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DAY 26

The Planet That Bleeds
by Steve Anderson

Fate catches up to former ISB agent Jack Borrogh on Coruscant.


DAY 18

Unknown Cargo
by Danielle Higley, and Christopher Levy, Shawn Lovelett

Jixton Cordell is recruited by Kalista Mandu to smuggle cargo for the Black Sun.


DAY 16

Opening Night
by Brandon Derive, Christopher Levy, and Thomas Rogers

Dagon Tong begins his interrogation of captured Rebel pilot Zan Shelby.


DAY 12

The Beginning of a Long Day
by Christopher Levy and Jim Piche

Racien Gord agrees to serve as body guard to Criosk and his skills are quickly put to the test.


DAY 11

A Snake in the Lair
by Nick Chiriche, Erin Highberg, and Thomas Rogers

A new COMPNOR officer finds himself in the midst of the competing interests of Dagon Tong and Arden Zevrin.


DAY 10

by Audraw Baldwin and Christopher Levy

Leilia Sangre tracks her sister to Ralltiir, but finds her entangled with the Empire and is soon drawn in herself.

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