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Alice Bee, Bob Halula, and Jaina Roberts.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:21) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Captain Rhobert Dartanyn, Lieutenant Vance Dajus, Major Elayne Passik, General Bri Quabil, and Commander Iyah Xergo.

Vance Dajus wasn't himself today. His normal 'proper' military dress attire showed signs of at least 24 hours' worth of disregard as he cleared his throat uneasily to speak. He waited patiently for the chatter to die down, as he knew people had a lot to talk about.

"With regards to the situation on Chandrila that is unfolding, I have some very broad direction from Headquarters and indeed the former senator Mon Mothma herself. The Imperial actions on Chandrila are as barbaric as many of the rumors you have undoubtedly heard already. There is very little rhyme or reason to their targeting of locations, it appears to be a near indiscriminate attack against the planet and its people with no regard to loss of life."

He waits a few seconds for the weight of his next instructions to set in. "Despite the inherent dangers of intervening against the Imperials at Chandrila, it has been pleaded with us to do what we can with what we have. We have been tasked with easing the planet's pain in whatever way we can...but some direct action was heavily implied as no show of any force would weaken the Alliance's standing with the people of Chandrila and the galaxy as a whole if we do not show our willingness to go into harm's way to save the people that support us. I cannot add any further dire need than what I was asked to relay. Know that I have asked for whatever HQ can send in aid for what I am sure is going to be a very horrible situation when the dust settles."

Vance sits back down and breathes a very deep breathe to signify his completion. He seems to stare aimlessly for a few seconds before turning his attention to a datapad in his lap and beginning to fiddle away with political reports from the surrounding sector to determine if any local aid can be brought in to assist before Alliance forces could arrive.

Rhobert Dartanyn nodded gently with the conversation in the room the whole while, but to anybody paying attention to him it was clear that he wasn't really following along. He was studying his own reports on the strength of Imperial forces that have placed themselves over the planet Chandrila. The numbers didn't add up, this attack was more than a simple subjugation like that of Raltiir. Far more forces than were necessary were assigned to this detail on the Imperial side, far more than his fleet could ever hope to combat directly. The Captain finally looks up, realizing there are some that seem to be waiting for him to say something...

"We can't win a fight at Chandrila. Not against such forces. " He stood and headed for the display at the center of the room, pulling a data chip from his pad and placing into the display interface. Suddenly the center of the room had a readout on the makeup of the Imperial's presence as reported by the latest intelligence brief. "That being said, I do agree that doing nothing will destroy our support locally and in the surrounding systems."

"I propose our objective be three fold....and I know it sounds like that could spread us too thin, but I assure you it is not the case. First off, chronologically at least...we need to at least bloody the Imperial fleet at Chandrila and make an example of at least one of their Heavy Cruisers. As quickly as we can engage that ship and fade away with it as a flaming wreck, the better. After that we fight a rearguard retreat away from their forces as quickly as possible. With such forces already committed, they know we can't bring enough to bear to wipe them out of the system. My hope is that they are hoping to use those ships to keep us busy until reinforcements arrive to try to pin us down in the hopes of ending our threat to their occupations in the Shell."

Rhobert switches the display to the manifest of newly acquired Kuati vessels.

"Secondly...the diplomatic corp went above and beyond in acquiring us some new assets that the Empire will either be unaware of or at least likely to believe are not yet outfitted for action. We will have these ships prepared for a short jump to another location within the sector to act as a strike against whatever point we determine is weakest based on the known Order of Battle and what is arrayed against us at Chandrila. Alternatively, we could also use that reaction force to add some force behind our Chandrila assault should we become compromised or determine on the fly that an opportunity has arisen against the forces present."

"Third and, in my opinion the most important, is to get relief to the planet of Chandrila during this whole exchange. Getting troops and supplies to the planet initially will help stave off a lot of suffering of the people and help show our determined support early and with conviction. Whatever the Alliance Army is willing to provide...we will buy enough time to get it planet side before fully withdrawing from the battle. We will spread their forces out to get you a window, and that window will stay hope as long as we can hold it or until we get what help we can in...whichever comes first. Any ships we need to provide to help will be allocated, let me know what ou need." Rhobert's resolve for the coming battle seemed far more than steady, it was implacable. "We will not let another peaceful planet fall in the way others have...not today...not here...not while we have the will and forces to change their fate."

Major Elayne Passik was on edge. What was happening on Chandrila had to be stopped...somehow. It was the numbers that were worrisome. The Imperials were concentrating their efforts on that single planet. They dominated the ground and the skies. She had come to bring the help of her squadron. She had twenty-four committed pilots and she was petitioning for as many Rebel pilots to come and aid the efforts as possible. Still...the Rebellion was stretched thin. She had her doubts after having lost both legs to the Empire. She still had two good arms that she would like to keep...oh, and her life. It was her worries that kept her chain smoking throughout the entire conference. Her head rose, briefly, from the numbers on her datapad, to rejoin the conversation going on. She watched Rhobert as he began speaking. His three leveled attack sounded like the best bet. It wasn't all about was also about providing innocent people with what they needed. The woman lowered one of her cybernetic legs to the ground and sat up in her seat. "I will aid in the first phase of attack. I've got 24 pilots in my squadron with some additional help on the way. I will ensure the Imperial fleet is left heavily damaged." It was going to be all about moving fast. The longer she let her pilots stay within the death zone above Chandrila, the larger the death toll would be. She was confident that they could damage a Heavy Cruiser with a few concentrated bombings

General Quabil listened attentively to each person speak, taking mental notes as well as pecking a few comments into her data pad. A strand of fiery red hair fell over her left eye causing her to lose focus for a brief moment. One the strand was safely tucked behind her ear she glanced at the individuals gathered. As usual, they all meant well and had great strategies but were they enough to defeat an enemy of this magnitude? "Do we have anyone currently infiltrating the Imperial fleet? Is sabotage a possibility?" The question was posed to no one in particular. Just a thought really. Yes, they could attack and perhaps damage a ship or two but if there was someone on the inside that could destroy a vessel, especially a larger one, that would help, perhaps turn things in their favor. Right index finger swiped at a screen on the data pad, looking for her answer even as she awaited for someone to voice the answer to reject it.

Commander Xergo had been silent until General Quabil put her idea out there. She had just come back from an infiltration mission on Chandrila with Dagon Tong as well as Mug Zoran. They had a great source of intel, and, as much as she wanted to, she hadn't burned her commando uniform. They could do it again. "I believe sabotage is a possibility, General. I will need a little bit of time to see what kind of intel I can collect. I have three other bodies I can take aboard with me. My frigate can also aid in creating a diversion so we can get in and out." Though she had been a Commander for months, she was just now becoming comfortable and confident in her own boots. The last mission had left her feeling better about her life choices. Her mind was sharp and she was ready to deal a blow to the Imperials.

"You and the others are to be commended for your service. The number of lives you were able to rescue... I am very proud of all of you. I have no doubt that your team would be capable of another such attack. But what else is there? Do we currently have spies onboard Imperial ships that can act without us having to infiltrate their ranks again?" The hit and run missions were working but the Empire had to be catching on, hadn't they? It was time to up the game.

Iyah's thoughts briefly derailed from the meeting. She thought of her daughter, who was currently staying with her in-laws on Esseles... Sadly, her in-laws were the Grand Moff and his family. She wondered if she should snatch her daughter up and place her back on New Aldera before these attacks began. She pulled her head back into the meeting. There would be many lives that were saved...much more than the handful of Rebels she'd help save a few days prior. She wanted change, and this was the route to change. Commander Xergo's head shook. "There's no known spies currently aboard the Imperial ships. We've been dealt a shitty hand." That seemed to be part of being a Rebel.

"Missed opportunity." Bri sighed. She would need to speak with Ve'rail and see if there were any human spies available that could help in this sector. Bright green eyes scanned the room before both hands slapped the top of the table. "Well then, let us get on with these plans.Chandrila isn't going to save itself. Let's get supplies down there as soon as we are able. Food, medical, whatever else we can scrounge up." She rose from the conference table, nodded and smiled. "You are all doing excellent work. May the Force be with you."

Captain Dartanyn let out a long breath and keyed off the display he had left operating. "We can't prepare for too long. Whatever preparations they have made for the space conflict are static, but the situation on the planet will deteriorate quickly. I recommend we leave within the next 36 hours. Please have estimates of what transportation assets you need from the fleet within 24 hours. That should give us enough time to load, gather and begin the operation."

Rhobert took in the room one last time, noting the dour faces and knew his heart felt the same doubts and fears plaguing his companions. He slid the datacard back into his pad in a solid motion, it clicking very audibly in the silent room. "May the Force be with you."

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