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DAY 34

Valuable Asset
by Brandon Derive, Teddy Gunther, Tom Hutchens, Christopher Levy, John Liczbinski, and Thomas Rogers

Corsair Squadron is assigned to escort the newly arrived frigate Solace as it attempts to reach safety in the nebula.


DAY 33

First Encounter
by Danielle Higley and Justin Snodgrass

Ixion Chall meets with his new lieutenant, Kalista Mandu, and discusses the Black Sun's plan to exploit the war.


DAY 30

Crisscrossed on the Double Cross
by Tom Hutchens and Christopher Levy

Novall Rylous reports his failure to smuggle an important to Trassk.


DAY 25

Hit and Miss
by Bryan Banisaba, Ishtar Hernandez, Christopher Levy, Justin Maher, and Lee McDonough

Evan Teague's guerillas strike the streets of Cormond in an attempt to take an Imperial prisoner.


DAY 20

Raid on Ralltiir
by Nigel Casantini, Brandon Derive, Elisha Henn, Ishtar Hernandez, and Christopher Levy

Corsair Squadron attacks an Imperial transport in the Ralltiir system.


DAY 12

Convoy, Interrupted
by Nigel Casantini, Brandon Derive, Christopher Levy, and John Liczbinski

Corsair Squadron attacks an Imperial shuttle in the Brentaal system.

Return to Old Pasts
by Christopher Levy and Alexander Oliva

Zek Correson smuggles another shipment to Corellia for Enkdio.



Good Fortune
by Sam Allen and Christopher Levy

Maarek Dune smuggles a shipment past the Imperial blockade to Salliche for Enkido.



A Quick and Easy Payday
by Christopher Levy and Josef Pentz

Ridley Aran eliminates a target on Brentaal for Enkido.



Mercy to None
by Justin Snodgrass

Ixion Chall recounts a disturbing story from his past to one of his lieutenants.



Into the Breech
by Sam Allen, Cody Andersen, Bryan Banisaba, Nigel Casantini, Brandon Derive, and Christopher Levy

Evan Teague's geurillas board a Rebel transport and attempt to pass through the blockade and infiltrate Brentaal.

First Payment in a While
by Christopher Levy and Alexander Oliva

Down on his luck, Zek Correson begins smuggling for the crime lord Enkido and delivers the first shipment to Duro.



Delivery to Daeric
by Sam Allen and Christopher Levy

The smuggler Maarek Dune begins working for Enkido by delivering a shipment to Talus.

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