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Erin Highberg and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:8:35) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle).
Nona Jast and Lord Gaius Rodney.

Several hours had past before Gaius Rodney would arrive back at the castle. The food riot had escalated and the situation quickly got out of hand, and when he returned to the room where he had left Nona he was covering a rag to his face, applying pressure to where he had been bruised and was still bleeding. His uniform had been soiled, torn, and bloodied ... some his, and some others. He was in a ragged condition compared to when he had left this morning. He was almost ashamed to face her in this condition, but he wanted ... no, he needed ... to see her more than anything. As he entered the room he found the nearest seat, and quickly sunk into it, still trembling from visions of what he had witnessed out on the streets.

Pacing and riddled with fear, Nona had tried what she could to calm herself down. She had bathed and out on a new dress. Though her hair had been let down. Slightly straightened and hung around her face as she bit her bottom lip. She had been leaning against the frame of a window, overlooking the city. Her thoughts with Gaius. And she heard the door open. Small gasp as she saw the tips and tears at his uniform. She closed the door behind him as he sank into a chair. "Oh my goodness! Are you alright?" She quickly scurried the her intended' side, hand moving to brush over the backside of his hand, caressing it gently as she knelt down by his side. The dutiful wife to be fit the part exceedingly well. At least she thought. But she wasn't playing. She could feel the growing affection in her chest. "Please, give me some sign you are alright." She arched both brows in concern.

"I will be fine," Gaius informed her, weakly, in an effort to alleviate her concerns. As he pulled the rag away from the side of his face he revealed that most of his left cheek was black and blue, and a large bruise had formed, that was still bleeding light. "Someone threw a rock at me..." he said slowly, almost as if he were in shock, having not believed the frantic sights he had seen in the Leiliani marketplace. "So many people. So many starving people. They were protesting ... demanding food. But we had none to give ... and they attacked..." he told her, recounting the basic events of what had transpired, his body shaking, his voice nearly breaking at certain points as he spoke.

She stayed in her post, kneeling beside the man. As he removed the piece of cloth from his face, she gave a gasp. Eye filled with fear as she would stand up, placing a gentle kiss on his forehead. She took a few steps away from him as she began to pace back and forth with her hands behind her back. "We need to get the planet aid without alerting the Empire. I will make my case to Kuat, I will also seek out my contacts within the Rebellion. They may not have much, but they could at least lead us in the right direction. Perhaps using a diversion... Of a sorts. Perhaps importing the planet with goods that would be overlooked." Hand moved to her chin, tapping her index finger against it as she thought even further. "I have diplomats I have befriended in my time in the senate. I will reach out to them as well." It was clear that she wanted to end the unrest, now more so with the threat of her soon to be husband's safety. "Please, Gaius... How can I help to ease your pain?" She turned to look at him, feeling helpless.

Gaius listened to Nona brainstorm ideas on how to address the food crisis, and admittedly she sounded as if she had a better idea what to do than him. Then she mentioned the Rebellion again, and he wondered if that would just bring more Imperial trouble to Delaya, but it seemed as if they were out of options. "My pain is nothing compared to the pain the people in the city are feeling in their stomach from hunger, my love," he said to her, as he brought the rag back to his cheek to apply more pressure. "If you think the Rebellion is our best hope to bring food to the people ... then we have no choice but to try," he decided, sounding somewhat hesitant, but he nodded his head in agreement with her.

Cheeks flushed a bit as she heard him a dress her as his love. She licked her lips, as she knew the matter with their starving refugees was important, but a woman couldn't help herself at times. She took a few steps closer to the man she'd call husband. She reached her hand out to his, kneeling down before him. Her other hand moved to rest upon his knee. She gave his thigh a gentle squeeze as her lips rolled inward, giving a genuine look of concern. "I do not wish to see you suffer.." A small gasp was given as she seemed to choke on her own concern. "I... Shall I fetch something for your pain or discomfort? Please... I do not wish to feel useless."

Gaius sighed softly when she grabbed at his thigh, in even in these dark times he was still very much a man. "No one could ever accuse you of being useless," he told her sweetly, as the hand that was not holding the rag to his face moved to lovingly run through her golden locks. "That's a lovely dress," he commented, just noticing it for the first time, as his eyes ran over the length of her feminine form. His hands moved to his tunic, and he began to strip himself of the soiled, blood splattered garment ... he could not stand to look at it any longer. In doing so he once again exposed his well conditioned physique to her, his chest heaving with each breath, as he allowed the cool night breeze to blow across his chest, causing his hairs to stand upright from the sensation.

Nona was still at his side. She smiled and shook her head. "Are you always a gentleman?" She cantered her head and bit her bottom lip. She would assist Gaius with his removal of his clothing. Hands running over the small bruises of his bare skin. A frown as she took his soiled clothing to a small hamper, pushing it open and setting it down. "Shall I call for fresh me clothing for you? Perhaps maybe you should bathe. I can escort you to your room if you have a large bath." She took in a small breath and leaned in to kiss the top of the man's head.

"I am always a gentleman in the light of day. In the night, when no one can see, well ... you'll have fto find out," Germancius informed her, as sly smirk crept upon his face, looking at Nona as she asked that question. "Please don't call anyone. I don't want to be disturbed as we were earlier," he informed her, as he rose from the chair, brushing his naked frame against her somewhat intentionally. "Yes. The room we will eventually come to share has a much larger bath. Large enough for two, even..." he hinted, as he looked for something to cover himself for the trip upstairs. Reluctantly he moved for one of the least feminine robes of hers that he could find, and wrapped it around himself, before striking a pose for her. "It does not suit me as well it does you..." he said, showing his playful side, as he moved back towards her to offer a short kiss. "Now. Shall we go upstairs?" he asked, before taking her by the hand to lead her.

Nona took comfort in those small little nuances. The feeling of his body grazing against hers as she'd stand up. Her body seemed to wear those dark green cloths well. That dress hugging each curve of her body. She'd blush, more to his comment than she'd care to let on. Hard swallow breath as she took a few steps closer to Gaius. She frowned as she saw the side of his face after he shrouded his body in a robe. "I do not know. I believe that you may pull that robe off yet." A few steps taken as she reached her hand out to grab his, interlacing her fingers with his own. A gentle squeeze of his hand was given as she moved closer to him. She smiled as he kissed her, trying not to hurt him in the least. "I am looking forward to this bath." She couldn't help but blush.

As they made their way up the circling stairs that brought them to the next level, which contained the entirety of his master suite. As the door was opened it removed a small antechamber where guests could wait before being seen. It was ornately decorated in a manner that was designed to project an image of wealth and prominence, while also showcasing his military history in the Clone Wars. As the next set of doors were opened it revealed a type of living area where upholstered chairs and sofas, a holonet receiver, and more personal decorations including images of his ancestors. "Should I have carried you over the threshold?" he asked her, as he pushed forward into the bedchamber. It was a much larger version of the room downstairs, with massive Corellian king bed, walk in closets, and an en suite refresher with garden soaking tub. "This will have to do," he said, holding her hand tightly, as he turned his head to gaze upon her reaction.

Nona walked hand in his. Those bright blue eyes shifting from the marble floor back up to her intended. Eyes grazed that face as she licked her lips. The tail on that dress dragging behind her as she moved forward, keeping pace with the man. As they made their way past the threshold of the small waiting area, her eyes widened. She was lead further into the room looking at the chairs and most of the other decorations. Giving a gentle smile, she took in a small breath. "I'm quite capable of walking... And you're..." Before she could finish the sentence her breath was taken away. She saw the small garden in which he bathed and looked to him. "Oh my. I'm never going to want to leave once I set foot in there!" She exclaimed as she gave a rather impressed grin. She shook her head and licked her lips. "I'm happy that I find you incredibly handsome... But I may just marry you for that bath." A small laugh escaped her as she pulled herself closer to him, looking up at him as he seemed to tower over her.

"You can have me and my bath, Nona," Gaius said sweetly, as he allowed her robe to fall from his body, exposing his naked backside to her, as he moved towards the refresher. As he hit the panel to illuminate the room it revealed his and her sinks with a massive mirror, the aforementioned garden soaking tub built for two, and a large walkthrough shower. He reached for the tub controls, programming the appropriate temperature, and in an instant the water began pouring into the tub. "Are you going to bathe in your dress? Surely we're past that point..." he said to her with a smirk and a laugh, before sitting down on the edge of the tub, dangling one hand into the tub to test the temperature and splash the filling water around.

Nona smiled and blushed. "Uh... Oh. Right." She watched as that robe fell to the floor. Her hands moved to the shoulder straps of her green gown. Those straps would roll down her shoulders as she wiggled out of the gown. Those lightly freckled shoulders were bare as those perky breasts were revealed shortly after. Taut nipples poked to the sky as those hips were now revealed. Dress pooled at her feet as she wore nothing under. She stepped from the wad of clothing and walked over to Gaius as he sat at the edge of the bath. "How's the water?" She asked as she found that skin form small goosebumps over her body. A hand reached out for him as she moved closer. Hand brushed over his knee. Then her other hand moved to cup his cheek. "How is the pain?" She asked as she leaned over to let her hand move through the water.

"When I am around you I feel no pain, my love," Gaius said to her, as her hand cupped his cheek. The bleeding had stopped, but the bruise had turned disturbing shades of black and blue from the damage to the blood vessels beneath the skin. It would heal in time, but it certainly did not look pretty. "The water would be better if we were in it..." he added, as he swung his legs around over the top of lip of the tub and allowed himself to slide into the water. He let out a sudden, sharp inhale as the warmth covered his body, both stimulating him and soothing him at once. His hands then moved quickly towards her, guiding her into the water carefully. When they were settled his hand moved towards a motion sensor that activated a number of hydrotherapy jets that filled with the water with pulsating blasts that caused the water to froth and bubble.

Nona smiled to his words. Something in his manner of speech was pleasing. She watched as he moved into the large round bath. Hand moved to grip his as she was guided into the tub. "You're poor face..." She blushed softly. "I mean... That looks awful." She settled in to sit down into the water, though she moved to sit, between his legs. She leaned that smooth back up against his chest. "Mmmmnnnnn." She gave a small moan as those jets began to blast. She enjoyed the feeling of the water against her skin, but mostly being close to Gaius. She bit her bottom lip as her hands moved to find his own, pulling his arms to wrap around her smaller waist. She didn't know what else to say at that moment, but just enjoy his company. Her body trembled slightly as she gave another soft content sigh.

"It will be cleared up before the wedding," Gaius said, as he widened his legs to more easily accommodate her entry between them. His left arm moved to wrap around her in a tender hug, drawing her closer against him. His right hand moved to brush her blonde locks away from the back of her neck, his face tilting forward to place tender kisses upon the back of her neck. "I am pleased we can spend time together like this. Away from all the troubles of the galaxy..." he said softly, his head curling around her neck to place more teasing kisses, before his lips finally came to rest upon her lower ear lobe. He took her lobe into his mouth and began to suck on it sweetly. He had fallen in love much faster than he could have even hoped.

"Oh... Is.. Odd... That I feel like I've known you longer than a standard day." She gave a small giggle as his hands moved over her. Eyes closed as his lips moved down over her neck. "Mmmnnn." She gave a small moan. She gave a slow nod as she heard those words from him. "And we'll hopefully have the rest of our lives to escape for moments like this." She smiled as she smiled. It was hard for her to come to grips with the fact that she was falling hard for him too. Her heart raced as the thought of their wedding soon dawned upon her. "I... Just realized I have no idea of our wedding ceremony." She blinked and gave a small giggle. "I.... Was it already planned?" She turned her head to gaze upon that face, wanting to get a look into those hypnotizing green eyes. She could get lost in them for forever.

Gaius continued to nibble on her ear, as if it were a small appetizer offering promises of the delight to come. The free hand that was wrapped around her began to navigate the intricacies of her flesh, mapping what areas were the most sensitive, or ticklish, and committing them to memory. Each moan she offered did nothing but inspire him to continue, as if he were a professional athlete driven by applause. "Yes. I believe our emissaries have worked out all of the wedding arrangements. I'm afraid I don't now any more than that," he said, as his mouth finally moved from her ear, down the side of the neck, which quickly became enveloped between his lips. His teeth went to work, quickly nibbling at her, as if he were running his mouth down across an ear of corn.

Eyes fluttered closed as those lips and hands moved over her skin. "Mmmnnnn that feels divine." She said as those hands moved over every inch of her flesh. Body rolled against his as she let her hand moved to rub up and down his thigh. As she reached his mid thigh she gave it a tight squeeze. "I'm sure it'll be lovely... I am more than happy with this little arranged marriage though. I thought it would only be for political purposes... But who knew..." She couldn't finish the last bit of her sentence as his teeth nibbled down her neck. "Mmmmnnn." Buttocks rubbed up against his groin as those toes curled. He certainly had a way about him.

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