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DAY 33

Even Bothans Like Spice
by Christopher Levy and Lee McDonough

Eldan Ione smuggles a shipment of spice to Kuat for Enkido.


DAY 31

Getting Ready for the Show
by Thomas Rogers and Michal Vassallo

Dagon Tong and Michael Raven discuss the best course of action regarding the captured Rebel pilot.

Saving One for Later
by Nigel Casantini, Matt Childs, Brandon Derive, Quentin Dulaney, Keith Gillen, Ishtar Hernandez, Lee Porisch, and Michael Vassallo

Corsair Squadron attacks another Imperial transport, but this time strong Imperial reinforcements arrive on scene.

Prize of the Spy
by Dean Chin and Thomas Rogers

Darkin Thaal gathers information on Ixion Chall for Mercor.


DAY 27

A Sting is Born
by Erin Highberg and Thomas Rogers

Dagon Tong and Arden Zevrin meet to discuss how the ISB and Commandos can cooperate against the Rebels.

Soldier's Meeting
by Cody Andersen and Thomas Rogers

Dagon Tong inspects Valo Revan and the Imperial Stormtroopers on Brentaal.


DAY 26

Engagement Imminent
by Cody Andersen, Christopher Levy, and Thomas Rogers

Claudius Rodney travels to Brentaal to meet with Dagon Tong and Valo Revan concerning the progress of the war.

One Piece at a Time
by Cody Andersen, Nigel Casantini, Brandon Derive, Christopher Levy, and Thomas Rogers

Corsair Squadron attacks an Imperial transport in the Essessia system.


DAY 24

Hot Load
by Sam Allen and Christopher Levy

Maarek Dune smuggles a shipment to Corelia for Enkido.


DAY 12

A Night to Remember
by Thomas Rogers

Posing as Rebel guerillas, Dagon Tong and his Commando unit attack a medcenter on Brentaal.


DAY 11

Bad Aim
by Cody Andersen, Bryan Banisaba, Brandon Derive, Teddy Gunther, and Thomas Rogers

Evan Teague's Rebel guerillas raid a Brentaal cantina in an attempt to take an Imperial prisoner.



Odd Job
by Christopher Levy and Alexander Oliva

Zek Correson smuggles an important shipment from Enkido to the Black Sun on Corellia.



Plots, Schemes, Etcetera
by Erin Highberg, Christopher Levy, and Thomas Rogers

Dagon Tong arrives in the Ringali Shell and is briefed by Claudius Rodney and Arden Zevrin about the conflict.



A Hunter's Pleasure
by Christopher Levy and Brian Peterson

Dyrdek Roujier eliminates a target on Brentaal for Enkido.



Merchant of Death
by Teddy Gunther and Christopher Levy

Morus Drake eliminates a target on Brentaal for Enkido.

by Joseph Alburn

Damon Synn robs Lord E'zzeal's estate on Brentaal.

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