she was able to help them acquire the supplies without bloodshed. For her there was so much as it was and most of it being split from the Empire's side, the rebel's may have been outnumbered at times but she knew they would never go down without a fight. Seeing the R2 unit roll down beeping and making whirring sound Ava turning her head to the side a little she didn't remember bargaining for one of those when they were on the mission for the supplies. "Commander, when did the order for him come up?I don't remember talking to Doctor Tam about a Droid unit, just the supplies." She said softly as her head turned towards him, she had a look of confusion.

Commander Atio turned to Sergeant Correson when he asked about the status of the starfighter squadrons. "Ever since the Empire began beefing up their presence in the region, sector command has been unwilling to commit our fighters. They outnumber us in most systems by more than three to one. True, the X-wing is superior to the TIE in most respects, but our old Y-wings won't hold up," he said, with a firm nod of his head to the NCO. A nod was given to Rikki, noting that in this line of work uniforms really were not a good idea. This was a guerilla war ... not two formal attires slugging it out. He reached down to check one of the R2 units, whose designated he noted as R2-C1. "I was able to pick up a few of these second hand from a merchant back on Brentaal. A few of them will serve as replacements for the fighters ... the rest will do their best to keep the lights on around here," he explained to her, as he rose back up and motioned to the exposed conduits and low hanging, fraying power lines. The station was a barely functioning heap that a brave team of technicians worked 'round the clock to keep serviceable, often resulting in power losses, and worse ... a lack of hot water in the refresher.

"I do recommend we find some suitable pilots to get those birds off the ground." Insisting, as Zek believed an assembled X-wing and Y-wing squadrons were vital for surgical strikes and bombing runs. Not forgetting to help out of tight jams whenever the Imperial soldiers have them pinned down. "We could always look into finding new technology for them." Inciting to locate any new developers who can be 'persuaded' or 'blackmailed' into providing upgrades for the vehicles. His eyes diverted back to Rikki. "It's alright, Corporal. We cannot be seen in uniforms, otherwise it'll give our position away. Don't stress." Then he spotted Ava coming around asking about her assigned R2 unit. He kept quiet allowing both Derek and Ava make discussion. Meanwhile, he's glanced back to Rikki again. "How's everything, Rikki?"

The Sergeant was right, after all. Outside of her armor, which was only worn on explicit combat missions, Lovora never did have an opportunity to wear a uniform outside of the base. It was one of those little things that made her feel like a proper soldier, though, and so she kept the thing around whenever it wasn't an issue. Right now, though, it was just too damn uncomfortable. Her salute dropped once she was addressed, and she gave a nod regarding the issue of the uniform, leaving it there. A glance was sent towards Ava, whom she remembered primarily from a couple of operations, but soon enough her attention was back on Zek. "Tip-top, Sergeant. Nice to see some new supplies rolling in. Not too mad about a little down time at the station, either. I love shooting Imperials as much as the next girl, but I'm not gonna complain about a chance to unwind a bit."

Ava was used to seeing R2 units on Naboo, the house where she trained and studied would often have them buzzing about taking care of odd things here and there, it felt little more like home seeing them. "Do... Do you think I could have one... If you can spare one?" She asked softly turning her full attention to commander. "I know that is a lot to ask from me, but back home they just were something that would make me feel safer. As a child I could always remember trying to play with one, silly games that children do. And well... I don't often fit in around here, and it does become rather lonely when everyone is running around fighting, or in a meeting, talking where I am not fully needed. And I do not have handmaiden. to talk to like I would back home." She said softly looking down at the little droid as she smiled a little more, glancing up her soft brown hues watched as the rest of the unites rolled off.

The commander was a bit taken aback by the diplomat's request for a droid, but he realized how difficult this life must have been for a noblewoman. In truth, the astromechs were one of the backbones of the fledgling Rebellion. They did everything from keep the starfighters serviceable to repairs on the space station, capital ships, and speeders. He looked at her, realizing that they would not have any of these medical supplies if it was not for her, and sheepishly offered up a shrug and a smile. "Take this one here," he said, before he shifted his foot forward to kick R2-C1 in the diplomat's direction. It would stretch the repair crews a little thin, but he just could not bring himself to say 'no' to her. The sobriety that his superior demanded were slowly turning him into a softy.

The Sergeant nodded firmly to her response. "No worries, Corporal. There's plenty of Imperials to shoot when the time comes. Patience is all that is required. More importantly, we got other priorities like medical supplies, weapons and tech. We're gonna need plenty of it. Find sympathizers who'll help us fight this war. All in the name to restore peace and freedom, right? Right." Patted the Corporal's shoulder before his attention turned to Ava and Derek. Hearing Ava mention it gets 'boring', he practically raised an eyebrow, almost acknowledging who was present in the rebel base. But, the Sergeant remain quiet during their discussion. Though, he was amused when the Commander kicked the R2-unit in the diplomat's direction. "Maybe not the best way to offer good deeds, Commander. Should stick to being nicer, no?"

"Yes, Sir!" Lovora, despite the position they all faced, was almost constantly in a positive mood. Most seemed to find it infectious, but there was no doubt that others found it less appealing. After the pat on the shoulder she turned to get back to work, finally wiping down her face with the towel before going for a drink of water. The droids had been the last offload for the day, but the supplies still littered the hangar, waiting to be moved and prepared for departure to their final destinations. What was staying behind had to be sorted and distributed as well. While these kinds of things might have fallen under someone else's realm of responsibility in a fully staffed military, the Rebellion had to make do. Lovora was among the grunts who made this sort of thing happened, and she walked away from the trio to do her part.

Once the commander agreed to let her have one of the R2 droids Ava's eyes light up for first time in so long. "Oh thank you so much!" Ava said as she wrapping her arms around his neck giving him a rather tight hug. No one could ever understand why she was just so overjoyed to have something other would find to be nothing but a tin can. Pulling away from Derek she smiled sweetly. "It means so greatly to me Commander. And I will work twice as hard now to help gather whatever you need. I know Zek can not always keep my company after all." She said glancing over at him while smiling sheepishly. Lowing down to the R2 unit she looked over him a little "I think I could make him good as new, not second hand." She said taking the sleeve of her dress and rubbed the dirt and grime off the droid. Looking at Lovora, Zek and the Derek she smiled ever so brightly "You don't know what this means to me, but it makes me feel a little more like home." The young women said in a sweet song bird like tone.

The portly Commander squirmed slightly when the diplomat went so far as to hug him. He took a couple of steps away from her when he was released, and rolled his eyes at the Sergeant. "If I'd known women felt so strongly about droids, I'd have saved a fortune on jewelry," he said, followed by a soft laugh, before he moved back to inspect the crates of medical supplies. The bacta was perhaps the most important of the supplies that were coming aboard, and he had orders to get them quickly placed on the next transport going to the Outer Rim. His wrest briefly flashed to his chronometer to see just how much time he had to complete the transfer. This is where he thought the war would be won ... medicine, droids, and supply convoys.

"At least you made her happy by feeling like it's home." For a while Zek's been aware of Ava's stress concerning the Rebels these past few weeks. He's held the knowledge about her homeworld including where she resided for several years until the Empire took over Naboo completely. The authoritarian figures had completely turned over the government system, implicating new laws, some unfitting for many of the planet's denizens. "No more sad and grim looks from now on, right?" Like joke thrown in her general direction, as the amused Sergeant refrained from laughing in case the Commander, or Ava, gave him a look.

Ava rolled her eyes as Zek "Well sad no, but if you're not careful Zek you'll be getting other looks." She said giving Zek a little wink before her attention was turned towards R2-C1. Rising to her feet she looked down at her new companion still overjoyed "Now that I have another little friend" She said eyeing Zek in a teasing manner "I think I shall return to my quarters, if you should need me that is where I will be." Ava said giving a slight bow of her head before she set off, her little R2 unit fallowing as it buzzed loudly zipping by side to side avoiding anything in it's path.

Derek listened to the banter between to the Sergeant and the diplomat, having been around the galaxy long enough to know when *something* was going on. He thought her comment was rather humorous, but he bit the bottom of his lip to keep a smirk from forming on his face. His cheeks flushed red with some embarrassment as he continued to check off the medical supplies as the load lifter deposited them on the deck. Rather than acknowledge what was going on between the two of them he simply whistled, and moved his right foot around uncomfortably. "Well, goodnight," he said loudly, as she abruptly left the area, rolling his eyes, and moving to meet the newly arriving medium transport.

"Hopefully good looks." Slight smirk formed, responding back bit more flirtatiously. This behavior was natural, always exerted whenever he was around Ava. However, things were different because of their statuses and positions. Attention was drawn back over to Derek who blushed with embarrassment. He simply ignored the gesture, no giving any real response. Although, he looked back over to Ava disappearing with her new companion. "Noted, diplomat." Responding back to her, meanwhile the Commander ventured off to the newly transport making itself present. He insisted joining the Commander to preoccupy his time, and kill time, lend hands so to speak.

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