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Rachel King, Christopher Levy, Stephen Lewis, Shawn Lovelett, and Michael Whittaker.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:5:4) in the Ralltiir system: Renown.
Baron Creado, Count Sylvain Isod, Jenna Nestan, Rass, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Captain Ithan Tavers, Calvus Theus, and Colonel Verus Theus.

The Victory I-class Star Destroyer Renown stood in orbit of the planet Ralltiir, today home to a gathering of Imperial dignitaries and local government officials. The planet Ralltiir was home to one of the largest uprisings in the galaxy and the recent news of the destruction of Alderaan threatened to put the planet into a full revolt. Following heavy bombardment by the recently deceased Commodore Tion, the planet had been occupied by the heaviest Imperial ground forces in the Ringali Shell. One of the few active hot spots in the core, Imperial forces had been slugging it out with Rebels for the past several days. It was time to put an end to it ... but such a task should not be performed without a proper audience.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney stood in the observation lounge several decks below the main bridge on the Star Destroyer's command superstructure. The middle-aged man was dressed in his proper uniform, which was neatly kept and boasted his new rank insignia featuring three prominent gold squares that alerted all around to his full power. The man stood staring out the viewport at the planet Ralltiir, arms folded in front of his chest as he sternly awaited for his guests to arrive. Meeting with political leaders was supposed to be his specialty ... it was why he had been chosen for this assignment by the Emperor himself.

The black boots of Colonel Verus Theus marched in rhythm as the officer proceeded down the corridors of the Victory Star Destroyer. Clad in his customary cream tunic and black dress slacks, the officer had elected to wear his formal black cap and gloves for the occasion. It had not been his first choice to attend the demonstration, though an invitation from a Grand Moff was not declined lightly. He trusted his officers would handle any sudden difficulties that occurred in Cormond during his absence. Turning the corner at the end of the hallway, the Colonel entered the observation lounge and offered a salute to his commanding officer.

Following several paces behind the Imperial officer was Calvus Theus, brother of the ISB Colonel. Having been invited as a delegate of the Cambrielle SolidState Corporation, Calvus attended on behalf of the 'loyal' citizenry of Ralltiir. His personal philosophies differed markedly from those whose company he was now in the midst of, but he was confident his political face would mask any displeasure with the Empire's activities. Dressed in a silver and green formal jacket and matching slacks, Calvus turned the hallway corner after his brother and continued inside the bustling observation lounge.

Baron Creado had decided to attend, upon receiving an official invitation from the Empire, one could not turn that down lightly. He had fallen from grace of an overly rich official who backed the Confederates. That was his downfall. Creado simply stood there in the viewing room filled with diplomats. He did not exactly have troops handling affairs so he left his lead employees working on his projects at his many businesses planetside.

Rass, who had earned the reputation for being ruthless during the confederates time of glory. Though the Karkarodon were rare these days to see on any other planet than their home. This was simply his job to protect the Baron now ... that was the only reason he was actually here.

Ithan stepped forward into the lounge, being followed by his Uncle Sylvain and his secretary. He found it quite overwhelming that only a few days ago he had just became a Captain, and now he was being invited to such a mysterious event. He tugged at the collar of the dress uniform and felt as if he had not requisitioned the correct one.

Sylvain Isod stepped into the room ... a tall man with flowing black robes with gold trimming. Isod had only to look over the crowd to know whom they were in political standings. It caused a slow smile to curve across his lips, causing the scar that trailed from his right eye to his chin to shift, making him look a little menacing than the corporate leader of Isod Industries and a former member of the Brentaal Houses, and most importantly to Sylvain ... Lord Gharzr.

Jenna looked about the room as she followed Isod into the room, consulting the datapad as she walked keeping the proper two steps behind her employer. Reading through the data she had gathered on the persons she was meeting, her grey eyes looked far less angry than she had having calmed down greatly from the time that Isod was released from the medical center. "Count Isod, here is the report you requested." Her voice was pitched just loud enough to carry to him alone. The perfect image of a dutiful secretary, the amused half smile hadn't disappeared as she offered the datapad back to her employer.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney noted that by now the guests had arrived and filed into the observation lounges. Suddenly he turned and brought a knife up to the side of his glass of Whyrren's Reserve and tapped it sharply, creating a repetitive *clink* that gradually slowed the noise in the room for a cacophony of sounds to mere a few hushed whispers. "My friends and good people of the Ringali Shell..." he began as he climbed onto an elevated dais that was raised roughly half a meter off the floor, as he stepped aside from in front of the transparasteel viewport to afford them a better view. "By now you must all be wondering why I have brought you to this war torn world of Ralltiir..." he said as he pressed a button on his comlink. The might war machine began to rumble and slowly the vessel descended into the atmosphere of the planet. The viewports began to glow with energy as the atmosphere collided with the deflector sheilds. In the distance the city of Grallia came into view. " a moment you will all see why you were brought here," he said coyly, as he turned his attention to the viewport as well. By now the city could be seen in greater clarity with fires burning and large Imperial walkers firing on entrenched positions.

Colonel Theus gazed through the viewports silently, watching the ongoing battle below. The Bureau officer mused that he almost would have preferred if Brentaal were embroiled in the same type of conflict ... as least then they would have free range to target the Rebels, and the terrorists would have fewer havens to hide within. However, he was also at a slight unease. Ralltiir was his home; though he grew up in Cambrielle, he had visited Grallia many times. He recognized a number of the taller, war-scorched buildings, the cost of the conflict that had engulfed the planet. With a silent glance, he looked back towards his brother.

Calvus Theus' heart was pounding as the Star Destroyer descended, though he still outwardly appeared calm and collected. There was little use in denying his feelings ... he hated the Empire and all that it had done to Ralltiir. Lord Tion's bombardment had caused severe devastation across the planet, and the Imperial forces seemed intent on continuing to inflict as much pain as possible upon the populace. Calvus had a number of friends and contacts from Grallia he had not heard from in recent days; now the reason was apparent. Taking a glass of Bespin Port from a passing droid, Calvus sipped on the drink as he returned his brother's glance.

Baron Creado simply listened. He knew Rass was at his side so the Confederate sympathizer still felt some what in his comfort zone, though, he had to be vigilant and a little on edge, he wasn't the most popular. Arms soon came to cross over his chest as he stared out the view port. Feeling the ship pierce the atmosphere of the planet. Still entranced by what was going on down below. He actually was not too fond of the Empire, but he would never admit it. He simply waited.

Rass was simply silent. He had no other authority to be here other than the Baron's safety. He was no nobleman, nor rich and powerful. He did, however, hold favor on his home planet. So if it came to it, he may be able to take political sanctuary there. If the Baron got exiled for some of his...secret projects.

Sylvain accepted the datapad and glanced over the information before returning his attention to the Colonel. He shut down the datapad and shouldered it. The long black robes he wore flowed as he stepped further into the lounge. He took hold of a glass and sipped at it lightly. "Thank you, Jenna." He said finally, as he held the glass with his right hand, looking now towards the viewport. During all of this there was a complete look of calm upon his features.

Ithan stepped after his uncle, following him in his wake, as if he was truly unsure if he belonged here. The young Captain folded his arms behind his back as he stood there, his eyes being raised in surprise as the ship itself started to lower. He felt nervous and started to look worriedly around to see if anyone was worried.

Jenna took a step closer to Isod as the ship began to descend, peering out of the viewport with a slight frown as they began to descend into the atmosphere spotting the battle below played out, more curious watching the still small lances of lights that marked the deadly energy exchanges. Whispering back to Isod, "There are a few interesting...details there for you. What's going on down there?"

Through the viewport they would be able to see the Imperial forces cease firing and start to pull back ... an ominous scene indeed. Grand Moff Rodney brought the comlink to his lips and took one final look at the city of Grallia. "You may fire when ready..." he coldly said over the comm, before deactivating it and slipping it back into his pocket. The massive vessel began to shake and suddenly a volley of 80 assault concussion missiles were launched in staggered fashion. The missiles began to impact with not just the Rebel positions, but also the civilian locations, and massive city towers began to fall. A moment later a second volley, followed closely by a third as they crews worked tirelessly to reload the launchers. A total of 240 missiles had been launched by now and most of the city was beginning to be ripped with secondary and tertiary explosions as the missiles hit the power station, fuel depots, and other strategic locations throughout the city. In the next moment the Star Destroyer's fourth and final deadly barrage of missiles was launched into the chaos and as the wind began to fan the smoke and fire nothing the smoldering remains of a once great city were seen.

The Colonel watched silently as the first missile salvo was launched, folding his arms across his chest as the warheads began impacting. If this was the Empire's will, to level a city that had failed to align to the New Order, then what fate would befall a wayward planet? Verus was now rather convinced that the destruction of Alderaan had been fully perpetuated by the Empire, with the independent planet now no longer a thorn for theImperial order. The Colonel let out a soft sigh ... this was a tactical victory for his side today, as the Rebels below had surely been killed. Yet how many more insurgents would this spawn? He nodded to himself as he thought, knowing his duties on Brentaal had just become that much harder.

The fools, the damned fools. Calvus Theus watched in disbelief as the city he had visited on business just last month suddenly vanished in a cloud of explosions and smoke. He mentally calculated who he would have to reach out to, how much money he could spend on search efforts, which families would need financial support...but his train of thought fell flat as he watched the scene below. Taking a long sip on his glass of Port to regain his composure, Calvus stared intensely through the viewport. This was no longer a war, this had become murder.

Baron Creado was shocked, utterly shocked. He never thought the Empire would resort to such tactics. His eyes widened. Yet, somewhat of a reminder of fond images and memories of the Confederacy's ruthless tactics flooded his mind. He did not know how he felt about the Empire after that. His voice finally rang out, raspy and certainly aged. "Very impressive..." He wanted to help the Rebels, but he wasn't sure if he had the cash to back either faction. Those robes of his fluttered as he made his way closer to the viewport so he could get a better look at the destroyed city.

Rass was shocked too ... though it did not bring him back like it did his employer. He actually fought in the war and saw the destruction firsthand of many cities, on many planets. Anyhow, he simply followed his employer as he moved closer to the viewport.

Sylvain was the first to speak after witnessing the full power of an Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyer. "Impressive." He said, before taking another sip from the port that was being served.

Ithan felt the pit of his stomach hit the floor, and his face go a bit pale in pure shock. He then tried to remind himself where he was, and gained some type of composure.

Jenna just stared down at what used to be a bustling civilian city, Sylvain's voice jarring her out of the stunned silence and bringing her back to where she was. Closing her eyes for a moment, she tried not to think about contacts she'd had, friends she'd had there. This hadn't been 'justice' this was trying to make another example.

A week ago such a thing would have been unthinkable. These were the same tactics Commodore Tion had used and gotten nowhere. The same tactics that Grand Moff Rodney had condemned from his armchair on Malastare. Now ... he was employing them. To him ... these were the Rebel terrorists who were threatening peace and justice in the galaxy ... these were the Rebels who had usurped Alderaan and caused its destruction. His eyed widened as he watched the flames and continued explosions, and finally turned his attention to the gathered guests, who were mostly in shock at what they had seen. "Now, whose hungry?" he asked, offering a polite smile as serving droids rolled in carrying large, dinner sized plates of elegant food. Nothing like a planetary bombardment to build an appetite.

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